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a not-entirely-earthling stinky boy


Still haven’t spoiled myself about this game too much, but I came up with this from Leo and Elise’s supports. Having siblings sure is painful, isn’t it?

I wonder what the other siblings looked like…


Johndave week - Day 4: Hurt/Comfort

Haha shit I’m late?? I haven’t done comics in literal years soooo. Yeah, this is something I think about in terms of John quite a lot. I can’t help but think it might bug him a lot now and then, even if he fixed a timeline, and when confronted he might lash out. Also, bonus pic;

tbh LIKE… one of my favourite thing is just… not how up to date with everything the junkers are, like especially at first after crawling away from Australia like… Junkrat never really was with a proper civilization except as a young kid and even Hog like… 20 years or so cut off of the world it’s like… oh. If they make references to shit it’s gonna be the most outdated things tbh, but that’s mostly Roadhog if anything cuz Junkrat is a bit too ‘??? wot’ to rly know pop culture. 

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its nice getting tagged in things thank you omg 

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a - age: soon to be 16 (i feel so old wtf) 

b - biggest fear: getting deep quickly are we lmao. anyway not telling 

c - current time: uhhh 10:16 am

d - drink you last had: water? this bitch is staying hydrated 

e - every day starts with: you mean like,, physically? turning off my alarm (spiritually, my day starts with sending good morning texts. if that makes sense to u)

f - favourite song: right now - not today by bts all time favorite - hung up by madonna 

g - ghosts, are they real: dear god i hope not i already have enough paranoia 

h - hometown: the one i live in (i love being vague) 

i - in love with: i have so many crushes you wouldnt know. three celebrity crushes and at least four with ppl on tumblr (about celebrities one i can tell u is my bby thomas sangster) 

j - jealous of: people in a relationship  

k - killed someone: my dignity when texting at night 

l - last time you cried: i cry then an now when on pms but theres only like. two tears so that doesnt count,, last time i really really cried was in may i think? (may 2011)


n - number of siblings: one brother and one sister (zak) 

o - one wish: that my family and all my friends are happy forever because they deserve better 

p - person you last called/texted: my sis ! and called… idk i dont call ppl 

q - questions you’re always asked: no one talks to me “why are you like this”

r - reasons to smile: music ! 

s - song last sang: playing with fire - blackpink  (HIGHLY recommended)

t - time you woke up: uhh something around 8 

u - underwear colour: pink lol 

v - vacation destination: my fp

w - worst habit: talking without thinking 

x - x-rays you’ve had: only teeth for my braces lmao 

y - your favourite food: good question actually. when i was a kid it was lasagne but now thats too oily? greasy? for me so for now its probably chicken schaschlik (its russian an delicious look it up) 

z - zodiac sign: pisces sun! also aries venus, virgo moon and leo rising ♥♥

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My first attempts at using sai!!!!!! Featuring my two favorite things ♥♥♥

Ok im just gonna throw this out there: Cecil as just a soul encased in a shell of shadows that can change form upon will. The tattoos are the seal that keep the soul and shadows together. Alternatively, Kevin would have a shell made of multiple souls that he’s stolen and inside, there’s just shadows.

something to warm up, it’s been a while since i’ve drawn anything bc whooeeeeee what is time when there is work hours??? @.@

also i’m gonna need winter schnee to step on me immediately

her concept art doesn’t have glasses but idgaf. glasses for winter schnee