it's just they look so pretty together!

honestly if you look at most happy people, you will notice something. they’re not always financially stable. they’re not always fully healthy. they’re not even always “together” or “with it”. but they are full of gratitude. they find joy in life not because of the things they do not or cannot have, but because of the things they do. it’s easy to look at a sliver of someone’s life and say “oh well they’re happy because they’re pretty” or “they’re happy because they don’t have other problems going on” or “they’re definitely happy because they’re rich”. there is a difference between actually recognizing other peoples’ privilege and making assumptions about other people’s lives. 

(you know how in a lot of kdramas when the female character isn’t “pretty” she usually needs a makeover first before getting with the lead, change her look altogether or they’ll get together but the male lead will still joke about her looks; but then in WLFKBJ Joon Hyung is just like “my girlfriend is so pretty!” “i think she’s sexy the way she is” etc and its not even said as a joke, like he means it 100% and i think its so nice~ okay bye now)

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How about the two silvallies playing matchmaker for Gladion and MC

~ Imagine two big ass mutant dogs. Now imagine them dragging their trainers across the ground and throwing them together like frisbees.
~ MC’s Silvally is much more suave. Gladion’s is 999999% done with its trainer’s emotional stuntedness and inability to express compliments besides “You’re strong”
~ Gladion’s Silvally will bring Gladion clumps of uprooted flowers for him to give to MC.
~ MC’s Silvally just rolls over and dies because Gladion doesn’t have the sense to cut off the roots and make them look pretty in a vase. MC thinks it’s sweet.
~ The Silvallies (silvalli? Silvallys? SOS) try and make Gladion and MC buy them malasadas and it inadvertently turns into a date. Gladion is a blushing mess and MC has to make the first move, much to their amusement.

It’s Theodosia Sr.!! Surrounded by Forget me not and  Gardenia flowers with what is supposed to be Rosemary sprigs, I tried OTL. I wanted the flowers to have meaning so I just googled some up and  Forget Me Not — Meaning: True love; Memories (bc idk tbh it looked pretty) ,  Gardenia — Meaning: You’re lovely; Secret love (BC SHE AND AARON GOT TOGETHER SECRETLY AND HECC EVEN THE GARDENIA’S ARE HIDDEN),  Rosemary – Meaning: Remembrance(bc she died and she’s always remembered[?]) 

Should I do the other ladies too? Like the Schuyler Sisters and Maria???

My AT secret santa present for @werewolfking95 (who can’t be tagged here and i’m not sure why!) 

They requested flame princess and it was super fun to draw her in a santa outfit, i’m pretty sure the present is NOT for the fire kitty, alas, poor fire kitty. 

Thanks so much to @soupery for putting this together this year! 

A response to Cerone puzzle comment.

I want you to imagine a puzzle. Not a 3D, just your basic, easy 2D puzzle - it doesn’t have to be overly complex doesn’t have to be many pieces either. So let’s say 100 pieces. You don’t know what it looks like, but you have some idea.

It should be pretty easy right, to click together and finish?

So you separate the pieces out and you have all your edge pieces, and you put those together first.

That right there, that’s your frame. That frame consists of major characters, the over arching mystery and some major rules or “do not touch” pieces.

So over time you start building out the inside, you get a couple of pieces the wrong way that for sure you thought it fits, but over time some manage to fit into the frame, more often then not - They don’t.

So your doing this at a frustratingly slow pace, and even after you think for sure you have one piece in the right spot, and can carry on - you find out, nope that’s actually the wrong piece.

So at this point, after 4 years of building, all you have done is the frame, and barley a handful of pieces. Some of you have either said “fuck it!” And have put the pieces back in the box, others might have casual walked by the puzzle on your coffee table and half attempted to put a new piece in, and others might be forcing pieces in at this point.

After all it’s been 4 years.

That’s when it hits you. It’s been 4 years. And besides the frame all you have is 4 pieces in, that maybe belong there. The puzzle box is still full and every time you put a piece in, it ends up being the wrong piece.

Now, you are staring at the frame and you just notice one of those pieces - the “do not touch piece” the key piece that’s holding this puzzle together - doesn’t really belong there. This piece is called “Red doesn’t lie to Liz”. You thought for sure that piece belongs there, cause if it doesn’t then all the other pieces would be wrong.

So you take it out and look at it, not sure what to do. Do you leave it? It’s been 4 years.

Or - do you try and make it fit another way, maybe you just need to keep looking for that key piece to make all the other pieces fit.

But it’s been 4 years. Your tired of staring at it, or figuring it out, the pay off to get one piece in, isn’t worth the aggravation of going through all the pieces again.

