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  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: I was the one who had it all. I was the master of my fate. I never needed anybody in my life. I learned the truth too late. I'll never shake away the pain.
  • I close my eyes but she's still there. I let her steal into my melancholy heart. It's more than I can bear. Now I know she'll never leave me. Even as she runs away. She will still torment me, calm me, hurt me. Move me, come what may.
  • Wasting in my lonely tower. Waiting by an open door. I'll fool myself she'll walk right in. And be with me for evermore.
Who’s Your Daddy? Results

DirtyHaikyuuConfessions’s poll has come to an end! We first want to thank all of you for voting and we hope you had a little bit of fun while doing it. We hope you enjoy the results as much as we did! (Mod Kuroo practically screamed when looking at the winners.) Please expect the winners’ memes to come out soon-ish (Mod Bokuto is camping for a couple days). Without further ado, please give a warm round of applause as we announce DHQC’s Top Five Daddies!

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020317 One of my friends got me two TonyMoly I’m Real Mask for Christmas. I tried one and loved it and cannot wait to order more. (◠‿◠✿) I can’t bear to part with this one yet though because it’s so pretty… ಥ_ಥ

Guess who finally started watching Voltron

Guess who made yet another PJO au

Percy - Blue Lion
Frank - Yellow Lion
Nico - Red Lion
Leo - Green Lion
Jason - Black Lion
Annabeth - Princess of Altea

Exploring (Tom Holland Imagine)

Disclaimer: Okay so this is my first Tom imagine so please bear with me. I just really wanted to write about him.

Late night adventures in the city with Tom


I put in my earphones as I get comfy in bed. As I am about to click play, I get a call from Tom.


“Hey Y/N, wanna do some exploring?”

I check the time. “Tom it’s almost 10. You really want to go out this late?”

“Yes, I’m bored and thought of going around the city with you. But I guess you’re not up for it so I’ll jus-”

“What did you have in mind?” I cut him off. I knew if I didn’t say yes then he’d guilt me into it.

“Well I figured we could just see what happens.”

“Okay but if we end up stranded somewhere, it’s your fault.”

He laughs. “Okay, I’ll be right over.”

I change out of my pj’s and into my favorite tee and a comfy pair of jeans. I slip some sneakers on as I hear a honk outside. I shiver a little from the cool breeze. Crap. I should’ve brought a sweater.

As I get into Tom’s car, he reaches over to the backseat then hands me his sweater. I smile. “Thanks.”

“I figured you’d forget something.”

“You know me so well.” I put it on and can’t help but smirk a little because it smells just like him.

“Ready to have the best night of your life?” he says with thrill in his eyes.


He revs the engine and we speed off into the night. I roll down the window and feel the wind blow through my hair. I shout a bit then look over at him to see his reaction. He has a huge smile painted on his face.

He pulls over at a diner that’s open late. “We’ll start this adventure off with some food.”

“Good idea.”

We head inside and instead of sitting in the booth, he jumps and lands on it. His legs are strewn across one side so I have to sit on the other. I shake my head. What a show off.

A waitress comes over and hands us some menus. “Let me start you off with some drinks. What would you like?”

“One chocolate, one strawberry and one vanilla milkshake”, Tom says, not missing a beat.

She writes down the order and asks me next, “And for you?”

Before I could answer, Tom interrupts. “The three shakes will be fine.” I shoot him a look after the waitress leaves. “We can share, right? Plus we get to try all three flavors! It’s a win win. Unless you wanted something else..”

“That sounds more exciting than what I was going to get. We’ll stick with the shakes.”

I skim over the menu and feel like ordering one of everything. I look up and catch Tom staring at me. His eyes look away, pretending he wasn’t just watching me a moment ago.

“See anything you like?” I tease.

“Umm…” His cheeks begin to turn a light pink.

“I have no idea what to get. If I could, I’d get everything!”

He chuckles. “Probably not the best idea to go out to eat when you’re practically starving.”

