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taehyung line art attempt #10

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hi i have a bit of a dumb question, but how do you finish art? i feel like i have a lot of ideas and pieces that I'm really excited about doing but near the end of the piece i see so many mistakes/things that i spent a lot of time on but didn't turn out the way i want and then think that its a waste of time to finish so i never complete anything...

Hello!! One of the precepts of the conceptual art is that once you’ve had the idea, the work is finished. It doesn’t have to be recreated in any way, because it already exists in your mind completely ଘ(੭ˊ꒳ˋ)੭✧ Personally, if you’re boicotting yourself all of the time in every piece you start, it’s because you need the confidence that comes with artistical growth. You have to be sure of what you’re painting because you trust your skill as not to fail in the end, as much as you might need to stop pushing yourself with so many expectations from the start. The fight all artists carry inside is the will to make what we produce look like what we envisioned in our minds. The more you learn of the technique you’re currently using- digital art, traditional art- the more you’ll be free to get results you couldn’t even dream of, even more, produce something that will be better than the idea you originally had. In the way you talked it made me think you’re referring to big illustrations… to start gaining confidence in your own skill i’d start by the smallest, meaningless things. If you can’t do a full illustration now it might be because you lack some pillars of the skill in the way, taking steps back is never a waste of time but an investment in the future(´꒳`人) My illustration professor told me if i wanted to improve i had to drop everything i knew and start again by only drawing with lines for a whole year. He said- and it was so damn true- once you’re tired of experimenting with different types of lineart you will start trying to shadow, and for shadow you still need to use lines so you will squeeze your brains as to be creative applying the little you know, in a way that, at the end, won’t be little anymore. 

Also who said finishing things was necessary??? Doodling and doodling and doodling, even if it’s never finished, is also a way of improving!!!


The Cure, live @ Vector Arena Auckland, New Zealand. 21/07/16


night time selfie studies/self portraits are the best

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maybe 15/18/29 with peggy and maria? I just love the ship and I want peggy to protect maria ok my cinnamon rolls

A/N: Ohoho anon, bet you thought I was only gonna choose one of the prompts, huh? I never step down from a challenge, so I chose all three! (Surprise!) Anyway, I’ve seen this ship around and I think it’s the cutest thing, but I still don’t know the ship name for it, ahhh! Still, I hope you enjoy the fic :) (1,300 words, hot dang!) (Requests are open; send me a prompt and I’ll see if I can write it!)

“Go on. Tell me.” / “You need to leave. Right now.” / “Y-you love me?”

Maria was standing on the front porch of the Schuyler home. What a large, beautiful house. It looked new, or perhaps it was just that well taken care of, and stood at two stories tall. It was white with clean windows and had finely trimmed hedges bordering the porch. She had managed to get the address from Alexander. “I just want to apologize. I feel responsible for this entire thing. Please.” He had given it to her reluctantly, maybe just to get her off of his back. She understood; she had caused enough trouble as is, she just wanted to end it.

She exhaled before ringing the doorbell, the chime echoing within the vastness of the house. After a few moments, she heard the sound of multiple locks clicking, and finally the knob turned and the door swung open. She stood in front of the youngest Schuyler: Peggy. She was usually dolled up for school, so to see her with her curly hair down and around her face and without makeup was a little shocking. Maria lost her words for a few seconds.

“Who is it Peggy?” Angelica called from within the house.

“Nobody!” Peggy insisted, stepping outside and closing the door slightly, leaving it open just a crack so she wouldn’t be locked out. “What are you doing here?” she asked. There was no hostility in her voice, just curiosity and… concern? She kept her voice low, barely above a whisper, her brows knitted together. Was Maria not supposed to be there?

“Am I not supposed to be here?” Maria asked, her voice soft to match Peggy’s but with a bit more volume and not as raspy.

“Well, you shouldn’t be,” Peggy said, glancing over her shoulder to see if anyone was approaching. She suddenly pushed Maria off of the porch, gently so she’d just step back and waved her hands. “You need to leave.” She looked over her shoulder again. “Right now.”

“Oh,” Maria sighed. “I see that I’m not welcomed here. I understand. I’ll leave-”

“W-wait,” Peggy called shyly, twiddling her index fingers. “It’s just… Things are pretty crazy right now, with Eliza and Alexander and all. Eliza’s upset, Angelica’s pissed… It’s just not safe for you to be here. I don’t want you to get hurt.”

Maria quirked her brow with intrigue. “You… don’t want me to get hurt? You do realize that I’m the reason your sister is so upset right now?” It was like a stab in the chest, and she was the one who held the blade. She hung her head, tears welling in her eyes. Of course it was a dumb idea to come here, especially in the midst of all this confusion and chaos.

“Look, it’s not your fault,” Peggy nearly blurted, and even she looked surprised to have said it. She sighed and went on, “It’s all that dumb Alexander’s fault! He should have known better than to break Eliza’s heart like that, he should have been able to control himself. I don’t blame you one bit, and I don’t think Eliza does either. But Angelica… I think she’s ready to rip off anyone’s head. Just… Please go, before Angelica comes.”

