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Rewatching The Battle of the Five Armies

I fucking love the languages so much. Tolkien was a god.

The make of the elven swords is so gorgeous.

Dwarven architecture is so pleasing to the eye.

Why so I like Thranduil’s sassy, jerk ass so much?

Thranduil’s mount totally makes me think hart.

The fight scene between the Nazgul and Elrond and Saruman is the definition of fantasy badass. (sidenote, let me cry over Christopher Lee again)

Thorin, DAMN IT. *smacks the shit out of him*

Jeez, THANK you, Thorin!

…Thorin, damn it.

I wanted more uncle-nephew bonding with Thorin, Fili, and Kili. The guys obviously look up to Thorin in a more personal manner than just as him being king.

And I think Fili would’ve made a swell king.