It’s been 4 years, the frame is now in question, you have 4 pieces in that your still not sure they fit.

You decide to….

I will leave it there. You decide what to do.

I was lying in bed thinking out of all the things we had hoped for and wanted resolved, that could have been, some pretty easy things, others some pretty big things.

-Red and Liz talking about her betrayal
-Red and Kaplan resolving her betrayal
-Samar and Liz chat about her betrayal
-Aram and Liz chat about her betrayal
-Cooper and Liz chat about her betrayal
-Ressler and Liz chat about her betrayal
-confirming Red and Katarina did have an affair or not
-who Liz really is
-who liz father really is
-what really happened on the night of the fire.

To name a few.

The only thing that was resolved since the wedding - was Kirk isn’t the father. That’s 14 episodes. And out of all those episodes only 1 thing was confirmed and many of us figured that out.

I have the exact same amount of answers that I had a year ago - NO! - 2 years ago!!

I have the exact same amount of puzzle pieces connected for 2 years.

And It’s been 4 years.

Mashima: Gray and Erza, right?
Mashima: they look pretty good together.
Mashima: I will make them very close
Mashima: make Gray call her ‘cute’ and blushing when she’s crying
Mashima: yes, yes, that’s perfect
Mashima: now make them hang out all the time
Mashima: yes that’s goooood
Mashima: now let them save each other often… Great.
Mashima: and the day he met her was his lucky day!
Mashima: oh my god this is gonna be so good
Mashima: and now pair him with his creepy stalker and her with her childhood friend who can only make her sad.
Mashima: I’m such a genius.

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Why are you so deadest against thinking explicit romantic Bellarke will happen at all in S4? Is that just you having really low expectations so you're not disappointed or you really actually thinking its not gonna happen in S4?

Me not having expectations of “explicit romantic bellarke” doesn’t mean I have low expectations for bellarke. Their love isn’t less to me if they aren’t explicitly romantic. I actually have pretty high expectations to see bellarke working as a team together from the start of the season. I’ve never been more excited for bellarke’s story tbh. THIS IS THE SHIT I’m HERE FOR.

And yeah, I also try not to look through shipper goggles when predicting this kind of thing. Yall know im the biggest blorke out there, but I try not to get caught up in the excitement of other peoples’ interpretations. The fact that I don’t predict it happening does not disappoint me in the slightest. That actually kind of excites me more, weirdly? I’m so hype to see them this season, as friends, as partners, as people who love each other unconditionally, a love that is so strong and transcendent that to try to label it a certain way would do it a disservice. :’)

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"And you're not the only one that's a survivor, Caddy. Sans is, too. We... can't promise everything will be okay. But, you know what? Even though things look bad right now, I feel that his chances are pretty good that he'll pull through this. So don't despair. Just take things one moment at a time."

Caddy: “Thanks, Kodai… I’m trying to keep things together… but Dr. Brewer was right - after having a shower and changing into some clean clothes, I feel a little more like ‘me’ again… ”

Cupcake: “See, I knew you would… and I’ve got some hot tea here to drink, and some hot water in the kettle for your head, so you don’t have to go empty for too long!”

Caddy: “I just hope G doesn’t think he’s hallucinating, if he sees you… I don’t think he had very much sleep either… ”

Cupcake: “Well since he’s ‘me’, I know I wouldn’t do anything too rash… so we’ll deal with that if and when it happens, shall we?”

I just have a lot of feelings about the sarchensey road trip, they’re the ot3 

  • Henry’s madonna t-shirt becomes pretty much communal, it looks awesome on everyone, Blue wears it as a dress with high socks and its tight on Gansey’s shoulders and henry is #weak
  • When they have both the cars, Henry gets them walkie talkies so they can chat and they start making up all these little codes and things and much eye spy ensures 
  • Henry and Blue keep buying all the junk food as car snacks and Gansey just wants them to pls eat a vegetable
  • they camp a lot of the time and it’s always cold so they snuggle together and zip their sleeping bags together 
  • they agree that the driver should always pick the music, but there’s a mutiny after the third day of Ramsey's beetles playlist on repeat (Blue may have said she’d even prefer the murder squash song but she’ll deny it vehemently)
  • Ronan and Adam get SO MANY POSTCARDS they send them at least three times per week and they have silly things on them and they all write their own messages 
  • Gansey’s obsessed with taking pictures of them and never forgetting a second so he buys a polaroid camera and there are so many pictures of sunsets, landmarks, food, selfies of them all kissing, and pictures of gansey doing stupid stuff (courtesy of Blue)
  • The space where the engine should be becomes devoted to all the shitty souvenirs Gansey and Henry buy, Blue makes a token protest before accepting that aglionby boys will always buy stupid shit
  • Blue always sleeps in the middle bc she’s the smallest, however she likes to spread out in her sleep so Henry and Gansey end up getting pushed off their bed by their tiny girlfriend 

“I love you.”

