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Jyani, our dear cutie main vocal of VIXX. Your smile is always beautiful and your laughter warms our hearts. We are so proud of you - for you have constantly done your best regardless of what you do. You think of us all the time, showing your care & love openly towards everyone around you. Words cannot describe how angelic your voice is and how much MORE of angel you are - as a person. Thank you for being born, Lee Jaehwan.

the signs as boyfriends
  • aries: will confront the boy who was flirting with you, lots of pillow fights and making out. usually trying to impress you and always has his arm around your waist or his hand in yours
  • taurus: always making you laugh, loyal af. doesn't fuck with anyone else bc they've got their eyes on you. loves to see your smile
  • gemini: stays up late to talk to you, flirts with you even though they've already won your heart, adorable and cheesy
  • cancer: supportive of everything you do, super sweet and a gr8 cuddler. will make you food and kiss you 24/7
  • leo: will buy you gifts all the time "just because". the flowers and chocolate kind of guy. will always show you off and remind you of how beautiful you are
  • virgo: will listen to you talk about anything. remembers to the little details about you and knows you better than you know yourself. gives the best advice
  • libra: extremely romantic. the kind of boyfriend in the movies. always wants to make sure you're happy, puts your happiness above their own
  • scorpio: easily jealous, cute small gestures all the time, very affectionate and sex god. will have deep talks with you
  • sagittarius: will take you on adventures and be your best friend. playful and jokes around a lot to hear your laugh. also will build a treehouse w/ you
  • capricorn: will let you sit on his lap and hold your hand. the one you can depend on for anything. lowkey sexual
  • aquarius: so. many. inside jokes. a little clingy but doesn't admit it. will talk to you for hours about anything. spontaneous and casually touches you a lot
  • pisces: understands you so well and will listen to you when you're upset. reads to you and shares his earbuds w/ you at night. treats you like a princess
Ink and Magic

 Here it is, a new AU/Crossover including lots of Egos :)
Tagging @magic-marvin-protection-patrol since Marv is one of the protagonists, hope you guys like it ^^
For more information see the end of the chapter :)

Chapter 1: For the night we fear

The days in Riverfell went by as usual, a calm routine as leafes turned colorful before falling onto the ground. The small village was preparing for the winter, harvesting the last parts of this year’s seed. The winters in Thesa were long and hard, especially in the more northern regions where Riverfell was settled. The village consisted of a handful of farm houses, a small tavern, and the rest of the residents being mostly lumberjacks. The forest on which edge it reseated contained a lot of strong firs and oaks, and they sold the wood to the castle of Blackwater’s, where the baron of the region lived, or used it to trade with other villages scattered around the Blackwater regime.

The months of long nights and snow were never pleasant, but there was not much they could do against it anyway, not more than usual. Taking care of their animals, the fields and village, or cut down trees. But right now the sun was still up and warm, making it possible for Marvin to sit outside in front of his cabin on the porch to carve new sigil posts. It was a tedious and slow process, to carve the rings of sigils evenly into the wood, and paint the lines afterwards. But he was the only person in the village knowing how to make working ban circles, since his father passed away a few years ago. He taught Marvin everything he needed to know before, and Blackwater’s did send another Magician for a few weeks to help him with his new responsibility.

And the circles of sigils were essential for the village’s survival. The posts were placed around the houses and fields, connected with wire made out of silver to complete the bans. A single post itself didn’t do anything, they had to be connected at all time. One uneven line, one cracked post, and the whole circle was useless. Marvin checked them all once every day, making sure the paint was strong, and the wooden posts not withered, the wire firm in between them. One small mistake could have deadly outcome, and it wasn’t always easy carrying that much responsibility alone.

