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It’s still Christmas in my timezone, so I’m not late!

Aaaand I accidentally made this another group picture of all the MCQ skellies, WHOOPS. It was originally going to be just the three bros, but then I felt Deccy and Fresh cuddles were necessary, and the others wormed their way in. They were also meant to be chibis, but they ended up just being smol? So, this ended up taking longer than I planned, hence the almost/kind of lateness.

I designed the sweaters for Geno, Error and Ink. I have mixed feelings about the results, but I don’t wanna mess around with them anymore.

I have more ideas for Christmas pictures, so I might draw and post them late!

I hope everyone has/had a very merry Christmas, or whichever holiday you celebrate, or just a great day in general!

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For something more light-hearted. Any spouse headcannons for the same characters as before, romantic or fluff it's up to you. Let's see if you can make me giggle or blush. ~Achilles

Toriel is a loving wife, almost sickeningly sweet. She’ll come up with tooth rotting nicknames and you’ll love every moment of it. And of course she’ll tell you all kinds of puns- even if its a little inconvenient at times. Honestly, life with Toriel is almost fluff incarnate- you have a nice little home, a place by the fire, and she loves to read with you. Well into your relationship she may bring up raising a family- she loves her late children very much, and she loved what she had. And she wants it with you, if you want it too. More than anything she wants to go with adoption- there are plenty of kids in need of good homes, after all. Honestly though, Toriel adores you. She loves your eyes, your hair and what you do with it, how you express yourself, your freckles, everything. And she’ll make sure you know it as well. 

Papyrus is a devoted lover- to making sure you’re comfortable at night to fawning about you and everything that you do in public, it’s impossible to feel unloved if he’s in your life. And god, he loves you, so much. And again… everyone will hear it. He loves talking to you, hearing about your day, what you’re reading or playing or watching. He loves cooking side by side with you, loves having dinner with you, loves each and every little quirk you have- and he does notice them! They’re so endearing, how can he not?  Papyrus goes out of his way to make sure you’re happy and comfortable. And if not, he’ll go to the ends of the earth to make sure this is fixed.

Sans isn’t the best with effort. Or affection. Or anything, really. He’d be happy to just stay in bed all day with you, telling jokes and talking about dreams the two of you had in the night, or lazing about with you. The thing is, he’d also be happy exploring the world, being out there and moving, anything- he wants to be with you. He doesn’t mind exerting himself, if it’s with you. He wants to make you happy, he wants to hear your laughter, your ideas- he wants to see the stars with you. God, he’d be so happy just holding your hand. How he managed to get you, with his laziness…? He doesn’t know, but he’s glad it happened. … Seriously though, take the skeleton stargazing. 

Undyne is so sweet- whatever you like, she’ll give it a shot. And even if she’s not into it, she’ll still be by your side while you take the time to enjoy it and she’ll listen to you talk about it because she loves anything that makes you happy. And if you’re sad, she’ll fight whoever made you sad. Or whatever. She’ll do it, don’t think she won’t. She loves seeing you get excited about things, and she cherishes every moment with you- and you will know it. Because she’ll scream it to the world. Seriously. 

Alphys may be a bit shy sometimes, even into marriage- but she loves you, and is constantly amazed by everything you do. She wants to show you everything she likes, every comic and anime, every scientific discovery- and she wants you to show her what you like too. When she gets absorbed in her work, she’s always sure to make it up to you in terms of attention, and she always wants to hear about your day, even if you have the most boring, repetitive job in the world. The two of you have a tradition of dressing up in incredibly fancy outfits to watch premiers and finales of your favorite shows, and act as if it’s a theater production. Such fun!

Asgore is so, so incredibly devoted. When you wake up, he’ll have your favorite tea ready for you- or coffee, if you so prefer. He’ll help you get ready to face the morning, and always give you a hug and kiss goodbye as you leave for the daily business. And he’s always there to walk you home, too- usually with a bouquet of flowers. Needless to say, the honeymoon phase made everyone sick. Dinner is a shared duty, as is cleaning- and he’s stopped mid-way to dance with you more than once. He usually stays up a bit to read, though he always stays close while you sleep, and takes great care to not wake you. 

Gaster is a bit of a goober, honestly. He can be forgetful, and absorbed in his work, but you’ll always be able to get his attention with just a smile. Even now, he gets so flustered with you- and so, so incredibly happy. He loves telling you about everything he’s done today- and what he plans to do tomorrow. Though, he’s more than happy to hear about your accomplishments as well! But. Science. Honestly, he’s so very proud of you and all that you do- his assistants and fellow scientists are honestly a little bit sick of hearing about you. When you try to get up in the morning, he may wake up long enough to try and convince you not to go, because sleep and cuddles are super important. 

