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married- h.s imagine

You stared at the guests as they made their way into the church for the ceremony that was starting soon. You looked down at your bracelet and let out a sigh. You turned the bracelet over to look at the engraving To my best friend, I will always love you. -Harry

As you stared at your bracelet, you couldn’t help but to let a tear fall. You angrily wiped it away. You had no one to blame but yourself. You couldn’t feel sorry for yourself because you could’ve prevented all of this. You never told Harry your true feelings for him. You never told Harry how much you meant to him and how you knew in your heart that he was with the wrong girl. Now, here you are at Harry’s wedding.

You glanced at the time on your phone and realized it was almost time for the ceremony to start. You let out a shaky sigh as you made your way back into the church. As you were about to go into the restroom to clean up your tear stained face, you saw Niall looking around the hallway. When his eyes met yours, he visibly let out a sigh of relief. “I’ve been looking for you ,Y/N.” Niall said as he approached you.

Immediately, he noticed how your eyes were red from crying. “Oh Y/N” Niall sighed as he pulled you into a hug. Niall was the only one to know about your feelings for Harry. When Harry and his fiancé, Kimberly, had their engagement party, Niall noticed how you spent most of the party sitting outside. When he went to check up on you and scold you for sitting out in the cold, you were sobbing into your arms. Finally, you opened up to someone and told Niall how it broke your heart that Harry couldn’t see your feelings for him.

You pulled back from the hug slightly, “I’m fine, Niall. What did you need me for?” Niall let out a hum as he scratched the back of his neck, “Harry’s looking for you.” You let out a sigh as you shook your head. You quickly wiped your eyes once more, careful not to ruin your makeup any more than you did, and started making your way to Harry’s room.

You knocked on the door softly and let yourself in when you heard Harry telling you to come in. A smile instantly found its way to your face. Harry gave you a smile as he stared at your reflection in the mirror. He turned around to look at you properly, “What do you think?” You walked up to Harry and wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him in for a tight hug, “Oh H. You look so handsome.”

Harry smiled and returned the hug. He then pulled you at arm’s length. You felt your face flush as you noticed Harry’s eyes on you. “You look so beautiful, Y/N.”

You looked down at your light grey dress and smiled. Harry insisted you to be in his wedding somehow. He couldn’t not have his best friend standing at his side. After Kimberly’s dismay, you were one of her bridesmaids.

You cleared his throat as you took a seat on the couch that was in the room. “Niall said you were looking for me.”

Harry nodded and let out a puff of air as he sat down beside you. He ran his hand through his hair as he stared up at the ceiling, “I’m nervous, Y/N.”

You nodded your head as you looked up at the ceiling as well. “Of course you are. It’s your wedding. You should feel nervous.”

Harry shook his head no, “I’m not nervous about the wedding. I’m nervous about the future.” He looked at you before he continued, “What if I’m making the wrong decision by rushing into this?’

You looked down at your bracelet and began running your index finger across it, a habit you picked up whenever you were feeling nervous. “I think…if Kimberly makes you feel loved and if you cherish her as a much as you say you do…that you’re not rushing into this as all.”

Harry wore a soft smile as he listened to your advice and nodded your head. He reached across, interrupting you playing with your bracelet, and held on to your hand. “I can always count on you, Y/N. You’re truly my best friend.”

You could’ve easily told Harry that yes. He was rushing into things. You could’ve told him that he was making a mistake and that you just knew he belonged to you but looking into his eyes…Hearing him talk about his love for Kimberly…you knew you couldn’t. With that thought in your head, your eyes started to brim with tears. Harry tilted his head questionably at you and with a smile on his face, he asked, “Oh Y/N. Are you crying because it’s my wedding day?”

You let out a shaky laugh and nodded your head, “Yes.”

You took your place with the other bridesmaids and waited for Kimberly to come down the aisle. As the music started to play, signaling her arrival, everyone’s eyes were on the blushing bride but your eyes were looking at Harry’s. You noticed as he stared at the love of his life walking up to him, his eyes had tears. The kind of tears you get when you just love someone so much you could feel your heart burst out of your chest. You knew those kind of tears because it was the kind of tears you had whenever you thought about Harry. You looked down at the bouquet of flowers you were holding and felt your eyes water again. Quietly you let out a sniffle.

