it's kinda rude if you do so

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This may sound kinda rude, but why do you only use red to sketch?

short story: i like it

long story: it starts from like traditional sketching where red is a really good base colour, like its not very overwhelming to most other colours so you can use it as an initial sketch layer and its very easy to go over with another colour (i usually like a darker red or a blue, depending on what im planning to do with the sketch),, but its also quite striking on its own so if you do like the sketch then you can leave it that way

also when i want to draw clean lines i like to use layout paper and then a regular black pencil, and layout paper is kind of like a more substantial tracing paper, and red is very visible through the layout paper and, unlike if you had had a greyscale sketch under the layout paper, your clean black lines dont get confused with the grey lines underneath

below you can see the initial red sketch with the darker red refinements of the sonny/pete sketch i did yesterday, and also the cleaner lines i did on layout paper afterwards (i wasnt happy with the sketch at this point, so took it into photoshop for another refined layer) 

also i have a red sketchbook i started this year, where all the sketches in it are just red, which i decided to do because i wanted to practice filling space, and chose red because i had a nice new red pencil, and love how red looks less scrappy than pencil, and all the sketches come together and flow nicely and the red brings them together as one whole page but doesn’t overwhelm the individual drawing,, i mean DOESNT THAT LOOK COOL????

now, digitally, the choice of red was just initially transferring the technique, like “oh red looks nice on paper, lets do some of that here” but now i really do think that its a good choice,, and to prove my point i edited some of the lil bennys from earlier

black is just a lil plain and bland, yellow is always hard to see and very easily overwhelmed, pink is too loud and overwhelming, blue is probably my second favourite but you cant draw in blue without bringing sadness to the party, and then theres red! soft, good, not overwhelming, easy to get depth of tone, very visible but not dominant, doesn’t evoke any particular emotion so its very versatile (unless of course you use a very harsh red and really try to bring out the anger of the colour and what not), just pure and good and nice

SO PLEASE, people who made it to the end of this long long red nerd out, GO FORTH, TRY RED, HAVE FUN

toostressedtorest replied to your post: trends i’d love to see in academia: - using queer…

I’d prefer LGBT+ then just queer cause its a more open term ��

why do you think it’s more open? it literally encompasses everything that any acronym ever has (except allies). it means everything that isn’t cisgender/heterosexual. everything that doesn’t fit into the nice “normal” box. i see that plus sign as being exclusionary. L,G,B and T matter and the rest of you can have this plus i guess, but we’re still going to argue about whether you *really* count. Besides, LGBT+ doesn’t fix any of the problems associated with doing literature reviews and searches. You’re still going to find GLBT, LGB, LGBT, LGBTA, LGBTIAQ, LGBTQ, LGBTQ+, etc. etc. one word that’s standardized would make everything so much easier.

Your whole family is gonna be rude because my restaurant is busy? Have fun getting a lock smith.

Tonight at work was crazy insanely busy. I’m the night time supervisor for a restaurant in a fairly wealthy suburban area. Its kinda like chipotle, we go down the line, ask questions and make you some dank food.

Like i said tonight was insanely busy. I was short a body who didnt show up, so the amount of help vs. demand was terribly disproportionate. Line out the door, two people helping guests and one guy in the kitchen doing prep as well as cooking all the food needed now, and me ringing and floating to do whatever I can in between.

This couple, probably in their late thirties with their older parents, decide to come up to me to complain.

“Slow night tonight huh?” Douchebag “A” says in his Hawaiian shirt.

I thought he was joking so I said “are you being sarcastic?” i thought he meant slow as in not busy.

“NO you guys are taking forever to make food blah blah blah foods cold blah blah my daughters blah blah”, all the while THIS GUY WAS HOLDING UP THE LINE OUT THE DOOR TALKING ON HIS PHONE BEFORE HE COMPLAINED TO ME.

I had no help tonight, it was obvious to everyone and not one other person complained about the line, in fact most people tipped nicely and were very happy.

I apologized as best I could to these people and gave them free drinks (my mistake), offered them brand new meals at the head of the line that I would make myself at the same time (you try making 4 f*cking burritos at the same time) I said I am sorry and his stupid wife goes “it doesnt sound like you are, we dont have time to make new food my fathers ILL.” I was floored, disgusted, but I just had to let it go. The people after them even apologized FOR THEM and empathized with me, good guy other customer.

Well about an hour later they left, sure were in a rush for their ill father huh?

Now the fun begins.

15 minutes later someone turns in some keys, house key/car key etc.

Another 15 minutes pass and look who comes back, sh*tty family. Turns out their mom (who was also a total b*tch) lost her keys in the parking lot and came here to reclaim them.

“Has anyone turned in any keys?”

I looked at her with this half smile that said “now I win b*tch,” and told her “NOPE, havent seen em”

She goes on and on about how she can’t get into her house and cant do this and that, how she’s gonna have to pay 150 to get a lock smith out and get a new car key yada yada.

I just say nope, haven’t seen em. She left her number, left defeated, and here I am at home now finally hours later after a horrible shift, typing this, smiling.

