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got a new haircut and feelin good ✌ (they/them)

the windbreaker I got from @shoptrashqueen came in today, so good! and my favorite sweatshirt, designed by @slugspoon !

Why I love the Doctor/Rose fandom

Do you know what? I love the Doctor/Rose fandom. Periodically we fall into a gloomy mood where we feel like we’re dying as a fandom, or things aren’t like what they used to be. For just a moment, I want to focus on the cool things happening. 

Last week, over 20 self-rec lists were solicited in ask boxes. The fic reading/writing community is so incredibly encouraging, and this is perhaps the best indication of that lately. It wasn’t just the established, popular writers who got asks, either. I reblogged several from newer authors and some who don’t get as much exposure. That made my heart happy. 

The addition of several new fic prompt/rec blogs in the last month is a good sign that we aren’t dying. People love this ship enough that they want to inspire our creators to new works. That’s a high level of involvement and dedication to the fandom, and it’s not something you find in dying fandoms. 

We’ve talked a lot about the struggle new authors have to get recognised, so @legendslikestardust dedicates a weekly post to finding a new author and promoting them on the blog. They also specifically promote SFW fanfic, since another concern is how much harder it is to get noticed if you don’t write smut.

But smut is still a part of fandom, and it’s a part many people love, so the same people who run that blog also run @dwsmutfest to support that side of the fandom. 

If you like visual prompts, @dwficprompts posts pictures every day to get your creative mind going. I’ve gotten several plot bunnies based on these pics–it’s fantastic. 

And of course, I started @doctorroseprompts because that’s where my passion is. After reblogging prompts from other prompt blogs with, “This could be Doctor/Rose…” and giving a scenario, starting my own prompt blog just seemed like the logical next step. 

And as a prompt blog owner, nothing has made me happier this month than seeing people combining the prompts for all these blogs. The more prompts there are, the more new fanfic we get. February has proven that. To see people taking a prompt from their Fluffuary card and adding it to one of our Valentine’s prompts, or basing their story on a picture from @dwficprompts… it’s just a great, great thing.

I love the Doctor/Rose fandom because I love the people in it, and the way we encourage each other. I love that instead of giving up when it seemed like maybe we were dying, members of our fandom have invested themselves in its revitalisation. This is why we are amazing, and this is why I’m proud to be a part of this little corner of the internet.

i don’t have a good memory but sometimes i remember the smallest things about people even if i don’t talk to them in years. and sometimes i talk about those little things with other people, but do you ever wonder if they do the same with you? like it amazes me that a someone could remember things about me because i feel like there is nothing to remember. i mean, if they talk to other people about you, or mention you, you will never know, there’s no way you’ll know unless they tell you but what are the chances right. but like i was talking to this one friend i haven’t seen in seven years, SEVEN years, and i said that i was going to be a cat lady and she said that she was going to have ducks and call them harry and potter, and i was shocked because MY ducks when i was a kid were called harry and potter, so i told her and she said “i know, that’s why i said that” and when i asked her how she could remember such thing she answered “i don’t know, i just do” and she then mentioned that sometimes she tells her friends that she knows someone that had two ducks called harry and potter. this person, whom i haven’t seen in seven years, still remembers one of smallest details about my life. the name of my ducks. god knows when i told her, but she remembers and even talks about it with other people. i’m the topic of conversation sometimes. if you think about it, all those times you told a little story about someone you knew… what if someone was doing the same with you, what if even though you haven’t seen or talked to someone you used to know they still remember you and talk about you. it makes me dizzy and it’s shocking because i always feel like there’s nothing to say about me and that people won’t have a problem forgetting about me, but these things, they make me realize that there’s people that still have me in their thoughts from time to time. it’s mind-blowing isn’t it

Okay but like one time I was taking a math test and it had those weird word problems and one was about someone buying 20 scones and all I could think about was freaking snowbaz and then the other was talking about two ppl running or something and one was named “Misha” and I just about lost it

“But if you want to be a sneering, judgmental bastard who can make phone calls on the go, it’s definitely the phone for you.”

i am Shook i managed to keep this muse for an Entire Year wtf i honestly believed when i made my first blog that i would grow tired of izzy in a matter of weeks, i thought i would lose interest & move on but here i am !! 365 long days later, still trying to figure out tags & pretending i have no drafts 🤔🤔 n e yway !! if i follow you, you follow me, we’ve written together in the past, i luv u !! thanks for supporting my career 😘

now for the mushy, disgusting, gross !! part ; i owe a great part of my daily happiness to the following blogs, these are people i adore with my entire being & have made a tumblr a fun, happy, safe place for me & i just couldn’t be more thankful for them & their amazing portrayals !!

❣️  @goodncss  ❣️ @explcsive / @poshcliche / @worstwar  ❣️ @halfhell  ❣️  @forgedleader / @seraferi  ❣️ @serafeli ( are u even on ur other blogs anymore ? 🤔 )  ❣️ @rcbelborn / @eireniic  ❣️ @lovetouched@dawnbrought / @oncetragic  ❣️ @bloodthirstygod / @kalofhouseel  ❣️ @boyfluent / @icedcrown ( & all your blogs honestly wtf )  ❣️ @lockwoodspecial ❣️ @capablehands ❣️ @cluefound   ❣️ @assetrelocation / @hartiless / @notheroics  ❣️  @womenendure / @spelmans / @diangelic ( u have 2 many blogs i cry )  ❣️  @stillhvman  ❣️  @futurecrest  ❣️  @rougescion  ❣️ @shelazarus  ❣️  @tithonuscurse  ❣️ @strigc  ❣️  @climbwards  ❣️  @specterae  ❣️ @glossophobias ( i ain’t even gonna try to tag all ur blogs )  ❣️ @civicproud  ❣️ @ragwulf  ❣️

My day on the campus i’m preparing to move to:
  • Disability counselor asks me my pronouns before anything else
  • Herd of female deer casually stroll past me
  • chipmunks hanging out
  • Ocean view
  • Scent of eucalyptus 
  • Big huge hug from friend and future roommate
  • Who also found a loophole in the rules that her friend used to get a doggo on campus (which they say is 100% not allowed, no exceptions) so we’re planning on getTING A KITTEN
  • Who ALSO wants to study abroad in the same area of Scotland after our 4 years are over
  • And then we talked about our butts and mental health and cute girls and boys and compared leg hair so yeah LOL