As the ceremony went on, it was time for Harry to say his vows. He wiped a tear from his eye, making everyone in the room awe. He let out a small chuckle as he reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a piece of paper. He looked at the paper and smiled before he looked back into Kimberly’s eyes. “Love. Can you believe we’re here? Can you believe we’re getting married? I know I don’t. To this day, I’m still amazed that I’ve manage to have the privilege of getting to know such an amazing and beautiful girl. I promise to always love you. I promise to let you be right when I know you’re wrong. I promise to never go to bed angry at each other. I promise to be your best friend for the rest of our lives. I promise to never hurt you. I promise to always remain loyal. I promise to be yours.”

Niall leaned up a little from the groomsmen side to have a look at you. He sighed as he saw how you were visibly shaking from sadness. He knew that everything Harry was saying to Kimberly, you wished he was saying to you. He looked at the ground as he softly shook his head, his heart breaking for his friend.

After Kimberly said her vows to Harry and the pastor giving his blessing, the pastor finally said the seven words that were jabs to your heart, “I now pronounce you husband and wife.” When Harry and Kimberly broke off the kiss, the whole room cheered. Everyone rose to their feet as the couple walked down the aisle as husband and wife. As the room started to clear out, everyone anxious to congratulate the newlyweds, you lagged behind. Soon enough you were the last in the church room. You sat down on one of the chairs set up and placed your head into your hands as you let out a quiet sob. Harry was married.

first off i would like to say this is not the best imagine i’ve written lol. ITS 3AM AND I STARTED WRITING THIS LIKE A WEEK AGO AND IM JUST NOW FINISHING IT TONIGHT OK? lol anyways if you guys liked this rubbish piece of writing then i am so glad to hear that! please let me know! if you didn’t, hey, i get it. i didn’t even proofread im so tired lol

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Blind AU extras
  • Ritsu fusses
    • “need anything else nii-san? If you want to use the bathroom I can help you walk to-” “I’m fine, Ritsu
  • the first week or two mob isn’t coping well with having to accept he’s gonna be this way forever and gets anxiety attacks from not feeling in control
    • his powers make everything around him worst with floating/ flinging random objects
      • its just a lot of shaking and crying for mob till he realizes what he’s doing 
  • mob gets a little more snappy/ willing to pull away from people treating him like he’s someone with a problem instead of a person
  • he yelled at ritsu when he tried grabbing his arm to help turn mob’s direction since it shocked mob mostly
    • when he grabbed mob without warning he was already kinda spaced out, he didn’t even notice anyone was near and it threw him off
    • it reminded him of feeling what little control he had during his anxiety attacks when someone was moving him and he couldn’t identify who 
  • ritsu just feels awful after that
    • that all was very unlike his brother and felt like the source of that snap/ built up of stress was because of him which he’s purposely been extra careful to avoid since they were kids
      • “I was too much he thinks his little brother is babying him i’m horrible”
  • Mob feels bad too 
    • they have a talk and both apologize
    • mob offers advice to help keep this from happening again and says “if you think i need help just ask and ill hold on to you”
      • this is so he’s just more aware and less likely to have a stress induced freak out 
      • ritsu agrees to stick with that from now on
  • mob has kept his room lights off for like a week until someone points it out bc he forgot all about them
  • he picks up braille and has his textbooks in them
    • he still uses speech softwares and likes those more at times
      • his phone now has one on
    • hc when mob stays at spirits and such for a while he’d bring homework and sometimes ask reigen for help 
      • now he has to read it out to reigen if he wants help which reigen finds a hassle for both of them
  • reigen tries learning braille too now on the side
    • he isn’t as fast a reader as mob but its the effort that counts

Something different that occurred this episode was that, in episode 10, we have Victor as the narrator, instead of Yuuri. He introduces himself the way Yuuri introduced himself in the first few episodes, which solidifies the perspective of the narrator for the corresponding episode. Some important things to note is that he speaks in past tense just like Yuuri does when he narrates, and breaks the fourth wall with the line


(sate, hanashi wa modotte…)

“Now then, back to the story…”

Both of these facts heavily imply that Victor is recalling and retelling his and Yuuri’s story of how they met to someone, whether it be us, the audience, or a niece or nephew in the future. Whenever we get a narration line from either Yuuri or Victor in any of the episodes, it’s said in a very wistful and playful tone, which is further evidence pointing towards how they’re remembering the beginning of their love story, as both wistful and playful tones can both be related back to nostalgia.

