it's just that he can't bring himself to tell her those reasons

“Steve in CA:CW only thinks about Bucky!” / “Steve broke up the Avengers for Bucky!” 

I can’t count the number of times I have seen these phrases or variants thereof uttered in fandom, and it’s starting to make me a little bit bananas. So I’m gonna break down the issues with this line of thinking. 

First off, it isn’t true at all. Yes, Steve has a strong emotional response to issues involving Bucky, and yes, Bucky is a key piece on the chessboard in CA:CW. Decisions are made regarding him that impact the eventual split of the Avengers. But ultimately, Steve’s choices in the movie are rational and based on Steve’s ethics, Steve’s unwillingness to allow pointless death, and Steve’s mistrust of institutions after having been burned twice. All else being equal, and Bucky not being a factor, it is hard to imagine Steve making wholly different choices.

Steve goes after Bucky when he’s accused of bombing the UN, but does so to bring him in, and because there is a kill order on Bucky. Bucky is a goddamn living weapon, and will not go quietly into that good night; Steve has no way of knowing at that point if Bucky will use lethal force or not against those trying to apprehend him, and so goes after him because Steve has a better chance than anyone else of bringing him in without loss of life. Steve going after Bucky alone is a course of action he feels compelled to take not only to save Bucky’s life, but the lives of everyone else involved, at risk to his own. Steve is very explicit about this in his conversation with Natasha ( “If he’s this far gone, then… I should be the one to bring him in.” “Why?” “Because I’m the one least likely to die trying”). At this point, no other Avengers are involved; this is Steve’s choice and Steve’s action, and not a determining factor on the fate of the team. 

While Bucky’s lack of due process is pretty clearly upsetting to Steve, he is still willing to consider the Accords even after that whole incident, and even with his skepticism about the Accords’ definition of accountability. He doesn’t wholly back out until he finds out Wanda is being kept under house arrest without her knowledge and without any justification beyond her perceived ‘dangerousness’ (keep in mind, the incident in Lagos is because Crossbones set off a bomb; more people would have died without Wanda’s intervention. The hate toward her in-universe is a result of media spin and fear of powered people, because her powers weren’t enough to save everyone. It’s worth wondering: had it been one of Tony’s automated suits that didn’t get the bomb clear in time, would we be seeing the same furor?). This is understandably upsetting to a guy who lived through a period of seeing people interned and worse based on public fear of certain minorities, and has seen how it can escalate into absolute horror; while Wanda’s imprisonment is cushy, as Tony points out, it sets a profoundly disturbing precedent. 

When Steve and Team Cap face off against Team Iron Man at the airport, it’s because they need to get to Siberia – not because Steve just wants to run off with Bucky. Steve attempts to explain the situation (“…And there are 5 more super soldiers just like him. I can’t let the doctor find them first, Tony. I can't”), and Tony makes it clear he has no intention of listening at that point (“All right, I’ve run out of patience. Underoos!”).  Steve is left with no choice but to fight his way out to stop what Zemo’s trail has led them to believe is an incredibly serious and imminent threat to global safety, which Tony is unwilling to listen to, and which Ross is later unwilling to take seriously.  

The film’s initial marketing (and hyper-focus on the eyeroll-worthy “he’s my friend”/”so was I” exchange) plus the lens of Stucky shipping have actually done us a disservice, I think, by characterizing Steve as someone who makes all his choices around Bucky. But even with Bucky not being a factor, I honestly don’t think we’d see Steve make different choices when forced into this same situation and provided with the same intel. With the threat of brainwashed super soldiers being unleashed and no time to wait for the UN to get its ass in gear – and that only happening IF Ross could be convinced to listen – he would probably still head to Siberia to try to stop it himself should no one else listen and be willing to act. If Wanda was being imprisoned and a precedent set for interning enhanced people who didn’t sign the Accords, I think he’d still be opposed to signing. Even before Bucky is ever a factor, Steve has legitimate concerns about the Accords – Accountable to whom? What’s the process? What happens to people who don’t sign? What guarantee do they have that the Avengers won’t be used for national agendas?

Maybe Tony would have been more willing to listen to Steve if Bucky weren’t involved. But Steve is actually responding pretty rationally throughout, and being honest with himself about what he thinks he can and can’t promise in good faith.

Tony, on the other hand, is painted by many fans as someone who is making choices from a rational, reasonable place, but if we look at what is said and done canonically… the opposite appears to be true?

