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don't know if you watch pd101 but if you do could you pleaaaase write a kang daniel college!au? he has effectively ruined my life 🙃🙃🙃🙃

i do!! ill write a mini one for him ^^

  • major: public health + paramedic certificate because he wants to work as a part of an ER response team
  • sports: dance team, football team
  • is essentially the school sweetheart and everyone knows him as the guy who’d give you the shirt off his back if you asked
  • quite literally,,,,jisung played a joke once and asked daniel if he could borrow his shirt because his next period class was SUPER cold and daniel,,,,,,,,,,literally took off his shirt
  • rumor has it some chick fainted from the sight of his bare shoulders but no one knows if this was confirmed or not (seongwoo claims it totally is true)
  • but like he really does his best to try and help others out,,,especially freshman or younger students in the course who seem to be struggling with adjusting to like college life
  • he’s like the reliable big brother who is smiley and soft and will teach you silly dance moves on the quad
  • but is also super serious about helping people and isn’t scared of anything, from jumping into a fire to save someone in need of medical assistance to carrying people who’ve broken legs,,,,,,,
  • also let’s take a moment to imagine daniel in the paramedic like get up like the uniform,,,,thank u 
  • everyone thinks its super adorable that daniel’s first rescue story was saving his cat who got stuck in a tree
  • like how TYPICAL and CORNY but also,,,,,,he’s an angel who walks the earth amiright
  • seongwoo is always like “my bestfriend is going to be the next iron man~ captian,,,,where did you study again my dude??? canada?? captain CANADA” 
  • and daniel is like embarrassed but also,,,,,he loves his friends and is happy they support him but seriously captain canada thats worse than when jisung got the football team to refer to him as quarterback cat-lover
  • you’re actually one of the TAs for one of the tests in the paramedic course and there’s a requirement of paramedics being able to carry at least 125 pounds by themselves and you’re supposed to be checking off who can pick up the human dummy and who cant
  • and so you’re going down the list and ur like “next,,,,kang daniel?”
  • and you don’t look up when he steps over you just motion with your hand toward the dummy and you’re like “pick him up and walk three laps around the room”
  • and when you look up you almost drop your clipboard because ,,,, this handsome boy smiles and is like sure!! and uve never seen someone so happy to drag around a plastic human before
  • but there he is,,,,hosting the dummy up like it weighs n o t h i n g
  • and he turns to u and is like “can i try carrying two?” and ur like ,,,,uh,,,,,s,,,sure???
  • and once again he baffles you,,,picking up the other dummy and going on his merry way
  • and in what seems like the shortest period of time than everyone else you tested he does his three circles and stops in front of you
  • carefully setting the dummy’s down and wiping at his forehead,,,,that pretty grin on his face
  • and he’s like “all good??”
  • and ur like,,,,y,,,yes,,,,um,,,,,,,,yes you’re good
  • with a bow he says thanks and leaves the room and you’re like what,,,,,,who,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • and you look down at his name again and you’re like “kang daniel,,,,,,,are you superhuman/!??!?!”
  • for the next week you can’t get him off your mind,,,and you’re sure it’s because he’s not only strong and cute but because you’ve been a TA for the program for this whole semester and no one has ever just looked that happy to do the tests
  • and one afternoon you’re eating lunch with a friend in the campus cafe when you spot daniel,,,,at a table with his health books stacked up near his tray (which is also stacked with food)
  • ad at some point ur friend is like heY,,, hEY stop staring you’re going to DROOL
  • and ur like !!!!!! WOOPS but they also nudge and are like “kang daniel huh? he’s cuuuuute~ go talk to him!!!” and ur like HA,,,I ,,,,,,,,wasn’tlookingathimiwaslookingathis,,,,,sandwich
  • and ur friend rolls their eyes but when u look back daniel???? is staring back at you
  • and when you make eye contact he perks up and waves and ur like ?????????? looking around and then pointing at urself and he nods and waves u over
  • and u get up and ur friend lets out a whistle as you go to sit beside him and ur like ,,,,hey,,,, and he smiles again and the way his cheeks go up and his teeth show is SO DAMN CUTE
  • and he’s like “not to sound full of myself but i noticed you were looking at me for a while, whats up?”
  • and you,,,,,,almost dIE of embarrassment on the spot because oh frick he saw you
  • but you’re also like o,,,oh i ,,,i was just,,,,,um,,,,,,ur the guy who carried two dummies at the test a week ago??? and i was like oH is that you or not you you kno-
  • but daniel just chuckles and closes his book 
  • and he’s like “yep that was me,,,,,but i dont think thats why you were looking.”
  • and you feel ur mouth go dry and you’re like i,,,, um– but daniel just points to your friend with his pen and is like “do you think they’ll be ok with me stealing you away for a little date to the movie tonight?”
  • and ur like!!!!!!!!! ,,,, o,,,oh and u look at ur friend who just shooting hearts and thumbs up at u
  • and daniel is like lol they remind me of jisung but ur also like ,,,, i,,,i think ,,, they’ll be ok with that
  • and daniel winks,,,handing you the pen and rolling up his sleeve
  • and he’s like “here, write your number down and ill call u to set up a time”
  • and u cant believe it as you’re scribbling down ur number,,,,,but it’s true he calls u around 7 and u guys go see a movie and it’s adorable and daniel is a gentleman through and through paying for everything,,,,,telling you he likes the way you look all serious during the dramatic scenes,,,,holding your hand when he takes you back to your dorm
  • even a light kiss on your forehead,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it’s a dream come true
  • dating college!daniel: he is really good in all his classes but he tends to be LATE so he’s always rushing in the morning but he never fails to send you a ‘good morning, i love you’ text, doesnt really like coffee so u get into the habit of buying him smoothies and he thinks its cute how u remember this about him also those smoothies are really good for his vegetable intake u are so thoughtful, you and daniel adopt the newest paramedic trainee woojin, daniel is suchhhhh a tease he always sneaks up behind you when ur studying to wrap u up in his arms and kiss on your neck, jisung always makes faces when u guys pda but tbh he loVES seeing daniel so happy with you, seongwoo is like “im his original soulmate” but he’s just joking hehe, daniel sends u pics of cats he sees on the street, you guys get matching rings like a month into it because kang daniel goes HARD for love, favorite dates range from laser tag to night fireworks on the beach, thinks its cute when you wear his flannels to class or during finals because u guys are both studying and u cant see him so often but they remind you of him, daniel takes you with him to get his first tattoo and u hold his hand the whole time, he’s kinda bad at realizing he isnt invincible so sometimes ull find scrapes on him and have to bandage him up, did anyone say morning after laughter under the sheets: yeah i did for KANG DANIEL who loves skinship and YOU 
Delta (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Pt. 7  A/B/O

A/N: ALRIGHTY YALL! This one gets a lil wild!  😭 But it was super fun to write! I hope you guys like it! ENJOY! - Delilah  ❤️

By the way, I added in a hidden Marvel character, let’s see if you guys can find them! (;

Warnings: Angst. Swearing. Light smut. Violence. 

The cry you let out shook Bucky to his core.

The only thing he could think was that maybe this was the universe’s way of finally punishing him for all he’s done. If it was, he’d do anything in his power to rewind these past two days. What he did had absolutely nothing to do with you, but from his experience with life so far, that didn’t really matter.  

The sound of the door opening broke his trance.

“What are you doing in here?” Elisa stood in front of the two security guards. “There’s a patient in here! You need to leave.”

One of the guards peered over at you and then Bucky. He pulled out some kind of device and began speaking into it. That send a wave of panic through you.

“We need Ms. Y/L/N to come with us at once.” The other one spoke harshly. He stepped around Elisa and began walking towards you.

Immediately, Bucky ushered you behind him with his arm, placing himself between the two of you.

“You’re not taking her anywhere,” Bucky spat. You could hear the growl rumbling through his chest as he spoke. You wrapped a hand around his arm, peeking around his shoulder.

Elisa was still standing in front of the other security guard. Her hands on her hips as she all but cursed him out. She was livid.

“-my hospital wing and you will not just waltz in here in the middle of a private examination! That is illegal!” She exclaimed. The guard tried to step around her, only for the woman to plant a foot in front of it, blocking him once again.

Bucky slowly began backing away, his flesh hand wrapped around yours protectively. There was no way they could take him out, you knew that. You’ve seen footage of what he could do. But the last thing you wanted was to create a giant ruckus.

“Move aside. Now!” The man barked at Bucky, stepping closer.

Your hand tightened around his hand as he pushed you back even more.

“Y/N,” Bucky said over his shoulder. Your eyes snapped upwards, meeting his blue ones. Somehow, he looked eerily calm. How in the hell could he be?

“Yes?” You squeaked. You could feel your legs shaking underneath you.

“When I count to three, I need you to run as fast as you can out of this room. Do you hear me?” His voice was soft, but you could sense the panic underneath it.

You shook your head rapidly. “No, not without you!”

He gripped your hand tighter. “Y/N, this isn’t a negotiation, sugar.” The guard began walking towards you at full force. Oh no….

“One…” he counted.

“Two….” he pushed you away from him as the guard threw a punch.

“Y/N, run!” Bucky shouted as he caught the man’s punch with ease and twisted his arm in an unnatural position.

Wasting no time, you raced towards the door, only for the other security guard to swipe at you. Elisa picked up one of the medical trays and brought it down on his head with all her might.

“Y/N, Go!” She exclaimed.

You dashed down the hallway as fast as your legs could carry you. Behind you, could could hear heavy footsteps, which only caused you to panic even more. You turned the corner, nearly colliding with the wall.

You felt the fabric of the hospital gown tug harshly, causing you to slow down. Not knowing what else to do, you swung your elbow backwards into the person’s face.

“Ms. Y/L/N, that’s enough!”

You wiggled in their grasp, kicking your legs with all your might. This earned you a violent slap to your face. That was a terrible way of treating a pregnant woman, but then again, they wanted you sterilized. They didn’t give two cares if the baby got hurt.

You shrieked as the man began carrying you away. You immediately went into a full panic. You dragged your nails down his arms, digging into the flesh. You kicked his sides as he tried to haul you away.

“Grab her legs!” The man called to someone. You felt foreign hands grasping your feet, preventing them from moving.

You screamed as loud as you could, flailing your arms. This wasn’t happening! There was no way they could do this legally! This was forced sterilization.

Suddenly, you felt a sharp stabbing pain on your thigh. Looking down, you saw that one of the men had gave you a sedation shot.

Before you could think, you saw the bright light of Tony’s Iron Man. He grabbed one of the men and flung him across the room. You felt the other man’s grip loosen on you, followed by screams.