I plan to give her keys back, too bad I have the next two days off, oh well that plenty of time to get a new key ;)

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i lived in a house that was built in a heavily wooded area, kinda isolated n far from the street, def creepy but as soon as i moved in i became mad receptive to the harsh energy and was convinced a mean spirit was in the basement cuz the door would open on its own. one night the door opened wen i was by myself there and got scared so i ran upstairs only to return back downstairs, literally talking to the spirit like "you cant do anything to me! leave me alone! *being extra rude*" (p. 1)

(p. 2) and while im telling off the spirit in hopes id feel comfortable enough to stay downstairs n go on the computer lol my back is to the front door. its like 9 pm at night and the doorbell began ringing? and i was embarrassed thinking someone actually was at my door and saw me talkin to nothing… onlyto turn around and look out the window and saw nobody at my front door. and the doorbell was getting rung over n over with a womans voice coming thru in between sayng only god knows what :)


im the biggest wimp, but please tell me your ghost stories!

Reasons I won’t shop at the locally owned comic store: Those who work there embody literally every negative steryotype of male geeks and make me feel like crap when I try to buy things there, and asking them questions only results in rude “i’m better than you because I know this,” responces.

Reasons I will shop at hastings (part of a chain): The people there are always helpful AND knowlegeable abt comics and the guy who works at the comics is an older man and once told me a story about reading captain marvel with his daughter back when i was first getting into comics and has never once made me feel inferior because i don’t know much about comics or have a question

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Hey hey. Just a little reminder. If you don't see a link under an artwork you reblogged, it's not sourced which means you're reposting/stealing it. Please make sure your art has links/sources so artists can get credit for their hard work :3 Thankies

I’ll try my best anon x3 But its’ not my fault that the person who posted it originally didn’t source the artist. I… kinda disagree since I’m just reblogging things from other blogs. When I do post things I do source it but that’s very rarely. Not to be rude or anything but why make more work for me on something I didn’t find in the first place? You’re welcome though and I’ll try x3

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Do you think you'll ever get to an age where you'll stop RPing? Sorry if this comes across as rude, that's not how I mean it to!

not rude at all in my opinion haha i dont think there is like an age limit on how old you can be but to answer your question, im already like on my way to quit rp bc its not at all what it used to be. speaking of age, there are so many young ppl on it which makes it all kinda.. immature and also super akward for the rest of us that are adults. now rp is all about who is flirting with who, creating shipnames, gossip and like idek?? getting drunk as your char lol. all i wanna do is to build, create storylines, yeah just take pretty pics and i dont care at all about the social side of rp like… so yeah im kinda already over rp its just too immature for me and in my opinion, totally ruined 

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I just read your post about that rude old hag and I'm so pissed off on your behalf?? Like I felt this huge surge of annoyance. I really can't stand the older generations sometimes, they're very entitled and rude and they literally ruin everything for the younger generations *choughtrumpcough* you don't have anything to feel bad about, you did nothing wrong. she's just a salty old leather bag who obviously has nothing better to do than bitch at you. Don't let the muggles get you down!

ah, thank you. i feel better now, that woman was.. something. my heart like sank, thats the first time ive ever had anyone get upset at me for holding the door open.. plus im canadian so its kinda a reflex. 

anonymous said: hey hey dont feel bad!!!!! some old people are assholes. i’m sorry that happened to you.

honestly, i just kind of awkwardly apologized for holding the door open for her and ran away. i was really embarrassed tbh 


SmolMod: hello everyone, i know you must of thought my blog was probably dead but it is not. sorry i haven’t been active i have been pretty busy with school and other things, i also haven’t really had the motivation top draw anything more than a sketch bleh- and i probably should have said i was on a hiatus but i got kinda nervous to do so cause i’m a weirdo ;;=v= but i am gonna be coming back on February 12th i promise!
why i have a date set you ask? well if you wanted  to know ^v^ its because i’m kinda doin’ up the blog and if you’v noticed i have gotten rid of a bunch of old post- well except the fan-art-ishy pic because i love them and i think i’d be rude to just get rid of them but anyway i’m redoing/restarting everything and i’m gonna make it better! <3 (everything will be at the same point in time so nothings restarting from the start)
so prepare for the gang to be back and thank you so much to people that have been very patient with me and im sorry for not being in contact with any of you who tried to reach me here, i haven’t been on tumblr for a while until recent but anyway that’s all i wanted to discuss, thank you.

OH! and there’ll also be bunch of new characters and ark’s also Stevieboy will be joining us as another owner of this blog ^v^

Hi! I just wanted to say this real quick because I didn’t want people to get offended: I’m gonna make sure that I answer all of your questions :) I’ve literally never had so many questions to answer all at once, haha, so I’m kinda spreading them out, so people aren’t just getting flooded with answered asks all day haha XD I do want you to know that I read each one and I will answer them (as long as they’re not rude or inappropriate or anything, which hasn’t happened yet!)

The only way that’s gonna change is if for some reason I get like…an unbelievably unreasonable amount of asks, which I don’t foresee happening. So at least for now know that I’m gonna answer your ask one day soon <3 Thank you for taking the time to ask me stuff! I kinda feel super loved, even if that wasn’t your intention, haha ^^;  

  • Carmilla: No. But you can come over here. *smirks*
  • Me: Why are you doing that? You can hurt somebody doing that. Think of the children please. Think of the lives you're ruining because you're doing that--that thing you're doing right there. Don't be rude.