While unquestionably an intellectually brilliant man, Tony is pretty consistently characterized as someone who reacts from a place of emotion and impulse rather than from a place of detached intellectual analysis. It’s part of what makes him an interesting character, and makes him diverge from the ‘aloof genius’ archetype we see with Reed Richards and a number of other super-geniuses of the Marvel universe. He makes a lot of choices – good and bad – based on strong feelings and gut reactions rather than thinking things through. Sometimes this means throwing caution to the winds and setting a whole new ethical course for his company. And sometimes this means accidentally inventing a murderbot. 

Tony straight up tells Steve that he wants to sign the Accords to get Pepper back while still doing his Iron Man shtick ( “I never stopped. Cause the truth is I don’t wanna stop. I don’t want to lose her. I thought maybe the Accords can split the difference.”) And he only gets involved with the Accords after being made to feel guilty when ambushed by Miriam. Tony’s support of the Accords stems from his personal guilt, and personal motivations to get Pepper back more than any consideration of longterm, far-reaching effects. We can see the lack of thought he’s put into this when Tony himself later goes completely rogue and ignores Ross (to whom he’s supposed to answer under the Accords), defying the very policies he’s been pushing because they become inconvenient in a way he didn’t anticipate. We also see it when he admits he didn’t know the rogue Avengers would be thrown into the RAFT, implying he didn’t investigate the ramifications of the Accords fully. The timeframe of the Accords is rushed, with the Avengers given an ultimatum on an absurd deadline, and Tony’s eagerness to soothe his guilt and repair his relationship drives him to help force them into that scenario – where a schism is more or less an inevitability. 

And contrary to the narrative that the marketing team seemed to push and that a lot of fans on both sides cling to, it isn’t Steve’s reaction in this conflict that comes from a place of emotional impulsivity due to Bucky. 

In fact, the most visceral, emotional, irrational decision made in regards to Bucky in the course of the movie? Is made by Tony

Now, I can’t honestly blame him for wanting to kill Bucky after seeing the footage of Howard and Maria’s deaths – I would straight up murder anyone who laid a finger on my mom, no matter the situation, so I have a LOT of sympathy. But while it’s understandable, it is not excusable. Bucky did not have any agency as the Winter Soldier. He was a brainwashed torture victim with no free will; the culpability for Howard and Maria’s deaths lies on the HYDRA handler who sent the Winter Soldier after them. And Tony knows this. But he responds from a place of pain and emotion and tries to kill Bucky anyway – because he’s hurting and wants to make someone else hurt too, and also, according to the Russoes’ commentary, to hurt Steve. 

And it’s that final violence, with Bucky and Steve forced to fight Tony for Bucky’s life, that drives the ultimate wedge in the Avengers. Tony had seen the flaws in the Accords and been willing to defy Ross; Steve finally had the opportunity to explain the threats he was dealing with and have Tony listen; they were ready to confront Zemo together. Up to that point, reconciliation and reunification of the Avengers had been a very tangible, present possibility. But once again, Tony backs Steve into a corner with an ultimatum: before, it was his ethics or his legal standing. Now, it’s Tony’s friendship, or Bucky’s life. And because Steve is obviously not willing to let Tony straight-up murder Bucky to satisfy his vengeance, that reconciliation is taken off the table.

So yes, the Avengers are ultimately still broken up at the end of CA:CW because of an irrational decision made about Bucky.

But it’s not made by Steve. 

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Hi there! I saw where you opened requests and I'm so excited because I loved your Sundance Kid series! Can I request a fic where McCree invites his fem!crush somewhere private to tell her how he feels since he can't seem to get it across to her with subtle flirting? (She's shy and finds it hard to banter back (/^.^\) Thanks!

Glad you like the series. Thank you for the request and I hope this is what you wanted. It took me a little longer than expected and its longer than I thought it would be!

You usually only came down to the shooting range to watch the others. You weren’t much of a shot and never were comfortable with a weapon in your hand. Technology and science were more down your alley. Since you were young, technology and science had fascinated you and that’s what you ended up doing with your life.

“Hey, sweet pea,” McCree calls out behind you and you turn to him with a smile. The cowboy had always been one your favorites.

“Hey there, McCree. I watched you shoot today. Looking good as always.” That seemed to boost his ego and he gave you a toothy smile.

“Not as good as I usually am though. My arm here has been actin’ a little funny – think you can look at it for me?” He holds his mechanical arm out towards you and you shake your head.

“Come with me to the lab and I’ll check it out.”

He walked silently beside you, twirling his six shooter every now and then with his flesh and blood arm.

“Are you nervous about something, McCree?” you ask him jokingly.

“Now what would I have to be nervous about, darlin’?” The truth was, he was ridiculously nervous and had nothing to do with his arm. In fact, there was nothing wrong with his arm, he just wanted to spend time with you.

