it's less than 5 minutes

  • Full trailer (be warned of graphic violence!)

  • Characters: According to the latest Thai Gossip, Toey plays a nerd who is good at computer and stuff, also a good friend of Ohm’s character. White will be a playboy, Plan as a ladyboy and Boom as a foreign student from Korea. Two new boys will play a couple. All six of them are the first recruits of an all-girl school.

  • Plot: What plot? I don’t think there’s such a thing except girls fighting for boys or vice versa lol.

  • Note: Director Yuan Danop (LS S2, MiR) said on Weibo that this new “straight” project is about making some quick money to actors and the staff.
kenhina + distance headcanons

this is for kenhina week!! hope you guys enjoy <3 sorry i just thought up of these off the top of my head

  • it’s already canon that they text all the time, but recently kenma has been begging hinata to get a smartphone because he always texts back so slowly PLUS makes a whole bunch of spelling errors 
  • Kenma secretly begs to think up of excuses to practice with karasuno
    • Some of these consist of: “they could’ve evolved their quick, so yeah we should totally practice against that..”+ “Shouyou says karasuno wants to play us again” 
    • Kuroo just rolls his eyes and chuckles because he knows how much hinata means to kenma, of course he talks to his coach about it but nothing really gets done 
  • Kenma face times with hinata at least twice a week? 
  • They always facetime on the same exact days and literally both of their faces light up when they see each other over the screen
  • After nationals, kenma and hinata had almost a 4 hour long facetime talking about the match, 
  • kenma loves it when Hinata’s whole face lightens up when discussing his victory 
  • One time hinata’s phone got taken away from him 
  • Daichi was the one who took away his phone because 
  • his grades were REALLY REALLY BAd, they reached an all time low 
  • During this time, Kenma was distracted the whole entire practice time and lev was really confused and so was kuroo and the rest of the team
    • Because he would constantly ask for a break and go check his phone to see if hinata texted him back
  • Hinata is the one to send stupid memes over the phone, kenma sends screenshots of his high score in video games 
  • Hinata finds it cute when kenma rambles on and on about this new game that came out 
  • Basically they’re a cute couple that CAN survive a long distance relationship with no problem whatsoever 

im planning on one day on running a marathon (yay)

trainings intense tho its every weekday 7 miles and 11-17 per weekend day, rn im aiming on getting a mile less than 5 minutes tho so its not too extreme of an expectation

i wish to run the half marathon from tijuana to ensenada first tho, viewing the pacific…

anonymous asked:

my room is kinda cluttered.. any organizational tips?

Hi thanks for writing in :)

Of course, theres so many things you can do to keep organised! My main tips from experience:

1. Get rid of everything you don’t need! Clothes, books, junk etc. But you have to really think about it, no more “maybe I’ll need it later” just give away/throw/sell everything you don’t need that just takes up space.

2.Clean your room. Properly. Vacuum, wipe etc. It will be easier to organise everything once your room is fresh and clean.

3. Organise your clothes and shoes first. What I do is keep all my winter clothes away when its warm, and keep my summer clothes away when it’s cold. Store them out of sight e.g. under your bed/above your wardrobe. Same for shoes :) Put the rest away as neatly as possible. Buy the shoe organiser from below here (£4.50).

5. Books…one of the hardest things, cause you think you’ll need them all. If they are not expensive/special/you’re done reading them, then give them away. They take up unnecessary table space and contribute to clutter. Try make your desk area look as much like the one below as you can:

6. For makeup, I have these exact ikea boxes (only £1.50 here), they match the colours in my room and fit all my products.

7. Jewellery can all fit on one of these (£23.92 from here):

***My main tip though is clean your room every morning before you leave and just before you sleep! Sounds horrible right? But its super easy, just make sure to make your bed in the morning and put anything on the floor/desk where it belongs. And at night, just put everything thats not in its place where it belongs. THATS IT. It takes less than 5 minutes and makes you feel so good because it is proven that you are more productive when you’re not in a messy environment. So there:)

I hope that helped! xo

ps. To my followers, sorry for the long posts, just trying to give the best advice!

But can you imagine like getting to share your hometown with michael. And he’s so interested in all of these little places that you grew up around because that’s what made you who you are now. Like he sees the place where you got that scar that he always leaves a kiss on. And you show him the place where you buried your favorite pet. He joined you on the playground where you met your very first best friend and he got grumpy when you casually mentioned the place where you had your first kiss because no one else is every going to find out what your lips taste like if michael has any say in the matter. Even though some of these memories make you sad or make him jealous, he is so happy that you have decided to show him these little things about you that make him know he’s madly in love with you.