“Y/N?” Tony’s voice trembled as he knelt down beside you. You could feel yourself slowly fading away, the sedative working quickly throughout your system.

“Steve, get a medical team over here now!” He shouted over his shoulder. The last thing you saw was his worried face above you.

“How is this even legal?” Pepper asked as she re-read the document for the third time. The last she heard of a delta sterilization waiver was in the late eighties and that was in an extreme case. People didn’t do this anymore, so it made her wonder.

What kind of man was your father?

As far as she knew, you were a grown woman. Completely capable of making your own decisions on any aspect. What gave him the right to play doctor in this situation? It was completely insane.

“Her father is one sick bastard.” Sam commented from the kitchen. He popped open the top to his beer and took a sip. “Who agrees to sterilize their child?”

Tony sighed and rubbed his temples. One day. He was gone for one day and somehow the following managed to happen:

  1. Barnes knocked you up.  
  2. Natasha tried to knock you up but failed.
  3. You’re scheduled for a forced sterilization and termination.
  4. Bucky literally killed two shield security guards.

How did this even happen? Did he really need to hire a babysitter for these fools? Bucky was a hundred years old, for fuck’s sake. And you were the most mature young adult he’s ever met. But maybe things changed. How was Tony supposed to convince the law Bucky was acting in self defense this time?

Tony felt a bit salty towards this whole thing with you and Barnes.

How could he not? You were -dare he say it- the last piece of family he had, yet somehow Bucky managed to take you as well. God, he hoped the man didn’t have some kind of grudge towards him and did it as retaliation. He didn’t seem that petty.

“Are there any loopholes around this waiver?” Tony asked, taking a sip from his coffee. He might as well inject it, he needed to be as woke as a 9/11 conspiracy theorist today.

“It says here that only Mr. Y/L/N can break the waiver.” Pepper said quietly, completely lost in thought.

“Yeah, we already know that.”

“WAIT!” Wanda suddenly exclaimed, standing up from her spot on the couch. Her eyes were wide as she scurried towards Pepper. She snatched the paper from her and held it up to her face, her brows furrowed as she read carefully.

Everyone eyed each other in confusion.

Tony totally forgot she even lived here now.

“What is it?” Steve asked, peering over her shoulder.  She gasped, setting the paper on the desk.

“I think I just found a way to fix this!” She smiled, her eyes shining with hope.

Bucky gently rubbed small circles into the flesh of your stomach. He hadn’t left your side for anything.

You were still asleep beside him, your back pressed against his chest, your body curled against his. It was strangely intimate for two people that weren’t bonded and Bucky had to remind himself that each time he felt like he was getting too comfortable.

This time, he would get your consent above anything else.

Who knows? Maybe you two will end up being great companions? He didn’t want that in the slightest -he wanted you a hundred percent. But if you only wanted to see him once a year, he’d agree just to see you content.

You stirred slightly, shifting your position so that you were facing him. Your hair fell over your face as you opened your eyes, completely oblivious to what happened since going under.  

You inhaled deeply, taking in his scent. You really enjoyed that. But your body seemed to enjoy it even more. You placed small kisses along his collarbone, earning a small sigh from him. The arousal between your legs was back, but this time you wanted to let nature take its course. You were too exhausted to fight it off again.

“Y/N,” Bucky spoke, his voice caught you off guard. Peering up at him, you gave him a small smile.

“Hi,” you greeted, your voice rough from all the screaming earlier. You sounded like you had gargled glass.

He ran his metal hand through your hair. You practically purred as he did so. How did he manage to do this to you without even trying?

“What happened after I left?” You asked timidly. It was unclear whether or not you really wanted to know. Was Elisa okay? You hoped so.

Bucky tensed at your question and you could see the panic in his eyes. Oh no, was she okay? Was the baby okay?


“I don’t remember,” he confessed, although he sounded like he didn’t believe that himself. “Steve said I had another episode. And that those guards…”

“Are they okay?” You honestly didn’t give a damn if they were, but you still needed to know if they were at least alive. Bucky could be in serious trouble if he killed people.

“Steve said that one of them is in the ICU. The other…” your eyes widened. You sat up from the bed and pulled the covers back. Immediately, you re-covered yourself.

To your surprise, you were no longer wearing the hospital gown. In fact, you weren’t wearing anything at all except the white cotton panties that was underneath. You heard Bucky’s breath hitch and you blushed.

“We’re screwed aren’t we?” You asked over your shoulder.

“That’s not that very positive, kiddo.” He chuckled. You felt his metal hand rub your back softly, soothing the tension in you once again.

“C’mon, doll,” he whispered, gently pulling your shoulder backwards until you were lying on your back again.

His hand traveled down to your stomach and began rubbing it in small circles. You let out a small sigh at the coolness of his metal hand on your warm flesh. You could get used to this.

Bucky rested his chin on top of your head, humming softly with content. He could get used to this, too. It felt so…right. Like this is supposed to be happening, but did you feel like that?

You closed your eyes. The circles on your stomach slowly lulled you to sleep, until you felt them traveling lower and lower. Your eyes opened, not so much that he could tell, but enough to peer down and see what he was doing.

His fingers slid underneath the waistband of your panties and snaked their way between your legs. Hey ghosted over your lips, barely connecting with the soft flesh. Your breath began to grow uneven. He slowly spread your folds with his fingers, and ran his middle finger over your clit.

Your hand instantly flew to his bicep, clutching it tightly. You felt Bucky place a kiss onto your temple as his middle finger rubbed small circles into your nub. The moan that escaped your lips sent shivers throughout Bucky and he yearned to hear it as many times as possible.

“You like this, baby?” he asked, rubbing harsher circles. You let out a whimper and nodded furiously.

“Yes, alpha.” You moaned, closing your eyes at the feeling of his fingers.

Bucky bent downwards, taking your nipple into his mouth and sucking on it harshly. Your back instantly arched into his mouth. His fingers ceased their circles and teased your entrance slowly, before sliding inside your heat.

“Oh, Bucky…” you mewled, leaning your head back onto the pillows. His fingers felt even better than before and you could feel yourself growing closer to your release. Just a few more strokes of his fingers…

“-found a way to help Y/N- OH MY GOD!” Steve practically kicked the door open, causing it to slam against the wall.

“STEVE, WHAT THE FUCK!” Bucky shouted as he shot up from the bed. With a shriek, you grabbed the sheets and covered your body. God damn it, Steve! Captain America could survive being frozen for seventy years, but he couldn’t use common courtesy?

“I’m sorry!” he apologized, shielding his eyes with his hands. “I didn’t think you would be…fonduing in here!”

You cringed. What was he on about? What did fondue have to do with this? You didn’t even like cheese that much.

“What do you need? I’m kind of preoccupied here.” Bucky snapped. Steve rolled his eyes before looking over his hands.

“We found something, I think it’s a way to get Y/N out of this contract.”

“Y/N?” Elisa asked as she re-read the document in her hands. The entire team was in the common room now, with you seated on the couch next to Bucky. He hadn’t let go of you for more than a few seconds at a time. 

“Is this true?” You felt everyone’s eyes on you. 

Truth be told, you hadn’t spoken to him in over three years. But you hoped -no prayed, that he’d do this for you, just this once. He hated you, you knew that, but you were practically children the last time you saw each other. However, he did live in Louisiana, on the other side of the country. You doubted he even knew you were in New York after what happened. 

With a deep breath, you nodded. 

“His name is Remy,” you said, looking around the room at everyone’s shocked faces. “Remy Y/L/N, he’s my older brother.” 

“If that’s true,” Peter chimed in from beside Tony. “He’s a blood relative and an alpha. He can break the waiver!”

“There’s a problem,” you pulled out a small file from inside your loose jacket. Everyone’s eyebrows raised. How did you even fit that in there. 

“What’s the problem?” Bucky asked, his arm wrapping around your waist tightly. 

“He uh…isn’t exactly too fond of the law. In fact,” you open the file to reveal your brother’s picture. Gosh, he hasn’t changed a bit. 

“He’s got a bit of a gambling problem.”

-FIN  ❤️

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It was supposed to be an innocent trip to the movies– a date night because the two had been horribly busy over the last two weeks.

Keith picked Lance up around seven and was surprised to see the latter looking incredibly pale and bundled up in a coat despite the early fall temperatures.

“You’re sick,” Keith said flatly as Lance eased himself into the passenger seat. His hands gripped tightly around the wheel, but he kept his eyes trained on the brunet.

“I’m okay,” Lance said, but seconds later, he had to turn away to cough harshly into the crook of his elbow.


“I said I’m fine,” Lance muttered out tiredly as a few, weaker coughs slipped past his lips. “Yeah I’m a little sick, but I haven’t seen you in two weeks, Keith. I want to spend time with you.”

Sighing, Keith leaned toward Lance and brushed a hand against the brunet’s too warm cheek. “We can spend the night in. We don’t have to go out.”

Lance shook his head. “We agreed on a proper date night. Let’s just go. I’ll be fine.”

Keith was reluctant, but he couldn’t counter Lance’s stubbornness. He put the car in drive and pulled out of the parking spot he was in.

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12.20 coda

Max’s eyes get this predatory gleam in them when he looks down into the Impala. Big guns; they’ve always impressed people. It’s a look Dean recognizes in his own face, the same youth-bright passion for really cool shit. He can’t help smirking a bit as he watches Max lean over the trunk.

“So. Bartender’s number, huh?” Dean says.

Max smirks too, still drinking in the Impala’s arsenal in all her splendor. “Oh yeah. Got a date tonight, in fact. Wouldn’t mind showing him the backseat of this baby,” he purrs.

Dean blinks. “Him?”

Max straightens, frowns at him. “Uh, yeah,” he scoffs. “Problem?”

Dean shakes his head, so fast that the world tips on its side for a minute. “Just making conversation,” he coughs.

Max still looks kind of hesitant, though. He takes a step back from Dean and ducks his head to inspect the rims.

Dean watches the back of his head as he does. Young guy, sister that loves him and sticks with him, a mother he adores and doesn’t have to worry about so much. A hot dude bartender’s number.

Dean swallows past a sudden lump in his throat.

This is everything I could have had.

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Family portraits

Batfamweek 2017, day #1: family.

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It starts with a casual comment, one that shouldn’t bother him so much. And it doesn’t. Not right away.

“You don’t have any photo on your desk”, the new girl says. She started working at WE two weeks ago and Tim thinks her name is Kathy, or July, or something like that. He’ll pick it up eventually. Now he just blinks up at her from behind the pile of reports he’s working on.


She bits her bottom lip, now looking embarrassed at her own straightforwardness, and vaguely gestures at his desk again.

“No photos”, she repeats. “People usually have photos on their desk. Family. Girlfriends or boyfriends. You know?”

