it's just urgh

so,you like yurionice?

THEN PLEASE CONSIDER READING AGAIN!! ,BY MITSUROU KUBO ,the creator of yuri on ice!!!!!!

ok,like i have been wanted to do this post a long while ago since i read Again!! 

The story goes like the mc, Imamura graduated as a loner and have unfulfilling high school life. Imamura wonder how his school life would turn out if he join the cheers club and so he decide to check out the club one last time.But then,a girl saw him climbing out the window and thought that he,a delinquent tried to damage the school property on his last day of school and calls for help. unfortunately,when she runs down the stairs she slipped and fell down.and….died?? 

i have to say this manga has the greatest character development, plot and more importantly,great art by the greatest KUBO SENSEI. 

also,im not good at analysis or meta or shit but let me point u out to things that i love in this manga SO I CAN DRAG U ALL TO READ THIS

#1 intimidating teacher but is actually super kind and supportive

#2 Imamura friends in class is just bunch of girls 

#3 this guy only swears in english


#5 that feels when people read your story?


#7 AND IT WENT VIRAL (..i see kubo loves this viral thing)


,also ok someone please add to this post w more important scene that you love bc this post just isnt enough to show how great this manga is

Fun Fact: I simply found this picture in my archives one day; I had completely forgotten about its existence. I don’t even remember when I drew it, although the file says it was created on the 5th of May. I am spooked because never before has a finished image like this been completely wiped from my memory as this has done, and I’m lucky to have stumbled upon it because otherwise it would have disappeared into the recesses of existence.

So here y’all go. A hidden Chara of strange origins; stop being so freaky child jeezles.


Your… Your leg


henber selcas 


Star Wars: Dressing a Galaxy, Trisha Biggar

syphrosine here are a few terrible photos from the book, as ever my scanner is too wee. There are also double page spreads of concept art at the start of each chapter along with a chapter introduction. This is a fairly random selection from the book (Uh, guess who has a bias against Padme’s RotS costumes…)

I had to include George Lucas, Katie Lucas and Trisha Biggar. Obviously.

Thumbnails! Of every featured costume in all six films! They’re arranged by character/organisation, then chronologically within that.

And as a fun bonus, there is this fine specimen on the back cover:


(…) Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the stars refuse to shine
Out of the back you fall in time
I somehow find, you and I collide.

Me while watching the x-men movies
  • me: erik don't
  • me: erik pls
  • me: come on erik stop
  • me: what the fuck erik
  • me: how stupid can you be erik
  • me: magneto more like shut the fuck up
  • me: what an asshole, calls himself magneto thinks he is cool
  • me: put that stadium down or so help me you fucking idiot
  • my friends: wow you really hate magneto right?
  • me: ...
  • me: why the fuck would you think that?? i love him okay? how dare you

“Stanley, you are literally an angel”

 just a quick little lolilo sketch at 3am no biggie

I know I’ve just reblogged a post about this and have probably talked about this a hundred times but it’s really difficult talking to your mutuals. 

Like, even though you’re both following each other, it’s not entirely sure if that gives you the permission to speak one another. There’s the whole thought process of ‘do they even want to talk to me or would they rather be left alone?’ and it’s a cycle that keeps going on and on. 

You never really know how the other person will react as well and if they’re only talking to you because they have to. I know that most of the time, if not all, they’re nervous to talk to you as well. I’ve always wanted to talk to my mutuals and have hoped that one day, they’ll talk to me. But again, they could be hoping for the same thing and could be just as nervous as I am. 

It’s so frustrating to see people who share your interests and who are so nice but you don’t know how to speak to them because you’re afraid of messing something up, scaring them off or just getting on their nerves.