You stop as you reach the door the lab and turn to McCree who seems to be a little too close to you all the sudden. “M-McCree,” he leans in closer and you take a deep breath.

“Yes, darlin’?”

“I need…I need you to put that cigarillo out before you come into the lab…please,” you add breathlessly. He smirks and nods, dropping the offending thing to the floor and stepping on it.

“You’re the boss,” he says, still too close to you.

“Yeah, don’t want anything accidentally exploding.” His eyes widen and he stands up straighter giving you room to move away and open the lab door. “So, what’s wrong with your arm?”

“Well, uh, it seems a lil stiff,” he lied.

“Where?” You hold your hands out and nod your head, waiting for him to show him your arm. He moved closer to you and held out his arm still not showing you where it was stiff. He wasn’t even looking at your arm, he was looking at you and you could feel yourself blushing. “McCree…”

“It’s Jesse.”

Jesse…could you please move your arm for me so I can diagnose the problem?”

He let out what sounded like a displeased grunt as you poked and prodded at his arm. You could still feel his eyes on you but you purposely avoided his gaze. “You sure are pretty,” he says suddenly.

“Oh…I…thank you, Mc-Jesse. I can’t find anything wrong. Maybe you should just try to take it a little easier on this arm for a bit.” You stand quickly and move away from him, feeling yourself getting warm again. “Is there anything else you needed?”

He wanted to say you. He wanted to say a little bit of your time, but he couldn’t bring himself to say either of those things. “No, sweetheart. Thank you. Guess I better just take your advice.”

“You do that and…I’ll see you later.”

He was about to speak when someone else came into the lab and caught your attention. He lingers for a moment and you look at him, “Did you need something else?”

“No, ma’am,” he gives you a forced smile and tips his hat before leaving.

You were busy in the lab for the next few hours and when you finally left, you went straight to your room to relax. The room was dark when you stepped in and you dropped your stuff into a chair before turning the light on. A piece of paper on the floor catches your eye and you bend to pick it up:

Meet me at the shooting range at 9,


What could he possibly want with you at the range this late? You look at the clock and realize its already 8:45. Looking down at what you were wearing, you shrug and tell yourself that will have to do; there was no time to change. Besides, there was no reason to get all fancy just to meet McCree at the range, right?

You make your way to the range, keeping a steady but calm pace. You didn’t want him to think you were rushing to see him but you also didn’t want him to think you stood him up.

“’Bout time you showed up,” Jesse says from the far corner of the range scaring you half to death. He made his way over to you, the ring of heat from his cigarillo shining a bit of light on his face.

“I’m actually a few minutes early, McCree,” you say nervously.


“Right. Jesse. So, what are we doing here? Are you going to show me how to shoot that Peacekeeper or something?” you joke.

“No, darlin’. I, well,” he takes his hat off and clears his throat, “There’s something I need to tell you.”

“I’m listening.”

He hesitates for a moment then blurts out, “I like ya, alright?”


“I been tryin’ to tell you for the longest, but you’re so shy and sweet and it was just so hard to come out and say it. I didn’t wanna scare you away, sweet pea,” he finishes and you couldn’t think of anything to say which scared him because he started pacing. “Now, I’m gonna need you to say somethin’. I can’t have you bein’ quiet. My heart’s just beatin’ outta my chest right about now…”

“You’ve always been one of my favorites,” you admit.

“So, you’re sayin’ you like me too, huh?”

“Maybe…a little,” you tease.

“Hey there, don’t go hurtin’ my feelings.” He seemed to be feeling a lot better now that he had told you what he needed to tell you. “You mind if I walk you back to your room?” He offers you his arm and you take it.

“Not at all, Jesse.”

“Before we go though, I gotta ask…who’s your other favorite so I can rid of them as soon as possible?” He puts his free hand on his Peacekeeper and you laugh.

“You’re a troublemaker.”

“I am but I reckon that’s why I’m your favorite.”

You nod your head in agreement. There was no use in denying it any longer.

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i can't exactly see if the requests are closed or opened so if they're closed, please feel free to ignore this ^^ how would the RFA react to MC being a past pageant queen who was very successful, yet is very insecure because her pageants had brought her attention to her flaws that she became obsessed with trying to be beautiful, even to this day when she isn't doing pageants. i'm so sorry if it's too much to ask!

Such an interesting request, and it feels very close to home. As I said before, I used to do pageants as a kid, and up until these days is still very bittersweet. So… I honestly don’t know if I did s good job with this, I aplogize in advance if this wasn’t what you wanted :(

Anyway, here it is… don’t hate me if this is bad. 