Family, girlfriends, boyfriends. Yes, Tim knows.

“Well”, he smiles politely. “I’m just trying not to look like I’m fifty and live only for my work, to the point to spend all my time in my office and need photographic reminders of what my family looks like.”

Kathy or July or something like that frowns at him.

“Beside, my family is really ugly”, Tim continues, going for less subtle sarcasm, but the joke doesn’t really comes out his mouth as a joke, and KathyJulySomethingLikeThat looks more confused than before.

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Nurseydex prompt where the team forces Dex and Nursey into a closet or supply room or some small space so theyll talk and deal w the UST and finally get together but once the door is closed Dex starts having a panic attack either bc small space (memories of bullying? Claustrophobic?) and bc he's forced to talk FEELINGS w Nursey and its all 2 much and Nursey tries to convince the team to let them out while also comforting Dex thru this and ends with them getting out and start (secretly?) dating

So, I deviated away from the prompt a little. Mostly because I didn’t feel like Bitty, who had been locked in a closet before, would even a LITTLE bit approve of this plan if he had been consulted. Hopefully you like it.

Dex wasn’t freaking out. He wasn’t.  Except, yeah, he totally was freaking out.

“Dude, you spend your summers on a boat, how are you claustrophobic?” The fact that Nursey wasn’t the least bit bothered just made things so much worse.

“Shut the fuck up, I’m not claustrophobic. I just don’t like closed spaces. And it’s different on a boat.”

Dex was going to fucking kill Holster. Maybe Ransom, too, since they did everything together and he probably had a hand in it, too. Once they got out of the basement supply closet, that was. At least Holster turned on the light before he locked them in.

He should have known better, honestly. When he got an urgent text saying that one of the pipes in the closet was leaking everywhere, he knew it sounded off somehow. For one thing, Dex couldn’t remember there being pipes in the supply closet; they were on the other side of the basement entirely. For another thing, it was the middle of the day and the only person who would be at the Haus would be Nursey, who had a midday break on Tuesdays and Thursdays that he used to nap in Chowder’s room.

Or at least, everyone else was supposed to be in class, but it was undoubtedly Holster’s voice that he heard as the door slammed behind a sleepy-faced and half-dressed Nursey.

“Work out your shit, dudes. I’m on a mission to relieve the Haus of any and all sexual tension before I graduate. I’ll be back for you two later.”

It took about two minutes before Nursey gave up his half-assed efforts at trying to open the clearly locked door. It only took Dex one and a half before it started getting harder to take a full breath.

Okay, so maybe he was a little claustrophobic. And maybe he was a lot freaking out. And maybe verging on hyperventilating and a full blown panic attack. He tried to remember the techniques his childhood therapist taught him to calm himself down, but he couldn’t focus.

He was stuck in a cycle of cantbreath-breathingtoofast-needmoreair-cantbreat.

Dex came back to himself with a warm hand on his shoulder and a steady stream of words flowing around him. His back was braced against the door and Nursey was crouched in front of him, looking more serious than Dex had ever seen him.

“There you go, just like that. Breathe with me. You back with me, Will?”

He nodded, but couldn’t bring himself to say anything. He felt his face flush in embarrassment. Dex couldn’t fucking believe he had a panic attack, his first in over two years, in front of Nursey of all people.

Nursey sat back on his haunches, and rubbed the back of his neck. “Sorry I was chirping you about being claustrophobic. I didn’t know it was actually a thing. It never, like, come up before.”

The way he moved brought Dex’s attention to the thick bands of ink on Nursey’s bicep, the powerfully corded muscles of his forearm, and the fact that he was incredibly shirtless. Dex barely held down the hysterical feeling laughter that was bubbling up in his chest.

The horrifying and hilarious truth of the matter was that Holster… wasn’t wrong. Or at least, he was half right. Dex was embarrassingly attracted to Nursey. He thought it was hiding it well, but apparently not. Jesus fucking christ, he was minutes out of a panic attack and his first thought was to ogle Nursey.

He had to find a way out. Between the stress of being stuck in a fucking closet (literally, in this case, because fuck knows he’s used to being stuck in the metaphorical closet), and the stress of…. Nursey, he wasn’t sure if he could handle it. And who knew how long Holster would leave them there.

Dex scrubbed a hand over his hair. “It’s whatever, man. Like you said, never came up.”

He tried his best to think about anything except the walls of the closet, and just how tight the space felt. Dex focused on the scratchy feel of his hair on his palms, the hole in the toe of his sock, the place where his leg was flung out and it brushed against Nurse’s soft cotton sleep pants. The place where his jeans felt a little too tight, where his cell phone was pressed into his thigh.

Goddamn it. Of course, his fucking phone. With fumbling fingers, he tried to pull it out of his pocket. The flush reignited under his skin. Stupid fucking panic attacks and stupid fucking anxiety and stupid goddamn Holster. The more he struggled with it, the more difficult it was to shove his hand into his jeans.

Dex felt his heart rate rising, his blood pumping in his ears, and hot tears forming in the corners of his eyes. Nursey seemed to understand what he was trying to do. He slowly pulled Dex’s hands away from his pocket and slipped his own nimble fingers into the denim before quickly pulling out Dex’s phone. He handed it to Dex only long enough to swipe the unlock code, then Nursey took it back and quickly began typing away.

When Dex noticed that his hands were still shaking, a fresh wave of tears tried to push its way out. The anger helped him get the panic under control, just a little. He pressed his palms down on the concrete, hard, trying to visualize pushing all the way through the foundation.

He wasn’t sure how long he stayed sitting that way, how long Nursey spent texting on his phone. He zoned out until he felt a warm hand cover his own. He looked down, amazed at how warm Nursey was and how cold his own was.

“Bitty’s on his way. Think you can make it another five minutes or so?”

Dex nodded. It’s not like they had any other choice, anyway. Nursey nodded back, before he cleared his throat.

“So…” Dex had hoped they could avoid the whole talking part of things, just sit there until Bitty let them back out. Apparently, Nursey actually wanted to talk, though. Dex didn’t have the energy to try to fight him on it.

Dex let his head knock back against the door. “What?”

“I’m not, like… bothering you, right?”

Dex could barely contain his laughter. Generally, the answer to that question was yes, Nursey was bothering Dex. His fake chill demeanor, his stupidly pretty face, the chirps Dex desperately wanted to be flirting but weren’t. It all bothered Dex way more than he wanted it to.

“Probably, but what specifically are you talking about?”

Nursey looked… Was he blushing? Dex lifted his head so he could get a better look at his partner. Yes, definitely blushing.

“The, y’know. The whole sexual tension thing. The flirting.”

Dex couldn’t figure out what Nursey meant. It was the right subject, but Nursey wasn’t telling Dex to back off, because he was making things super awkward, and couldn’t he just see that Nursey wasn’t interested?

Nursey must have read the confusion on Dex’s face, because he followed up with, “I don’t try to, but apparently i don’t try hard enough not to. If it makes you uncomfortable or whatever, I can stop.”

“Wait, what? But I was the one flirting with you.”

They stared at each other, wide-eyed for a second. Dex leaned forward, moving slowly so that Nursey could pull back if he needed to. He pressed their lips together, a barely there kiss. And then another, and another.

A few seconds later, shouting from upstairs broke them apart.

Bitty yanked open the door looking the picture of a southern storm. He quickly looked Nursey and Dex up and down to make sure they were okay, then turned on his heel, and started marching back up the basement steps. Dex was very glad that he wasn’t Holster right now.

He picked himself up from the floor, then held a hand down to Nursey, who threaded their fingers together once he was standing. They both leaned in. Dex was so ready to put the whole mess behind him, and maybe definitely make out for the next two hours. Suddenly, Nursey pulled back.

“But, like… How does working on a boat work when you’re claustrophobic?”

Dex rolled his eyes, but pulled Nursey back in for another kiss.

The Misadventures of a Team Called Voltron

It’s been a while but I’ve missed my cinabun in the actor!AU. School is school and work is work but I wanted to write again. This is part of @ackerchou actor!AU (check it out if you haven’t already and the other AUs). I swear it was funnier in my head as I was writing this, I promise guys.


“Er, hi guys? Wait, is this thing even on? How do I know if it’s streaming? Lance!” The camera shifted and a face left the focus of the screen before being shifted several times. Viewers watching this livestream were disappointed at the lack of face and were forced to watch a few seconds of a bland wall.

“Keith, is it on? What the heck are you doing?” A new voice filled the speakers of the camera and viewers stood on the edges of their seats in excitement.

“I don’t know. Is it streaming?” The first voice said and the camera shifted again. Now viewers had the chance to stare at a very ugly carpet on screen.

“How should I know?”

“Haven’t you done this before?!”


“Lance!” The first voice cried, voice full of nervousness. The camera shifted several times more and viewers could only see the blurred focus of nothing for a while. Eventually, (with much patience) two familiar faces filled the screen. One was beaming, wearing a smile that was familiar with everyone while the other was nervously waving into the camera.

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I heard some people in the fandom say that they fear Lotor as a character, thinking his is predestined to be a sexist perverted dickhead in VLD. The thing is the creepy Lotor some hate and fear (which is something I agree with *shutters*) came from the subs, or as it was called Beast King Go Lion, which were a lot darker and edgier than any of the other versions of the show, being more akin to Berserk or a darker version of Game of Thrones. It had things like forced cannibalism, the Galra drinking the blood of the dead, people being sliced in half,  decapitating heads, showing trophy heads, blood raining from the sky and making people explode, on screen deaths of women and children, and a whole lot of other things even darker then that! If it got a western rating, it would be rated R, hands down. The only reason why it got dubbed in the west in the 80s because of miscommunication  and the people who bought it wanted to buy another show to dub instead. (Although, it makes me wonder why the people who brought Voltron over to the west to dub it back in the 80s, thought, “This would be a great show for kids!” when they saw all the above things mentioned. But it could’ve been 4Kids logic, I suppose.)

The darker elements I just mentioned did not obviously carry over into VLD. In fact, all of the other adaptions of Go Lion, including Defender of the Universe or the dubbed version of Go Lion, had the more messed up elements from Go Lion scrapped automatically.  Do not get me wrong; the creators of VLD aren’t ignoring Go Lion (because they gave Shiro his Go Lion name and use some of the subbed terms like Galra and Altea, after all), but they did leave out the, for a lack of a better word, fucked up stuff like I mentioned before on the way side while doing this new version.  Sure, VLD can get dark like having on screen deaths of the secondary characters, all of the Alteans except for Coran, Haggar and Allura being killed, planets being destroyed like the Death Star did in Star Wars, hinting at the mermaid people being eaten by a giant sea monster and the fights getting more intense, but not anywhere near as dark as Go Lion ever was! A lot of the violence and themes in VLD are still appropriate for kids and adults to watch together.

