it's kind of pathetic isn't it

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you keep comparing the attention laura is getting to bilquis & i understand what you're saying, but isn't it also important to keep in mind that bilquis has been in 1 scene of the entire show so far and laura is a secondary character if not a main character? shes still a bad person and bilquis is great but it's not an equal comparison

These kinds of messages are insidious and pathetic because they’re hypocritical attempts to detract from racial accountability. That Laura gets more attention from white fans than Shadow proves that your “equal comparison” argument is garbage because Shadow, the protagonist, gets the most screentime on the show yet these white women still claim that Laura is what makes the show interesting. This automatically makes your point moot. But let’s go further. Mad Sweeney hasn’t had that much screentime, but people are still hyping him up and calling him their “sweet baby”. 

The only people who are happy about, paying attention to, discussing, and celebrating characters such as Bilquis, Jinn, Salim, Mr. Ibis, Mr. Jacquel, and Mr. Nancy are people of color. No white people are. 

Let’s talk about LGBT representation, which white gays clamor for. Jinn and Salim are two canonically gay Arab immigrant men who immediately bond and form an intimate connection founded on their shared ethnicity. Not only that, they engage in one of the most explicit, loving, and tasteful sex scenes between two men that I’ve seen ever on television. Yet only LGBT people of color are talking about this. I’ve seen white gays say things like “oh I wish Fuller could have done this with Hannibal and Will” or “oh replace them with Hannibal and Will and this scene is great”. 

Let’s talk about female AND LGBT representation, which white wlw clamor for. In the books, Bilquis is exclusively heterosexual, but in the show she’s shown to be bisexual. Yes, she hasn’t had that much screentime yet, but if she was a white woman people would be nutting their pants. Bilquis is literally the Queen of fucking Sheba. I’d say that’s a tad more impressive than some white woman coming back from the dead. She’s the Queen of Sheba, she fucking DEVOURS the people she seduces with her vagina, and she’s bisexual. Fuller has already stated that she’s going to have much more development in the show. IF she was white, white wlw would be crying about how important she is, about how interesting she is, about how sexy she is. She kills men, she has sex with women, and she’s a goddess - these are all things white wlw claim to want in their wlw representation, but the only people who are hyping Bilquis and loving on her are women of color. 

White wlw characters who don’t get that much screen time or who aren’t even main characters still get heaped with praise. But here we have an explicitly canon bisexual female character who seduces and devours men and who is actually a goddess. Yet no response from the typical white wlw. 

There’s yet another wlwoc character from the books who’ll be on the show and I’m SURE that none of these same white women will care about her. 

So, frankly, you can take your “it’s not an equal comparison” bullshit and fuck off. 

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Ok so, in the recent updates it seem like dave is v cuddly but isn't really comfortable being the one to initiate said cuddles. (poor kid isn't used to it) and I can totally see karkat slowly figuring that out and just, keeping an eye out for when dave's upset, putting an arm around him when there alone together, just little things like that to try and show him it's okay. he isn't pathetic for wanting it. he isn't gonna weird him out or scare him off. it's ok.

agreed ye. i figure dave maybe wanted to intiate shit w karkat but he really just isnt comfortable with it and he never learned how to show affection physically (karkat never learned either tbh) so it was this really rocky thing where as they slowly opened up to each other they wanted to have more and bc theyd figured so much else out together (like quadrants, sexualities, masculinity, former abuse, etc) that it would be something theyd kind of… slowly attempt? 

like im not sure who would originally start it… but i think im going to say it was dave who got the ball rolling, at least. 

and that it was up t karkat to kind of.. nurture it?

like yeah he reassures dave that its alright and he doesnt need to be freaked out or apologetic just for wanting to be close? and yeah, as time goes on, they get more and more comfortable with it? until its natural to just curl up together on the couch every day to watch karkats shitty movies. (im still giddy over the fact that dave watched that damn movie every day and he didnt even like it. he watched it because karkat liked it. which is almost to fkn say “i did it to make him happy.” or fuck he did it for the cuddles… f u c k.)

either way, im just… man im so proud of these idiots and how far theyve come on the retcon timeline!! theyre learning and growing and GOSH im so proud i could burst tbh

let’s just get something straight: if a girl doesn’t text you back, doesn’t show interest in your conversations, avoids you in public, blatantly TELLS you that you’re coming on too strong, she is NOT playing “hard to get”. when someone is not interested in you, it is not an invitation to try harder and basically harass the person. it’s an invitation to leave them the hell alone.

  • Me: *complaining about having to wait up to watch the new 5sos music video*
  • Friend: Why don't you just watch is tomorrow?
  • Me: It's.. Uhh just better to watch it when it first comes out..
  • Friend: God you're pathetic..
  • Me: I know it's great.. I love it..