it's just... ugh

*watching an MCU movie with some new acquaintances*

*lowkey tries to get them into Agents of SHIELD*

Do AIs dream (of electric sheep)?

Hal must have been really confused about not having a dream self anymore. Hal wouldn’t have had issues with being awake/aware 24/7 as a computer because Dirk was used to being aware of his dream self. He wouldn’t have had much issue running multiple conversations/programs after that, so maybe the multitasking just replaced the dream self. But he was also never used to being actually asleep either. It’s sort of implied by Dirk when he talks about how its only right to let Hal run occasionally that he either has either turned Hal off before or just sometimes doesn’t let him auto-respond. Either way Hal might be unconscious or at the very least stuck in his own head with no ability to act upon the outside world, without having ever experienced that before through memories of being Dirk. 

Okay sooo vanillahobbit tagged me, so I’m going the thing. Five things I like about myself.

1) I can easily change a conversation topic. It’s one of my secret weapons and I do it all the time.

2) I think my eye color is nice???

3) My art/writing is alright

4) I am very kind and compassionate……. to cats

5) I’m pretty sure that I have a good imagination most of the time

That was a lot harder than I thought it was gonna be. I tag: fangirlforlife19 orokay thetrashhero garrustheirin anobodyartist isriana
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Ronan’s home was the barns, the road, the church and the five of them. Matthew, Parrish, Gansey, Noah, even Sargent. They were more home than any roof he’d lived under // Surely he would wake up soon and find himself again

digging like you can bury
something that cannot die
or we could wash the dirt off our hands now
keep it from living underground
i don’t have to see you right now



(∩˃ o ˂∩)


Arashi ni Shiyagare [2015.07.11]
┗ Nino’s too amused by Baby J~ (≧ω≦)

Okay but have you all considered the following

  • Tom knowing multiple languages due to his status as prince of hell (I mean the BMB is a pretty special event I doubt he’d be able to change it without having some powerful influence)
  • Tom flirting and whispering inappropriate things to Marco in French around other people to embarrass him. 
  • Marco tries to do the same thing in Spanish, but doesn’t count on Tom being able to whisper sweet things back to him.
  • They casually flirt all the time in Spanish in front of Star but are completely embarrassed when She tells them to get a room.
  • Tom helping Star get ready for her dates with Jackie an being a 100 % supportive and caring best friend.
  • Tom wrapped up in a scarf and Marco’s hoodie because he’s used to how hot hell is. He hoards all of the blankets in the house and it only gets worse during Winter.
  • Marco meeting Tom’s parents and being hella nervous because his dad is intimidating af but his mom is super nice and immediately takes a liking to him.

Sorry guys, I’m really just sick of these PT stans who attack anyone who has anything negative to say about Phoebe - actually, anyone who posts in the Anti tag - regardless of what the post is actually about or what argument the criticism is grounded in. You say something, you’re a hater/bully. 

It’s like no one has the right to say anything negative about Phoebe. 

If I have the right to say something negative about Barack Obama, why don’t I have the right to say something negative about a TV actress?

one day may be forever, but that’s okay

this couple makes me cry my little heart out so I kind of did this


I don’t know much about economics, but even I understand that raising the minimum wage is a fucking stupid idea.

oh sure, let’s make it $15/hour. then, have a bunch of people work less hours or even lose their jobs ‘cause employers can’t afford to pay them anymore.

who do you think this is going help? the poor and struggling? fuck no. it’s going to make it that much harder for them. employers will have to make cuts, whether it be cutting down hours, laying people off, being open less hours, whatever. maybe this can work for big corporations that have a lot of money to spend on their employees. but for small businesses?

just think about it. there are some serious problems with raising the minimum wage, and you should be questioning everything Bernie Sanders says. (ie. how are you going to do that? how will that help? what are all possible outcomes? did u even study economics bro???)