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03-12-16 ∴ I run.

Alright y'all. So hi, my Name is Brandon, i am an artist that lives in Las Vegas,Nevada. I am working on my first project ever. Im producing every song and writing every song on there. I am very excited of how its coming out, im hoping to finish this by november , 12 track mixtape. This is something ive been working on for 2 hours now. I hope you guys like it 😊. Please share if so. Make it viral or something 🙏🏾

update: its 1 am here. our power went out about an hour ago, the eye is passing over us right now according to the radio but its lessened from a 5 to a 2 before it got to us. we’re under a tornado warning though so that isnt gr8. the wind and rain is SO LOUD. we’ve candles everywhere and it feels like the worlds most anxious sleepover.

omg my break between classes is 5 hours im about to drop my evening class because…..why did i do that to myself. Like i could have at least scheduled another class for this time block but now i have to take a sprint course for the honors program and i dont want to add ANOTHER class bc im already at 15 credit hours this semester with the honors course….and if i dropped my mythology class i would still have 12 credit hours which is full time. and i rly want to take a mythology course but also mythology is something i can and do study on my own ?? and its not applicable to my major so idk. im heavily considering it rn bc ive been out of my journalism class for 40 minutes and im about to jump out the third story window

The Vent Chronicles

I know you guys have been asking for hot fics prompts but I’ve been dying to write this since I started my mini career as a writer.
I was actually waiting to hone my skill before I wrote it so I could give the only idea of its kind (haha take that originality) the justice it deserved. So without further ado, I present my most favourite piece to this date. I hope you all enjoy it as well.
PS: Really hope something like this happens in season 12. It’d be really nice

“According to Greek Mythology, humans were originally created with four arms, four legs and a head with two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two separate parts, condemning them to spend their lives in search of their other halves.” - Plato’s The Symposium.

“Have you seen Amelia?”
He’d been asking this question for two hours now.
“Didn’t she have a surgery?” Maggie said.
“It was two hours ago,” he replied a little too quickly.
She turned to face him, giving him her full attention now, “On call rooms?”
“Skills lab?”
“MRI, CT, patient rooms, x-Ray rooms?”
“All empty.”
“Did you check the cafeteria?” she said, putting her tablet in the charging dock.
“That’s emp-” He saw Amelia in the background, swiftly walking into an on call room, “Never mind, I found her.” He patted Maggie on the arm and walked away, heading straight for where the neurosurgeon disappeared.
“You’re welcome?” she muttered, confusedly.

“I was looking for you,” he said when he closed the door behind him. She inhaled deeply, hoping he hadn’t heard the sniffling sound when she did so, but he heard it.
“I’m good,” she said, even though he hadn’t asked. Her voice was rasped with tears and he knew she was far from ‘good’.
“Amelia, what’s wrong?” he asked. Although she couldn’t see his concerned eyes in the darkness, she knew they were there; she could hear it in his voice, too.
“I said I’m fine,” she insisted.
“No you’re not.”
“I’m fine means leave me alone, in case you were wondering.”
“Did you lose a patient today?”
“You’re a persistent little one, aren’t you?” she smiled, even though it was a broken and fake one.
“I can help you,” he offered, “I’ve been where you are too many times. We all have, at some point.”
“And how are you going to help me?” she asked.
“Do you trust me?” He held his hand out to her in the darkness, waiting to feel hers. The question held an eerie, underlying meaning to it that she couldn’t seem to figure out, but despite that, she was curious enough to take his hand.

