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I think you sound like a pleasant person to have around.  Someone who is grounded and responsible is rare amongst people our age, imo at least. I'm basically Keith. The weird one. I think differently than the rest. Bad temper (but it depends on how I feel), I'm often alone, I'm untrusting, hate unnecessary things. Bad at bonding. People often think I'm a bland person (which I'm not) I like martial arts & sword fighting (I don't have the time to practice it tho) But I am not self assured xD

Aww, that’s very nice of you!!^^ I’m a very calm person so yeah, in that sense it’s easy to be around me. You pretty much don’t have to worry about making me angry or offending me, ever. The counter for that is that I’m usually a little too calm, unless you take the lead in the conversation or steer it to a topic that I know a lot about it’ll die out :’D 

Thinking different from the rest isn’t bad!! I mean, I’m not sure if there is a way of thinking that can qualify as “the rest”, but I get what you’re trying to say. The way you interpret or perceive things differs from the majority. But that’s okay, really, I’m like that too sometimes - I’m frequently confused or have to ask for clarification on stuff. I can’t count how often people have looked at me and started laughing because “yOUR FACE OH MY GOD THAT EXPRESSION” :P

Being alone also isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Unless you’re lonely, of course. Most of the things you listed here seem negative at first but if you look at them from another angle they can have positive sides to them: untrusting -> you can’t get disappointed that easily; dislike for unnecessary things -> people know what they can expect of you; bad at bonding -> if you do bond people will feel twice as valued over it. The bad temper is probably something you should work on, if only so that you don’t say anything that you might regret later :P But it’s also not all bad, it makes you pretty aware of your emotional/mental state and you will realize when things become too much for you which is something I need to work on.

No person is really completely bland. It’s true that some people might seem boring at first glance but that’s the same as looking up at daytime and being like “yeah i know what the sky looks like” without ever having seen the night sky. Every person has more to them than you might think, even those that you dislike :’D But that’s not the point here, you know you’re not bland and that’s great. Don’t let people tell you otherwise!!

…since I sense a certain negativity surrounding this ask I’ll just remind you of a few other positive Keith-qualities that might apply to you too. Just in case, you know :P He’s fiercely loyal to the people that are important to him, he might not understand emotions or know how to comfort people but he is very empathetic, he’s practical and rational when his temper doesn’t get in the way, he’s a fighter, he thinks of the greater good more than himself; he’s selfless like that, he tries so hard to connect with people he likes, he’s self-aware, he’s protective, he loves with all his heart. He’s my favorite character for a reason, so remember that, anon :D ♥

so remember this scan that appeared before the dr anime was released? meh i feel like the big text is the most relevant but not many people know about it so ill translate it:

blue text (mondo): Ishimaru-kun is actually…a “panic prince”!?

red text (ishimaru): Oowada-kun is actually… a very “kind person”!?

its their first impressions of each other pretty much

edit: i should clear up that the words in mondos quote say “panikuri ouji” aka “prince panic”/“panic prince”/“prince of overreactions”/ but the way its used here is as a nickname so i just used panic prince


Tadaaahhhh~!! ♥

Today is a kind of momentous day for me. For the first real time, after wandering around in fashion limbo for two years, I have finally, properly dressed up again.

I wore this out to apply for a job. I was aiming for a quaint “fairy queen” look. (Slightly ironic, perhaps, given the name of my former style).

Everything I’m wearing was thrifted!

  • mom: you don't seem depressed
  • me: mother I am very good at hiding it if I feel like it