“Definitely not.”

“Why don’t we get some burgers and fries?”

“That sounds good.”

The waitress comes back with our shakes. “Ready to order?” she asks then takes our orders and the menus.

“Which of the three do you think will be the best?” Tom asks.


“You sure? Isn’t vanilla too plain?”

“Not to me. I find that it has a good balance, the perfect amount of sweetness.”

“I’ve never looked at it that way before.”

“You shouldn’t judge something based on the outside. You got to dig deep and maybe you’ll find something sweet inside.”

“Good point. So since vanilla is best, shall we save it for last?”

“Sure.” He hands me the strawberry and he takes the chocolate. We sip at the same time, taking a few seconds to rate the taste.

“Wow, that is really good!” I gush. “What about yours?”

“Not bad. Let’s switch.” He switches our glasses, takes a sip and nods his head. “That is delicious.”

“You were right about this one, it’s alright.”

We then move onto vanilla. Tom takes a straw from one of the other glasses, wipes it then dunks it into the glass. We sip at the same time and ‘mmm’ in unison. I try not to keep eye contact with him as we continue drinking the shake. 

The waitress comes back with our food, making the moment a bit more awkward. 

“I’m starving”, Tom says, breaking the silence.

“Me too.” As we enjoy our burgers and fries, an idea comes to mind. “Say, have you tried dipping your fries in a shake?”

“I haven’t.”

“You have been missing out my friend.” I place the vanilla shake in between us and dip a fry in. I take a bite and savor the taste. Tom does the same and his eyes go wide.

“Wow. That is amazing!” 

I laugh. “You’re welcome.”

Late night dinner fills with chitter chatter about anything and everything. After we finish, we decide to see the touristy sites. And boy, are they more beautiful at night! 

“Let’s pretend we’re visiting the city”, Tom says. I take some quick snaps of him and laugh at his idea. “Aww don’t tell me you took bad ones!” He runs over to me to look at my phone.

“You never take bad pictures. Your idea is what amused me.”

He grins at me. “We should try their Starbucks over here! See if they have any interesting drinks.” 

We head on over to the 24 hour Starbucks and find no line. “We should go here around this time to avoid the busyness”, I joke.

He laughs. “For sure. What would you like?”

“Just get me the usual.” As he places our orders, I take out my phone, open up my camera and capture this moment. I flip through the pictures I took as we wait for our drinks.

He goes up, grabs them and motions me to go outside. “Since there’s no one else in there, I thought we should enjoy our warm beverages in the park.”

We walk to the park which isn’t far. Tom sits down on the grass, placing his coffee beside him and lays down. I follow his lead. “Wow”, I say out loud as I take in the beautiful sight of the stars above us. 

“Incredible, right?”

“Absolutely.” I look over at him and just smile. “We should do this more often. Maybe, make it into some sort of tradition.”

His eyes meet mine. “Yeah, I’d like more nights like this. As long as it’s with you.” 

"carnival night" sodapop X reader

thanks for the request @im-not-perfect-im-proud
i hope you like it!!

-soda would be so excited to go
-for real though, like on the drive over he would be like
-“im so excited i’ve been waiting for this thing forever”
-and you would just laugh
-the first thing soda does when you get in is take your hand and pull you towards the roller coaster
-“whoa there, soda, that looks kinda high…”
-“baby i’ll protect you please…”
-and you finally give in because you know he has been waiting for the carnival to be in town for a while
-the whole time on the ride you squeal while soda holds on tight to you hand
-after, he gets you a funnel cake and a corndog to share
-then he leads you over to the basketball hoops
-“y/n, im always good at these i could probably win you something big”
-the worker gives him three balls
-the first one he shoots goes NO WHERE NEAR THE HOOP
-the second one is kinda close ?
-“crap, y/n”
-“soda, give me the last one”
-you totally swoosh it in, no sweat
-and he just looks at you like
-“dang, what a girl”
-then you lead him over to the ring toss
-and he concentrates really hard…
-and makes the first one!!!
-so he gets you this really really HUGE ADORABLE TEDDY BEAR AWWWW
-its getting pretty late so you two end your night by riding the ferris wheel and kiss at the top :)

hey i hoped you liked that! requests are always open!!