Marvin set the carving tool back on the table for a moment, stretching his tense hands. It was then when he noticed another man approaching his house. As he got closer Marvin recognized Chase, with one of his daughters, Hazael, on his shoulders. The girl was giggling and holding on to his hair. They were close friends since almost childhood times, Chase still paying the sigil maker visits regularly after hunting. He set Hazael down to pull Marvin in a greeting hug. “Hello uncle Marv!”, Hazael greeted as well, smiling widely up to the two adults. The girl turned four years old last week, her older sister, Sam, being two years older. While Sam looked more like her mother Stacy, Hazael looked just like Chase. Well, besides the beard of course. Although Marvin wasn’t her uncle, or related to Chase in any way besides their strange similliar appearances, but both of the girls still called him uncle. He thought it was a sweet gesture.

“How are you holding up? Successful hunt today?”, Marvin asked, as they sat back on the table again, the magician pushing his utensils to the side a bit. “Eh, more or less. You already notice that the animals start turning in for winter, but I managed to hunt two deers and a boar”, the hunter answered, leaning back on his seat. Since the village was so small they decided against making profit and share what they made. They still had chances to make money for themselves, to get stuff from occasional merchants coming by every few weeks, but regarding food and other important supplies the community worked together to make it easier for everyone. “Sounds good for one day to me”, Marvin replied with a light grin, watching as Hazael played with a small stick, happy with herself. “It’s not bad, yeah, but I’ve managed more”, stated Chase, chuckling.

They chatted for a little while, sharing some news until the Hunter got up again. “I better head home, the sun will set soon. Take care friend.” “You too, greet Stacy and Sam from me”, Marvin returned, shaking Hazels hand with a smile as she held his hand out for him. “Almost like an adult”, he grinned, the girl laughing.

He kept working on the post until the sun reached the horizon, before bringing his supplies inside. Leaning on a beam supporting the roof over the porch he watched the sun slowly sink, dragging her golden light along, and letting shadows grow longer. There was light behind the windows of the village, he had a good look over it from where his home was located, and while they were still up, no one went outside. They didn’t fear the night, but what it brought upon them. Only a few minutes after the sun sunk completely the shadows seemed to move and raise up, like a breathing thing, until they started to take shape. Most of them were covered in black scales, like grotesque versions of animals, eyes glowing faintly in the dark. While the black breed commonly was named Horclings most of the villagers simply referred to them as demons.

The first one reached the sigil fence around his house. It looked a bit like a large cat, but with longer legs and a pointy, long head. Hissing it tried to get through, throwing himself against the invisible barrier, just to be thrown back with a small flash of light each time it did. Thankfully they covered the wooden posts in a mixture of tree resin mixed with something they called frostbite powder. Marvin actually didn’t really knew what it consisted off or why it worked, but as long as it made the posts fireproof he didn’t really care. Frostbite powder was more a secret recipe among healers. And so the horcling could spit fire all he wanted, the wood would not catch on fire, neither break the circle.

Since the region wasn’t that well inhabited there weren’t waves of Horclings coming out at night, but still enough to be a danger to better stay inside the ban circles. They were growling and roaring, trying to find a way in. No one knew since when they existed, or what their purpose was. There were many of them, all different kinds. Fire demons, wood  demons, even some that could fly. He heard of stories where Horclings lived in water, tearing boats to shreds, and of some that hid in snow, others being made out of stone and giants compared to them. Mankind did good to fear them. Many tried to kill them, but their wounds recovered within seconds, and too many people died trying. All they could do was hide and wait behind their sigils, and Marvin would be damned if he just accepted that. There had to be a way to kill them, and send them back to whatever demonic realm they came from.

His eyes wandered over the collection of houses and Horclings between them, some small, some almost as tall as a grown man, on four or two legs. Marvin already turned away to get inside as well as a bright flash of light accompanied a loud band. And suddenly there was fire. He felt his heart freeze as he realized it was at Chase’s house.

