it's like 90s!rdj is back


syaoran is very happy about kurogane’s and fai’s character development 


please don’t repost my work

please don’t. just don’t. please. please at least do a reverse image search on google. please click the source link on tumblr posts. please note down the artist’s name when you save the images onto your computer. please.

it’s rude, it’s annoying, and it’s extremely frustrating because while I like to resolve things privately between the reposter and I it’s more often than not they don’t have their askbox open and i just

please don’t repost my work. please don’t even save my work onto your computer if you plan on reposting later. why would you even repost work in the first place, it’s not yours, and even if you don’t claim it as yours wouldn’t you like to at least give credit where it’s due why would you do this i don’t understand