“Just stand right here,” he said, moving her with his hands on her shoulders. They waited.
“Why are we here?” she asked after a minute.
“This is your help,” he said excitedly, waiting for the magic to happen.
“Owen, can I go b-”
“Just wait, Amelia,” he sternly said, removing his hands from her shoulders when he heard the noise, “Wait.”
She heard it too, looking down before feeling the blast of air beneath her. It was strong, hot, and made her lab coat and scrubs flap and fly up in the air. She closed her eyes and let her hands float in front of her with her palms facing downwards; it felt as though she was flying. She laughed a little, feeling like a weight had been lifted off of her as the warm air dried her tears and ruffled her chocolate hair. The cozy gas tickled her eyelashes and eyebrows and made a whooshing sound in her ear and, for a second, she forgot why she was upset, why she was ever upset. She was in a different world right now and when the breeze subsided, she sadly opened her eyes and returned back to earth, immediately meeting the grinning blue ones of the man in front of her. “What was that?” she asked, dazed.
“It’s the vent for the hospital,” he replied, triumphantly, “It’s out of this world, isn’t it?”
“How did you find it?” she marvelled at the air box beneath her, excitedly waiting for the next wave, waiting for the high.
“Accidentally, actually,” he announced sheepishly as he stepped closer, “I’d come here a lot with… It’d blow away all my problems. It’s out of time, out of space.”
“It’s like getting high standing here,” she confessed, closing her eyes to try and remember the feeling of the cooling air against her skin, “It’s like anything can happen when the air blows.” They heard the noise again and both doctors shared the tight space above the small vent, feeling the high once more. He watched as she closed her eyes again and grinned, her locks levitating with her scrubs and coat, and he couldn’t help but fall more in love with this untamed version of her. When the vent rested again, they’d somehow found theirselves touching foreheads as their fingers laced from the knuckled side. “Anything can happen,” he repeated her words, leaning down to meet her lips. The kiss was slow and comforting; it didn’t demand the passion of sex. She tugged on his fingers as their lips found a sense of harmony, the strong and snug air starting up again and blowing the two slightly apart. “I love it,” she shouted above the winds, a double meaning unintentionally making its way to her words. Their faces remained centimetres apart, their noses touching as they rode out the rest of the high.

So, this godforsaken year is over in like 12 hours but despite that this year was a huge rush for me (i cant believe is over??) and that it had its ups (star wars duh) and downs (i am fully entering adulthood right now like who the hell asked for that not me), I appreciate it as a year of growth and character development which I really hope will lead me to an amazing action year of 2016.

And thru this journey, I was accompanied by all of you. Every single one of u, one way of another, gave me something to continue with this year and despite that some times i hate this website, i cannot but help to say that i adore the people that it have brought close to me and i want to say thank you so much for keeping it up because you are doing it great alright?, keep up the amazing edits, the laughs, the call outs, the x files, the tears for rey, the aesthetic, the discourses, just everything, because it helps me keep up too.

Have an even better 2016 because god knows yall deserve it.

(if you are not here i am truly sorry i suck at making follow forevers. bolded are faves.)

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oh hey heres a thought… just a reminder that People and 1D team have been working together for the better part of the last 6-9 months. We know this… So it’s not a ‘fact’ or the story isn’t ‘real’ because People posted it… it means that they are working WITH 1D’s team to release this story. 1DHQ could make up anything they want and give it to a tabloid to run, it doesnt have to be true for them to run it. 

So yes People are credible when it comes working with 1D and publishing the stories they want SOMETIMES, but it doesnt mean this story is true.

So please can people stop coming to me and saying it’s true because People released it. People dont give a shit whats true or not true, they’re a business which is there to make money… I bet they’re either getting a massive amount of money for this OR and more likely imo, they were promised another bigger and better exclusive when the time comes.

And for the people out there who think People wouldn’t do this because it will make them look less credible… again they dont give a shit how they look if they’re getting the money and the hits. They, as well as any other publication, will run with whatever makes them the most money and is best for their business. They will print lies after lies after lies about celebs marriages being 100% perfect and then low and behold, they will get the divorce exclusive. This is media we’re talking about… it’s not morally correct. It’s about money.

dulcetingenue-deactivated201502  asked:

Mac studio fix foundation has ruined my skin. Its now really dry in some places, i constantly break out and i have dark spots but have to keep using the foundation to cover them. Help me :( how can i repair my skin and still cover acne dark marks ? Thank you

Hi babe!

First off, stop using the MAC foundation! I’d recommend buying something else that will give you full coverage for the time being like Revlon Colorstay for dry skin, Estee Lauder Double Wear, Makeup Forever HD, Cover FX Cream Foundation or even something more natural like Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Full Coverage foundation. Continuing to use it will only make your skin worse and create more dark spots that will take months even years to fade.

You might even want to try an acne medicated foundation that will help treat your skin as your skin transitions through this process by using a foundation like Clinique Acne Solutions foundation orNeutrogena Skin Clearing Foundation or use a primer/moisturizer with acne fighting properties like Clean and Clear Dual Action Moisturizer or Cover FX primer with salicylic acid.