RFA react to MC being a former pageant queen


  • He caught you going through some photos one day. Tons of photos of you smiling, waving, holding the crown and probably the tears.
  • You mentioned your pageants before, but very superficially. So he thought it was something you weren’t really proud of.
  • But he’s watching you seeing these photos and… oh, he knows this look, you’re looking for flaws. Yeah, he does that occasionally watching himself, which part he can improve, what he could correct, these kind of things that perfectionists enjoy.
  • “Hey, babe, what are you up to?” you show the photos and tell him the story behind every pageant, you don’t talk much about the ones you won, your attention is all on that one you’re a runner up.
  • You keep on going about the winner of that particular pageant. She’s so beautiful, so nice, so talented, so charismatic, ugh… she’s just… flawless.
  • So he gets it, he’s usually very worried about what other people think, and you… are struggling because of what you think of yourself. He would be sad for any person on this situation, but being you… it hurts him a lot more.
  • Because he keeps telling you how perfect you are, and how you two are such a perfect couple… is he pressuring you on the same way these pageants did?
  • And the press isn’t really helping, talking about “power couple” “just imagine their kids” and all that shallow bullshit.
  • So there’s one thing he can do, it won’t solve your self-image problems entirely, but maybe you’ll be able to at least move on from that one pageant.He takes you to meet the girl who beat you. It’s so weird, you haven’t spoken with her for years… you feel so embarrassed for all the jealousy you felt back then.
  • “Jealous? Girl, you won every state pageant you’ve been on since you were a teenager, you made the word pay attention to South Korea and showed million of women how asian is beautiful. I know all that because I’ve been your fan for so long, and beating you was the most bittersweet feeling I ever felt. So, on that note… I think you should have this…” and she hands you her sash.
  • “Oh no… I can’t take it, it’s… no, this is wrong.” “Please… you have to! Wouldn’t you do this for the winner?” you sigh and reluctantly let her put the sash on you.
  • Zen gives you a bouquet and hugs you, then he whispers to you: “Now, prance, my queen.” You blush and weirdly stride, waving and smiling with the two of them clapping, and now you don’t hold your tears.


  • He saw you looking those photos, he would stare at them like this too as you look stunning in all of them.
  • You told him about the pageants and he didn’t feel less than impressed. Wow, his girlfriend is a big deal on something huge like this, he’s proud of you, more than that, he’s proud of being with you.
  • But you don’t look amazed, you’re more like scanning those photos or something, as you were seeing something really wrong.
  • “Hey, honey, what’s up?” you tell him about the pageants and how you lost that one in particular, nobody ever mentioned this, but you’re pretty sure you lost because you fell on the stairs.
  •  You access Youtube and look up the video of your fall, it’s painful to watch. No, not your fall, your face while you’re watching this.
  •  You keep telling him you still don’t understand what happened, did the gown crawl up on your heel? Did you miss one of the stair’s steps?
  • Well, he doesn’t know much about gowns, and heels or pageants, but he knows all about being self-conscious. So he gets your struggle, and it hurts him even more that you would feel like he used to feel almost everyday before you came along.
  • Yes, he has you always lifting him up, telling him how great he is, how he can do it. Why can’t he be like this to you?
  • He sees you as the most amazing person in the world, sometimes he feels he’s not enough for you, and you’re struggling for something it happened years ago, and doesn’t represent you or your pageant career?
  • But this isn’t about him, right? No… it’s time for him to lift you up! He’s not sure of what he can do, but he has a goofy idea that can at least bring some smile on your face.
  • So he appears in the living room, you just notice his legs trembling, when you look down… you see your boyfriend wearing a pair of heels. “Can you teach me how to walk on these?”
  • You… aren’t sure how to react, is he… making fun of you? “N-No! Not at all! I just… think it’s a very difficult thing, and I saw how you move so elegant on these, so you might be the right person to teach me. Please don’t let me destroy them or Seven will kill me”
  •  “And why would you want to learn something like this?” “For the same reason you wanted me to teach you how to play LOLOL.” Your heart flutters, he just wants you to show him something you’re really good at it.
  • So you give up and teach him. The right posture, some tricks to don’t look so uncomfortable, stuff like that.
  • He’s trying so hard, you can see the pain on his face, but he keeps on going, you would never laugh at him, but you can’t hold back a chuckle when he falls in your arms and blushes. “That’s okay, there’s nothing wrong with falling sometimes.”
  • And you realize what you just said, did he… did he do this just so you could come to this conclusion?
  • “Not really, I… just wanted to make you laugh at me for being a dork. But let’s stay with your way of seeing this.”