Grillby’s also a goober- an affectionate, fiery goober. He never uses petnames because he loves your name far too much, he always makes sure to get off work at the diner in time to walk you home from your own job, is quick to open doors for you and help you carry things, and is the biggest cuddle fiend. Ever. Ever. He loves telling you about what the Snowdin dogs did today, and Sans’s latest antics, and he enjoys teasing you and getting you flustered when you’re both home. He loves hearing about your good days and is ready to comfort you for your bad ones. He loves how you always end up hugging him in your sleep, and he knows your favorite dishes by heart. Cooking by your side is the best thing in the world and trying each other’s dishes is even better. How’d a guy like him get so lucky? 

Muffet is devoted to her family- and lucky you, you’re the most important member of her family yet! Don’t get me wrong, she’s a very busy spider- but she will always take the time to say hello if you pass through the kitchen. Forgive her if she doesn’t stop what she’s doing, she needs to focus on her baking though, but she’ll blow you a kiss or two while you pass, and as soon as she’s done for the day she’s sure to bring you a special treat. Muffet enjoys talking with you about even the most inane things, and her favorite thing to do is to sit by the fire with you, her darling spider-cupcake and whatever the two of you are doing for the evening- reading? A show? A misplaced nap? No matter what, she doesn’t mind. Muffet is also very shameless with her affection- she knows what should stay home, but she’s more than willing to kiss you in public. In fact, she showers you with kisses all the time.


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What does your username actually mean?

It’s a play off of my given name.

My middle name is, Thanh. And in Vietnamese my parents wanted it to mean “pure”. My last name Nguyen is approximately pronounced “win”.

So essentially my URL is a pun of my real name:

Thanh Nguyen -> Pure Win - pure-nguyening

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chloesengel asked: max debryn or jim strange

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(sorry if this has been answered before, im on mobile) what kinds of brushes do you use for coloring? i always have a really hard time getting colors to blend and your art is always so pretty. thanks!!

here’s my two brushes I use the most for blending! (i use a regular pen to lay down flats and and colours)

smooth is a nice soft blending brush! really great and very blendy

Acrylacryl is a harder brush, and drags the colours around easily! 

Try playing with the settings and see what you like! 

siliquasquama replied to your postlisten…. i loathe the economist for many mostly…

What did The Economist ever do to you

it exists and worse still, has wrong opinions in print.

but seriously, it’s just annoying that it touts itself as being particularly savvy about politics and giving people the kind of srs bsns analysis that gives them the tools to make srs bsns decisions, but if you actually pick at their pieces with more than a dilettante-ish eye, their analysis ends up being pretty shallow and only cursorily informative. i only really am up to date with various india & britpol related stuff but their india politics analysis was hilariously shortsighted and idiotic and they legit repeated the line that modi might be good for the country’s economy (which is deeply ironic now that three years in, both the former head of the RBI and two former BJP finance bigwigs have come out and said that this government is singlehandedly responsible for tanking our economy). 

most hilariously, however, adrian wooldridge - who is the editor for britain and writes the bagehot column - spent the entire lead up to the general election naysaying corbyn, going so far as to call him (and the tory side) england’s worst second eleven, when held up against previous greats (apparently harold macmillan’s cabinet; again, hilarious, given other scathing takedown’s of macmillan’s cabinet notably that they were all bird-brained aristocrats who got there on strength of nepotism) AND THeN, amazingly, did an on the spot u-turn immediately - and i mean, literally hours - after the poll results came in calling jeremy corbyn a visionary on twitter. and now, in their podcast, he’s offering circular conversation about the tory party conference without actually offering any in-depth analysis about how they can be fixed besides that philip hammond should be allowed to head them for the next two years and then they should do a deep cleanse and bring “young blood up into the ranks” - without ever once naming who this young talent is supposed to be, or accounting for the fact that you know, george osborne seems to view being editor for the london evening standard as being forced to sit out on the bench until he gets to play again. it looks and sounds profound, but it’s just one guy making a bunch of u-turns without much depth or substance by the way of actual political analysis. which is what this magazine’s USP is supposed to be. analysis. 

idk about their finance section, maybe that’s good stuff. their science section was also very basic and overfond of evolutionary psych, which is not very scientifically sound anyway, when i last subscribed to it. i did, however, learn what a vulture fund was from their pages, so i guess there’s that. 

that’s not even getting into “socially liberal, fiscally conservative”.

also, you gotta have that one incredibly niche hatred and it was either this (and making myself happy at being proved gruesomely right) or reading fandom w/ank and making myself miserable about a thing i enjoy.

Fun science fact: Purrbaix diagrams can be used to show you which cat is the cutest under different applied voltages and pH of electrolyte. (Liz is always the cutest)

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Do your cats ever do that catglove thing where you rub their belly and they just kinda wrap around your hand and don't let go?

YES Wednesday is into this particular Cat Sin! he’s bad about using human hands as play objects, and his belly is oh-so-tempting

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Could we please stop putting callout posts/antiposts/discourse posts/etc. in the playchoices tag?? I’m here for the game only, not for anyone else’s bs.

Thanks 🙃