Lotor and his subbed counterpart are two totally different characters.

Subbed!Lotor, or Sincline as he was named in that version, was a lot more twisted. He had the obsession with Allura and wanted her to be his because she looked like his dead mother, killing people to get his prize. He wanted to kill Akira, or Keith as he is called in VLD, take Allura to be his. He had no compassion and was outright sadistic, laughing after he murdered people. He was super unhinged. He  once killed one of his slaves because they spilled wine on him. He has really bad temper tantrums. He even killed his own grandmother and father!

Dub!Lotor, while by no means a saint and some of his actions were still wrong, I would never justify some of his actions, is not anywhere near as dark or perverted as Sincline by a huge long shot. He had a lot more shades of grey to him. He was belittled by his father constantly for his half!Altean side and wanted to prove himself more to be worthy in his eyes. He  helped out the team on occasion. His obsession with Allura came off as more as an intense crush, even respecting her as a person more and having a soft spot for her.   He had a rivalry with Keith. He did not derive pleasure from killing others and had compassion for some other people.  He rebelled against his father numerous times, not agreeing with everything he did. He was a huge dork, who fell out of a tree while on a mission among other embarrassing things. Hell, dub!Lotor never even had a harem! 

I find it more likely they will adapt the dub version of Lotor then the more one dimensional and creepy subbed counterpart…who also gives me nightmares, because it is more appropriate for the target audience and the creators grew up on Defender of the Universe! Lotor instead of his Go Lion counterpart.

Not to mention, Zarkon was just as bad as Sincline when he comes to women in Go Lion since he had a harem of his own and killed Sincline’s mother, which obviously never carried over to VLD at all. So I highly, highly doubt Lotor will be the same way in VLD if Zarkon never had a harem in this version or any other version outside of the twisted Go Lion one. The worst I can Lotor being like in VLD is him being a flirt or having a squad of fangirls and fanboys who follow him around for being a good looking crowned prince – that’s it.

Also in the previous versions: Allura was white, Pidge was a cis guy, Pidge sounded like Gollum from Lord of the Rings, Coran was dead serious 24/7, Keith had Shiro’s personality, Lance was the hot head, Lance had a mullet, Keith was part Altean, the Blade of Marmora was never a thing, the team was all together off the bat and a ton more.  The staff said numerous times that VLD is taking its own direction, not  copying the storylines of the other versions totally. They did it before already by making Galra Keith canon among many other things. Hell, the only the general storyline of Defender of the Universe/ Go Lion  is the same in VLD.  The only moments I can think of that match Go Lion dead on are when Shiro fights Haggar in the end of season one and when Keith flies the Black Lion – that is literally it. So the VLD staff don’t have to make Lotor a perverted dickhead like his Go Lion counterpart and can make their own version of the character, making VLD!Lotor into an anti hero or a complex villain. I can even Lotor possibly getting a redemption arc since his Defender of the Universe personality and backstory does present that chance, especially if he was that person in the Weblum like I honestly think he is, but even that is just a theory.

  The show staff on VLD are super talented people, the show being made by a lot of the same show staff who worked on Avatar and Korra,  so I have little doubt they will make Lotor far more multidimensional than his previous counterparts and make him more likable no mater what personality they decide to give him.  I highly, highly doubt they would be able to get away with Lotor being a super sexist perverted stalker along with all of the stuff his Go Lion counterpart did on a Y7 show. The worst case scenario I can see happening is him being like Gideon from Gravity Falls, even than that is less likely since it would be copying a character from another show made by a rival studio.

If I had to guess what Lotor would be like in VLD right now, it would be a mixture of Space!Zuko, mirror!Lance and Marik from YGO with a touch of Duke Devlin from YGO. Someone who has a has it out for the team for putting his father into a coma and wants to please his father, despite his father belittling him a lot. Over time, he might learn to not walk in his father’s footsteps and create his own path. Like Lance, he would have self doubt issues, love pampering himself and be a flirt.   With that said, that is just a guess.

Either way, I’m excited about Lotor and curious to see how the show staff will update him for a modern audience in VLD. The show staff, from what I heard, are excited to add him to the show, which is always the sign of something great.

ppii-ku  asked:

Can I request a flower shop au? (I know it's been done but please I need more lol) Anything goes but consider this: Victor having fantasies about Yuuri on a bed covered with rose petails~

Yayyy of course!! (that mental image tho…save me from my vivid imagination)

Viktor had a plague. 

No, not the termites, he had got rid of those the previous week (even though his wooden furniture still wasn’t over it).

No, they weren’t cockroaches. Thanks god, those were disgusting. 

And he swore that if a rat ever stood on his apartment he would burn the edifice down.

No, Viktor’ plague wasn’t that kind of plague…

Viktor had a flower plague.

Now, he had done his best to stop it, he swore. He had taken all the serious precautions. But nothing seemed to be able to stop the spreading of that maddening weed that was, apparently, just emotional.

It was inevitable…how was he supposed to ignore his compulsion? Yurio had helped him write a list of warnings he needed to have in mind each afternoon when he walked back from work, but Viktor was a weak man, and he hadn’t been able to get done any of the points satisfactorily.

1) Don’t walk through THAT street.

There, just around the corner, there was certain special shop. Which he needed to avoid at all costs, unless he wanted his apartment to keep collecting green while his wallet ran out of it.

2) Hold your breath.

If he was pathetic enough to choose the long way home (like he always did) and found himself in front of the shop as if it were an accident, then he should avoid the sweet scent of jasmines that always drove him towards his doom. It was a trap, Yurio said. A macabre trap Viktor was willingly falling into.

3) Don’t get inside

Once he grabbed the handle, once he was welcomed to hell by the lovely jingle of the door’s bell, once he walked to the counter, once he saw HIM…there was no turn back.

4) Don’t think about him

Don’t think about his smile, don’t think about the thousand colors of the endless flowers reflecting on his glasses, don’t think about that adorable way in which he furrows his nose when he laughs. And, for the love of all that’s holy, DON’T think about that fantasy of yours in which he’s surrounded by a thousand rose petals, naked, tangled in your bedsheets. No, Viktor, don’t do it. That way, if you keep thinking about him, tempting yourself with no-happenings, you’ll end up walking into the Katsuki Flower Shop once again. 

And that’s exactly what he did right then.

Yes, Viktor had a plague. But it wasn’t only the flowers in his apartment. It wasn’t only the daisies on top of his dining table, nor the three bouquets of tulips in the kitchen, not even the orchids peeking from the front pocket of his every suitcoat. No, it wasn’t the lavender perfuming his clothes inside his closet, and it had nothing to do with the azaleas that matched with his bathroom’s curtains. His plague was so much deeper than that. It had deep-rooted inside of him, it had spread to every corner of his body and bloomed in beautiful colors, sprouts of sensations he had never felt before. Viktor had a plague, and Viktor was in love.

So he really had no other choice, he couldn’t help himself as he made his way to the flower shop every single day, just to talk to the florist. And he never left empty-handed, no way. He couldn’t let the other know he was the sole purpose of the visit…that would have been terribly embarrassing! He ended up making the stupidest of excuses, ranting about relative’s birthdays and empty tables at his office that just NEEDED some petunias when in reality he kept all of them, since he couldn’t even allow himself to throw them away before they withered because they reminded Viktor of HIM. Yes, he was an idiot. And totally aware of it. But he was willing to continue being an idiot if that meant he could see Yuuri Katsuki every day.

He turned round the corner, already failing the first step, and didn’t even bother to hold his breath as he let the engulfing scent of lilies take over his senses. He opened the door, way too submerged into his own fantasies, his eagerness, and the overstimulation of his nostrils; and it was only when he heard the jingling of the little bell at the entrance that he realized that he had done it again. He was visiting Yuuri.

“Oh, Viktor, you are early today!” There he was, fixing a gorgeous bouquet of fuchsia flowers Viktor didn’t even know what they were, his eyes fixed on the ribbon he was carefully tying around the stems.

“Uhm, yeah. I finished with work quite fast” He said, clearing his throat, trying to sound as casual as possible.

“What would you like today?”

It took him five solid seconds to realize he was talking about flowers. The flowers he usually bought because he was a love-struck fool. The flowers he was supposed to be ordering right then.

But he had forgotten to make up his excuse, he hadn’t thought of what fake kid at hospital or false empty tombstone may need flowers that day. So he didn’t really know what to ask for…and the answer was certainly not on the seller’s pretty face, which he kept stating at as if it was the whole universe.

“Oh, uhm, I really like those you are working with right now” He pointed at the counter, where some few falling petals were beginning to betray Yuuri’s dedication “They’re lovely”

“These?” He picked them up, fixing them delicately “This are carnations, they came in today…aren’t they beautiful?”

“Indeed” Viktor almost choked on the word. 

“I was just making this bouquet to pass the time, you can take it if you want! Just let me prepare it a bit…” He took one of those transparent papers he always put around the bouquets, and carefully began to wrap it around the flowers “Who are the flowers for, this time?”


Damn, he had run out of lies.

“Who are you going to gift them too?” Yuuri repeated the question, smiling kindly as he handed him the bouquet, and Viktor was so in trance he didn’t even reach for his wallet. He just kept staring like an idiot, thinking of how his house was about to turn into a botanical garden, on how Yurio had promised to kick his ass if he kept talking plants to the office, and how there was just one single part of his life that was missing some flowers. And he was going to deliver them right away.

“You” He blurted out, before he could even reason his intentions.

The florists face turned the same shade as the carnations. He stared back at Viktor, eyes wide and mouth agape, lips bouncing in babbles he felt unable to turn into proper words, as he was handed the bouquet back.

“W-what?” He stuttered, accepting it either way, yet still not fully comprehending “Why??”

“Those are for you” Viktor said, looking away for a second, but not really lasting much staring somewhere else. His adoration was stronger than bashfulness “Because…maybe… I want to ask you for dinner tonight?”

Yuuri tried to speak again, but before his lack of words, he was forced to nod eagerly instead, almost completely undressing the whole bouquet. Viktor smiled as he saw him hide behind the flowers coyly, almost camouflaging within them, and looking painfully adorable.

“Good” He said, biting a grin “There’s a nice Italian restaurant two blocks away, would you like to…”

“Yes, I’d love to” Yuuri peeked his face from behind the carnations, and leaned forwards to plant a blooming kiss on Viktor’s cheek from across the counter. Then, when he saw he had left the man in a thunderstruck state, he giggled to himself and took a flower out from the bunch to place it inside his date’s front pocket, before he turned to the back of the store to keep on working “See you there at eight”

Viktor nodded, gulping loudly, and paying for the flowers before he forgot.