The Art of Healing Part III: Respect the Clock

It’s the first day of Spring. 

I beg of nature blossom the buds. Let us see what the seeds have been planning—artful architects that they are. 

I need a little spring time. Sprinkle the days with rain; drops decorating fauna; beading them like ladies’ pearls. April is the month of my birth and so anxiously I press under the earth for that first nascent gasp of air.

It’s been a strange time. There are things I want to say but will wait. Everything has its season—its peak ripeness. 

There have been more tears in my recent days than I’d care to explain. I reckon it’s the weather. My insides are getting out their last bouts of winter blues; flushing the system fresh. It is scary to be sad when it’s sunny. That’s why I hated L.A. Come April, 


Fascinating that under a blanket of ice sleep Spring’s new miracles. My father is a gardener, and so I identify with the species that waits until the frost has passed to begin again. 

There are things I would love to say, and will say eventually, because Truth…that audacious thing her… she persists, 

she persists, 

she persists. 

But out of respect of Time I know that now is not the time. 

If you must know I read a magazine article today. I read a magazine article that purported things about my life that were not true. And while my name made no appearance, well, the purported was there. 

And he had called, you know, just a few weeks ago. And the call was seventeen minutes long and we managed to laugh, and I said I didn’t have it in me to be hurt or angry because everything runs its course, and eventually the earth tilts, 

and seasons change, 

and new life grows. 

And behind coffee mugs there lie light plans to perhaps sip and chat (makes you wonder what might be happening in Hollywood) and I didn’t feel the pang of loss, no, I felt relief that my heart was still; calm; unfettered; unaffected. 

I will have to address the magazine, because, well, Truth. But now is not the time. Now we are clearing the way to honor Spring, a more noble and joyous guest–we honor Spring and we honor Time. 

Time has allowed me to slow down and Time is generous in that way. You can speed up, rush madly, or crawl and still be in step with Time; always there with you, beside you, wherever you decide to go and at whatever pace. 

My mother said of mourning: You must respect* the time it takes to heal. 

*Respect. Not “acknowledge,” not “understand,” but respect. 

I have awarded Time slight ownership over my days—given it free reign. And because of respecting Time I am entering my Spring with a healthy amount of fear and a belly full of ambition. I understand that Time wants to lie in bed a little longer; keep me too long on the phone; make me a few minutes late for work. Time wants me wholly because it knows something I do not know. It holds all secrets of forever; is unquestionable in its wisdom; the undefeatable against even the most mighty. 

And so, as if there were ever an alternative, I lay myself at the mercy of Time, its cruelty only appearing in the form of the inevitable. But its tenderness bearing all possibilities. 

love-life-and-wanderlust  asked:

Yo can I have headcanons/short scenario for the gang finding out their girlfriends were injured and in the hospital? (Each character's girlfriend got injured in their own way, they were jumped, car crash, abuse, attempted suicide, etc.)

okay, so this might suck so sorry in advance. also, i’m not sure if this is what you want, it might be too fluffy, so i’m so so so sorry :( hope you like it!!

warnings: abuse & suicide & swearing

sodapop: it had been two days since the incident. on wednesday, you were working late so soda, being the amazing boyfriend he was, decided to cook dinner for you. it smelled great, however, soda unfortunately forgot about your major peanut allergy. the grilled chicken he made contained peanut oil, which had caused you to pass out cold. you didn’t realize what was happening until you woke up two days later in the hospital with soda by your side.
when you first opened your eyes, soda shed a few tears. it had scared him so much to see you pass out, and to have all the medical equipment strapped up to you to help you breathe. he was so glad that his baby was okay, but also very guilty.
“baby, i’m so sorry. i’m such a bad boyfriend, i don’t deserve you, i’m so so sorry you had to go through that, i will never forgive myself,” he said, tears in his eyes.
you giggled and caressed his soft cheek, “soda don’t say that. i love you with all mu being and i am so lucky to have you.”
he gently took your hand and kissed it, promising himself he would never do that again.