What does that mean?

I hear you ask. Well it means that long, long after the plot of Yuri!!! On Ice ends, Victor and Yuuri are still happily together. It means that both Yuuri and Victor are willing to accept the other with all their faults, and that they’ve worked hard to build something stable and long-lasting together.

You know what else is just great from this episode? The fact that we can see that Victor is improving the way in which he supports Yuuri.

Back during the China Tournament, we witnessed the game changing parking lot scene, where Yuuri cried his eyes out, and, pushed to the brink, where he shouted at Victor the following


(boku ga katsutte boku yori shinjite yo. Damattete ii kara, hanarezu ni soba ni ite yo)

“Have more faith in me, believe that I will win. It’s okay to not say anything, so just stay by my side!”

What Yuuri asks of Victor during the carpark scene is actually subtly reflected in episode 10, when they’re both walking through the Christmas stalls. During this scene, Victor’s narration goes

「ゆうりが答えを探してる時、黙ってても目がキラキラと輝いてる。 --- 話しかけずにそっとようそうによう。」

(yuuri ga kotae wo sagashiteru toki, damattetemo me ga kirakira to kagayaiteru. — hanashikakezuni sotto yousou niyou)

“When Yuuri searches for an answer, even without talking, his eyes sparkle and glitter. — I’ll just quietly stay near without talking.”

No questions asked, Victor just accepts that Yuuri is looking for something, in other words, he’s believing in him, and quietly accompanies him throughout his search, while appreciating how his eyes light up. The use of the verb 「黙る」(damaru) “to shut up” in both of these dialogues further relates the two scenes. He’s learning how to support Yuuri because of the advice Yuuri gave him previously, and is proving to us that he is getting better at it.

Interestingly enough, Victor’s thoughts here actually mirror the lyrics to the ending song somewhat, especially the lyrics


(kagayakinagara kimi ga oshietekureta)

“You shine radiantly as you taught me/showed me (the way)”

Which, in this context, would have the “shine radiantly” describe Yuuri’s eyes as they shine and glitter, and the ‘teaching’ section refer to how Yuuri’s outburst in the carpark actually helped Victor in his Yuuri coaching endeavours, how Yuuri taught him how to support him passively. (I actually did a whole general analysis of the ending song here, so go check it out if you like procrastinating and crying over anime ending songs)

There are just so many things in this episode that point towards Yuuri and Victor’s healthy, balanced relationship, how they’re both working and compromising for each other, and how this relationship will last long into the future after the events of Yuri!!! on Ice. And it is honestly the most wonderfully delicate, detailed, and natural piece of storytelling I’ve ever witnessed in anime.

This was originally just going to be a sketch but then I colored it, and then i wanted to at least give it a background so then I went a little wild with it to make it some shoujo anime cliche haha its 3am help 

anyways I had fun and even though it looks a little messy I still like it alright. It’s ok i guess.

im going to bed now bc i have a lot of errands and writing to do in the morning ;7; 

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Listen, while I love your 20 + 30 ignoct, it wrecked me at like 3AM in the morning. 30 Ignis is more than fulfilled & glad to seeing [a] Noctis so full of energy, life, love—not yet bearing the burden he will have to face. 20 Ignis is hurt to death because older Noct looks so sickly tired & depressed and it's horrifying knowing whatever will happen in the future, god knows however much he can intervene to help Noctis will end up ultimately being too little to stop whatever's coming.

GOSH look, dont talk to me about ignoct (im lying, please talk to me about ignoct) because i will always be in pain. ESPECIALLY when thinking of 20/30 variations of them!!! older ignis/younger noctis especially does me in because a pre-altissia noct seeing ignis like that would be horrifying to him, but just look at how well ignis has dealt with it!? he’s such a strong person, and so adaptable. and ignis would be SO HAPPY to see noct again. any kind of noct. just bury him in noctises, he will be content for the rest of his days.


i was going to draw humanstucks of everyone else too but then i fell asleep so here we are

Updated Character profiles for my Ninjago OCs, Lux and Zora Hernandez-Avalos! There’s a lot so just a heads up for a lot of words and text.

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