Once he left the shop, he took the carnation from inside his pocket and began to pluck out the petals, one by one, humming happily as he reached his flowery apartment.

“He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me…”

serendipia-s  asked:

congrats on 1.5k Mel!!!! 🎉💜 i love your writing and I have a prompt for you: bellarke soulmates au where the first words they say to you are tattoed on your body. person A: I can't believe dumbledore dies! person B: really? at a midnight release, asshole? I don't mind who's who. thanks 😌

ahhh thank you Scarlet <3 tagging @cabeswaterblakes too just to make sure you get your fic!


no pause, no rewind

[also on ao3]

As far as the whole soulmates thing goes, Bellamy’s never been much of a believer.

It’s just kind of hard to see the point, really. His mother didn’t seem to care much when she had him with a guy who wasn’t her soulmate and, as far as Bellamy can tell, took off as soon as he could get his shoes on. She certainly didn’t seem to care much either when she decided to have a second kid with some other random, who knocked her up and got cold feet a mere month before Octavia was born.

Unfortunate life circumstances aside, he supposes the bulk of his disbelief stems from impracticality. There’s just too much logistical baggage to worry about. Like, what if this person’s supposed to be the one person meant for you, but they’re already married to someone else? What if you meet your soulmate on some completely off chance in a foreign city, and then find out that the two of you live thousands of miles apart? What if something happens — an accident or an unexpected tragedy or something — that changes who they are beyond repair or recourse?

Or — and this is, without a doubt, miles worse — what if you’re like his sister, Octavia, and all you have written on your palm is a simple ‘hi’?

That’s it. ‘Hi’.

Octavia could literally have a thousand soulmates. That’s fucking terrifying.

(She insists that she’ll know when it’s the right person. The right ‘hi’, out of the millions she’s bound to hear throughout her life. She’s just gonna know, some way, somehow. And he’s the crazy one for being skeptical.)

She’s always told him he’s an idiot, simply for having rational concerns. Yeah, well, it’s not like she’s ever had to deal with the words ‘Really? At a midnight release, asshole?’ emblazoned across the inside of her forearm in loopy cursive.

“A midnight release, Bell,” she’d say to him whenever he grumbled, grabbing his wrist to point emphatically at the words. “You know where you’re going to meet your soulmate. You know when, too! Don’t you realise how lucky you are?”

Lucky. Yeah, right. Tell that to all the mothers tutting disapprovingly at twelve-year-old him, ushering their kids away like he’s got a myriad of other swear words tattooed all over the rest of his body.

(Why the fuck did he have to get such a fucking foul-mouthed soulmate?!)

And yet, for all his disbelief, it doesn’t quite stop his stomach from turning discomforting little flips whenever he goes to a midnight release for anything, whether it’s a book or a movie or a stupid video game.

Even so, here he is, twenty-three years old, with dozens of midnight releases under his belt, and — nope. Still no soulmate.

It’s a good thing, he supposes. The longer his soulmate takes to show up, the longer he has to gather rational, concrete evidence against this whole melodramatic affair of a genetic arrangement. By the time he does meet his soulmate, he’s pretty sure he’ll be fully capable of presenting a solid argument on why both of them deserve to be let off this very stupid hook.

In the meantime, he can focus on all the other things in his life. 

Stuff that’s actually important.

Stuff like the upcoming release of the latest Harry Potter movie.

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Steve Rogers X Reader Soulmate AU

A/N: I know I said I was going to bed, but ERMERGERD!! I finally hit 200 followers!! I have been obsessing over Soulmate AUs, lately, so I figured what a great time to try and bang one out! A special occasion fluff piece! Thank you so much for those who have followed me! 200 may not be a lot to some of you, but it is a huge milestone for me!

Summary: Soulmates are born with their partner’s name tattooed over their heart. What happens when the reader is born with a famous missing Captain America’s name?

Warnings: A poor deer gets hit by a car, minor accident, very little injury and blood.

Word Count: About 1700 words (more or less)


Originally posted by skylerlockerbie

Steven Grant Rogers.

When I was born, my parents and doctors were astonished. Captain America had been presumed dead since the forties, making it an impossible scenario at the time. History books never mentioned that he had a name tattooed over his heart. He hadn’t made that information public. I guess soulmates were considered controversial at that period of time, since there was not a lot of information about it.

“You mustn’t let anybody know who your soulmate is, Y/N.” My father always warned, failing to hide the fear laced in his voice. “You don’t want the wrong people to know this piece of information. It could do a lot of damage and get you hurt.”

So, I covered up the delicate writing. Foundation and high-cut shirts became my life-line. I never told anybody that I had a soulmate, and people didn’t question me. Not everybody’s born with a soulmate, anyways.

The world is cruel. I would rather have had no soulmate, instead of a dead one.

I had gotten pretty good at hiding my tattoo, and refused to let the sting of knowing I would never meet my other half get me down. I had graduated high school with honors, graduated from a great college, and got a job as a nurse in a local hospital in New York. I loved my job. I worked really hard to have a good life, and enjoyed the satisfaction of knowing that I was helping people.

Then he was found. He was alive.

I was sitting in the break room, talking to one of my colleagues about an upcoming vacation I’d planned, when someone had shouted to turn on the TV.

Captain America Alive – Frozen in time!

The headlines all said it.

My heart almost stopped beating. He was alive. After all this time. He was alive.

I ran to the restroom to call my mother. “Did you see the television?” I all but shouted, hands shaking.

“I did.” She responded, a smile in her voice. “He’s alive, after all this time.”

“What do I do? I don’t want to freak him out! I’m sure waking up in a different era after being frozen is hard enough, without adding me into the mix.” I sat down on the counter, next to the sink. I needed to think this through, before making any rash decisions. I was overjoyed. I was nervous. I was hurt. I had spent my whole life believing that I was never going to meet my other half. Thinking that the universe was playing a cruel joke on me by giving me the name of a dead man.

I had been wrong after all this time.

“It’s up to you, sweetheart. You need to be the one to make the decision.” I could faintly hear the television in the background of the phone. “If you really want to meet him, you don’t need to do it today. Do it in your own time.”

So that’s what I did. I waited. Three years.

I had followed what he was doing through the news and social media, over time. He had joined a group that called themselves The Avengers, and was trying to do some good in the world.

I was trying to get my life in order, before I met him. I was paying off my student loans, I was working a lot, and I had moved closer to Stark Tower – now called The Avengers Tower – to be close when I was ready to talk to him.

After a particularly grueling day at the hospital – a twelve hour shift – I was supposed to be making my way to see my parents for an upcoming birthday. I was tired. It was really late at night, and I was skipping the set-up with my mother, since the party was the next day. It was a gross night, the rain was coming down in sheets, and it was way too cold. I had been wearing my scrubs, but the shirt was too dirty, so I was driving with my scrub pants and a tank top, making sure the heat in my car cranked up.

Luckily, traffic was pretty light, but the rain was not letting up.

“What the hell! Pass me, asshole.” I muttered, looking in my rearview mirror at a giant SUV behind me. “What, are you trying to pick your goddamn teeth in my mirror?”

My eyes had only flicked to the SUV for a second, but when I looked forward all I saw were a pair of shining eyes.


I gasped, slamming the brakes as the deer was tumbling onto my hood and smashing into my windshield. My body was forced forward, and my face made contact with the steering wheel. My foot felt like it was forcing my body weight onto the brake, and I threw my car in park, praying I was on the side of the road. “God dammit.” I yelled, bringing my hand up to my throbbing nose, and it came away sticky with blood. I felt it, and – luckily – it hadn’t been broken.

Shit. My windshield was fucked.

The deer!

I clicked off my seatbelt, throwing open my door. Before I climbed out, I grabbed my dirty scrub shirt, pressing it against my face to soak up the bleeding.

“Woah, are you sure you want to be getting out of the car, right now?” A woman’s voice said from a few feet behind my car. “Are you okay?”

My windshield was splattered with blood and hair, and the car was totaled. “Fuck! So much for paying off my car!” This fucking sucks.

I turned to the woman, and froze in my tracks. I would recognize that red hair anywhere. Natasha Romanoff? The Black fucking Widow? “Uhh, I’m fine. I just hit my nose. It’s bleeding, but it isn’t-”


The passenger door to the SUV opened, revealing none other than him. Captain America.

He was a lot bigger in person. He was tall, broad, and handsome. His hair was so golden blonde, but dirty at the same time. And his blue eyes stood out from his clear, attractive face. They were the most beautiful shade of blue I had ever seen.

Oh, God, I’m freaking out…

Oh, shit. You were talking, Y/N.

“-It isn’t broken. I’m more pissed about my car.” I shivered, rain making the cold seep into my exposed flesh, and shock of the accident waring off. “I just need to call a tow.”

“I already called one, Ma’am.” His perfect voice flooded my ears, and I had to stop myself from embarrassing myself by swooning. “Are you sure you’re okay? That’s a lot of blood.”

I nodded, using the soiled scrub shirt to wipe the blood from my face and chest. I tossed it into the car and grabbed my umbrella to block off the rain, “D-did they say how long they would be?”

“Twenty Minutes.” He responded, unzipping his hoodie and tossing it to me, “Take this. You don’t want to catch a cold.” Such a gentleman.

I was so focused on not embarrassing myself in front of Steve, that I didn’t notice Natasha eyeing up my badge and my half-wiped makeup over my tattoo. “Hey, Steve.” She looked over, beckoning him closer. “Check out the name on her badge.”

My heart stopped beating. Oh, shit. My eyes were almost bugging out of my head, and I could tell that she knew exactly whose name was tattooed over my heart.

“Y/N Y/L/N?” He read aloud, voice questioning. His head sprung up, looking serious and taken aback, “Your middle name wouldn’t be Y/M/N, would it?”

I smiled sheepishly, taking my sleeve and wiping the rest of the dripping foundation off my chest, “Hi.”

“Hi.” He smiled, a look of relief on his face. “You’re my soulmate.”

I felt my face blush, and I bit my lip – heat radiating off my cheeks as he walked up to me, “And you’re mine.”

“Why didn’t you say anything, before?” He questioned as Natasha walked back over to the SUV.

I wrung my hands together, nervousness taking over my body, “Well, uh, I don’t know. I mean, it’s pretty surreal seeing you in person and not on the news.” I wrapped his hoodie tighter around my body, “Plus, I mean, I thought you were dead my whole life, so I never exactly planned out what I would say the first time I ever met you.”

