it's kind of a tribute to the show


First episode hilarity. 

This show has gotten funnier and funnier every season, and I love it to the moon and back. so in honor of my love for this show I posted some gifs from the very first episode (and of course the gifs, include Louise because Whelp, kindred spirit.) 

maccavolver  asked:

i just unfollowed a longtime online friend of mine for tweeting "i feel like the Beatles are the most boring favorite band to have"... like we didn't talk much anymore anyway but i was just like nah i'm done. ain't nobody got time for that lol. thinking of doing a beatles spam now... anyhow thought you might appreciate that haha.

Whaaaaa? She CLEARLY doesn’t know what its like to be a massive Beatles fan. “Most boring favorite band to have”? Bahah! Okay this is what we have to celebrate our favorite band:

  • Countless Beatles festivals all over the world (literally) (Im actually going to another one next month yey!..Ive lost count to how many Beatles festivals ive been too tbh and they’ve all been SOOO rad)
  • Countless Beatles tribute bands that are extremely fun to go see, btw.
  • Thousands and thousands of Beatles books, documentaries, bio-pics, ect ect ect.
  • Amazing tribute shows like the LOVE show by Cirque Du Soleil which is entirely made up of Beatles songs. GREAT tribute, go see it if you haven’t!!
  • We have historical landmarks to go see in London, Germany, Liverpool, ect where The Beatles created history that is now very important to the music world, btw. And its fun to be able to fly to other countries and see these things!
  • We’ve got literally ALL kinds of merchandise. If you want a Beatles tooth brush, socks, undies, nail polish, you’ve got it. We even have Beatles bubbles…like?? Idk its always interesting to see all the merch that’s available to us (x
  • We have Paul and Ringo still doing music and still touring. Not everyone has the opportunity to see such legendary musicians live and we still get that chance (“: AND btw their shows are a spiritual experience, not even kidding.
  • We have one of the most largest fan bases in the world. They are known and celebrated all over the globe. It is extraordinary to meet other fans from different countries and different ages. I have friends who are 11 to friends who are 70 that are major Beatles fans. Like age doesn’t matter in this fandom. We are all just a group of people of all ages, all countries, uniting together to appreciate this band (:
  • And OF COURSE, we have the band itself; The Beatles. A band that is extremely interesting with SO much history and things to learn about them. A band that brought us so many new things in music history.

I feel like 100% of the people saying “Ugh being a Beatles fan is probably the lamest thing ever” or “Having the Beatles as your favorite band is boring” don’t have a bloody clue what they are talking about. I mean of course they don’t! They’ve never even been part of the Beatles community. I mean I feel sorry for them, they obviously don’t know what its like being part of this fan base. They go by what they hear from the haters and obviously are a bunch of hypocrites…no offence or anything.  You should send this to the person who tweeted that, that’ll show them ;)

Blitzkrieg Art

Hi all,

May be I´m mad, or may be I can´t get satisfaction….or may be I really enjoy looking at other´s people so imaginative work…

But…I have decided to start a new blog called “Blitzkrieg Art”. A kind of Ramones tribute mixed with some punk jokes concepts….

As its own name states my intention is to build a quick and very free blog where to reblog under four main guidelines: my very personal taste/criteria, what I consider avant-garde/modern/interesting art (whatever form it may use), to promote and show artists I consider outstanding, and finally doing all of that using quick reblogs….just as I check my dashboard and not adding labels or tags but just mainteining original tags added by each artist.

Of course I´m open to check works and portfolios and post them if I consider they may fit my criteria.

I will reserve my another blog (The Camera Notes) for more thought reblogs and may be adding some very brief comments on each reblog.

In any case, in Blitzkrieg Art I will never reblog my own work.

Let´s Blitzkrieg!

All the best,