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Holy canolli, does your humanstuck rufioh have a mole? I'm sorry but that makes me so happy, I have a huge mole on my face and I literally hate the thing, it makes me really happy that people put little details like that, it means a lot! Thank you!

he sure does! i love little things like moles/beauty marks/freckles on a person’s body, they’re all unique to *that* person and i think it’s good to add them to characters, adds some weird extra level of interest with visual design

and you’re welcome! glad to make you happy B)

Wednesday July 29th, 10pm

Where on Earth is Mr. Duck? You know Peter can’t sleep through the night without him *goes through the bags he’s packed*

Steve, he’s in the crib, we dont leave for like three days

Oh…right…Sorry I just wanted to make sure everything was ready

Babe, I love you, but you are going ape shit *goes through a bag*  Look at this. You have literally packed all the diapers, what are we going to use till then?

Well… What if we run out on our trip? He needs these things, Tony. Besides, it’s better to have extra than not enough.

Steve, I think, maybe they have diapers in Italy and we can just buy more

Oh hush. You can stop making fun of me you know. This trip is kind of a big deal.

I know it is. Its just cute seeing you go this overboard

I’m not cute. I’m manly as all hell. But I can see where you’d get confused.

Have you seen that face? For sure cute. Our niblet takes after you

I’m not sure if I should argue with you anymore. Peter is so cute it’s unfair *thinks for a minute* He doesn’t get it from me though. I’d pen it on you.

I havent been called cute in like 20 years by anyone who isnt you. And you know I admit I’m good looking

That’s because you try to be all heroic and nonchalant about everything in public. I guarantee if I asked Natasha or Pepper if they thought you were cute, they’d say yes.

But they would agree you are cuter

Highly unlikely. Also, if they did, they’d be lying.

I think we should move on, neither of us is going to win this

Hmm, I think you’re right… *glances down at their suitcases and sighs* Would it be crazy if I went through our bags just one more time?

Babe, go through them again the night before we leave, but right now, back away, slowly*

*sighs* Alright alright. If you say so *raises hands in surrender and moves away from the bags*

*chuckles* Thats it, keep going. All the way to our bed

Oh? Why the bed?

Because the tension in your body is palpable. Take your shirt off and lay on your stomach, I’m gonna rub your back

You got it, Stark.


okay, so this is just a really quick thing for letsdrawsherlock - mini challenge before i go to sleep. since i don’t think i would have had any time to do it another day. as you can see, they got a chameleon, and i’m pretty sure John isn’t super excited about it. 

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Do you think mikoto liked fushimi when he was with homra? There is nothing that tells us how mikoto feels about fushimi leaving but i guess we can establish he didnt care that much seeing as he let him go and did nothing to get him back, in fact it seems yata is the only one who cared at all as the others hardly mention it

It’s hard to say how Mikoto felt about Fushimi but my feeling is that Mikoto didn’t dislike Fushimi at all. Yes, he let Fushimi go and doesn’t do anything to get him back but I’d argue that’s less because Mikoto “doesn’t care” about Fushimi and more than he recognized that Fushimi was unhappy and that ultimately it was Fushimi’s own decision to leave Homra and that’s a decision that Fushimi has every right to make. If Fushimi had been coerced somehow – like say Fushimi ended up with the Greens because of the whole hallucination thing making him do something that made him feel like he wouldn’t be able to stay in Homra anymore – then I think Mikoto would have more incentive to go after him or try to get him back. But Fushimi’s decision to join Scepter 4, while maybe indirectly influenced by the whole hallucination thing and Munakata’s obvious interest, was still Fushimi’s own decision. And when Fushimi goes to see Mikoto in the King and the Traitor short story Mikoto does ask him if he likes Scepter 4 and seems pretty pleasant towards him. Fushimi takes it as Mikoto not caring, since Mikoto doesn’t have any reaction to Fushimi’s reply about Scepter 4 at least being better than Homra, but I think that’s more it just being Mikoto’s personality and Fushimi’s automatic assumption that no one cares about him (Mikoto didn’t have to ask, after all, it’s not like he’s ever shown a need to be polite or make small talk to fill the silence). I doubt Mikoto’s thrilled with the way Fushimi acts post-betrayal, especially towards Yata, but I don’t think Mikoto ever considered Fushimi a traitor or someone not worth going after, he just recognizes that Fushimi’s made his decision and it’s not Mikoto’s job to drag Fushimi back to place he doesn’t want to be.

As for the rest of Homra, I think it’s again not really that people don’t care about Fushimi leaving but that either they recognize that it’s his decision to make (I’d put Totsuka, Kusanagi and Anna into this category) or Fushimi never really made any big connection with them so why should they miss him. Some of them might have similar feelings to Yata about Fushimi being a traitor, just because of the whole ‘Homra vs the world’ mentality, that they can’t conceive how someone would want to leave Mikoto and are thus perfectly happy to go along with Yata’s angry ‘traitor’ remarks, but the big personal connection that Yata has doesn’t really exist for anyone else in Homra. Like of course it’s a big thing for Yata, his best friend not only left but broke off their friendship in a very painful way, of course he feels betrayed and hurt and misses Fushimi, but for the rest of Homra I doubt any of them ever got very close to Fushimi in the first place so they’re not going to feel as personally betrayed as Yata is and I’m sure Fushimi’s subsequent actions after joining Scepter 4 didn’t win him any more friends in that department. So again it’s not that only Yata cares but that Yata’s the only one who was both close to Fushimi and feels actually betrayed by Fushimi’s actions, so of course it makes more of a mark on him than anyone else.