Maria bowed with what dignity she had left, stepping further away from the door. “I understand. I apologize for coming at such an inappropriate time. I… guess this is goodbye.”

“No!” Peggy exclaimed, quickly slapping her hand over her mouth. The two girls stared at each other, Maria with confusion and Peggy with surprise. She sighed, averting her gaze and dropping her hand. “I… really want to see you again. Um… C-can we meet at the football field tomorrow, after school, m-maybe?” she sucked on her lower lip. She obviously wanted to tell Maria something, but felt that she wasn’t in a safe enough position to say it.

“… Okay,” Maria agreed. “I’ll see you tomorrow at the football field after school.” And with that, she left. Peggy sighed and went back inside the house, closing the door and sliding to the floor. In the other room, she could still hear Eliza wailing and Angelica frantically trying to calm her down and comfort her. She hugged her legs and buried her face in her knees. This was the stupidest thing she could do right now, but she just couldn’t wait anymore.


As soon as the bell rung to release them from their last class, Peggy practically sprinted to the football field. It was the end of winter, nearing spring, and the football team had yet to start practice again. That meant that she would possibly be alone with Maria Reynolds, the most beautiful girl on school.

What was she thinking?

She waited by the goal post, rocking back and forth on her feet. She was constantly checking her phone for the time. Five minutes after the bell rang, Maria finally appeared, walking casually towards the goal post. She was wearing a crimson turtleneck crop top and a black leather jacket, her hair perfectly curled and her lips blood red. Peggy gulped. She should look away. She should run. She never should have invited Maria. And now she was getting closer, closer, until…

“Hi,” Maria greeted, practically in Peggy’s face.

“H-hi,” Peggy squeaked, stepping back to create some comfortable distance between them. “Um…” She rubbed her neck and glanced away. “I-I, um…”

“Why’d you want to meet me?” Maria asked, tilting her head to the side. Oh God, she looked so beautiful and adorable and perfect. How could Peggy possibly go through with this? She swallowed hard. She had to. She had asked her to come, she couldn’t possibly back down now.

“I-I have a confession!” Peggy admitted, her voice raising a good two octaves. She coughed, her cheeks flushing pink fast.

“Oh?” Maria sounded more intrigued as a smirk splayed on her lips and she leaned forward, towering over Peggy. “Go on. Tell me.” Her lips grazed Peggy’s ear.

Peggy shuddered and stepped away, her palms sweating and her heart beating. Come on, Margarita. Say it! “I-I…” She inhaled sharply, holding her breath before huffing. “I-I r-really l-like you!” she admitted, slapping both hands over her mouth. Maria was taken aback. Peggy fanned herself, beginning to panic as she felt her entire body begin to perspire. “E-ever since I saw you in Math class, I knew that you were something else. Y-you made me feel… different, like no one had ever made me feel before! A-and I think it’s what some people call… l-love?” She held her breath.

Maria’s eyes were blown wide, her lips pursed. Peggy felt her heart drop into her stomach. Oh no… She had ruined her chance, she had freaked her out! She was never going to get together with Maria, what was she thinking? There was no way that she, the Schuyler sister that no one even remembered the name of, could possibly date the intimidating, the beautiful, the magnificent Maria Reynolds-

Suddenly she was being hugged. Maria had thrown her arms around her, pulling her close, and was hugging her. Peggy hesitantly placed her hands on Maria’s back, inhaling in her scent of roses and cinnamon. She froze when she heard Maria sob, and realized that her body was trembling. “Y-you love me?” she hiccuped.

Peggy released a nervous laugh, embracing her tighter. “Y-yeah… I think.” There was a moment of silence as Maria shook and sobbed. Peggy rubbed soothing circles on her back. “Do… do you think we can make this work?” she asked.

Maria sniffed and pulled away, a tear streaking down her cheek, but she was smiling. “Yeah… Yeah, I think we can at least try,” she agreed. Peggy must have been very excited, because she did something very bold: She kissed her. And she swore that she kissed her back.


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To the man that killed me, the man who named me,the man who gave me hope …Arima you were my teacher and my father.

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hey pals i have something for u to consider!!!

don’t be mean to other people bc they ship something you don’t!!!!!!!

it doesn’t matter if it’s your notp!!!!! it doesn’t matter if u think the ship is wrong!!! it just does not matter!!!!! leave that person alone!

they’re not doing anything wrong by having a ship u don’t like (obviously if they’re being aggressive about the ship then maybe tell them to relax) and shipping should always be in good fun!!

ok friends! thank u!!!!

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I really like the idea of Fushimi and Munakata dancing together but I can't picture how that would actually happen, it doesn't seem like something either would do. Do you have a scenerio of how that happens, preferably as themselves and not for a undercover mission or something.