dally: you ran as fast as you could out of that house. you were never going back. you have had enough of your father mentally beating you up, but tonight, it was physical. your nose was bleeding and you had a black eye. you had no idea where you were going but you just wanted out. out of this town, out of your life. suddenly, you remembered dally and ran to bucks. you and dallas weren’t dating, he always was sleeping around with some girl or other but you were definitely best friends and had a strong emotional connection. you watched out for him and he did the same for you. you two would do anything for each other, but none of you would ever admit it.
by the time you got to bucks, something was up. your head felt weird and your eyes felt sunken. everyone stared at you weird while others backed away. maybe it was worse than you thought…
“holy shit y/n, what happened to you?! we cmon lets go to the hospital, this is pretty bad. holy shit, what the fuck happened?”
“it was my father he-”
dally’s grip tightened around your shoulders as he lead the way out of buck’s.
“look y/n, it makes me so mad what he does to you. you deserve so much more you know that? you could do so much more for the world and i have no fucking idea why he can’t see that. he can’t beat you up like that, its fucking wrong, you know i’m so mad right now! say the words, y/n, say the words, and he’ll be out of your life forever.”
dally began to say something else, completely enraged, but suddenly everything became blurry and quiet until everything was black and silent.
you woke up the next morning, surprisingly, dally was beside your side. there was a big bandage across your head and your mouth had a weird taste, like medicine.
“jesus, you’re awake,” dally said.
“guess i am.”
“look y/n, i was real worried about you and it just made me realize-”
i had feelings for dallas as long as i could remember. sometimes it seemed like he did too, but with dally, you never really knew.
“it made me realize how much you mean to me. how upset i’d be if you died you know? and i can’t even believe im saying this, it sounds like something fucking ponyboy would say.”
you smirked.
“what?” he asked, you could sense he was worried.
“kiss me.”

ponyboy: you heard the brake slam. your head hit the wheel. it seemed like you heard everything. the smashing of the glass, your car hitting theirs, but the most dominating of all was your screams. and everything went black.
“she’s what? what happened?”
pony felt like his heart stopped when he received the phone call from dally. he felt his fingers getting numb. y/n? his y/n? in the hospital? no. he just was with her 20 minutes ago! this can’t be happening. pony couldn’t feel his voice anymore. he ran out of the house, straight to the hospital.
“Y/N! Y/N!” he shouted as soon as he burst into the room you were.
the nurse soon had him held down, telling him you were okay, but he needed to stay calm.
“ponyboy. pony, i’m alright. i’m so happy you came, it was so scary, i-”
“-shhh, honey. you need to rest. im here now,” he said putting his hand on your chest and began to calm down, realizing his babygirl was okay.

steve: you knew you should be scared when you heard the footsteps. you knew it wasn’t my type greasers, and you were scared.
“what’s up babyyyy..” one of them said, obviously drunk.
“s-st-stay away from me,” you imagined it would be more confident in my head, but when you said it out loud it probably just sounded like a lost little puppy. your heart was beating really fast now.
before you knew it they were beating me up, and beating me good. there were 4 of them, against you. you were pretty small and looked younger than you were. there was blood all over the place.
“let go of her!” was the last thing you heard before everything went black.
you arose a couple hours later with a nurse by your bed.
“where the hell am i?” you asked groggily.
she gently smiled and said, “hello, y/n, i’m your nurse and from what i’ve heard, you got beat up pretty badly, i’m so sorry to hear about that.”
everything came flooding back to me at once, as i felt the large bandage on my arm.
“and honey, there was this young man really worried about you, in tears even. he felt so bad, i’m gonna go call him over right now.”
steve? steve was worried about you? steve was the only one who would be, he’s your boyfriend. you felt content at the fact that steve was worried.
on cue, steve burst through the doors.
“baby! y/n! are you okay? holy crap, i’m so sorry i wasn’t there walking you home. this is all my fault-why are you smiling, did they put you on some drug?”
“no stevey, i just love you so much.”
“definitely some drug.”