His face fell, “I’m sorry. I had my whole life before the ice thinking about meeting you, and you spent yours thinking that I was never going to be with you.” He gently grabbed my hand, leaving my other one free so I could hold the umbrella. “I’ve had a whole speech planned since I knew what this tattoo meant, and I’ve forgotten every line.” He chuckled, rubbing his thumb over my knuckles. “I’m happy to finally meet you, Doll. You’re beautiful.”

I cleared my throat, “You’re not so bad yourself, Captain.” Oh my god, he isn’t disappointed. Thank god.

“You can call me by my name, you know.” He winked, leaning against my dripping car. “So, do you want to go get some coffee, or something?”

“Oh, shoot!” I pulled my hand out of his, and leaned back into my car to grab my phone, “I was on my way to my parents’ house for a birthday that’s supposed to be tomorrow.” I quick texted my mother, letting her know that I was going to be late without going into details. “I would love, some coffee, though.”

He chuckled, running his hand through his wet hair, “Why don’t we leave Natasha with your car, and I’ll take you to your parents’ house? We can stop for coffee on the way?”

“Sure, that sounds lovely.” I was so relieved that he wasn’t disappointed. I had always dreamed of meeting my other half. This was not a dream, this was reality – and I was so ecstatic, I could cry.

Natasha came over, tossing Steve the keys to the SUV and my suitcase from the back seat. “You kids have fun, I’ll have this towed back to the tower. Make Stark pay for it.”

Steve ushered me over to the vehicle, opening my door and taking my umbrella from me. He jogged over to the driver’s side door and closed my umbrella, hopping in and starting up the SUV.

As he pulled back onto the highway, his right hand took hold of my left, “I am really glad I found you, Doll.”

Another blush crept its way over my skin, and I gave his hand a little squeeze, “I’m really glad I found, you, too.”

As we rode, I felt a sense of happiness spread through me. My soulmate had finally found me, and I’d finally found him.

My heart felt complete.

I could finally show my tattoo to the world.

Steven Grant Rogers.

My soulmate.

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Dean/Cas: Bright Star

Professor!Cas AU inspired by this post. 1.7K.

“Dr. Novak?” Dean calls quietly as he opens the office door. It’d normally be rude to walk in like this but he figures it’s an exception with Castiel.

The room is darkened save for the sunlight streaming in through the wrap-around window, and from the desk pushed up against the wall comes a low, warm voice. “Good afternoon, Dean.”

God, that voice. Dean blushes a little, then stammers, “Hey, thank you again for, um- For letting me make this up.”

“You’re welcome,” Castiel replies, and oh, so that’s what people meant when they said a smile could light up a room.

Okay, so maybe Dean’s got a crush but honestly, who wouldn’t after meeting the guy? With the gravel-rough voice and five o’clock shadow and nerdy ties that are always on backwards. He’s somehow hot and endearing all at once and Dean is basically a walking cliché.

To be fair, there were times when Dean felt like they could’ve been more in a parallel universe - one where they’re classmates, or childhood friends, or total strangers who meet on the street. Dean would have been infatuated either way and had something realistic to pin his hopes on.

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Werewolf!Taehyung (Boyfriend)

And now it is time for the third member of the sunshine line, the second half of the Daegu princes, the second half of Vmon, the love of my life who looks so good in beanies oh my god I need someone to make a post of just beanie!Tae bc it is one of my favorite looks, Kim Taehyung aka V aka tae tae

  • I’ve written three things for werewolf!tae so far, there’s the description of him as a werewolf in general, which is part one (here) part two is him falling in love with a human (here) and of course, werewolf!tae as a father (all of the father related posts are here)
  • Since one of the requests was for human!reader, I’ll be using that to start off with
  • Cutest sweetest silliest boyfriend
  • Will always wanna cuddle, always wants kisses, l o v e s cheek kisses or nose kisses just any kisses
  • If you’re okay with couple items, he’s gonna want some couple items, lil couple rings, couple bracelets, necklaces, maybe a couple shirts or like matching themed outfits so like all black or white or gray or overalls or 60s outfits, just anything like that
  • Lots of pillow talking and lots of sweet nothings sleepily mumbled as he’s falling asleep and always a daily “I love you” at least one a day
  • Similar to Jimin, once he tells you about the fact that he’s a werewolf, he’s not gonna hold anything back
  • He l o v e s being a wolf so you eventually get really used to walking in and seeing a wolf chilling around your apartment, it gets to a point where it’s almost weirder to not come home to it
  • But of course, the first time you come home to see this giant ass wolf rolling around in the dog bed, it takes a minute for everything to click together
  • Your initial thought is more of a holy shit there’s a wolf in my living room what am I supposed to do with this news rather than a oh it’s just Tae
  • It’s pretty easy to realize this wolf isn’t an actual wild wolf, seeing as it’s watching TV on its back, all sprawled out
  • You’re a bit hesitant to approach it just in case you’re wrong but then it sees you and its tail starts wagging and it runs up to you
  • It’s a pretty big wolf, close to being the biggest, it has this dark brown, almost black, fur that’s s o fucking soft (just look at Tae’s hair and tell me that shit doesn’t look super soft)
  • The eyes give it away though bc they’re the same color as Tae’s but they’re also bright and excited, filled with love and adoration
  • You immediately know it’s Tae and you just have to sigh in relief bc you had been nervous for a second 
  • He’s always super warm but as a wolf, he’s even warmer so sometimes on cold nights/days, he’ll go off into his wolfy form so you can cuddle him and keep warm
  • You honestly forget he’s a wolf sometimes bc he’s such a puppy and he’s so cute and sweet, even as a giant wolf with sharp ass teeth that could do a whole lot of damage
  • He could never hurt anything, there’s this one time he’s chasing after a butterfly and he goes to swat at it with his paw and he actually hits it and he turns back into human so quickly so he can check on the lil butterfly (it’s totally okay) bc he didn’t mean to actually hit it
  • He’s one of the most playful wolves of the pack
  • Actually getting to sit with him on the full moon is a rare occurrence bc he’s so busy playing and running around
  • Basically, on full moons, werewolves get this huge boost of energy and Tae is already really energetic on a normal day so the full moon is pretty much the how long can Taehyung run day
  • He and Jimin are tackling each other and Jungkook’s chasing the both of them and they’re getting all of pack to play, they’re the ones that always start the play fights
  • Tae and chim try to sneak up on hobi while he’s sitting with his love but he hears them and the three of them start chasing each other around and everyone’s barking and playfully growling and some of them are howling
  • Okay but I just wanna throw this out there, their howls would be so harmonized and beautiful to listen to bc did you hear Jimin, Jin and kook singing Love Yourself, that harmony was gorgeous and that was just a random sing along
  • Howls are always harmonized and this one time, you record it bc you love it so much and it almost sounds more like a song than a random howl
  • Tae always brings Soonshim to the full moon gatherings and it’s so cute to see them playing together and rolling around in the dirt
  • Tae is v v protective over you but mainly with serious threats
  • He gets protective the first few full moons with you and the pack bc he knows that accidents can happen and sometimes a wolf bites down too hard or kicks too quickly and while another wolf can handle that, a human can’t always handle it
  • It’s a lil weird to see Tae get 100% serious bc normally he’s happy and cheery so seeing him deal with a serious threat reminds you that he is actually really powerful and that he can hold his own and it makes you wonder just how much he holds back in play fights bc his serious growl is much much different from his playful one
  • Just think about that for a second, like if his speaking voice is as deep as it is, just imagine his growl like that shit would be so intimidating
  • He doesn’t leave your side until the threat is gone with no chance of it coming back and he’s ready to defend you no matter what and of course, the entire pack is right behind him
  • Pretty much everyone is ready to attack at Namjoon’s word so if the threat is a smart person/pack, they’ll leave while they can bc you don’t really wanna piss of a pack of BTS’s size, especially when you have seven huge ass wolves ready to lead the attack
  • They’re a very friendly pack so if you get them pissed off enough to fight, you’ve done goofed
  • But you never have to worry about being hurt once you’re with Tae bc not only is he ready to protect you at any hour, he’s got the rest of the pack willing to back him up
  • As I mentioned in the other posts, werewolves don’t get jealous in the same way humans do, they mate for life so they don’t have much to worry about when it comes to losing their partner
  • But they do get jealous in a playful way, in a “I want all of your attention on me rn” and tae is the king of that
  • He’ll get whiny, he’ll stomp his feet (or paws) he’ll stand between you and the other person/wolf/dog/whatever it is that’s keeping you occupied and just pout
  • But you’re human so you do get jealous sometimes
  • He’s a b ea uti ful man so it’s not a strange idea that people would flirt with him or try to slip him their numbers bc he has a really approachable vibe to him like he’s someone you could start a conversation with in an elevator and it wouldn’t be awkward bc he’s just so friendly
  • It’s never a great feeling to see someone being so touchy or blatantly asking if he’s single when he’s holding onto your hand or has his arm over your shoulders but he’s always really quick to point out that he’s got someone he’s v v happy with
  • He doesn’t let you be jealous for too long, even though he thinks you look really cute when you’re jealous, bc he wants you to feel loved and he wants you to know that you never ever have to worry about him with anyone else
  • “I’ll be yours for the rest of my life, you’re my person, you’re the only person I’m gonna love, I hope you know that and never worry about anyone else”
  • While he will try to cheer you up if you’re feeling insecure about being human, he will get serious if that’s what you need, he’s always been really good at knowing what you need him to do when it comes to comforting
  • He knows when you just need a shoulder to cry on, when you need someone to talk it out with and when you need someone to act like a clown and get you to laugh and smile and he’s more than happy to be all of that for you
  • He doesn’t really care that you’re human, he’s never even thought much of it once he’d told you he was a werewolf, he’s always just accepted you as you are and never thought twice about it
  • He’ll make sure you rarely get the chance to feel insecure, he’s always telling you that he loves you and he’s always giving you that lovey dovey look and just being your number one fan in general, he’s always showing you his support and rooting you on in your career and it’s easy to tell that he couldn’t care less whether you were a werewolf or a human
  • Werewolf!Tae as a boyfriend is just a giant puppy with a whole lot of love for you who’s always there for you and makes you feel really special and loved and treats you like royalty
After All This Time

For @jonxsansafanfiction​‘s Valentines Challenge!
Day 4: Blind Date
Summary: Modern AU: According to her flatmate, Sansa has been single for far too long so she sets her up on a blind date. Only when she gets there, the stranger she’s supposed to meet isn’t so much a stranger at all. 

Five Years Ago

“I thought I’d find you out here.”

Sansa stepped onto the balcony, a cool breeze ruffling her dress, as she closed the sliding door. The noise from inside was now thankfully muffled by the double-paned glass. She walked across the small balcony to lean into the railing.

