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Whooo wee I haven’t done paper art in a WHILE. But! I got a new knife and paper so I made the lovely boi Kurapika


post reveal cafe date!

@yinwa actually suggested this ages ago, but i never got around to doing it. BUT LOOK MOM I DID IT


do you want it? do you want anything i have? will you throw me to the ground like you mean it, reach inside and wrestle it out with your bare hands?


Pamyu’s ultimate favorite Pokémon: Jirachi.

A legend states that Jirachi will make true any wish that is written on notes attached to its head when it awakens. If this Pokémon senses danger, it will fight without awakening.


It’s in the eyes! I can tell you will always be danger.

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minific where anything ever happens but Peter is there with his bright yellow school blazer and it's adorable

I felt a picture was necessary for context (and bc who doesn’t want to get another look at that)

(also: I actually had a fic abt this in the works from when @bitterbiracialbibliophile and I were talking abt it but then school hit me like a ton of bricks and I didn’t get to finish until now!!)


Peter tugged the strap of the backpack up higher on his shoulder as he jogged across the street to where Tony’s car was parked. He waved good-bye over his shoulder at MJ and a mini van honked at him for not watching where he was going.

“Sorry! Sorry,” he yelled back from the sidewalk. Tony was snickering as Peter opened the passenger-side door.

“Did you seriously almost get mowed over by a soccer mom?”

Peter rolled his eyes and tossed his school bag in the back. “You’ve gotta watch out for the soccer mom types,” he insisted. “Some of them are scarier than any of the villains I’ve faced.”

“I don’t doubt it.” Tony put the car in drive, then glanced over. “Put your seatbelt on, kid.”

“Yeah, yeah, old man.”

Tony pulled away from the curb, weaving his way through after-school traffic to start toward the Tower.

“How was school?”

Peter shrugged and looked out the window. “Fine, I guess.”

“You guess?”

“I spilled ketchup on my blazer during lunch because I’m a klutz and I couldn’t get the stain out, but otherwise nothing happened.”

“Anything is an improvement over that god-awful yellow,” Tony said. He shakes his head. “I can’t believe you wear that thing everyday.”

“It’s a uniform!” Peter protested. “It’s not like I get a choice! Besides, I’m not the one who picked the school’s colors.”

“It’s a crime against humanity, is what it is, or at the very least a crime against my eyes.”

“Are you just going to spend the whole afternoon insulting my uniform?”


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About past!Allen

We practically know nothing about him but he is still fascinating. Let’s talk about his memory loss and deaging, and why Apocryphos and the Heart are so interested in present!Allen. Long post ahead.

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Here, have some beautiful Hermione with some subpar coloring.