it's late and my leg itches

Body positivity for me isn’t so much of my size or shape anymore, so much as coming to terms with flare ups, redness, and scars. Eczema has been a constant factor in my life since I was a kid, making clothing choices aimed at full coverage at all times despite weather. I remember as a kid wearing jeans and a sweaters during the summer because kids can be cruel, telling me my skin was gross, or asking if it would spread to them through me.
And for a long time my flare ups were nearly gone, but lately they’ve been back worse than ever. And it’s hard. I’m self conscious. Ty has been helpful in helping me come to terms that it’s not my fault and it’ll happen. They help me with lotions and try to help remind me to stop itching.
My worth isn’t based on the clearness of my skin.