  • You’ve already show her the photos prom your pageant days, she loves your smile on each one of them
  • Actually, she loves all the stories about it. The places you went to, the people you met, the works you did, it’s very impressive.
  • And then there were the photos about that one pageant, that one you won, but didn’t feel like you deserve it, as all the rumors pointed out that you slept with one of the judges
  •  You haven’t told her this, she knew because of a little research she did after getting so fascinated with your pageant career.
  • And she knows you pretty well by now to know it wasn’t just because of the rumors, it was because you couldn’t understand why people would think you couldn’t win this by your own merits.
  • Yes, that’s the problem. You really didn’t deserve it? Why? What was wrong with you? Did you answer the questions too vaguely? Did you look dumb? But that kind of dumb who’s smart enough to make a move on one of the judges?
  • It kills her to see you like this, you have no idea! She used to have a very low self esteem, but you and your encouragement boost her confidence so much!
  • You’re beautiful, no doubt, but your ability to make other people feel  beautiful, inside and out, it’s something completely hors-concours
  • So yes, you should be more aware of this talent of yours, so she organizes a lady-only day in the café.
  • And she asks you to give a small workshop about ways of finding your inner beauty and boosting your confidence.
  • “But, Jaehee, I know nothing about this, I’m not… smart enough to give a workshop!” “Of course you do! You’ve been giving me these workshops ever since we met.”
  • “Well, that’s different…” “Okay, so before you start, shall I tell these ladies what you’ve done for me?”
  • And she shows pictures of her before meeting you, she didn’t look hideous, of course, but she looked tired and unhappy… a very different person from this glowing woman standing in front of all these ladies.
  • “Looks aren’t everything, but it’s so fulfilling when your outside reflects your inside,  I learned that thanks to this amazing woman here. She won several pageants and agreed on doing this for free, so listen to all of her wisdom with attention, it can change your life like it changed mine.”
  • Well, nothing you say can sound more amazing than that, but you did your best, mainly because your super amazing girlfriend was watching.


  • You two were on a business party and one of his associates recognized you.
  • “I heard you won Miss Congeniality, good consolation prize, huh?” “Yes, it feels very special knowing the other girls saw me as the most congenial.” Oh, this smile… this smile is so fake, Jumin can tell very easily.
  •  And you didn’t smile genuinely for the rest of the night, he couldn’t help to be concerned.
  • When you go back to his place, he observes you looking to your Miss Congeniality’s sash, it isn’t pride, it isn’t admiration, it’s disappointment.
  • “You are, indeed, very congenial” he hugs you from behind. “I was also not really a threat, not real competition, that’s why they gave me this, because I’m sooooo nice.”
  • He’s confused, being nice isn’t something good? Oh, but when it comes to competition, if you’re just seen as nice, maybe you’re not taken serious… but why wouldn’t be taken serious, didn’t you make it to the top 5, after all?
  • It hurts seeing you like this. You not taking yourself seriously and valuing what you accomplished bother him a lot.
  • Yes, you’re nice. But you’re also smart, and spontaneous and creative, and don’t even mention your beauty, sometimes he even wonders if you’re real.
  • What could he do to make you feel better? Generally, you’re the one thinking of ways to cheer him up.
  • Showering you with gifts? Body worshiping in bed? Giving you Elizabeth so you can pet her? How does this pull these self-loathing thoughts away from your mind?
  • So he comes up with this very goofy solution. Not only because he thinks it’ll work, but also because you keep telling him how you would love to see him being silly sometimes.
  • “Jumin, do you really want to play Monopoly at this time of the night?” “Well, I haven’t realized there’s a right hour to play Monopoly, my dear. Give it a chance, maybe you’ll enjoy more than you think…”
  • And you’re killing on Monopoly, seriously, who’s the business man around here? “You’re letting me win on purpose, Jumin?” “I wish I could say that, but no, I guess this is your doing, my love. You are fierce competition, after all.”
  • “You’re so goofy!” and you smile, but right now is genuine.