As for going about clearing your skin i’d recommend

  • Exfoliating once to twice a week with a face scrub or a face brush. Exfoliating is super important for healthy skin in general but this will really get rid of the dead skin on the face so your skin care can get deep in the pores and treat the acne. Also great for getting rid of dry skin because your moisturizer will sink in better and your dry patches will be buffed away! Exfoliating also helps fade dark spots quicker.
  • Use a clay mask once to twice a week. This will help dry up the existing acne and give your skin a deep clean. I highly recommend the Queen Helene Mint Julep face mask which you can get for a few dollars at Walmart, Ulta and Walgreens. But any acne/clay mask will do!
  • Use a spot treatment like Clinique Spot Clearing Gel or Clean and Clear’s Spot Treatment on any acne you have. This will help clear them up quicker. 
  • Use a gentle toner like Witch hazel or Clinique Clarifying Lotion. This will help make sure the skin is extra clean and clean deep into the pores. Stay away from anything that says astringent or has strong doses of acne medication. 
  • Use a gentle face cleanser nothing too strong with acne fighting ingredients. Your skin is irritated and dry and needs to heal so you don’t wash to shock it with too many harsh ingredients. Harsh face washes can really dry out the skin. Try Cetaphil’s Facial Cleanser!
  • Use a rich, deep night cream. Any moisturizer thats thicker will work fine. It will help calm your skin overnight and fix any dry patches. Cetaphil’s Moisturizing Cream is great and gentle.

You don’t have to do all of these tips but doing a few of them will definitely help! 


[sheets] [concepts]


I have already mentioned and posted some vips about this project, called “GLITCH” (working title i guess) that…. started out as a quickly constructed logline for a pitch in September, when we were travelling around Europe with an international student project and what is now, somehow, developed into a very rough concept for a series.

To be honest, i wouldn’t have made a teaser at this stage, but the diploma presentation seemed like a good chance to test out how would something like this work. I threw it together from zero to this in 3 weeks, working 12-15 hours every day, but it was worth it, because i learned a LOT. Its not exactly finished tho, its full of place holders and a bunch of things are missing, but i guess you cant really tell if you don’t know my original concept.

The animations at the end were kinda forced by a teacher and were done in the last THREE days - at that point i couldn’t even find my own bed at the other side of the room so maybe you shouldn’t watch that part (yeah, pls don’t). But even if its not as good as i want it to be, it was really amazing watching my characters in a movie theatre on the big screen :) 

Since its only the second round of the visuals, a LOT of things has changed/are still changing, even character names and designs and half of this stuff was just pure (and very stressed) brainstorming. But i guess its already something i can work with. (actually, the story is a lot more developed at this point and going well, so this is the phase where have to force myself to work on the visuals… )

I’ll post these beta character sheets and concepts separately later. Now its time to start to work on the good version. 

anonymous asked:

I got the impression that Attitude was a respectable, highly influential magazine for the LBGTQ community. Why on earth then would they allow a shit interview like that to be published? It's offensive to those inside and outside the fandom.

Anonymous said:September 10th 2015, 3:54:00 am · 12 hours agoI now have actual concerns for the physical safety of the members of Rainbow Direction. Way to weaponize your own fans.

Let’s wait for the “real” article, shall we. Screen caps leaked to a fan is not exactly a reputable source. But having read Attitude many times in the past, this does not at all read like something they would write or publish.

I mean, come on, they don’t even have the paternity test mention in there.

BUT, if this is indeed what Liam had to say? Who cares. Rainbow Direction was never about Larry. It is by the fans for the fans. If Liam does not support that, well, it sucks to be him. Harry has been a wonderful participant.


I couldn’t go back to the hospital, I couldnt look robyn in her face knowing that this was all kind of my fault. I pushed her away which made her cling on more to him, and I wasn’t there to protect her when all this went down. Some how I thought by pushing her away I wouldn’t feel bad if sean was to hurt her, I wasn’t expecting him to hurt her physically though. I had to call somebody to vent to so I called my mom, I knew she would tell me some shit that I need to hear. When I told her what happen she was hysterical but she eventually calmed down, rob is like a daughter to her so she loves her just as much as she loves me.

“ So im guessing she’s going to press chargers ? she cant let that man get away with this !”

“no. she didn’t.”

“ what ?! why not !”

“ It really don’t matter if she do or don’t, ima take care of it.” I said clenching my jaw, just thinking about that nigga making me wanna pop a couple heads.

“ how are you going to handle it Christopher ? don’t do..”

“ nah ma I don’t wanna hear it, im doing it and cant nobody stop me. Why shouldn’t I end this nigga life ?! He didn’t care about raping her so why should I care about killing him !”

“ Baby you have to let God handle that, he’ll..”