Jon smiled at her. “You caught me.”

“You know, it’s usually typical of the person the going away party is being thrown for to be inside with the partygoers,” Sansa commented. She rested her forearms on the cool metal and inclined her head towards the boy beside her.

“I’m not really a party person.”

Sansa chuckled. “You don’t say.”

“I just wanted a quiet evening,” Jon admitted, sighing. “Guess that’s too much to ask for, isn’t it?”

“You’re talking about Robb here,” Sansa pointed out. “There’s no such thing as a quiet evening in his world. You’re just lucky he didn’t invite the entire department.”

Jon rubbed his eyes and laughed behind his hands. “Yeah, you’re right.”

“I know I’m right,” Sansa smirked, and nudged his shoulder with her own. “How are you feeling?”

“Honestly?” Jon looked to her with a self-deprecating smile. “Terrified. I’ve never even been outside of the UK and now I’m going all the way to Brazil. What was I thinking?”

“You were thinking of adventure and… and doing something incredible!” Sansa enthused, knowing she didn’t have the courage for quite a big move herself. She wished but Jon had always been the brave one. “That’s admirable, Jon.”

“You think?”

Sansa placed her hand on top of his and squeezed tightly. “Of course I do. I believe in you. We all do.”

Jon held her gaze, turning her hand so their fingers intertwined. She wasn’t sure what he was doing but somehow she couldn’t look away. In fact, she could hardly breathe with Jon’s deep grey eyes staring at her like that. Her heart pounded in her throat. Sansa didn’t know if she wanted to throw up or throw her hands around his neck. But that was absurd, wasn’t it? This was Jon. Broody, serious Jon; her brother’s best friend.

“Sansa, I…” He paused and swallowed nervously. “I have to tell you something before I go. I…”

The sliding door clanged to the side as Robb poked his head through. “There you are! We’re about to bring out your cake. C’mon!”

“We’ll be right out,” Sansa told him, and once her brother was back indoors, she turned to Jon. Except he was gone from her. His hands were back by his side and he smiled, a distant look in his eyes. “Jon? What were you going to say?”

“Thank you,” he said with a soft sigh. “Thank you for staying up with me all those nights to study for my exams. Couldn’t have gotten this fellowship without you, Sans.”

Jon kissed her on the cheek and retreated into the party.


Ma pupuce, you must go!”

Sansa crossed her arms across her chest and shook her head. Now that she was set to meet the man in less than an hour, she didn’t think she had the nerve. It wasn’t like her to go on a blind date anyways, so surely now was not the type to be straying outside her comfort zone.

“Sansa,” her flatmate said in that aggravatingly sultry French accent. “When was the last time you had a date?”

“Not since…”

“Oui, not since Joffrey!” Constance cried out. “You deserve a good man.”

“And how do you know this man will be a good man?” Sansa cried out with equal amounts of dramatic flourish. “He might just be as much of a jerk!”

“No one, darling, is as much of a jerk as Joffrey,” Constance said. “Now, go. I did not waste a whole week with Marcos for nothing.”

Sansa didn’t move. She just sighed. “I can’t believe I’m doing this. You don’t even know what he’s like, Constance!”

Her flatmate waved a hand in the air as if Sansa had just said the most trivial thing in the world. “Nonsense. I told you, I sat with Marcos and went through all of his friends. It was a very… um, qu’est-ce que c’est… rigorous process.”

At least, Sansa could concede, that it wasn’t one of Constance’s male friends, who were all a little too colourful for Sansa’s tastes. Maybe if she had been nineteen again she’d be into that but at twenty-five, she was looking for more. The problem was Sansa just didn’t know what more meant. She supposed that was where Constance’s coworker Marcos came in. He was normal. Sansa could do with normal after her ex, Joffrey.


Finally ushered out of the door, Sansa walked the short distance to the restaurant where she would be meeting this mystery man. She hadn’t wanted to go further than walking distance from her flat just in case her blind date turned out to be completely crazy.

The restaurant was a small, quaint little bistro on the corner of the high street. It had little adorable white wrought iron chairs and tables outside. A sign in glittering gold spelled out, ‘Chez L’Ami Pierre’. Inside, the decor was a deep burgundy colour mixed with accents of gold and black. It was truly one of Sansa’s favourite restaurants in Paris but as the prices were not necessarily kind to a teacher’s salary, she could only afford it on the very special occasions. A blind date was one of them, though truthfully, she just wanted to be somewhere she knew.

Once seated, Sansa began to wring the hem of her dress with increasing agitation. The nervous energy that had nearly rooted her to her flat was now coursing through her veins, pulsing to its own drumbeat.

What was she doing here? She must be insane. Totally, utterly insa–


Her heart leapt to her throat. She opened her mouth to speak but no sound came out. Sansa tried again and managed a weak, “what…

“I… You…” He seemed to be at a similar loss for words. Sansa watched as he struggled to regain his senses, taking note of his familiar curly, unruly black hair, those deep grey eyes and those sinfully full lips. But he was different, changed. He was no longer the boy she had known all those years ago. He was…

“I haven’t seen you since –”

“Your going away party,” Sansa filled in.

“Has it really been five years?” Jon breathed out with wide-eyed surprise. Sansa nodded quietly, and in turn, he sighed, a sound so regretful she felt it in her chest. “I’m sorry… I’ll leave you to your dinner.”

“Jon, wait,” Sansa said, noticing something in his hand. “That’s… Why do you have a yellow rose?”

Jon paused and abruptly started laughing. “God, this is…”


“Yeah, something like that,” Jon nodded. He settled in the seat across from her and chuckled again. “Five years and now this.”

Sansa smiled faintly. Her heart was still beating wildly in her chest. She could hardly believe that it was Jon sitting in front of her right now but as that began to settle around her, something else niggled at the back of her mind, a feeling she had pushed away for so many years.

“Why didn’t you call?” Sansa asked. “Or email? Or even text? I know we weren’t exactly good friends or anything but…” She trailed off again. It seemed to be a recurring habit around Jon. He made her lose her train of thought.

Jon sighed and rubbed at his eyes. “Fuck,” he murmured to himself. When he looked back up at her from behind his hands, those deep grey eyes bore into hers, imploring her to understand, but she didn’t. She didn’t understand anything.

“At first,” Jon started, sighing. “Well, at first, I couldn’t. Trust me that I wanted to but I couldn’t. It was hard enough to be away from you and I knew if we started talking, I’d just want to fly straight home.” He chuckled softly. “Didn’t help though, you know? Still wanted to fly straight home.”

“What are you talking about?”

He moved his hands as if to grab for her but stopped himself midway. Jon then dropped them back on his lap. “I was in love with you, Sans,” he said quietly. “But the fellowship was two years long and I needed time to move on. Then when I did go home, you were away and we just kept missing each other that way.” He shook his head sadly. “After awhile, I made peace that whatever I felt was never meant to last.”

Sansa inhaled deeply, trying to pull in oxygen to quell the pain running through her veins. It didn’t work. The pain was still there. All of those years of feeling betrayed, feeling like she had been dumped and not understanding why she had a right to those feelings when Jon and her weren’t anything to each other, suddenly made sense.

“You didn’t even bother to ask me though, did you?” Sansa scowled. “How I felt? You just assumed you were doing the right thing. God, Jon, you’re so…” She struggled for a word strong enough. “So thickheaded!”

Jon blinked, startled by her accusation.

“Did you think that maybe I loved you too?” Sansa asked him. “And you disappearing out of my life for five years would’ve killed me?”

“I didn’t –”

“No, of course you didn’t know! Because you never asked!” Sansa all but spat out “Well, that’s fine. See you in five years, Jon.”

She stood up suddenly, scraping the chair across the ground in a piercing squeal. Several of the other patrons turned and stared at her but Sansa was past caring at this point. All she wanted was to crawl into bed and not emerge for the next month. Maybe have Constance spoon feed her ice cream as they watched some cheesy, stupid chick flick.

Sansa raced from the restaurant as fast as was appropriate. She began her walk back down the high street towards the flat. She didn’t think he’d follow. She hadn’t expected him to – after all, he hadn’t reached out so much as one tweet in the past five years – so when a hand wrapped around hers and tugged her back, Sansa nearly screamed.

“Sansa,” Jon said, exhaling loudly from running after her. “Shit, Sansa, I’m sorry. I fucked up. I royally, wholly, irrevocably screwed this up. And I am more sorry than I can tell you.”

The street light bathed Jon in an amber glow, highlighting the changes in his face that she hadn’t been around to see over the past five years. She sighed. “It’s five years too late.”

“I know. I understand that,” Jon said softly. “And I have no right to ask anything of you. I just needed to tell you before I lost the chance again… Sansa, I never once stopped loving you. Not in five years and probably not in the next five years.” He smiled then. “I tried to move on once and it failed miserably. I don’t think I have the energy to try again.”

“Was this what you wanted to tell me that night? Out on the balcony?”

“Yes,” Jon admitted. “But I chickened out.”

“Huh,” Sansa murmured. She wondered if he had told her then, would things have been different? Would they have been together all this time? Or would she have still pretended to move on and date Joffrey for a year?

As epiphanies went, this one slid into her consciousness like a well-worn jumper. It was warm and comforting, and her anger melted away at its first touch. Sansa knew with such resounding clarity that even if Jon had confessed that night, nothing would have changed. She would never have been happy with a long-distance relationship and she would never have asked him to come home for her when she knew this was what he had wanted since he was a young boy. Likewise, Jon would never have stopped her from traveling the world to teach English.

“We’re both idiots,” Sansa finally said, smiling at him. When he only stared back at her, confusion evident in his grey eyes, she laughed. “Because I still love you too.”

Throwing her arms around him, Sansa kissed Jon for the first time, thrilled with the knowledge that this wouldn’t be the last time. She kissed him knowing that there were a million more kisses to come and each one would have a different meaning, a different part of their love that they hadn’t discovered yet. And god, she kissed him because she could and because she had wanted to for nearly a decade.

But the best part of it all was that Jon kissed her like no one could ever love her as much as he did, and in that moment, and many moments to come, Sansa believed that.

one Sunday

*Bucky looks outside the window of their apartment and waves to Sam as he heads off to the VA. He had told Sam he would be by later but he wasn’t feeling a hundred percent. it wasn’t a total lie but he needed some time alone from Sam. He picks up the cellphone and waits five minutes after Sam is gone before phoning Steve.*

“Steve hey do you have time to talk? I have some big questions I need your advice on.”

“Yeah, I think I can squeeze you between watching TV and doing laundry. Your place or my place?”

“Some place Sam can’t get to would be great…and maybe Tony I don’t want him interrupting and make jokes like last time.”