  • He knows basically everything due to the background check. You’re a big deal on this, aren’t you?
  • What he didn’t know is how sometimes your jokes can be very self-depreciative, why would you be so mean with yourself?
  •  And when you’re taking pictures together, you always refuse to make funny faces, also, you never let him post it in the chat room if you think you don’t look pretty enough.
  • That bothers him, you’re so amazing and beautiful, why would you doubt this and be so hard on yourself?
  • You explain him how strict some of the rules of your pageants were, you could never get out of this plan they made for you, so acting silly was pretty much off the table most of the time, but you couldn’t control yourself, and that’s probably why you didn’t make it to the finals on that pageant.
  • He feels really sad for you. Restraining yourself like this for something it’s over? For one particular pageant among all the ones you won? Jesus, what kind of brainwash they do on these girls?
  • He knows self-loathing thoughts very well, so he knows how torturing it can be. Hiding your truly self like this… you should never hide your wonderful self!
  • What can he do to make you understand you don’t need to be perfect all the time? That your flaws also make you this special and sweet girl too?
  • “Oh, MC… could you come to the kitchen for a moment?” you go and don’t even have the time to respond, he welcomes you with a pie in your face. “What the hell, Saeyoung?”
  • “What? I thought you like whipped cream!” “Yeah… but not like this! I… I… oh! I must look hideous right now!” “You look always beautiful to me, but I’m kind of biased here, so…” “Oh, yeah? So take this bias!” and you shove a pie on his face too, yeah, your boyfriend prepared a bunch of these pies so you can just throw it at each other’s faces.
  • And when you ran out of pies, it became a truly food war, that only stopped when Saeran showed up: “What the fuck?”
  • “Hi, Saeran! Wanna join?” you ask throwing the spaghetti that was all over your hair on him. “Oh no! I must protect my lady!” Saeyoung runs to you, falls on the floor and drags you with him, now you’re rolling on this mess, you don’t even hear Saeran cursing, you’re having so much fun! And you show everybody how much fun you’re having spamming the chat room with pictures of your mess.
little pieces, prologue

Written for RebelCaptain Week prompt 1 (Family) on my phone so no cut sorry. Deals with abandonment. Jyn x Cassian, with Mara Jade (and her daughter Rey). Takes place right after Kyle Ron goes on a murder spree in Luke’s Academy. Obviously AU.


If there’s anything that sets Cassian’s mental alarms ablaze, it’s that Mara hadn’t tried to contact them before arriving at their doorstep, little Rey sleeping soundly in her arms. It’s not her disheveled braid or the dark circles under her vivid green eyes–he’s seen her at her worst, and this isn’t it.

Jyn appears by his side in her robe, eyes still murky with sleep. “What’s going–Mara?”

“I wasn’t followed, but I don’t want to waste time,” the Jedi Master says. “We need to talk, and I am about to ask entirely too much of you.”

Cassian nods, sliding his hand to the small of his wife’s back. “Come in, then.”


Cassian prepares caf as Mara settles her daughter in the spare bedroom. Jyn takes her mug with a contemplative frown. “Something’s not right, Cass.”

“I know.”

“Mara always comms.”

He sighs, rubbing his tired eyes. “Yeah.”

“And where’s Skywalker?” Jyn asks as he starts to pour his caf.

“He’s dead,” Mara says from the doorway. Cassian barely manages not to spill the pot. “At least, I can’t feel him anymore.”

He’s never been one to believe, but his wife always has. She thumbs her pendant absently. “Gods, Mara–”

The redhead shakes her head, grips the counter tightly. “There was an attack. I can't… I won’t burden you with the details. But the Jedi are dead.”

“It’s just you?”

“There are others who feel the Force, like you Jyn, but yes. It’s just me.”

“And Rey,” Cassian adds. Mara shakes her head.

“My daughter has never felt the Force flow through her. It’s what saved her life, I think.”

“You need a place to stay.”

Her lips quirk up for a moment. “General Andor, always getting to the heart of things.” But there’s a solemness to her teasing, just another reminder that this woman is not exactly the Mara Jade he knew all those years ago, the wild thing who burst into womanhood with the radiance that was stolen from her when she was enslaved.

There is a reason they drifted apart, and he hates to think that only its demise could bring her back again.

“I have business elsewhere, I can’t say where, but it’s not safe for a child there.” Jyn swears under her breath. For the first time, he sees the cracks in Mara’s composure. The resignation.

“Rey. You’re leaving her behind, you’re abandoning her, and you want us to help you do it!”

“I’m trying to protect her, don’t you understand?”

His wife goes very still. “No, I don’t.”

Cassian feels his eyes fall shut for a long moment. “Mara, you’re asking an awful lot of us. You say you don’t want to burden us with details. But this…”

“I need to know that she’ll be loved. I–I know it’s not fair, but I have my mission and I will complete it. And Rey will not be there. I know some people on Jakku, but it’ll be a rougher life there, and maybe I’m selfish, but I want her to be with family.”

“This is wrong.” Jyn stares at the younger woman with a gaze colder than Hoth nights. Cassian feels the tension stretch between them like he’s never felt it before. “She’ll always wonder.”