“NO he taking to damn long to handle it, as soon as I see him it’s a wrap.” I heard her sigh.

“ How is she ?”

“ I haven’t seen her.”

“ but you said you went to the hospital ?”

“ I did I just didn’t go in and see her, I cant Ma.”

“ Christopher that girl just went through something horrible that she’ll never forget, she wants you there you’re her bestfriend. She’s probably crying her eyes out right now, go chris.” We talked for a little longer until she finally convinced me to go and I hung up. She was right robyn needed me, its not like she has any family to go comfort her, im basically the only one she has besides chanel and my mom. I gotta be there for her and from this day forward I wont ever push her away again.

“ im back to see robyn fenty.”

It’s been 12 hours since I’ve been here and I haven’t got a minute of sleep. I really wish I could fall asleep but I just can’t, every time I close my eyes I think something bad is going to happen, like if someone is just going to pop out of nowhere and hurt me. I don’t even trust the doctors that come in here to check on me, I just want to go home and stay there forever and shut everything out and never step foot outside again. Times like this I wish I had family, I never really talk about how much not having any bothers me but it does, especially around the holidays. I slowly got up to go use the bathroom because I had to pee, it was so painful after wiping. As I was walking back to the bed the door had opened, I didn’t pay it any attention because I thought it was another nurse coming to check on me.

“hey” I stopped dead in my tracks and looked up at the sound of his voice, so many emotions came over me as I stared at him with tears in my eyes. I don’t know how I did it but I ran as fast as I could to him and hugged him as if it was our last. When I felt him hug me back with just as much force I hugged him even tighter. I didn’t ever want to let go and I didn’t want him to either.

“you came…” I said with my face still in his shirt crying harder.

“what ?”

“I said you came, I didn’t think you would come…. I waited for you all night hoping you would but you didn’t and I thought yo..”

“Im here now don’t even worry about it” he said wiping my face, I felt a calmness comeover me I felt safe again.

“ im sorry robs..”

“for what ?”

“everything, pushing you away being mean to you, not making it to the party in time to save you, I promise I wont let anything else happen to you again.” Honestly he doesn’t have anything he should be sorry for because he tried to warn me but I didn’t listen, but I know he would go back and forth with me if I told him none of this is his fault so I just put my arms around his waist and hugged  him again. We were interrupted by the doctor coming in.

“ goodmorning you two ! glad to see you up and standing fenty. But I have some good news, all the STD tests came back negative so you’re free to go now.” I smiled and thanked him as he walked out.

“you ready to go ?” I nodded my head and was about to walk over and get my stuff but he told me he’ll get everything.

“you just sit here, I’ll get it.” I sat down in the wheel chair that they gave me and waited for him to come back with the shirt and sweatpants that I asked for since I didn’t have anything else to put on.

“here, I’ll be outside the door” he said and gave me the clothes and left out so I could change. I changed as fast as I could because I was ready to get the hell out of here. We signed out and made our way to the car and I got in while he put the wheelchair in.

“are you comfortable ?”

“yeah I am.” I said as I laid my head back against the seat, we were barely pulling out of the hospital parking lot and I was already falling asleep.

“thank you chris….” Was the last words I said before dozing off to sleep.

As I was driving I heard her say something, I was gonna ask her what she said but when I looked over I saw that she was sleep. I know she’s tired because it looks like she haven’t slept in awhile, I looked back over at her and examined her face. She had some swelling on her right cheek and her bottom lip was also a little swollen from her stitches in the inside of her lip. I just feel so bad for her and im gonna do everything in my power to make her happy again, I’ll handle sean later. I finally got to her house and pulled into her driveway, I got out and unlocked the door and took her wheelchair inside then went back to get her. I didn’t wanna wake her up so I just took her out the car and carried her inside and laid her in bed. I kissed her on her forehead and pulled the covers over her and started to walk out.

“are you leaving ?! don’t leave please..” she said with desperation in her voice, I wasn’t even about to leave I was just going to my car to get my charger.

I felt him lay me down on the bed but I was too tired to move or open my eyes so I just let him tuck me in. Then he kissed me and I felt him walk away towards the door and my body instantly shot up.

“are you leaving ?! don’t leave please..”

“nah im not I was just going to get something out my car”

“oh…” he nodded his head and walked out but I didn’t lay back down, I wasn’t about to until I see him walk back through this door. Tired wasn’t even the word to describe how I was feeling, it feels like I’ve been awake for days, all I want to do is goto sleep. He walked back in and I let out a small sigh of relief.

