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Peridot:You cannot catch the peridot ! Nehhahaha !

It’s my first time using markers , I pretty like how it come out
Those YouTube tutorials help me a lot !

Sometimes at night you just feel it so very deep in your bones, the need to hug and comfort that sad child. You would do anything to get the chance to cure that wounded soul, to take them away with you, forever, saving them from all those monsters, giving them the happy life every child deserves.

And it’s terrible knowing that you can’t do anything like that.

You can just watch that innocent soul being torn apart over and over again, unreachable yet so close, because you feel that pain and suddenly that child is you, and you’re crying, and that’s the only thing you always knew how to do.

—  You can’t change the past.

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I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR ART! it just makes so happy looking at it!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This kind of ask makes ME happy which means we’re BOTH happy right now, isn’t that amazing!!!

Anon said: HAVE YOU SEEN UM-MMMA HER ART. THOSE HAIKYUU MAGAZINE COVERS ARE AMAZING. I especially love BokuAka’s pose. If only it were Bokuroo *coughhintcough*

Of course I’ve seen their art! I love their linework and coloring so much tbh and their Teru and Kuroo make my heart go doki BUT even though I see where you’re coming from you can’t ask me to copy their work, anon, it’d be highly disrespectful for the original artist if I did

Anon said:  YAAAAAAAASSS. THE RETURN OF BOKUTO AND KUROO(’S HAIR). I live for your comics with these two idiots.

Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it!!!! <3

Anon said:  i’ve been scrolling through your bokuroo tag all afternoon and i am weak and producing deathbed-whale noises and your art is just beautiful and i teared up in the “love at first pun” one because it was just too beautiful and juST BL E SS AND TH A N K

Holy smokes, I’m glad you liked my stuff that much!!!!! *O* thank you so much for this ask, it made me seriously super happy!!!!!! <3<3

Anon said:  But bakushimanari D: ?

My Main Ship, a Good™, A+ 10/10 best thing I ever came across, instant happiness every time I happen to think about them which might or might not be every free second of my life - what about it, anon?

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Okay okay so a strain could cause a soulmate au where you have 2 names tattooed on your body: one for your soulmate, one for your worst enemy. How would yata react to having both names say "saruhiko Fushimi"?

I imagine Yata being so confused, like say the names don’t show up at the same time and you never know which name appears first, enemy or soulmate, so it’s like you could meet someone whose name is on your body but you have no idea if you want to meet them or avoid them forever (which is why things like internet registries aren’t much help, there are probably a few of them where people put their names in with stuff like ‘looking for [X]’ but it’s gamble because if you do find that person maybe you’ve just invited your worst enemy through the front door and possibly ruined your life). Yata has the name ‘Fushimi Saruhiko’ on his left arm for as long as he can remember and he’s nervous about finding that person, like say the reason his mom is divorced is precisely because the man she thought was supposed to be her soulmate was her worst enemy – which also gives Yata a complex because he was born to his mom and her worst enemy while his siblings belong to her and her soulmate Yata’s stepdad – and it’s made him nervous about ever meeting that person. When he moves back to Shizume in middle school he’s sitting there in class the first day as they all introduce themselves and Yata’s entire body shakes when he hears Fushimi walk up and give his name.

After that Yata’s torn because he really wants to introduce himself to Fushimi but he also doesn’t, not knowing what Fushimi’s supposed to be to him, and also wondering if Fushimi has Yata’s name tattooed on his body somewhere too (he doesn’t, yet – Fushimi has his dad’s name written on one side of his torso and sometimes he stays awake haunted wondering if 'that man’ is really supposed to be his soulmate, and if he’s destined to be under Niki’s thumb forever). Because of his fear Yata ends up not helping Fushimi when he spots Fushimi being robbed by the bullies, the next day Fushimi has a black eye and Yata’s all consumed by guilt because his own fear made him let someone innocent be hurt. That’s when Yata decides fuck it, I won’t be afraid anymore and goes over to introduce himself to Fushimi. Fushimi of course wants nothing to do with Yata and reacts coldly to Yata’s request that they be friends, Yata immediately thinks that this means Fushimi must be his worst enemy. But then he still ends up seeing Fushimi taking revenge on the bullies in the bathroom and Yata’s captivated and before he knows it they’re friends. Of course now Yata can’t resist telling Fushimi, one night at a sleepover at Yata’s place, that he has Fushimi’s name on his arm because they’re soulmates. Fushimi doesn’t seem as happy as Yata thought he would be though, because of course gloomy Fushimi can’t help but wonder if this means Misaki is destined to be his enemy someday. A week later Yata’s name appears on the other side of his torso and Fushimi sits there for hours running his hands over it, silent.

