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The amount of indirect or almost kisses that Taehyung and Jungkook had just urges me to break through the phone screen and make them kiss already…


Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me  恶魔少爷别吻我 S2 Ep.1
Chu Xia x Qi Lu 初七夫妇 ~ Confession Again

“Let’s be lovers”

I don’t even like William, but from what Noora said he really struggled with the Nico stuff. While he shouldn’t have abandoned her and worked all the time, effectively ending their communication, it’s important to remember his side. SKAM is all about people learning and changing for the better, and it teaches us not to judge people based on their mistakes and their prejudices. At the end of the day, he was a teenager who couldn’t handle the weight of that relationship, but to say he’s abusive to Noora and that he’s an inherently bad person is, in my opinion, unfair.

SKAM is all about how people aren’t what they seem, and William may seem like a fuckboy who messes with Noora’s heart but just remember that Even screwed with Isak’s feelings but redeemed himself, and Jonas was a pretty shitty boyfriend but redeemed himself.

I mean, as a character, William reminds me a lot of my sister’s boyfriend. Sure he’s an idiot, and he’s a freakin’ mess but he’s also the same age (19/20) and he’s still young. And I know he loves my sister a lot despite his idiocy and the fact that she deserves better. She loves him, the same way Noora loves William. It’s irrational but it’s uncontrollable.

I just think everyone needs to calm down on the William hating and either ignore him (if you hate the Noorhelm stuff that much just don’t let it bother you) or simply wait and see how the story pans out for Noora and Noorhelm.

  • What I want to write:
  • The kiss slowly grew more passionate, his hand wandered to the nape of your neck, pulling you closer. You took the chance to move your leg over his to straddle him, and he moved both his hands around your back, pulling you closer, never breaking the kiss once. While moving your hands up to play with his hair, you licked his lips fleetingly, asking for permission and he obliged. The feeling of his tongue shyly playing with yours, his hands roaming your body, his soft plump lips moulding perfectly onto yours and his smell in your nose - he was driving you crazy and you started to feel your underwear grow damp. Not wanting to push him too much in fear the moment would end, you decided to simply enjoy yourself while it lasted - you figured he'd probably pull away soon just like he usually did.
  • What I have to write:
  • A two-way ANOVA was carried out on the Simpson's index of concentration by treatment type and genotype. There was no statistically significant interaction between the effects of treatment and genotype on concentration [F48,3=1.1169, p=0.295876].
  • However, we found a significant effect of treatment on diversity [F48,3=12.0580, p=0.001102], whereas the genotype did not have a significant effect on the diversity index [F48,3=0.0009, p=0.976036], suggesting that treatment influences the concentration regardless of the genotype.
  • Post Hoc tests revealed that there is a significant difference between shaken and still treatments for the mutator strain [p=0.0125085] but not for any of the other interactions.

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Amy looked over in wonder, stepping forward. The floorboards creaked under her feet, causing her to hum. She ran her fingers over a couple spines, small amounts of dust collecting on her fingertips.

She read a small note before something in the corner caught her eye. She walked over, seeing a plain black notebook under a stack of books. She tried to pull it out and succeed but she caused the stack to fall with a loud crash.

“You should really be more careful, my dear.”, the Host spoke, standing in the doorway with his arms crossed. He didn’t mind her going inside, but he thought he had asked to not touch anything.
“These books are the first prints. At least it wasn’t from my shelf.”, he sighed, walking inside. Gandalf followed shortly after, running inside and sitting down in the way to the desk, almost glaring at Amy.

He sighed softly, walking over to Amy. He usually kept all his book neatly inside of the shelves, taking care of them. The only shelf not organized was his shelf, where no books were, but only journals and envelopes.
But the stack she had caused to fall over seemingly fell apart, pages falling out of the books like they had been ripped out before.

Random Post at 2am but god I am so disillusioned at DR right now, to the point that even looking at my DR filled dash depresses the hell out of me.

The double hit of Z-hen and V3 really was hard; z-hen made me look at SDR2 very differently (though, to be fair, I already had thought that SDR2 had a lot of flaws) to the point where I almost don’t even like it anymore as a game, I’m just here for Komaeda Hinata and Kamukura really.