“robs you can goto sleep im not gonna leave.” Yeah, that’s what you said last time to…

I still didn’t lay back down, I sat up watching him while I kept dozing off but I tried to fight my sleep because I was afraid that when I wake up he wouldn’t be here so I tried to stay up for as long as I could. He saw me falling asleep sitting up so he walked over to the bed and took his shoes off and got in next to me.

“lay back.” He said as he was already laying on the pillow, I laid back as well but I didn’t close my eyes I just turned my head and stared at him trying desperately  to fight my sleep.

“goto sleep robyn.” He said looking back at me.

“Are you going to leave?” I softly said.

“No, I’m not.”

“Are you going to be here when I wake up?”



“I promise, now goto sleep.” He said and gently pulled me into him wrapping his arms around me, I relaxed in his arms and finally let sleep take over.

I got up and decided to make Chris breakfast, I felt like I should do something nice for him since he stayed and comforted me. I went to the kitchen and got all the skillets and food and noticed that I didn’t have any more bacon.

“shit.” Chris loves bacon its his favorite, I can’t make breakfast without his bacon. I quietly got dressed careful not to wake him and left out to goto the store. When I pulled up to the grocery store I noticed that it wasn’t as crowded as it usually be which is strange because its always crowded with people. I walked in and it was even more empty than I thought it was, I was literally the only one here besides a few workers at the cash register. I walked to the back of the store where the freezer section was and looked for the bacon, I got it along with a dozen eggs.

“ Hey beautiful.” I froze at the sound of his voice, sending chills through my whole body. I dreaded turning around, I didn’t want to see him nor did I want to be in his presence. Fear came over me and I started to speed walk into the opposite direction.

“ So you just gonna ignore me robyn ?” I looked up and seen him standing right in front of me, I quickly turned around and tried to run but he was right in front of me again. I started shaking.

“ Please can you leave me alone…. Please..” I softly said with tears now coming down, I didn’t want to raise my voice because I didn’t want to make him mad, I was still scared of him.

“ You thought I wouldn’t find you ? you thought I was just gonna let you go that easy ?” I backed up into the freezer door with no where to go, I looked around the store hoping to find someone but it was empty, not even the cashiers were here, it was just me and sean. He came closer to me running his finger softly down my face caressing it, but I quickly turned my head away.

“DON’T turn away from me !” he said grabbing my face roughly turning it back to him as I cried.

“ I want you robyn.” He whispered in my ear smiling and my body got tensed at those words, I panicked and dropped the eggs and bacon out of my hands and some how got out of his hold. But I didn’t get far because he reached out and grabbed my hair before I could run.

“ sean please don’t do this !!!! you’ve already hurt me once !!” I was begging him but he didn’t care, he dragged me all the way to the corner where there was a door. I kept kicking and screaming hoping somebody would come to my rescue before he got me inside this door.

“ HELP !!! HELP SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME !” but nobody came, he finally reached the door and threw me in first and then stepped in and locked it and then hit the light switch.

“ Lets play another game robyn.”

I quickly set up in bed throwing the sheets off of me breathing as if I just got done running a marathon. I looked around and noticed that I wasn’t at the grocery store, I was still in bed. I looked to my left and realized that I was in bed alone, chris wasn’t here. I started to panic.

“CHRIS !……. CHRIS !!” I called out but got no answer. I got out the bed walking as fast as I could to my door but as I reached for it I felt arms around me and I jumped.

“you scared me !!!” I said clutching my chest and breathing hard.

“my bad, I was just in the bathroom” he said still holding me.

“I thought you had left….”

“I said I was staying didn’t I ?”

“yes but I…”

“Im not gonna leave you robyn so stop worrying, chill out”

“you are…”

“NO im not”

“You have to leave  you cant stay with me all day everyday, you have business to take care of….” I got sad just thinking about him leaving, I know that he has to go to make his money but I don’t want him to, I don’t want to be alone. I started sniffling and then just started balling my eyes out.

“ robs stop. We’ll worry about that later aiight ? I wont be gone for long.” He said wiping my face and I just nodded then pointed to the bed.

“What ? you wanna go lay back down ?” I nodded again and he carried me the short distance back to the bed and got in. we resumed our same position as last night, I was still tired so It didn’t take long for me to start falling asleep.

“I love you..” I said barely above a whisper not expecting him to say anything back.

“I love you more.”