Happy Valentine’s Day! Have some McDanno kisses :)

1 year anniversary ❤

A year ago today, we were on our way back from a late night out at our favorite bar, Respectables and we had been getting mistaken for a couple by strangers all night: “is that your boyfriend? The way he looks at you….oh my god! You guys are so cute together!”
to him: “your girlfriend is so pretty! I can tell you guys are so into each other, its adorable!”
“so how long have you and your boyfriend been together?”
…all night. We eventually just started going with it. When we got to the car, we had the same thing to tell​ each other; “People kept mistaking us for being together.”
“you too..?”
“well what did you tell them?”
“I just sort of went with it…”
“yeah me too.”
And then he had asked me “…well, is that something you would like?”
Me: “…what? To be together? Like, dating? ….boyfriend, girlfriend?”
Him: “…yeah?”
I answered back: “well, yeah, duh. I mean so many people already thought it, and we can’t disappoint them, after all.”
Already a year later. We have been through so much already in our first year together and I can’t wait to celebrate all the years after this one. Here’s to many more adventures. I still don’t know how I got so lucky.
I’m his, and he’s mine. I love him so much, with all of my heart. ❤😘

“Moving to Edmonton was one of the best decisions of my life. I moved here about five years ago from Ireland. It was a complete lifestyle change. Here it’s much more active and there’s a lot more stuff to do. I come from rural Ireland. It’s good here, I like it. There’s a lot of potential opportunity here even though we’re going through a downturn at the moment. There’s still work here, and I’m gainfully employed.”

“I had a lot of friends who went to Australia. To me, Australia is just a bit too far away from Ireland. I still have family and friends in Ireland so I want to travel back and forth as much as possible. So I had to look for opportunities within a day of travel and Edmonton was booming and in its own economic bubble, so I chose Edmonton. It lined up pretty good because one of my friends was dating a girl in university and she was from Sherwood Park so we ended up moving here together. He’s now married and he lives in Sherwood Park.”

“I think Edmonton is a nice city. A lot of people give it a bad rep but I actually like it. The river valley is quite nice. Sure, Edmonton is industrial, but industry isn’t a bad thing. I think there’s a subtle beauty to the refineries, especially at night time, they’re like their own individual little city all lit up. Yeah it’s good to see. It’s a blue-collar working city, but it still has its beauty and history, especially on Whyte Ave and in Old Strathcona.“

can we just take a moment to talk about killer b’s infinite tsukuyomi dream I mean it’s just the best

the tailed beasts are all little chibis!!!

they join together by FIST BUMP

the fifth hokage stone face is just a thing of nightmares

gaara GAMBLES to get naruto, outright cheats, and tsunade is OBLIVIOUS THE WHOLE TIME

I’m pretty sure fuu falls in love with gaara??? like fuu sees him with the classic shoujou bubbles around him and there’s the waterfall in the background. just look at this.

just look at these quality faces

then there’s stuff just like???

gaara the outdoorsman

there’s a reason fuu and roshi wouldn’t give you fist bumps b

it’s okay naruto aunty yugito is scary isn’t she

these coordinating outfits though



inspired by last nights pick up line battle here ya go nerds

also we hit 500 followers???? we must warn you that if youre following us we have no idea where we’re going

anyway thank you guys so much! <3 have this slightly longer scenario as a gift (it certainly won’t be the last of its kind :D)

“Is there an airport nearby, or is that just my heart soaring?”

A smile pulls at your lips as you turn towards your boyfriend. “That was too awful for words, Hikaru.”

Hikaru grins at you widely. “Hmmm? I thought it was pretty smooth, actually. But, you know,” His hand suddenly darts forward to grab yours, tugging you closer. “You look kind of familiar; don’t we have a class together? I could have sworn we had chemistry.”

“That was even worse. You can do better than that, surely?”

“Is that a challenge?” Hikaru asks, a glint in his eye.


“Well, I hope you know CPR,” He smirks, leaning even closer, “because you just took my breath away.”

“Weeeak.” You tease, pulling away from him only to circle behind and whisper lowly in his ear. “Of all the beautiful curves on your body, your smile is my favourite.”