johnny: (hey, i usually don’t feel very comfortable doing this, but just this one time. i’m so sorry if this offended you in any way, but there was a warning. i deal with this sort of stuff everyday and if you need someone to talk to, you can always, ALWAYS talk to me.) nothing was okay anymore. everything was falling apart. you cried and cried until you couldn’t cry anymore.
“love, love, are you okay?” my boyfriend johnny asked, obviously concerned, nervous & distraught.
shit. no. johnny did everything for me, he was my everything. he can’t see me in this state, he can’t. it’ll hurt him too much.
“i-i-i’m sorry…i-i-just-..”
he grabbed me and buried his face into the crook into my neck.
“y/n cakes, tell me what’s wrong. i love you so much you know that.”
i was hysterical, but he’s seen me like this before and he knew what was up.
“baby, don’t think like that. you know i could never live without you. i need you. i love you so much.”
i cried even more, how did i deserve him?
he picked my up bridal style, and carried me to the hospital.

two bit: you ran to the bathroom, for the eighth time today, barfing over the toilet.
your boyfriend, two-bit, rushed in after you.
“y/n. maybe we should go to the hospital, this doesn’t look too good…” two said for the hundredth time today, but this time you agreed. you felt horrible.
he brushed your hair and kissed your sweaty forehead, and guided you over to his car.
as soon as you hit the hospital bed, you fell asleep. it was deep and peaceful.
thank god, when you woke up you felt better. they gave you some nasty tasting medicine, and two rubbed your chest while you took it. it really helped that he was with you, he cracked jokes that made you feel better, and he was incredibly caring.
“you doing better, buttercup?” he asked with a playful smirk on his face.
“you betcha, keith.”

darry: the pan sizzled as you inhaled the amazing scent of garlic chicken you were cooking. suddenly, your hand slipped and the pan fell onto your left foot with a crash.
a string of loud profanities left your mouth as tears escaped from your eyes. GOD, that hurt a lot.
soda, who was the only one home immediately rushed into the kitchen.
“y/n are you alright? holy crap, that does not look good. ummmm, lets take you to the hospital and then we’ll call darry. dang, y/n i’m so sorry man that looks bad.”
he said while you were sobbing and hopping on one leg. he supported half of your weight as he dragged you to their car.
the nurse had put some numbing medication on your foot and bandaged it all up. it still burned, but it sure as hell felt better than it did before.
soda was on the phone with darry now.
“darry, yeah, so basically, y/n was cooking and the hot pan fell on her foot and she’s in the hospital. okay, it aint my fault, and its not her’s either! it was an accident!”
“hey, y/n, dars really worried. he’s gonna be over in 5.”
i gratefully smiled.
darry came sooner than i expected. he was real worried and was pacing and jumpy.
“dare bear!”
“y/n, don’t pull that crap with me. god i feel awful. i’m so sorry i had to work late. GOD that is a hue bandage. does it hurt anymore, shit.”
“darry, i’m okay now, calm down. i’ll be able to go tonight and i’ll only be on crutches for two days. i’ll be okay so just relax,” then you added, “i love you.”
he softened and sat next to me, while we spent the whole day talking while he drew shapes on my bare shoulder.

shadowkatninjawarrior  asked:

Witness protection AU?

ok so the last time i saw a witness protection au was when the Merlin fandom was still alive so bear with me here i hope this is what you were looking for

