it's kind of a rough draft

girl, crossed out

Girl, but crossed out.
Girl with the phantom limb except
without any of the missing pieces, without
a recognizable war. Girl learns the word
or lockjaw or sorry and
they all mean the
same thing.
And what about the heart the size of
the fist? The
teeth clogging up the
rapid pulse.
but with the name chewed off-
dirty. The grenade is her mouth but
someone had to teach her
how to use it.

What’s The Harm In Daydreaming?

Authors note: Ok, this one is quite short, but mainly because I didn’t want to go too far in a storyline if it wasn’t received well. So, this is just kind of a teaser of a direction I’d be happy to go if you guys approve :)

Harley flipped through a magazine as she tried to find something to occupy herself with. It was late, but she couldn’t sleep for some reason.

The magazine was showing off the new products available at Gotham’s largest mall. As she flipped through the shiny pages, nothing really caught her eye until she reached the children’s page. She found herself smiling as she looked at the cute baby outfits and colorful toys.


She muttered to herself as she put down the magazine. This wasn’t the first time she’s gotten caught up in this. Despite knowing it wasn’t a good idea, she could help but fantasize about if maybe it was. Even though she’s thought about having a child multiple times, she’s never brought it up. It would be too painful if the idea was rejected, so she always told herself it was best to simply not mention it.

Harley glanced over at Joker who was asleep beside her. She gently ran her hand down the bruise on his back which was, not surprisingly, a result of a fight with Batman. It stood out significantly on his pale skin. Looking at the many battle scars he’s acquired from Batman made her angry. If she was to ever expand their family, she needed Batman to stay out of their business.

She sighed and picked up the magazine again.

“No harm in just thinkin’ about it, right?”

Night Court Aesthetics

Feyre: throwing paint against a wall to watch the colours run together, finding shapes in the clouds, the feel of soft feathers against skin, feeling the texture of rough paper through a brush, a cliff face battered by the endless tide that endures eternal, the feel of soft grass between bare toes, the glimmer of light at the end of a long black tunnel, the sight of a brewing storm on the horizon, 

Rhysand: shooting stars, an open and endless sky offering eternity, the lingering comfort of total darkness, emerging from thick smoke, billowing cloaks, the rush of air and sound that accompanies take-off, the scratch of pen on paper and the flow of ink that follows, reading until late into the night and forgetting the world around you exists, smouldering embers, the limitless freedom of flight

Mor: the dawn light filtering in through the windows, echoing laughter, running down castle corridors in flowing gowns, the click of high heels on marble, shattering chains, roaring white hot wildfire, summer storms, dancing until you can’t breathe, throwing yourself from a cliff without being sure how deep the water below is 

Azriel: the mist that lingers over the ground on a cold morning, dancing shadows conjured by fire, a still forest pool, the quiet that follows the aftermath of chaos, cold hands on warm skin, the glint of light on the edge of a dagger, the feel of coming home after a long day

Cassian: cleaning off a bloody blade, wrapping hands ready to fight, grasping forearms and pulling someone to their feet when they’re down, shield walls, the feel of clothes sticking to sweat slick skin, matching tattoos, dressing for battle, defiantly standing firm before an oncoming hurricane, the feeling of your heart hammering so hard against your ribs it feels like it might burst

Amren: glowing treasure troves, opening an old book to the first page, hot blood steaming in cold air, the sound of nails scraping against stone, the distant rumbling of thunder, smiles that promise violence, wind so strong it rips at clothes and screams in the night, the unknown quality of a depthless ocean


Rough drafts of Hannibal fanart I’ve done since the finale Thursday night ;^;

- Reba (woman clothed in the sun) and the tiger (the tyger)
- Will…I was going somewhere with this one but I forgot where so its just kind of floating head of Will Graham.
- The Wrath of the Lamb: Will, lamb, and the Red Dragon
- Original version of TWOTL where it’s just the a creepy lamb standing over the Red Dragon. I don’t know if I’ll trash this idea or just make these two a set.  


Here’s a thing I made today. Its kind of a rough draft of an idea I really want to expand on.

Let me know what ya think