Hikaru turns in your arms, and though his expression is still as mischievous as ever, you feel at spark of triumph at the sight of a faint splash of red on his cheeks. “I’m no organ donor, but I’d be happy to give you my heart.”

“Did you sit in a pile of sugar? Because you have one sweet ass.”

“Do you know what my shirt is made of? Boyfriend material.”

“Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”

“My doctor says that I’m lacking Vitamin U.”

“If I could rearrange the alphabet, I’d put ‘U’ and ‘I’ together.”

“It’s gotta be a crime to look that go-“


You both glance over at Haruhi, whose eye is twitching in a way that suggests she’s about to throw something at the two of you. 

You think it best to comply, and untangle yourself from your boyfriend with a chuckle. “Awww, weren’t you touched by our heart-warming display of affection, Haruhi?”

Beside you, Hikaru tuts. “Such a shame. I thought it was quite moving, myself.”

Haruhi looks less than amused, and you take this as a sign to leave. Quickly.

Before you can take more than a step, however, Hikaru stops you with a light tug on the wrist. When you glance back at him, he smiles, entwining your fingers together.  “Hey,” he purrs softly, and you try to ignore the way you heart thumps at his tone. “You should tie your shoe laces.”

Hikaru leans forward, inches away from your face, and you can feel his breath ghosting over your cheeks. “I don’t want you falling for anyone else.”

You stare at him for a second, fighting back a grin. “…Gotta hand it to you, that one was pretty suave.”

He pulls back – much to your disappointment – triumph clear across his face. “I know. Does this mean I win?”

“Pffft. No chance.” you tease, beginning to walk away again. “Consider this an intermissio-“

You cut yourself with a loud yelp as you plummet forwards, the world speeding around you for a few terrifying seconds before snapping to a sharp halt as you hit the floor. Painfully. You lie there for a few seconds, dazed.

Much to your irritation, you can hear Hikaru snickering above you. “I wasn’t joking when I told you to tie your shoelaces, you know!”

Scowling, you reach out to grab his leg as he saunters past.


He crashes to the ground next to you with a startled yell. “Real mature, _____.” he groans into the floor.

There’s a few seconds of silence, before you turn to him with a smirk.

“…I guess you could say we really fell for each other.”

On the other side of the room, Haruhi snaps her pencil.

- Admins Kits and Beckett

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I really love the colors for your blog on mobile. I never thought those colors would work together so well until I looked up at the sky today during a sunset and saw similar shades of blue and yellow. Its really pretty, I visit your blog just to look at the colors💙💛

you’re so cute ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ I’m so happy you like them!! I thought they looked nice too (and yellow is my favorite color), but I didn’t realize about the sky thing!! ^^ you’re so right though!!! *o*  ❤️


Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga: Episode 1

Woo! This was great. Tbh I didn’t quite feel the hype until I started watching and all the familiar faces came on screen. This show has such lovable characters ;v; I wanna hug em all…


-EVERYONE’S SO CUTE! Rin <3 Shiemi <3 Izumo <3 

-Yukio is a stud lol. I used to not like him cuz his moles weirded me out but nah he’s great. Him and Rin are great together. I like their rivalry a lot and its interesting how their twins but only one of them inherited the demon-traits. 

-It’s pretty cool how Shura is like…a fanservice character without being a fanservice character. She isn’t exploited or sexually harassed, she just happens to be sexy. Only time they pointed it out was when Rin called her “boobzilla” which is just funny no matter how you look at it -shrug-

-The scene with Izumo was so cute ;w; and it’s great to see support from the opposite sex that’s NOT shiptease. Yay platonic boy-girl friendships :)

-My memory is foggy but I think maybe the animation got a little better? Not sure…I was mostly impressed with the faces of the characters but there were some nice backgrounds in there too! (See above) 

-Maybe we’ll see some real Kyoto locations? :) I’m just as excited as Rin is


-I always find the plots of this show forgettable. They’re your stereotypical shounen arcs with a big bad somewhere thrown in. I’ll be in it for character interaction, cuz who cares about the impure king and what his eyes mean really…

-Not the show’s fault but I have completely forgotten what happened at the end of season one so the drama was a bit lost on me :/

-I know I was praising Shura 2 seconds ago but what even is her new outfit? Those fish nets and that top are unfortunate…

-Seems a little weird that Yukio is still hung up on his childhood fears? Shouldn’t that have been resolved in Season 1? 

On this holy day of Ziamness it just occurred to me that Liam’s chains would make for pretty good binds to hold someone’s hands together if you’re into that kinda thing, I dunno are they?

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