  • nico’s parents were killed and he knows who did it (some high profile criminal that is suspected to be after nico bc he knows too much) so this special agent takes him across the country to new york to live with these distant relatives he’s never met
    • it’s the jacksons. to keep his identity hidden or whatever he’s now nico jackson, percy’s first cousin and his parents kicked him out for being gay that’s his cover story bc it needed to be believable
  • nico has to start going to school with percy in the city and will ends up being assigned to show nico around the place. he tries to get nico to talk about himself but nico gets more and more angry and defensive the more will tries to get him to open up
    • eventually will realizes that nico’s not going to talk about himself and talks about himself instead and they start to bond after a while
  • will ends up being nico’s only real friend, but he hangs out with percy’s friends a lot too, they’re pretty ok
  • nico and will only start dating after a few months bc will’s kinda pushy and nico’s trying to blend in. nico’s pretty happy and enjoying himself but he’s also very obviously keeping things to himself and will’s like super worried and gets pushy again to try to get nico to talk to him
    • still doesn’t work and kinda drives a wedge between them
  • after another little while nico finds out that someone at his school has found out more information about nico than is comfortable and so he goes to sally who takes him to that first special agent that’s in charge of nico
    • so nico has to go away for a while and leaves pretty much in the middle of the night so he doesn’t get to say goodbye to anyone or even pack anything really
  • will kinda freaks out and tries to talk to percy about where his boyfriend is?? he just kinda vanished?? but percy always just shrugs him off or ignores him so will goes to their apartment to talk to sally but even she says that she can’t talk to him about it
    • he gets super freaked out because at this point even his teachers seem like they’re pretending that nico never existed and why won’t anyone talk to will about this??
  • either nico comes back after at least a year and explains everything to will or they don’t see each other again for years (like they’re at least in college now) but nico seems a lot happier and more open now and they start dating again after they find each other
    • will still doesn’t find out what happened with any of what happened back in high school until like 7 years after nico had disappeared

i wrote this in the time that i should’ve been taking my math final exam but i did that over a month ago so here this is now i hope you like it!!

drop an au in my ask and get a list of headcanons!

The Last One

Mingyu scenario/drabble

We’re both sick and we both happened to grab the last can of soup

Your head was pounding, your nose was stuffy and you felt like dust was constantly flying around in your throat trying to find a way to escape. And to top it all off, you had no more soup left in your house.

This meant a disastrous trip  to the nearest grocery store, to pick up a new can of soup.

You groaned miserably, rolling over in your bed and considering whether you should really take the trip or stay and wallow in bed with a sore throat. Stretching your hand over towards your dresser you reach to grab the bottle of Advil. But, the once full bottle of pain revilers now felt empty.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” you said as you opened the bottle to reveal no pills in sight. That meant that a trip to the grocery store was a must.

Finally, arriving at the store, you knew exactly what type of soup you were planning. to get it and sprint back home in record timing.So when you reached the soup aisle and saw that there was only one can left you were overjoyed.

That was until another hand came along to reach for the exact same can.

Shocked, you tightened your grip on the can, pulling it in your direction. But the person beside you had seemed to have the exact same idea. You snarled, finally deciding to look at who was trying to steal your can of soup. 

Stood beside you was a tall dark haired boy, who seemed to be mimicking your outfit of sweatpants and a hoodie. Not only, that but his appearance mimicked yours as well; puffy, sleepy eyes, sniffling runny and congested nose along with the determination in both your eyes to get the last can of soup. With all that he had an oddly familiar aura around him, but it was probably just your head playing games with you.

“I’m sorry, but I reached for this can first,” you tried to hold back a snarl, yanking the can towards you but he didn’t seem to let go, instead he gave you a cold congested laugh.

 Followed by a hoarse cough coming from his direction and a scratchy voice, “see that’s where you’ve got it wrong. I reached for the can of soup first so, I will be taking it.” He gave you a smirk trying to slip the can away from you but, you remained your tight grip.

