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Dreamer’s 4-K Dirty Par-tay: Smutty Clue!

So… This might be a giant fail or super fun!

To celebrate all you muffins hitching a ride with me, I thought we could have a Smut Drabble Party. But… with a twist. (much thanks to @because-imma-lady-assface for the kick-ass idea.)

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May I present: 


Here’s the idea: 

1. You need to be a follower. Duh.

2. You need to make a choice. Just like in Clue!, you send me an ASK with the following info:

  • Character (Sam/Jared, Dean/Jensen)
  • Location: (ie: motel, Impala, Bunker, conservatory, JJ’s Diner)
  • Thing: (This is open to: an emotion, a line of dialogue, a kink, etc.)
  • So, basically your ask should look like this: “Sam in the Library with a Headache” or… “Dean in the back of a Volkswagen, angry, with a Pineapple” … You get it? Please don’t send me that last one, or I WILL do it. lol

Please Note:

This is for a Reader Insert drabble. I’m not writing ships at this juncture. 

Anon is OK, but I can’t tag you and non-anon will get priority.

I may NOT write your request. Sometimes it just ain’t happening, and I’d rather not give you something shitty. If you send a request and I know it’s not gonna work, I’ll at least privately answer it and let you know. 

You may send more than one. Again, no guarantees if any will get done. But, have at it. 

My drabbles range between 200-7,000 words. Seriously. If it goes over 500, I’ll probably call it a one shot and write it up properly ;)

There are some things I will NOT write… I currently can’t think of any, but if you send one of those in, I’ll privately answer you with a “nuh uh, sorry”. Sometimes I get a case of the “nopes”. *shrug* it happens. 

This is open until… ? Until I say to stop. Who knows. We could go all weekend. I’m not too worried about a time frame. I’ll write them as they come in/as I am inspired. If I hit 20, I may consider stopping, but again, who knows. I’m feeling crazy lately. 

OK… you ready to get dirty? Let’s do this. 

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*excited giggles* make it dirty…


anonymous asked:

For 2 out of possible 6 seasons, the characters are actually really well developed and nuanced. Even h/unk is, despite popular belief. All of them weren't given huge arcs but it's still just 2 seasons in. Yeah this was kei//ths season but that's because he had a huge role ahead. it was like an origin story. Why is everyone complaining so much?

Because ever since K/eith was given a canon personality, it’s become harder to turn him into ship-fodder. He just doesn’t act *that way* in canon.

Season 1 & 2 are essentially one season, just like Season 3 & 4 are supposed to be. And while Sh/iro, P/idge and H/unk all had arcs in Season 1 and L/ance and A//ura were given quite a lot of screentime as well, K/eith had the personality of a stale piece of bread. So fanon tried to make up for that (albeit very badly and ship-oriented).

Just like they’ve given M/att a personality. Which is a perfectly normal fandom thing and not inherently bad, but in the Vo/tron fandom almost everything seems to be centered around shipping. A hilarious outcome actually, considering the first 26 episodes of the show are pretty much romance-free.