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one of the reasons mental illness sucks so fucking much is because people around you can literally tell you again and again that they love you, that they think you’re cool and funny, that they support you in every way, that you’re talented or intelligent, and no matter how many times they say it you’ll always cringe and shake your head and say “no, no i’m not, really” but the SECOND someone says one bad thing about you, even just once. You believe it completely. 

The average ages of kpop boy groups

This is literally a pointless post but I was BORED

  • Super Junior - 31.9
  • Big Bang - 28.7
  • Shinee - 26.2
  • Exo - 25.3
  • BtoB - 25.1
  • Vixx - 25
  • Winner - 24.9
  • BAP 24.4
  • Boyfriend - 23.9
  • Hotshot - 23.9
  • Day6 - 23.8
  • Monsta X - 23.7
  • BTS - 22.8
  • Got7 - 22.3
  • Nu’est - 22.3
  • Pentagon - 21.9
  • iKon - 21.4
  • SF9 - 21.3
  • NCT 127 - 20.8
  • Seventeen - 20.7
  • Astro 20.2
  • Wanna One - 20.15
  • NCT Dream - 17

(average heights) (Girl groups: height, age)

Seven Things About Supernatural: 13x01 - “Lost And Found”

Oh hey.  The show’s back.  

Honestly.  This is mid-season or season-ender level crying happening.  And shit, I am so fucking here for it. 

  1. Jack is his father’s son.  Not Lucifer’s, despite his parentage, but Castiel’s.  He doesn’t understand, but he wants to.  He isn’t cruel, he isn’t violent.  He’s something that doesn’t fit.  Both of them want guidance from a missing father.  He even looks a bit like Cas, and the scenes in the police station – light bulbs exploding as he passes, being stabbed in the chest to no effect – are callbacks to Cas’ entrance in 4x01.   

    (He also takes after his uncle Gabriel, what with the Nougat thing.  And the t-shirt is kind of an awesome nod to what Dean “sees” in him – i.e. the son of Satan – via the horns.)

    But yeah.  He just wants his dad.  He was just looking for his dad.  I wonder who that sounds like…
  2. Miriam – aka drunk fries angel – was a highlight.  She’s merciless and damn good at her job, trailing the Winchesters to get intel while just sort of casually fucking with them.  She writes “BITCH” in the dust of Baby’s back window, and she’s brutal in her fight with Dean.  She knows how to make things hurt emotionally and physically, and makes decisions in the moment in ways that reminded me that I might have a very specific competence kink. 

    She reads Dean perfectly.  Anything?  Nope, Cas is dead.  You want your son safe?  Kill that guy and we’ll deal.  I’m gonna die?  Fine, but I’m taking a shot at the Nephil on the way out.

    She’s absolutely not a good person, but she’s a badass in ways that are satisfying as hell to watch.  Also, her actor – Carlena Britch – apparently did all of her own fight work.  (She also fractured her thumb filming with Jensen, so she’s a badass IRL.)
  3. She also conjures up the ghost of Becky Rosen.  Which…okay, I’m coming out of the text for a little bit on this one, because this was a thing that in the text is a little bit of a throwaway in the sense that we know how the angels feel about the Winchesters being a destabilizing, selfish force. 

    But the name Becky, that we’re supposed to hear.  And she uses it, over and over, so that if we miss it the first time, we’ll catch it.  And then she describes a really thoughtless, selfish person who breaks whatever she wants without concern for others in her own pursuit of satisfaction and amusement.

    Guys, I think Dabb might have called the disruptive, abusive edges of fandom out for their bullshit.  The ones who scream at the writers, the ones who kill the fun for other fans, the ones who are dicks at cons, etc.  And that’s…fascinating?  Because I know that Becky is a character a lot of folks have analyzed and tried to rehabilitate a little, even though she (and a lot of the fans portrayed in 5x09) are not a positive portrayal of fans in the same way some later portrayals are (e.g. 10x05).

    And if that’s what he’s doing, that only really exists inside that scene – because we probably aren’t supposed to self-identify this way via Dean after Miriam calls him a Becky – but…

    Anyway, it’s possible I’m projecting and seeing subtext where it’s not there, but I saw it the first time ‘round and in my morning rewatch and…yeah.  I can’t unsee it.   
  4. Dean’s prayer fucks me up something terrible.  

    “We’ve lost everything, and now you’re gonna bring him back.  Okay?  You’re gonna bring back Cas, you’re gonna bring back mom.  You’re gonna bring ‘em all back.  All of ‘em.  Even Crowley.  ‘Cause after everything you’ve done, you owe us, you son of a bitch.  So you get your ass down here and you make this right, right here, right now.”

    This isn’t the first time he’s excused himself to the back of the building to try and contact an absent father, and gone unheard.  He knows how this goes.  You can see it in his face.  He tries to have faith.  He gets nothing.  

