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So, if anyone remembers this work in progress i posted two weeks ago, here’s the finished product! (Bonus details under the cut ^-^)

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anonymous asked:

Why does the game so badly to try to trick the player into killing toriel, with the sudden unavoidable crit and all? Isn't that kinda a cheap trick to pull on a body? It's hard for me to accept the message of the game when it's so manipulative all like that.

See, I actually love this, because I don’t take it as a value judgment. See, if you see Undertale as a game about being nice and not hurting anyone no matter what, the Toriel fight is tricky. But if you see it as a game about thwarting fate, it fits perfectly … I’ll show you what I mean.

Do you know what kind of game Undertale was going to be? When it was just a ghost of an idea in Toby’s head, when he hadn’t actually  gotten it ironed out? In Cave Story, you have to kill Toroko in order to progress in the game, There’s a big tragedy and you need to kill her to progress. You can’t do anything about it.

In the first version of Undertale that existed in Toby’s head, you had to kill Toriel to progress. HAD TOO. In the first version of Undertale, this world truly WAS kill or be killed.

So like, clearly mercy is the choice you’re meant to find eventually. But are you meant to find it on the first time? Are you meant to get through this flawlessly? 

Kill or be killed. That’s the rule. That’s the choice the game thrusts on you. That’s what Flowey says to Frisk. And Flowey is right.

Undertale is the tragedy of a child floundering through the Underground and getting out at the end, leaving friends behind, but also damage, hurt feelings, hurt people. And Undertale is the story of looking back at that tragedy and saying 



The ‘trick’ doesn’t register as a trick anymore if you think about it that way. Not JUST as a story about being kind, but a story about changing fate. The best way to play Undertale is to go in without knowing you can save everyone, and discovering that through the course of the game. 

It’s why I’m super frustrated with the ‘this is how you’re meant to play the game’ crowd. If you’re telling someone how to play the game, you’re stopping them from playing the best way.

I don’t hold how easy it is to kill Toriel against the game for that reason. I don’t think of killing Toriel, or any of the monsters, as a failure in the first run. I think it helps the experience.

Hey guys…

So, after my migraines over the weekend, my vision hasn’t been right. I can still see, but not well. I have no idea what’s going on and I plan to go to the doctor tomorrow. Until I know what’s going on, I shouldn’t try to draw. I did yesterday and it was hard af and it didn’t look right.

Thank you for your patience! I’m sorry for these inconveniences

sassy-assy-asshole-casserole  asked:

I'm trans and I just want to say that I don't think those terms are really transphobic? It isn't saying that genitalia is more important than the gender. I identify as gynosexualand I don't think it's transphobic to literally not be able to control what you're sexually attracted to? I'm kinda rambling sorry if this doesn't make sense

no no youre fine! I think its important to discuss in a safe place. I’m actually in a skype convo rn about it and its hard to find an answer. and its hard finding the words to articulate it publically in a way that can not be misconstrued as terf…

I can see how a genital specific sexuality label can be used to hurt and terf trans people. And also this can be used to harmfully categorize people when they wish to be on a non confided gradient, which is totally understandable. Which is why I wont be referring to my characters as such, also, because their general interest is more linked to gender expression. 

I also feel, though, that sexual attraction is much more complicated? Like, I cant speak as someone whos only attracted to one set junk- because i dont have a preference. But if someone said they like Dick and only dick regardless who the owner of it identifies as i feel like they have the right to go for it? Sex can be really important for people. Maybe there isnt a side to that I’m seeing or have ever been learned about. I’m definatley not saying what ever conclusion that says your genitals = your sexual worth to x people. 

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Will you be uploading the rest of the gendrya fic? It's really good!

I’m very happy you like it <3 and of course I will! The Arya chapter should be up before Sunday I guess. Also, around a third of the fic has already been written and the rest is at least outlined, so I will definitely complete it.

Real-life is actually making it pretty hard for me to concentrate on fic these days (writing my thesis is taking up most of my time), but I should have some free time next week. I hope I’ll be able to write a good chunk of the following chapters then *fingers crossed*