Then Homra happens and one day not long after they’ve joined Yata notices a mark on his other arm and is incredibly confused when he realizes that he now has Fushimi’s name on both arms. Maybe he decides not to tell Fushimi too but this helps make the separation between the two of them grow wider, because Yata’s on edge now trying to tell himself that there must be some mistake, Saruhiko can’t be his worst enemy and his soulmate, and he’s trying so hard to act natural that it’s making things awkward between them. Maybe Yata tries to ask Kusanagi for advice and doesn’t realize that Fushimi’s actually at the top of the steps just out of sight or something and Fushimi hears the whole thing, that his name is on both of Yata’s arms. This makes him think again that maybe Yata really is his worst enemy and that’s why everything hurts so much lately, why his chest aches every time Yata’s gaze turns away from him. When the betrayal happens not only does Fushimi burn his Homra mark but afterward he lifts his shirt and uses a knife to cut through where Yata’s name is on his side, smiling widely but with a trembling voice as he says that it looks like they were worst enemies after all (when they reconcile Fushimi still has trouble with that, being Yata’s worst enemy and soulmate, and Yata tells him that names on skin don’t matter because he decided ages ago that Fushimi was his soulmate and he’s not going to change his mind now).

the moral of the story is that matsuhanas are a terrible influence

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I am ONE METAPHORICAL INCH from begging you to tell me who Snazzy Suit Person is but I'm trying not to be a callous selfish asshole who wants everything in five minues so I'll be a good potato and wait a week. I kinda wish you were an omnipotent godperson who could just create comic pages by blinking. This is so good though. I can wait.

a friend commented on the page “moe if this is slenderman i swear to every fuck” and i promise you that suit person is not slenderman, and that slenderman is not in my comic, except now i’m really REALLY tempted to really subtly put slenderman into the backgrounds of crowds, or between trees in forest scenes, just to mess w people.

i understand why some people choose to defend self-diagnosis but i cannot stress enough how inaccurate and potentially dangerous it is to yourself to throw a label on you dont understand and live under it by definition

2 web articles and a wikipedia readthrough on OCD are not enough to diagnose you with the disorder, and they certainly dont stand up to the 7+ years of schooling psychiatrists go through to provide that same diagnosis. having questions, assumptions and theories are good but you should never take them for fact until they are observed by a licensed professional. i had symptoms that made me a potential candidate for aspd, autism, and a bunch of other things according to the internet when in reality i have ADHD and anxiety. your own bias is automatically applied to how you read the symptoms online and you will twist your perspective of yourself to apply them to you if you want the diagnosis, that is literally how it works

the point of a psychiatrist to provide an objective, third person educated view on your mental state and make an assumption without bias. if your psychiatrist is biased (for a number of probably disgusting reasons that i wont go into) then they shouldnt be a psychiatrist and that is a totally different ball park. its so so important to know that you see yourself differently from how you are and your own view of yourself can be totally different from what it really is, especially if you do have a mental disorder

tldr; if you have a question about your mental state, keep it a question and dont label yourself until you have a medical opinion on the matter

Hey guys! Just wanted to apologize to everyone who sent me asks or messages in the last couple of months. I was on a bit of a impromptu hiatus and I’m sorry if anyone thought I was ignoring them. I should respond to everything in the next day or two.

Also in the next day or two I will be switching back to the url klance-a-lot so hopefully I won’t confuse too many of you.

Ahhhhh I’m sorry I’m late, but here it finally is!! I kinda wanted to draw Pride since he’s your fave homunculus but it was kinda hard to think of him as completely cheery haha… I hope you had a good birthday!

OH MY GOD IT’S ED!!!! AHHH (i was thinking I would totally get a ygo character but no it’s fma which is reminding me that I totally gotta get back to this lol) Lol but Pride being happy, now that’s pretty much impossible. But Ed is totally fine he is such a cutie and I wanna date him and your Ed is amazing and just literally got me screaming and making me thankful I checked my email for once.