As it happens, I have a fic for that :)

Bonus alternate scenario, just to make this answer a bit more substantial: say maybe it is for an undercover mission but not one that’s happened yet, like Fushimi’s going to need to go undercover at some kind of magnificent ball but in order to be prepared he must learn how to dance first. There’s some talk of Awashima or a couple of the ladies in filing giving him lessons but Fushimi’s all embarrassed about the idea of other people watching him fail to dance so he refuses and says he’ll take care of it on his own. Cue two days before the mission and poor Fushimi’s sneaking into the dojo alone at night practicing dance moves, except of course he doesn’t have a partner and he’s not terribly good at it because he’s just trying to memorize steps and doesn’t really have any sense of rhythm whatsoever. He’s getting irritated and pretty much ready to just be like fuck this I’ll just limp and say I broke my leg and can’t dance, which is when Munakata shows up at the door all oh, Fushimi-kun, you’re still awake. Fushimi denies that he’s practicing dancing, Munakata just smiles and requests to see Fushimi’s progress. Fushimi grumbles but he does a little dancing, of course it’s stiff with no partner and no music. Naturally Munakata offers his assistance and he ends up going to get like a nice classical music CD and offering to be Fushimi’s partner. As it happens Munakata had to learn to dance for his brother’s wedding and he still remembers the steps. He takes Fushimi’s hands all careful and Fushimi kinda flushes a little and then clicks his tongue to cover it, muttering that this is stupid. Munakata just gives him this brilliant smile and they slowly start to move around the room, just the two of them. At first they’re not in sync at all but Fushimi slowly starts to adapt to Munakata’s movements and Munakata adjusts his own pace slightly to match Fushimi’s. Fushimi even kinda starts to forget his annoyance, swept up in watching Munakata as they move around the room, just the two of them. The music stops and Fushimi stumbles for a minute, the spell broken as Munakata commends his skill, noting that Fushimi has practiced hard the last few days. Fushimi’s just like whatever but he’s secretly a little pleased and did  not entirely hate the lesson.

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Tell us a story!

Okay I’ll tell an embarrassing story for you guys.

Alright, so in 7th grade I had a pair of these super skinny pants that I loved to wear because I thought I looked so cool in them, but eventually they started getting too small on me, but I ignored it and continued to squeeze into them time after time again. One day, in a rush, I put them on without thinking and raced to school, already tardy. Confidently strutting down the empty halls, I naturally felt good in my skin tight jeans, and when I made it to class, I strides all the way to my desk like I was on the runway. (Not really, but I felt pretty damn hot in those pants). Anyways, the teacher calls me up to her desk, which is in front of the entire class, to tell me that I needed to call my parents about forgetting to sign a report card, so I nodded and went to the phone, also in front of the whole class, and proceeded to try to call them. As I was facing away, my back to everyone in the room, I feel a tap on my shoulder, and I turn to see my friend who looks kind of hesitant to tell me something. “What’s up?” I ask, thinking nothing’s wrong. She kind of awkwardly smiles and gestures for me to lean in so she could whisper something in my ear, “There’s a hole in your pants” she says. I pull away a little confused, “What?” She motions quickly for me to come back, “I said, there’s a big rip in your pants–right on your butt!” By then, I was completely and utterly shocked. Not only had I confidently walked down the halls like I was hot shit, but I had stood in front of all me classmates with a gaping hole on the backside of my jeans! The make matters absolutely worse, I was wearing quite possibly to this day, the ugliest pair of underwear I have ever owned. I was mortified, and at that moment I wanted nothing more than to crawl in a hole and die. But, oh, the universe wasn’t quite done with me yet! I had tried to reach my parents for a change of clothes, but neither of them answered, even after countless attempts of calling and silent pleading for them to pick up. I was stuck wearing those torn skinny jeans for the rest of the day. Thankfully, my friend from before offered her jacket to tie around my waist, and although it wasn’t ideal, it was certainly much better than having to wear whatever extra pair of pants the nurse had! The rest of the day continued mildly horrible, but it took a final turn downwards when I realized that we also had a pep rally that day. Splendid! Now, not only was EVERYONE in my class going to see the suspicious looking jacket tied around my waist, but I’d be forced to sit out the entire time in effort to avoid anyone actually seeing the hole in my pants! Needless to say, it was a really awful experience, and I know now to double check my clothes before leaving the house.

“All hail Hamilton, who will be President hereafter.”

Can I say I love @ramsay–bolton and @abit-notgood fic again? Because I love this fic 

Hope you like it!


Good morning fandom family!!! <3 <3 <3 i now present you all with this weeks archive of awesome work from Micro Fic Monday!!! (-^ O^-) thank you, as always, to everybody who takes part! and also to those of you who interact with these posts! new people are submitting every week, and that is SUPER AWESOME!!! (O  w O) <3

There is an Anon submission this week containing major character death, so it’s linked RIGHT HERE for those of your who love the angst! It’s a really sad and beautiful one (o=  3 =o) so take a look if you can! <3 <3 <3

As usually, if you find your submission is missing, please let me know and resubmit it! Though, I’m actually going out of town today, so it may take me a little longer than usual to amend this post to include any missing micro fics! So my double apologize if this is the case for anybody (O [ ]O);;;

I am looking VERY MUCH forward to the piece i have in mind for this week!!! <3 <3 <3 So keep an eye out for that on Sunday! (-^ ___^-) I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week! And keep all your awesome ideas cooking for next weeks MFM! MUCH LOVE!!! <3 <3 <3