it's like 7 minutes long

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i do agree with your easy content point but i don't consider this a real gaming vid like it was barely 7 minutes long i feel like it's a lessamazingphil vid they accidentally put on the gaming channel and forgot to say try new things

it would have been fine as a side channel video. it would have been funnier that way. it doesnt have a place on the gaming channel.

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K so I've been thinking, what if there was like a Spagoots tv show and it has your drawing style and has the same opening and the episodes are like 7-10 minutes long and it's just you four dorks being weird together but every episode has some weird problem to fix like Judy is missing one of their favourite bows or Ryan gets sick and the only way to cure him is by making meme soup or something idk, just a weird thing I thought up of but would that be a cool idea?

That was actually the entire premise behind the original incarnation of Spagoots HQ. We had an complete first draft of episode 1 written and everything.