    Arguably, Dean’s quarrel with Chuck in 11x21 still stands.  Nothing has changed.  He’s still getting screwed over by a father’s willful absence.

    And then there’s this: 

    “We’ve lost everything, and now you’re gonna bring him back.  Okay?  You’re gonna bring back Cas…”

    He can’t even say that Cas is dead to Sam when they go looking for Jack, but he knows it.  He saw the wing prints.  Miriam taunted him with it.  He’s fucked-up about losing Mary yet again – evidenced by his nightmare after Jack knocks him out – but this is the loss hitting him the hardest.  It’s Cas’ body that’s his to prepare, his to burn.  

    You’re gonna bring back Cas, you’re gonna bring back mom.  You’re gonna bring ‘em all back.  All of ‘em.  Even Crowley.

    (That’s not an echo of ”I love you.  I love all of you.”  Not at all.)

    “Well goodbye, Cas…”

  5. And hey, if Dean’s prayer didn’t fuck you up completely, Sam teaching Jack about funerals – Jack who is an orphan now, watching both of his parents burn – is there to cause the leak in your ceiling that will pour water on your face.  

    “You say thank you.  And you say you’re sorry.  You hope they’re somewhere without sadness, pain.  You hope they’re somewhere better.  You say goodbye.”

    Like, for all folks were complaining toward the end of Hellatus about who Sam is on the show of late – i.e. purely analytical, unfeeling – this ep was fantastic for centering him as this sort of mediating force who’s trying to work big picture despite the loss, trying to take all data into account.  

    And also trying not to die, because he was fucking terrified in that jail cell.

    Which hey, understandable.  And if we’re giving Miriam competence kink points for adusting on the fly, Sam earned his in bulk.  Plus, he totally headbutted an angel.  So hey.  Sam fucking Winchester.
  6. Actually, let’s just take a second to laugh about how scary Jack both is and isn’t.  Because he’s not doing most of the exotic, terrifying things on purpose.  He just does them when he’s scared.  And he knows almost nothing about his abilities, but he’s learning what he can as fast as he can after “growing up fast” as per his mother’s recommendation.  

    His sense of self seems kind of nebulous.  He “was” Kelly, though we don’t really know what he means by that exactly.  When he uses his powers he feels somehow disconnected from them.  

    And he gets hungry and the lights flicker we’re all like, “OH SHIT CLARK,” and then nope, he’s just magically stealing candy from the vendo.  And he feels really badly about frightening and hurting Clark and Sheriff Barker.

    He’s still figuring out shoes, y’all.  Shoes.
  7. So I can’t help but notice that Sam doesn’t share the Castiel-as-Jack’s-father bombshell with Dean.  Which, uh, I debated leaving as a bonus thing, or rolling into #5, but I think it’s significant enough to mention on its own, because this is a) kind of a big fucking deal with regard to understanding Jack, and b) kind of a serious fucking omission on Sam’s part. 

    Which…historically….well, Sam does that a lot.  And he usually has a reason, but it also usually has consequences, so batten down the hatches for that, I suppose.

Bonus Thing: Sheriff Barker is a gift.  I mean, she got the talk basically right out of the gate, and she advocates on behalf of people others call crazy or strange, and I kind of hope we see her again.  

Bonus Thing 2: Hey, are we still using Baby as a gauge for Dean’s wellbeing?  Because, uh…she needs some TLC.  

Bonus Thing 3: There is a moment during the Miriam v. Dean fight that is fucking amazing blink-and-you’ll-miss-it physical comedy.  He picks up a hat tree, she smashes the end off, then smashes it in half, and Dean does this cartoon panic and tosses the pieces up in the air.  

Like, seriously.  I need to learn to gif for moments like that. 

Bonus Thing 4: The universe screamed at Dagon’s death.  Presumably it did at Ramiel’s and Azazel’s, too?  Guess that’s how Asmodeus gets the memo…

conflict is when u want to Make Content bc ur thirsty desperate ass requires validation but also when u dont want to Make Content bc u know that u won’t get notes bc ur a small blog and bigger blogs that have Even Bigger Mutuals to rb their stuff and seeing that comparison will make u feel even shittier and dejected 

ways to utilize the eclipse

so! the eclipse is coming up tmr on the 21st and its kind of a big deal lol. the eclipse has many correspondences with change, rebirth, and new beginnings and i know a lot of ppl have been feeling the influence of the eclipse already. 

so here are some ways to utilize the energy of the eclipse in your craft!

