it's kind of impressive actually

holy hECK

edit: WTF ERIN TOO?!?!?!?!? THIS HAS TO BE A FLUKE??!?!?!

so remember this scan that appeared before the dr anime was released? meh i feel like the big text is the most relevant but not many people know about it so ill translate it:

blue text (mondo): Ishimaru-kun is actually…a “panic prince”!?

red text (ishimaru): Oowada-kun is actually… a very “kind person”!?

its their first impressions of each other pretty much

edit: i should clear up that the words in mondos quote say “panikuri ouji” aka “prince panic”/“panic prince”/“prince of overreactions”/ but the way its used here is as a nickname so i just used panic prince

  • mom: you don't seem depressed
  • me: mother I am very good at hiding it if I feel like it

Tadaaahhhh~!! ♥

Today is a kind of momentous day for me. For the first real time, after wandering around in fashion limbo for two years, I have finally, properly dressed up again.

I wore this out to apply for a job. I was aiming for a quaint “fairy queen” look. (Slightly ironic, perhaps, given the name of my former style).

Everything I’m wearing was thrifted!