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anonymous asked:

Do you have a link or tag or something to your 1d/harry potter sorting explanations?

i’m sure i once wrote an explanation but it’s been ages so idk where it’s gone, but i’ll just list them fresh:

  • liam – gryffindor. OBVIOUSLY. big protective grizzly bear liam ‘i like the idea of saving people’ payne with his noble heart and heroic tendencies.
  • louis – gryffindor. edging on slytherin for his craftiness, but what defines him to me is that he’s more of a bold, emotional thinker than a careful, rational planner. he’s guided by his heart & takes things head-on rather than letting them fall into place.
  • zayn – ravenclaw. logical thinker & creative mind. quietly keeps to himself but absolutely knows what he’s doing 100%. the level-headed one who excels at maintaining order.
  • niall – hufflepuff. has there ever been a more loyal, dedicated, humble human being than niall horan? please.
  • harry – hufflepuff. harry’s plenty clever and all that, but i don’t think he has a single self-serving bone in his body. he’s patient and unimposing and puts everyone ahead of himself. i don’t mean to oversimplify him as kindness personified, but i feel like that’s his very core at its purest.