You gave him a sickening glare and he returned an icy one. That’s when  your eyes opened wide in recognition and shock, his mirroring yours.

“Kim Mingyu…?”

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N)”

You stepped back in surprise, nearly letting go of the can in the process. “I haven’t seen you in forever, how have you be-,” Mingyu had been your next door neighbour, (who you had also managed to have a lifelong crush on) for 8 years before you moved away. 

You hadn’t seen Mingyu in forever and it was great to see that he had grown to be an extremely good looking guy. You were sick, he had let go of the soup can, and you were already slowly backing away.

“Mingyu, great seeing you but, I really need to-” and before he knew it you were sprinting away to the cashier with the last can.

Though he had later caught you in the line to cashier and offered to buy you a whole box of your favourite soup if you agreed to give him your number.

And with a deal like that of course you couldn’t deny.

thefinnishcanadian  asked:

McCree and Hanzo reacting to their S/o walking around the house sleepy in a Kigurumi (Those Japanese animal onesies) after waking up. Btw love this blog it's amazing <3

I didn’t know if you wanted separate or poly, but I’ll give you poly because I haven’t written Poly!McHanzo yet :) (also didn’t know if you want head canons or a scenario so just let me know!)

>Jesse would be in the kitchen making a late breakfast and Hanzo would be sitting at the table with a cup of tea

>Jesse would literally die

>like drop dead and die

>they’d walk through the door way in a little bear onesie half asleep

>rubbing their eyes with a little moan

>Hanzo would blush like hell thinking they’re the most adorable thing he’s ever seen

>he’d almost feel bad for waking them up

>Jesse would walk over and pull them in for a huuuuge hug and he’d kiss the top of their head so sweetly

>May or may not take them back to bed just to cuddle up with them 

>Hanzo would gladly join the two of them

anonymous asked:

23 the one where once you meet your soulmate, it’s physically uncomfortable to be apart from them for too long. Ummm could you where Nursey think Dex is in love with someone else and feel like the bond is forcing Dex to stay with him now?

This got so fucking painful and angsty and if you want a happy ending I will happily write it because ouch.

23. the one where once you meet your soulmate, it’s physically uncomfortable to be apart from them for too long. 

Nursey had thought that the immediate rejection was going to be the worst of it, that Dex would warm up to him and they would slowly but surely fall in madly, deeply in love. Since the day Nursey had met Dex, it was impossible for them to be apart from each other for too long, but because they couldn’t stand each other, they would fight every second they were supposed to spend bonding. Even though Dex would stumble into his room at three A.M. to snuggle behind him and break the splitting migraine, he would still steal all of the blankets out of spite, and complain the next morning that Nursey snores. Even now that they had worked out their differences and learned how to understand each other, Dex didn’t love him. Nursey spent hours trying to pry any affection or semblance of romance into their relationship but Dex either didn’t notice or didn’t care. He wanted everything with Dex, but Dex was so dismissive and closed off. So he forced himself to distance himself, because he didn’t want to be the reason Dex was never happy.

   It was so fucking painful, watching Dex across the room, leaning against the wall laughing hysterically at some line this kid from the tennis team had delivered. The man had glossy dark hair, tight, lean muscles under dark skin, and the whitest smile Nursey had seen outside of Colgate commercials. He looked at Dex like he hung the moon in the sky and Dex got that excited flush across his cheeks when Tennis spoke. Nursey knows they’ve hanging out a lot lately because Dex always has an excuse not to come by when Nursey gets the pronounced, spiking pain in his stomach and Ransom keeps commenting on how Dex is going to ruin his liver if he keeps downing Advil. So there he stands, fighting the gut wrenching nausea and spiking headache while he watches his soulmate fall in love with Tennis McDreamy. He knows he should get someone to walk him back to the dorms to rest, but if he doesn’t get to Dex soon the pain will get exponentially worse and he doesn’t dare interrupt Dex and his- his boyfriend. Derek barely hears Chowder asking if he’s okay over the pulsing music, and the last thing he sees before the pain pushes him into darkness is Tennis leaning in to press his mouth against Dex.

