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Issues- Part Twenty Five


Negan x you

When the saviours turn up early Negan comes face to face with one of the secrets Rick has been keeping from him. His eldest daughter.


Swearing- as always and mention of suicide. 

Word count- 1,517

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As he shouted after me I stopped a few feet down the hall as the man of my dreams followed me, putting his jacket back on he struggled to keep ahold of Lucille.

God I wanted him.

All of the time.

Damn him and his sexiness.

Was it normal to feel like this? How did anyone leave the house before the world went to shit? If I had of had Negan in my bed back then we for sure would not of.

“What you thinking about Doll?” He asked wrapping his arm around my waist, and as a saviour with a machine gun crossed our paths he pulled me tighter into him.

So damn protective.

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