So Google Adsense give you the possibility to check from where are the people who visit your blog (blogs in my case -yellowlemon & chamberofweasleys-) and it’s interesting so see that most of the people who visit my blog is from the US, followed by Spain, UK and Brazil. Idk, I find it really curious. Also, too see I have visitors from all arounf the world (like really, ALL around the world) is kind of overwhelming.


honestly. the word is stolen from his mouth; an icy burn the culprit’s calling card. he knows he should save his breath. but the act of speaking feels so good, so alive in all of its breathlessness. 

if someone is up there - and I know that’s a big if - could you just… tone it down on the fucking snow? i’m up to my fucking waist here! i’ll do anything. anything. I mean that. 

he stops. spreads his arms wide. i’m yours! maker, andraste? ancestors? the elven gods, what is there… there’s a wolf in there, I think? i’m up for pleasing a wolf if I gotta! just stop the snow!

there’s a howl in the distance. it almost sounds disgusted, rahn thinks.

a series of confessions i never actually made:


ii. we all know the stories- Icarus. Pandora. Adam and Eve. The moral of the story, always: how dare you. if only you had known your place, if only you had stayed in the territory that was marked out for you, maybe things would have gone better. well, maybe things aren’t going well now. maybe ‘my place’ is suffocating me, maybe my comfort zone isn’t actually that comfortable, maybe my 'garden of eden’ isn’t fucking paradise. maybe i’m not afraid of heights.

iii. i can remember the exact moment that something broke inside me. the moment i stopped believing in home. then, a little later, when i stopped believing in people, the same day i stopped seeing myself as a child. a matter of months after that day and i no longer believed in stability. within a year i had lost my sanity, too, every bit of certainty i had left in the world, the last little bit of firm ground i had left -the ground you never think to question- gone gone GONE and i can never get any of it back and i miss it so much

iv. i’ve been apologizing ever since i learned to lie but in hindsight i discovered i am sorry, after all- but i don’t really know how to say that word without choking on it. you all probably wouldn’t believe me anyways.

v. i pray but my prayers are never heard and never answered. i make sure of it personally. i could wallpaper my bedroom with the prayers i wrote up in my mind and then tore to pieces without sending because the things i want are not holy by any stretch of the imagination. God is the only one who hasn’t yet broken his promise to love me forever and I don’t want to push my luck.

—  this is kind of about Set and kind of about me and kind of just words that sounded good together
How I got into Arrow

Tagged by chronicolicity to share how I got into this irreversible state of Olicity shipping. You are killing me with Legacies girl! So good. So many feels. 

I got into Arrow around the same time(a few months before season 3)! I had seen it on Netflix for a while, thinking “man, that guy’s really got abs…” but just hadn’t really gotten around to watching it. I was skeptical. I was like, as hot as that guy is, is the story really going to be good? 

Then, I was having a conversation with my co worker who watched and she assured me that Stephen’s good looks weren’t the only thing the show had going for it. “Trust me,” she said, “you will LOVE this show! Go home tonight and watch it!” We have similar taste in TV, so this was a good push for me. 

I went home, watched the pilot, and was INSTANTLY hooked. I watched seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix so fast…like two or three days. And then Felicity showed up, and I was like “I love her, she’s great.” And of course, like the rest of you, I instantly fell in love with Olicity as a couple. Then, after a long time of wondering what I would even have to say in a blog, I got a Tumblr. Needless to say, that was when I was irreversibly down the rabbit hole. 

While I still reblog everything I like, my blog is essentially a straight Olicity blog now. I can’t help it. Everyone in this fandom is so great, and Olicity is really and truly my OTP. Above all other OTPs. 

So I was well and truly the biggest and most devoted Olicity shipper I could be. But then….I discovered FANFICTION. Yeah….Especially chronicolicity’s wonderful writing! But this fandom is so full of wonderful writers, and I seriously cannot live without fanfic. I’m always looking for more of it. (I’m serious, if you have suggestions, send them my way). 

And thus my story comes to and end. I’m hopelessly addicted to being an Olicity shipping fangirl! Glad I’m not the only one! 

headcanon; aging

i’ve talked about it before but this is just going to be a general overview of lee’s physical state as he ages.

i personally feel like the 8 gates, being a forbidden technique, would cause pretty long lasting effects on a person if used regularly over time. 

as such, lee does not have a long life expectancy. the constant strain on not only his muscles and bones but his heart would result in his death at around 50, 60 years old, maybe longer with proper treatment. which, by shinobi standards, isn’t too shabby. but i see him dying from his age and condition, not in battle. 

also, as he ages, he begins to take medication to help with arthritic and joint pain. he studies up on stretching and yoga to help ease the discomfort, but some days are worse than others. when he’s in his late thirties, early forties, he would be encouraged to not use the gates anymore so as to not cause further damage to his muscles and chakra pathways. they also encourage him to retire early.

lee, of course, doesn’t listen. he’ll be a shinobi and a taijutsu instructor until the day he dies. 

hirumashadow replied to your post:hirumashadow replied to your post:[knows lineage…

Tbh I love that side of him. I mean I meme on him a lot, but i do enjoy his serious qualities. his strategic thinking and ability to read people are really fascinating. He just collects all these tidbits about people and just put them to use later

ryouma is honestly???????? so strange??????? like when he has no chill he has no. fucking. c h i l l. like dude just flies off the handle. but then he can also keep it together really well too after the initial outburst????

like i feel like he’s like that scene in Heracles where Hades flips out when he learns Herc is still alive but then immediately strokes his hair back like “im cool, im cool im fine im cool”