“Sounds serious. Okay, maybe Central Park? Or we can go to my old place in Brooklyn, I decided to keep my apartment in case me and Tony wanted to hide from everyone.”

“I’ll start heading to your old place. See you there in about twenty.” *He hangs up the phone and locks up the apartment before heading to Steve’s and his old apartment. Once there he waits outside the door for Steve.*

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BTS: Save me (Gang AU)

Character profile


Chapter 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14

Chapter 15


  Park Jimin, since young, he and Taehyung has been together through thick and thin. They both were taken in by a child slave organisation, CS. They took care of each other in the organisation as they have only one another. Their brotherly bonds is unbreakable. The organisation recognised this bond between them and enjoy watching young Jimin watch young Taehyung get abused and vice versa. However, the two child are as strong-willed as they can be. Seeing the potential in them, they was later sent to undergo various tough trainings to rise as hunters. Jimin was kidnapped when he was a few months old and taken into the organisation. They trained and imparted him on various fighting skills from shadow boxing to wingchun. He was sent on various missions to hunt. In this case, “hunting” is a term used to express a form of murder in the underground world. However, before he was trained to hunt, he was once a child slave. He was abused repeatedly by people who are sick in the mind and willing to pay for a session to de-stress themselves. Jimin hatred for the organisation is unthinkable but was willing to bear with all the unfairness to survive and maybe take revenge in the later days to come. When he was transferred to being a hunter, he gladly accepted. He soon became famous in the underground world and people pay him to do their dirty work. Yoongi took notice of him and invited him to join BTS in hopes to gain a talented figure. Jimin, invited along Taehyung who then entered the Top7 as the last 2 members. 

  “Hey tae! Remember when we were little?” Jimin laughed, taking another shot.

  “What about it?” Taehyung replied.

  “I always wondered. When would i die. I was almost sick of life. Until i met you. Remember the promise we made?” Jimin reminiscence, there was nothing but pain in their memories, until they had each other.

  “I won’t forget. I was so glad we had one another and even i am thankful for these hell that decend upon us. Without it i think i wouldn’t meet BTS.” Taehyung sighed, before downing his whiskey.

  “Hyungs. I am totally not glad that you have to encounter such situations. But it’s good to have you all in the team. Really.” Jungkook, smiled lightly.
  The maknaes of top7 , continued to drink to their heart’s content. Which left taehyung time to think.
What was it that made him love BTS so much ?
What was it that made BTS bulletproof?
What was wrong with him in the first place to even think of betraying his brothers.

  “Jimin-ah, jungkookie. Thank you.” He said it to a sleeping jimin and a snoring jungkook before reaching for his phone.

  “Hyung. I have something to confess.” Taehyung informed.

  “Alrights. You sound so serious. Meet me in my office whenever you are free.” Namjoon instructed.

Meeting room

  “Guys. Are you all okay with the change of plans ? I know it’s a little rush but i want to see zero mistakes. I trust in every single one of you and your abilities and even your men.” Namjoon announced.

  “Thank you everyone. I promise to not disappoint you all.” Taehyung replied almost shyly.

  “Yah. No need to thank us. Just be glad you are with BTS.” Jin joked.

  “Exactly. Your ass, may have end up dead if you didn’t tell us about it.” Suga added.

  “Thank you for trusting us too.” Jhope squeezed taehyung on his shoulders.

  Together,they gathered, putting their palms together before shouting, “Bangtan!bangtan! Bang. Bang. Tan.”


  You were typing your resignation letter. You didn't  want to be a inspector anymore. Not because you didn’t like your job but because you were never a good inspector to begin with. What happened to the oath you made when you graduted from the police academy?
You didn't  deserve the promotion  and neither were you suppose to not get caught by the arms of justice. Maybe heaven was giving you a second chance, so why not use it.

  You also typed a letter to jongsuk.

  Dear Jongsuk,
  Thank you for being such a good and capable subordinate when you are working with me. I am so glad to have a right hand man like you. And i believe you would do a lot better than me in my position. I wish you all the best in your interview and i have left a testimonial for you on your table.
Lastly. Thank you for being there till the end.


  You left it on his table and decided to find the top7 since they invited you to celebrate with them. It's  also time for you to tell Namjoon that you are not going to continue doing the things you did for them and just maybe you would like to tell Hoseok how you feel before leaving. You clutched the box in your left pants pocket tightly, hoping to give you the strength you need.

DOPE Private room

  “Guys! It's  time to celebrate! ” Namjoon cheered, bringing in bottles of beer to champage.

  “You all have done really well. Though we have more or less wiped out the Got7. They are alot weaker now, losing their leaders. But we have to guard ourselves against other gangs too.” Namjoon continued.

  “Okay. Enough. It's  time to party isn't  it?” Jin interrupted.

  “Yeah!” The boys echoed.

  The boys were all relieved and enjoying the time of their life. It's  as if they were all little boys and not men who knew the evils of the world.

  “Jungkookie. How’s the alcohol? You shouldn’t drink too much baby.” Jimin teased.

  “How i wish you went to hell too.” Jungkook rolled his eyes.

  “Shut up kids. Like use your mouth to drink. Not talk.” Yoongi joked, sarcastically.

  “Yahyahyah. Taehyung ah. Stop clinging onto me.” Jhope spoke, trying to push taehyung away.

  “Uhh-ah. No. I don’t care.” Taehyung whined, grabbing hoseok’s leg.

  “Okay tae. let go. i need to talk to hoseok. I will return him to you later. Hobi and yoongi meet me outside?” Namjoon beckoned.

DOPE back alley

  “Hope. I Heard from you that (Y/n) is leaving after she helps us with the Got 7 am i right?” Yoongi questioned.

  “Yes.” Hope replied.

  “Did you not succeed?” Namjoon interrogated.

  “I don’t know.” Hope replied, uncertainly.

  “Care to explain?” Namjoon waited patiently.

  “I don’t know if she love or even like me enough to stay and continue to help us.” Hope replied, scratching his head.

  “But our great need of her. Why did you and taehyung have to fail this. I task you with this after that taehyung failed, i trusted you to do this well hope. I am really disappointed.” Namjoon shook his head.

  “Joon, why not just let her go. We will find some other ways. Isn’t it too cruel to trick her again and again?” Hoseok questioned.

 “(Y/n).” Yoongi spoke, getting up from the wall.

Where it all begin, there it shall end.

A/n: woo. i wrote a chapter finally. if you all think it’s ending soon then you are wrong. Or maybe i shouldn’t tell you that. keke. Manymany sorry to those who want me to update my Lies fanfic. I never touched that for weeks so next week i will update that alrights!

And again if you want to know what hope and tae are doing.


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He Had to Go (Phan Smut)

Summary: Dan has a bladder condition and it takes an intervention from Phil to get him to the toilet in time. An unexpected boner leads to some… watersports.

Warnings: smut, omorashi/watersports, swearing

Word count: 1745

A/N: So this is long for an afternoon’s work - totally didn’t plan this in maths class. For some reason I’ve wanted to write an omorashi fic for a while, but I get if it’s not for you. Anyway, happy reading!

Dan had been shifting in his seat for the last five minutes and I could say for sure it was because he needed to pee. I watched as he crossed one leg over the other and adjusted his position in the chair. Having a long term bladder problem, he had to go the toilet a lot more frequently than most people. I’d been with him all morning and I knew for a fact he hadn’t been. In the usual routine, he would have a visit at break, but we’d been called to an impromptu meeting about an upcoming school trip.

Now we were sitting in third period, it had been fifteen minutes since the end of interval. Our usual teacher was off ill and so we had a supply from another school. This particular supply teacher had introduced himself as Mr Brown, and no offence to Browns but he was as boring as the name would suggest. He had short grey hair and was wearing a shirt and waistcoat that certainly did not go together. He would shush us if the noise level got above that of a pin dropping and had already refused one girl’s request to go to the toilet. I could guess Dan was nervous about asking; all the regular teachers knew of his condition and had been instructed to let him out to the toilet but it was unlikely Mr Brown knew.

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Shance Fluff Week: Seas/Stars

*Shrugs* IDK either i missed yesterday and threw this one together?

It’s cute though! A little off point but still good! 

Lance and Shiro had been dancing around each other for years, and Lance has one more chance before summer ends and Shiro slips away from him.

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The Kind of Date a Girl Would Enjoy by Hideyoshi Nagachika feat. Ken Kaneki

Hello everyone! This is my first fic for Hide Week 2017! (Yay! I’m not late! You’re just… early.) Without further ado, I present to you a summary and some excerpts!

Day one – 永 eternity / forever

Summary: Following their conversation about what kind of date a girl would enjoy, Hide decides to take Kaneki on one, because no one should allow their best friend to take the girl of their dreams on a boring bookstore date.

Excerpt 1

Seeing Kaneki dressed in a white button-up and pressed black trousers did alleviate his worries some, and he snickered out, “You should get something cooler to wear, or at least something to change into,” Hide instructed. “I’m not taking you to church.” It was flattering though, that Kaneki took him seriously enough to get dressed up. “I know! Dive in some trunks!”

“Hide, seriously?” Kaneki looked about ready to slam the door on him.

“Nah! Just slapping your ass!”

Kaneki blushed and gave him a look that begged, “Why would you say that?”

“Go grab something to change into!” Hide repeated. “I’ll wait right here.”

“What about you?”

“Don’t worry about me. I just gotta take what I’m wearing off.”

Excerpt 2

“Would you know if a girl wanted to kiss you?”

The question caught him off-guard, but Hide managed to answer as nonchalantly as he could. “Sure I would.” 

“How would you know?”

For the second time without thinking, Hide offered, “Let me show you how.” Hide dropped his bag on the ground, and took the novel from Kaneki and rested it on his bag. 

“First, I’d tell her ‘goodnight’, or ‘good afternoon’ in our case. Then, I’d go to leave. If she stops me, I’ll wait. If not, I’ll go.” Hide made to turn away, but the sudden pressure of Kaneki’s hand gripping his shoulder stopped him, not because of its strength (which severely lacked, of course), but by its surety alone. “Y-Yeah. Something like this.” He paused. “Then I’d have to decide based on what she does next.”

“What should she do next?” 

“You’re not in a library, you don’t have to whisper.” He didn’t take the bait, so Hide continued, “Usually, a girl would wrap her arms around a guy’s neck. Like in one of those TV dramas.” And Kaneki performed a variation thereof, keeping the hand anchored to Hide’s shoulder in place while caressing his nape with the other.

“Like this?”

“Yeah. Just like this.” Hide wanted to lean forward, close the space between them, and press his lips against Kaneki’s.

Ao3 Mirror

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