And V3 kind of made me look at DR1 differently, not that it has anything to do with DR1 in terms of plot, but the message of V3 went so against the message of DR1, which was a message that meant a lot to me - I was in a super depressive spiral when I played DR1, and it really helped me have hope and faith when I really needed it - and seeing the same author do that…is very disillusioning.

I don’t wanna leave the fandom, really, and I’m not planning to - but I’m a hugely disillusioned mess right now (particularly on SDR2 - like I said I’m not even sure I even like SDR2 anymore, just key elements [except the stage show ver that’s the version of SDR2 we all deserve tbh] which, I’ve had problems with SDR2 ever since I beat it like I said, but z-hen really made me look at it and see it’s flaws and less reason to excuse them way more.)

I’m trying to write fics and things - it’s just hard when I’m just disillusioned with the author and their intent and mostly riding on characters from the series rather then the whole entire series. I guess I’m not really sure what my intent is with this post, I guess it’s just a vent post since I haven’t really posted anything not a reblog in a few months.

Has anyone played To The Edge Of The Sky?!?!?!?! fUckkkkkkkkKkkKkkKkkKkkkk?!?!?! I played it like N number of times just to pick different options and wow jungkook was so affronted that I could “handle the men myself” LMAOOOO


Your… Your leg

is someone actually being insensitive or do i just have a victim mentality? who tf knows

so,you like yurionice?

THEN PLEASE CONSIDER READING AGAIN!! ,BY MITSUROU KUBO ,the creator of yuri on ice!!!!!!

ok,like i have been wanted to do this post a long while ago since i read Again!! 

The story goes like the mc, Imamura graduated as a loner and have unfulfilling high school life. Imamura wonder how his school life would turn out if he join the cheers club and so he decide to check out the club one last time.But then,a girl saw him climbing out the window and thought that he,a delinquent tried to damage the school property on his last day of school and calls for help. unfortunately,when she runs down the stairs she slipped and fell down.and….died?? 

i have to say this manga has the greatest character development, plot and more importantly,great art by the greatest KUBO SENSEI. 

also,im not good at analysis or meta or shit but let me point u out to things that i love in this manga SO I CAN DRAG U ALL TO READ THIS

#1 intimidating teacher but is actually super kind and supportive

#2 Imamura friends in class is just bunch of girls 

#3 this guy only swears in english


#5 that feels when people read your story?


#7 AND IT WENT VIRAL (..i see kubo loves this viral thing)


,also ok someone please add to this post w more important scene that you love bc this post just isnt enough to show how great this manga is

anonymous asked:

My wife is usually super good about my PTSD. But when someone threatens us or tries to attack us (we're gay in the south, it happens often) and our friends see, it's always a quick "yeah she's got anger issues". Like, no. It's not a fucking anger issue it's the disorder helping make sure that I am never victimized again the way I've been in the past. I just. URGH. It's like, it feels like she's only okay for the anxious part of things, not the part where I need to constantly protect us

People often only seem to accept the “nice” parts of mental illness, don’t they? When we get angry, violent, shout, anything like that, the previously “supportive” people change their minds fast.

I’m so sorry, anon, that’s gotta hurt. This is gonna come out patronising, sorry!! Try talking to her if you haven’t already? Hopefully she’ll listen…


Fun Fact: I simply found this picture in my archives one day; I had completely forgotten about its existence. I don’t even remember when I drew it, although the file says it was created on the 5th of May. I am spooked because never before has a finished image like this been completely wiped from my memory as this has done, and I’m lucky to have stumbled upon it because otherwise it would have disappeared into the recesses of existence.

So here y’all go. A hidden Chara of strange origins; stop being so freaky child jeezles.

I’m actually in a dilemma… 

A very strong part of me wants Ash Greninja to return in Sun and Moon especially with the whole Zygarde connection (like in the game). 

Yet, another (small) part of me honestly can’t imagine this ‘Ash-design’ (in Sun & Moon) with Ash Greninja ;_; I know Ash is still Ash, and I still like him ‘for his personality (side of things)’, just let me be salty for this design for Ash(like I don’t know, it felt like they don’t put any effort in for Ash chara-design at all in Sun & Moon). 


What is happening right now with Bucky?!?

I am assuming the recent events which have happened involving Bucky will be reversed by the end of this entire HYDRA!Steve kerfuffle, yes?! YES?!?!?