it's just too damn funny


#well that plan definitely backfired


This Naruto rewatch has been particularly enriching \\\٩(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و////

I can’t possibly be the only one who died laughing at that part in Spider-Man Homecoming wherein one of the Academic Decathlon members said on TV that Spider-Man rescuing them was like a Bon Jovi concert lmao 


Oliver uses the salmon ladder for more than just his health.  »—>

13 Reasons Why

Now that I have your atention: please watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine thank you.

idk where else to put this but listen we went out for my friend’s bday and she got drunk as hell (we all did tbh) and we’re all dragging our asses home from the club at like 4am and while going down these stairs, this white dude shouted smth racist at one of my friends like “hey open ur eyes! lol” and we just walked faster bc whatever, we were tired and didn’t feel like fighting…but then we told my friend who was still super drunk and she got PISSED and ran up the stairs and we’re like wtf!!! wait!!! and by the time we catch up to her, she got her hands on some poor random ass white boy and she’s shaking him and crying “u racist bastard u take that back” and that boy looked so scared and confused i was laughing my ass off but my other friend ran forward and apologized and dragged her away, all the while she’s still crying about racism…

and anyways my point is the super drunk friend is Lance, the one that got insulted was his boyfriend Shiro and Hunk is the apologetic friend pulling Lance away while Keith laughs his ass off

Me right now.