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Walk to the ends of the earth and you might just find yourself along the way. 

one of the reasons mental illness sucks so fucking much is because people around you can literally tell you again and again that they love you, that they think you’re cool and funny, that they support you in every way, that you’re talented or intelligent, and no matter how many times they say it you’ll always cringe and shake your head and say “no, no i’m not, really” but the SECOND someone says one bad thing about you, even just once. You believe it completely. 


i’m at that point between the artblock and being out of the artblock where I have bother inspiration and motivation back but still don’t like anything I draw…………. 80% of what i draw is tfc I’m never getting out of that hell ♫

WIP! I missed this guy’s birthday on Halloween so I’m making up for it with an autumny piece. Happy belated 221st, Keats! Gonna have some fun with that hair of yours.

Love-Struck Dork

Adrien’s fangirling keeps Plagg from sleeping well… Poor Plagg.

Ok though, Adrien is a total romantic at heart, and constantly daydreams about his lady. My brother saw this and said “Where is the mysterious bulge?” and I said “Dude, that is realistic, but I only drew his upper torso, ok? We are keeping this wholesome”


1940s beach babes


always // panic! at the disco

I’m about to DM a Pathfinder campaign in a fantasy noir setting and decided to draw up one of the reoccurring NPC’s. Gretchie Lowtop is a private eye detective who comes across the main cast a lot as they take on their own cases. She’s overactive and playful (a little malicious too) but a brilliant mind underneath her childish exterior. During her time in the GSPD she was known as “The Shark of Grand Spear” for her ability to hunt down and take out criminals, all while wearing a wise sharped tooth smile (Rumor still has it that she’s half demon).