1. Cleansing
because of the correspondence of new beginnings, cleansing is very very important. grab a trash bag and scoop up ALL of the things in your room that u don’t use anymore. don’t leave things lying around bc “i’ll need to use it maybe!!!” we all know thats not going to happen any time soon. TRASH IT! clean everything, wash your sheets, start anew

2. Charging
charge everything u can think of with energy of the eclipse. leave out water, jewelry, sigils, poppets, anything and then use that energy in the future. if you ever need a change of course or u just are trying to change something, pull from the energy in your charged object and go from there

3. Explore a new path
it seems that a lot of ppl who i’ve talked to have felt rather antsy and restless in the past couple days, myself included for sure. follow your heart and look into a new aspect of your path. find something that looks interesting to you? try it out! i think it would be also appropriate to look into shadow work on the “day of shadows” lol!

4. Reflect on who your friends are
though this isn’t necessarily witchy, you should reflect on your friends and determine who is beneficial in your life and who is toxic. start a new phase of your life and devote it to healing and only surrounding yourself with people who care for you and uplift you. we need to get out of the mentality that healing is bad. recovery is important and this could be a new time for you to start

5. Meditate
meditation is a really important thing lol. i know that everyoneee says that but its because its true!! there are so many benefits to meditation and it can be just what u need for starting fresh. meditate on the past and what you want for you future. try astral traveling! try discovering what path you are meant to travel on and go from there

there are obviously other things you can do with the eclipse so feel free to add on! but please please please stay safe and wear protective glasses if you plan on looking at the sun!!! keep anyone without glasses inside, including any pets as well. stay safe and happy eclipse!

justpidgance  asked:

another curious ask for you: any musical recommendations?

Awe heck yeah, here’s a list of all the musicals I really love (you’ll probably know a fair amount of them but whatever), along with my favorite song or two or four if you want to give it a listen.

-Amélie (Times are Hard for Dreamers (the album hasn’t been released yet so I haven’t heard all of it but I love it already))

-American Idiot (Whatsername, Holiday)

-Dear Evan Hansen (Sincerely Me)

-Come From Away (Welcome to The Rock)

-Next to Normal (I’m Alive, I’m Alive *reprise*)

-Be More Chill (Pitiful Children, Upgrade)

-Seussical the Musical (Solla Sollew)

-Addams Family (One Normal Night)

-Hamilton (Hurricane)

-Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812 (Prologue, The Duel, Dust and Ashes)

-It’s Kind of a Funny Story (Six North)

-Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Alive, Confrontation, The World Has Gone Insane, Murder Murder)

-Big Fish (Be the Hero) (btw this musical needs more love it is so good)

Enjoy! :)

We have a problem as a society. Our goal is efficiency, but the result of efficiency by definition is that it takes less work to get things done. And less work to get things done means there is less work to do. If there is less work, there are less jobs. Progress destroys jobs.

Another result of efficiency is an explosion in population. The easier things get, the less of us die. More and more of us, less and less jobs.


Humanity’s drive toward betterment has resulted in two things: more people and less jobs. None of our choices were wrong, exactly. Each was made with good intentions, hell maybe every choice was correct. The problem wasn’t the choices but the values. Survival is no longer a value, because survival has become easy. It used to be old people were revered, because they had outrun death longer than anyone else. Now old people are just the ones who waited around too long. Anyone can become an old person with a little luck. It’s not a collapse of morals that has diminished our respect for the elderly. It’s an inevitable response to the changing meaning of age.  


Since we no longer value survival and age, we need some other way to rank people. Because we need that, we need some people to be worth more than others. We have many ways to do that, but here’s one: we value wealth. The ones who own more are better. Not for any reason, just because. And since theoretically but rarely actually in practice, the way toward owning more is work, work has become a measure of someone’s value, second only to money. A lazy rich person is better than a poor person with a good job, but a poor person with a job is better than a poor person without a job. Ranked first by wealth, then by worth. And so, that is the situation: There are more of us, there are less jobs, and we value people by whether they have a job or not.

What happens when you have a world where it is impossible for people to create value for themselves in the eyes of society? What happens when we judge people for the inevitable outcome of our collective actions?

I don’t know. But together we’re finding out.

—  Alice Isn’t Dead, Part 2 Episode 2: Mouth of the Water

1940s beach babes

Love-Struck Dork

Adrien’s fangirling keeps Plagg from sleeping well… Poor Plagg.

Ok though, Adrien is a total romantic at heart, and constantly daydreams about his lady. My brother saw this and said “Where is the mysterious bulge?” and I said “Dude, that is realistic, but I only drew his upper torso, ok? We are keeping this wholesome”

Huge Spider in My Room

Time spent deciding whether or not it’s morally acceptable to kill it: 20 min

Time spent watching it in horror, holding a cup that is only just big enough to fit its spidery legs in, as it creeps across the ceiling: 50 min

Time spent holding said cup against the ceiling once it was over the spider, unsure of my next move: 5 min

Time spent staring into the void now that the spider is in the cup with a book over the top: 40 min

Total years taken off my life due to this incident: incalculable