it's late i understand


Guys are too into Loki and he keeps using it…


“Thank you, Ray”

It’s easy to forget who you really are when you pretend for too long

(…..I wanted to draw crying Zarc probably…)

trump: does something dumb

someone: omg does this mean danger days is go-

me: [has already died, my soul ascending from this wretched plane]


Yooran Week Day 7: Pokemon Master and Slave Saeran-zard

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HERE WE ARE. THE EPIC *cough* CONCLUSION TO AN EPIC *splutter* WEEK-LONG (PLUS SOME) BATTLE! Angel Yoosung and Devil Saeran end up as Champion partners in the Pokemon-verse! THE PERFECT ENDING AMIRITE?!? I MEAN, LOOK - SAERAN IS SMILING!!!! OMGOSH

Thank you everyone for joining me on this crazy and highly questionable journey. I hope you’ve enjoyed my crack take on the Yooran Week prompts as much as I’ve enjoyed doing them. The week has been fantastic and as Mod Amy I’m really happy to have seen so many of your amazing entries! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST MUCH LOVE <3333


The most splendid existence… is it not to be at peace…?

Inktober 2017 day 6/31: Shaman King by Takei Hiroyuki


i thought season 4 was good!! although im still sad about the lack of keith (◞‸◟)… so here’s a bunch of doodles loll ☆=(ゝω・)/ <3

something cute n happy to offset the torment i’ve been drawing daniel suffering

now daniel has a signed ball too!! (taking into account that this takes place in 2006)

wait, i’ve watched the discourse from afar, but i just realised that some anti reylos are worried about the ‘younger generation’ and protecting them from the ‘abuse’ that reylo is and that reylos will cause. i would stay out of it.


do they realize that kids aren’t going to be sitting in the theatre thinking about abuse since, you know, it’s a movie. and they want lightsabers and droids and ships? or that rey having a relationship, if it’s platonic or not, with the supposed ‘villain’ is disgusting and takes away from her story.

in fact i’m pretty sure if a relationship of sorts does develop, it’s going to prove to the younger generations about forgiveness.

abuse won’t cross their minds. (psst, they’ll be think about the movie and lightsabers and droids and ships.)

the only toxic people here who could harm them are the antis who don’t know the difference between protection and a witch hunt over something fictional.

hey who knows. this is just spoken from someone who knows.

i feel like ppl just want to condemn niall for literally anything. like they have to try and find fault in something to….idk fill some weird void they have. i honestly do not get it. hes just out here doing his thing, not hurting a damn soul, and everyone gotta come at him bc he put his socks on the wrong feet like…..cmon man…..

Breezango continues to be legendary

Imagine Woozi hugging you whilst reassuring you that things will be alright when you start getting overwhelmed.

lmaoo remember when you had no patience and used to message me EVERY week asking for it to be posted until I threatened to block you? lmaoo remember when you thought that telling me you unfollowed me was going to bother me? Good riddance, I don’t want an impatient, rude person like you on my blog, and I feel so sorry for the other blogs you follow lol. Why don’t you try writing the mafia au yourself? Then you’ll see how hard it is to put a story together! Do you think I write for the sole purpose of making people like YOU happy? No, I don’t. So, try writing it yourself, or better still, just get off tumblr. I’ve blocked you, so don’t try coming back. Goodbye ~ I’d love to see where your manners get you in life.