“You can tell her things. Little pieces.”

“I don’t think I will,” his wife says. “It would be best for her if she didn’t have to think her mother abandoned her because her father died, and she just wasn’t enough to keep you around.” Jyn leaves the room with that, furious and hurting.

He understands, on a logical level, why Mara has chosen this course of action. They are all orphans of Palpatine. Mara never knew her family, and Cassian hardly remembers his. But Jyn does. She remembers them in vivid detail.

Jyn watched her mother die on this very planet. It’s why she chose Lah’mu as their home. To be close to Lyra again.

“She will stay here, Mara,” he says. “But you should leave now.”


He watches the Jade’s Fire take off in the early hours of the morning. The door opens behind him. “She’s making a mistake,” his wife says. He feels her arms reach around his waist. Her face pressed into his back.

“Yeah, I think so too.”

“But it’s also possible I was a bit harsh to her.”

Cassian smiles despite himself. “A bit?”

“I just… if you were killed, and we had a child, I’d never give them up. No matter the mission.”

“What do you think it is?”

Jyn is quiet for a moment. “The Force moves darkly near a creature that’s about to kill.”


“I don’t know, Cass. But I don’t think we’ll see her again. I’m sorry.”

He nods, throat tight. “Yeah.”

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listen,,,,when Jack gets his own apartment he takes his stuffed dragon with him that he's has since he was three. He literally can't sleep without it. That poor dragon is so dirty an worn out from all the love it's received over the years but jack just refuses to get rid of it. (Pls expand on this)

  • Okay listen Jack Kelly is such a sentimental little shit okay?
  • anything that had any emotional impact on him he will save and he will save forever
  • his very first sketchbook? saved
  • his first nice paint brush that’s pretty much a stick now? kept
  • the stuffed dragon he’s had since he was three? that used to roar when he squeezed it and now just kind of squawks pitifully? that’s ears used to be fluffy but are worn smooth from how he rubs them when he feels anxious? that’s absorbed years worth of anxious, frustrated, angry, sad, helpless tears? that’s one of his only physical remnants of his biological family?
  • yeah that thing is getting saved
  • his name is Luis, and Jack talks to him in Spanish when he feels sad or anxious
  • when he had his first full on panic attack, shaking and crying and unable to breath, he rubbed Luis’s ears until he calmed down more
  • when he was doing homework before he was diagnosed with ADHD or dyslexia, he always kept Luis close because when he would get frustrated with himself Luis could always calm him down
  • Luis was the ultimate comfort object for him
  • when Medda started the adoption process, and it took way longer than Jack thought it would, Luis was always on his pillow to worry with at night
  • Jack came out to Luis before he was even sure of himself at all, talking about he was scared of how he felt and wasn’t sure what it meant, and how he liked boys and girls and wasn’t sure if that was possible
  • when Jack left for his first semester of college, he left Luis propped up on his pillow, bed neatly made, thinking he was all grow up and didn’t need him any more
  • within a week of being there, he’s in the mail because Jack needed him
  • Jack takes really good care of him, but he’s just so old he looks rather gross
  • you can tell poor little Luis used to be blue and purple, and that his spikes used to be orange, but his fluff is patchy and the colors are faded
  • most of his friends high-key think it’s kind of gross and ratty but most of them also have some kind of comfort object so they would never say anything about it
  • when Jack and Crutchie get an apartment together, Luis comes with them
  • when Graffiti Kelly the cat moves in, Jack has a very firm conversation with her about never touching Luis, and for some reason she seems to listen entirely, she never touches the little stuffed dragon
  • when they get their first foster kid, she has a nightmare one night and Jack’s response is to tuck Luis into bed with her and tell her that he might look small, but in her dreams he would big and tough and chase anything scary away
  • and she ends up getting moved, and Jack buys her a brand new little dragon to take with her, hoping that it will bring her the same comfort Luis always brought him
  • eventually one of his little ears fell off and Crutchie had never seen Jack so upset about such a small thing
  • so he uses one of those little hotel kits and sews the ear back on
  • when they finally get to adopt Rosie and Kenzie, Luis ends up moving to their room, where he stays on a shelf and protects them
  • he kind of becomes the Kelly-Morris version of a dream catcher, and it’s super adorable

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don't you think niall's label is doing a half assed job with his album. like putting out occasional tweets and flags is cool and all but they've not really done anything to promo slow hands and also who told them its a great idea to put a gap of one year between his first single and album.. and idk but can't they do something wrt to the questions he's asked in the interviews?

