it's kas

i just want more of everything of this series !!! (especially this guy ahhhhh)

partially inspired by this post! or else I wouldn’t have thought about the connection between his name and the flower in the op tbh lol

You are challenged by Pokémon Trainer Kas!

anonymous asked:

The thing that I love about u is that when it come to kallura ur like "MAN FUCK KEITH ALLURA COULD GET 👏🏾ANYBODY👏🏾" but when it's klance ur like "LET ME GIVE U 1289522764REASONS ON HOW THEY ARE GREAT TOGTHER AND HOW THEY DESERVE HAPPINESS AND STABILITY WITHIN EACH OTHER"

Okay but have you seen Allura tho???

Looks aside she has defied a grown ass man’s orders to her face, thrown said grown man across a whole room, obliterated a fucking metal door like it was nothing, and taken on multiple druids at once and fucking won.

That tiny boy absolutely cannot handle her.