Adrenaline rushed through his veins as he grabbed the nearest unfinished post, running off and leaping over the silver wire, dodging a flame demon to his right. And he just ran as fast as his legs allowed, in between raging demons. He stopped inside the cycle around Chase’s neighbor, a broad lumberjack named Ken, looking at the damage. He didn’t know how, but the ban circle was broken, a hoard of flame demons swarming around, the house on fire. Ken stormed out as well, an axe in his hand. “I’ll clear the way, get them out!”, he yelled, already running off making as much noise as possible to distract the creatures. It worked for now, Marvin rushing over to find the door blocked by something behind it. Not bothering to try he smashed the nearest window. “Chase?! Stacy!?” he yelled inside, the face of his friend appearing in the frame. They seemed to have tried to block all entrances to keep those demonic hellspawns out. “Get the kids!”, ye screamed back, running back just to come back with Hazael on his arms. Marvin quickly took hold of the panicking girl, sprinting back into safety of Kens circle, where Mary, his wife, quickly took her inside while the Magician already ran back.

Smashing the post against a Horcling to swat him away, since the first ones already lost interest in ken who kept them near another ban circle, he returned to the window, helping Stacy outside, telling her to run to safety as well. “Chase and Sam are still inside you’ve got to help them!” the Blonde was almost hysterical, but quickly was dragged along by Mary as Marvin jumped through the window, following the heartwrenching sound of Sam crying. He found them in the kitchen, the first flames already reached the inside of the house, The Hunter trying his best to keep a flame spitting demon away from them. It didn’t seem to bother about the arrows stuck in his body, hissing and jumping from place to place, while Chase tried to fight it off with Sam on his other arm. Marvin quickly reacted by bashing the creature down on his head, leaving it dazed for a few seconds. Not much, but enough for Chase to pass the room and run for the window, followed by his friend.

Marvin jumped out first, Chase practically tossing his daughter into his friends arm before climbing out himself. Marvin already sprinted towards Mary again, who found enough courage to leave the cycle to rush towards him. He heard Chase howl in pain just as he gave Sam to Mary, whipping around to see that there one of the black beasts had dug it’s claws inside his calf. The hunter tried his best to kick the demon off somehow, get back on his feet before more could reach him. They smelled the blood and wanted more. Without the hesitation the Magician ran back again, kicking the creature off in the momentum of his movements, already pulling his friend back on his feet. He heard him hiss and curse with each step, but they made it back into the circle just in time, collapsing on the ground. Ken was back too, looking at the herd of horclings throwing themselves against the barrier screaming and growling.

Once everybody was inside again, Mary and Stacy took care of the kids first. Hazael was, besides a few scratches, unharmed, but Sam had pretty bad burns across her back and face. Chase and Marvin were just sitting next to each other, staring blankly out of the window where the flames swallowed the house. Chase was still silent as Mary took care of the slashes in his leg, while Marvin tried to stop his hands from trembling. It was impossible. He had checked each post this day, it was simply impossible that the circle didn’t work. His friend’s family could have died. And no matter what, it was his fault. And he never felt so unnerved with the whole situation as he did now. He didn’t wanted to spend the rest of his life in fear of the night, damned to be helplessly watching these creatures slowly but surely ruining them. He didn’t wanted to imagine what would have happened if Chase and his family didn’t make it.
“Hey. I trust you, alright? We’ll go see what went wrong once the sun is up again. Until then you should try to sleep, too”, Chase stopped his trail of thoughts, a hand placed on Marvins shoulder. He nodded, blinking the tears away that glistened in his eyes. Chase was sleeping on a makeshift bed by the kids. Marvin was still staring out of the window by the time of dawn.

And that was it so far, Feedback in all form is appreciated :)
Yes already started out a bit angsty, but believe me, it will get worse. And better. And worse again bc I’m a sadist piece of trash.
Anyway, The AU/Crossover is inspired by The demon cycle series by Peter V. Brett, for those who don’t know the books don’t worry, according lore and background will be found later on in the Fic.

As for right now I have a lot planned for this AU, so stay tuned ;)
This actually turned out much longer than I thought it woud, and is one of the first things I managed to write down since my writers block. 


Also regarding that last post and as a general apology for pretty much abandoning you guys after s4 aired have a couple of caps from a thing for Ben that John v kindly agreed to do a few weeks ago for me(I personally like how it looks like he’s wearing a tiny Martin Moone hat in the first one)