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HEY TUMBLR here’s the deal: I’ve been screwed outta hours at work lately which doesn’t help me much seeing as I have things like gas/car insurance and payment/convention expenses/blah blah blah to pay for so until they get their shit together I’ve decided to open up quick colored sketch commissions to pick up the slack a bit

(Please note that the above prices are the base/minimum and prices may vary based on the complexity of the character. At this time I’m only doing character sketches and not offering backgrounds. You can see other examples of my “colored sketch” work by browsing my doodles tag)

Things I WILL draw:

  • Animals, creatures, monsters
  • Furries/anthro
  • Humans (not my strongest point but I’m confident enough in my ability to draw them that they are happily accepted)
  • Gore (extreme included)
  • Canon characters/fan-art
  • OCs/fan characters
  • Simpler armor/mech stuff
  • Since people have expressed interest in the past, Pokemon Fusions

Things I WILL NOT draw:

  • Nsfw/porn (you do not want me drawing your porn trust me, cutesy cuddling etc. is fine though)
  • Fetish material
  • Super complex armor/mech stuff
  • Offensive/hate art

If interested feel free to send me an ask or fan-mail so we can discuss it! Please have references handy! Paypal payments only. Must be paid in full upfront. Please do not send your payment until I’ve responded to you and we’ve got the details of your commission figured out. Payments can be made to I will e-mail you the full-res drawing once it’s completed (all of them will be posted publicly on Tumblr like all my art unless you specifically tell me not to). You are welcome to post your commission on any social media/art/etc. pages of yours so long as I receive credit

Any questions? Shoot me a message and I’ll get back to you! This post is likely to be frequently updated with anything I might’ve forgotten/felt the need to edit so check back! (And please bear with me this is my first time offering formal online commissions I will do my very best ;A;)

it is late, and i miss you. my hands are cold and my heart is shaky in the way young lovers get when they have had too much coffee and not enough kisses.

you are sitting in a bed somewhere where the air is colder but the people are louder. i am under fairy lights and six blankets. your green eyes are missing from me in the way that autumn is slowly dying here. i have seen so many things i wish i could explain to you. i would say my tongue is tied with too many stories and you would laugh, we would sit in comfortable silence until the universe relaxes the tight knot that is forming feathers in my shoulders. i would be warm for once.

i miss the way you smell like woods and how your fingers feel in my hair. i miss how simple the world gets around you, how things slow down and speed up all at once as if you are capable of making our life into a tiny cosmos.

i’m sorry. i know i said i’d go to bed. i am kept awake by many things. i cannot help but feel that if you were here, i would be asleep. you make me feel like i am strong enough to handle anything.

and maybe it’s silly but one day i want to be done waiting. i want us to curl up in each other’s arms and make bad puns and waste time just lying there listening to the other person exist. i just want to wake up beside you every morning. in the early sun’s light, you always seem so impossible.

it is late, and i miss you. please come home to me.

—  return. // r.i.d

Y’all WHERE THE FUCK IS BRAUN STROWMAN????? He hasn’t tweeted since the 18th of May and, while that isn’t anything big bc he didn’t tweet that much beforehand, like??????? You’re telling me you ain’t had shit to say in the past 21 days??? That’s 3 weeks. I KNOW YOU’VE HAD SHIT HAPPENING IN THOSE THREE WEEKS. 
And on his instagram, where he is much more active lmao hands down, he obvs love insta lmao it’s fab, but he hasn’t posted anything since the 29th???? So that’s 10 days. What the fuck is he doing??? Where is he???? He’s doing the exact damn thing I said I hoped he wouldn’t do. He’s pulling an injured Seth Rollins. He’s disappeared.