i do not! i think they’re doing a pretty great job, actually. i know it’s frustrating to be so patient - HOO BOY, DO I KNOW - but if niall hadn’t dropped ‘this town’ when it was ready, then the alternative would’ve been for him to wait till this spring or summer to bring it out. taking a year to make an album is, by all means, pretty normal!! 

most bands take one to two years to make an album; there was a year and a half between shawn’s first and second, two years between walk the moon’s first and second, two years, again, between halsey’s first and second. those are all comparatively fairly new acts as well, and i know that as a performer gets even more established, the demand for them to tour often extends that timeline further, and often the label rewards them with more time in the studio to make something great. 

one direction’s pace was breakneck and grueling and i think at this point each of the boys have said that one of their favorite parts about making music on their own is taking their time with it. i think it was pretty brilliant of niall and his team to release ‘this town’ for a couple of reasons: 1) i think it probably let them gauge how much attention niall’s solo efforts were gonna get, and consequently, 2) it probably bought niall the extra time he needed to get the album EXACTLY the way he wanted it. they’ve got this town as proof of concept, which has been out, what, six months now? seven? and it’s STILL circulating pretty heavily on the radio. that’s gotta feel good not just for niall but for the label and the team that’s backing him to go, okay, not only is the preexisting 1d fanbase still strong for this guy, but his work sustains itself over a long period of time. not every song has that, you know? 

in addition to all that, i don’t think we’ve seen capitol really go as hard as they can for niall yet. when there’s a whole album to promote, i think it’s a lot easier and more sensible to have events that promote it and show it off, but so far, it helps to look at niall not as a guy from this HUGELY SUCCESSFUL band, but as a new artist. technically he has two songs to his name. give him time. and look what they’ve done for katy perry - she got a feature-length cinematic release of her concert movie, for example. 

‘course, i think at this point we’re shifting away from what the label does and more toward management. remember that tweet of niall’s from earlier this year where he was like, ‘my diary’s booked solid ! gonna be a crazy year,’ or something like that? more to the point, have you seen this guy’s promo schedule? it’s RIDICULOUS, but it goes to show niall’s a hard goddamn worker, and he’s going out there to promote himself and to ensure ‘slow hands’ has the same sustained success as ‘this town,’ while learning to work with a whole new band and strengthen himself as a solo performer. 

trust me when i tell you i’m chomping at the bit for this album and the tour and everything that comes with it, but you gotta remember it’s only taking this long because niall wanted it to. and i feel pretty confident that when the time comes capitol will pull out all the stops for him! rn we just gotta be patient and enjoy all the stuff he’s got coming our way :’) 

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Hi, I just got done dealing with a very horrible customer in drive-thru. I was wondering if maybe you could do a scenario where Itachi or Kakashi comforts their S/O after they get yelled at for something that they really can't fix?? It's okay if you can't or don't want to. Thank you very much!

A/N: I saw this last night and I just wanted to say that I’m so sorry that you have to deal with such asshat people. You and no one else deserves to be treated in such a way. Tbh I would’ve spit in their food, lol. Well anyway, I’ve decided to take Kakashi for this one since I had a relatively good idea. I hope that this cheers you up! Thank you for your request, lovel; and enjoy what I’ve come up with. <3

Originally posted by asianvictoria

Not my gif! Gif credit goes to it’s rightful and amazing creator!

Title: Valuable Asset To The Team.

Type of Piece: Scenario.

Word Count: 646.

Warning’s: Nothing really, just Naruto being harsh at the beginning.

Disclaimer: I do not own Kakashi or any of the other characters from Naruto, but Kishimoto does!

‘ “You only got in the way! Why can’t you just stop being so… so… so-” Naruto’s words had been so acerbic, stinging and smiting at your heart.

“Naruto, that’s enough! You did tell her to stay out of it. Don’t treat her like dirt because you messed up this time.” Kakashi’s indifferent tone suggested that the knuckle-head ninja should remove himself from the situation before making things all the more worse. ‘ This scene dreadfully capered through your skull upon repeat. Naruto’s words affecting you deeply…

Scuffed footsteps kicked up dirt, announcing one’s arrival, however you discounted them, entirely discontent on receiving yet another one of Sakura’s ‘heart warming’ lectures. Your severe silence seemingly echoed as you hugged your legs closer to yourself, throwing your head to the opposite side of which whoever was with you was in.

“(Y/N)…” Kakashi sighed out, incredibly displeased in the way in which this mission had turned out. He had excused himself to deal with Naruto, hoping that Sakura could, metaphorically, beat some sense of joy into you. Your silence only caused your sensei to exhale sharply and sit beside you. “You know, Naruto didn’t mean any of that. Ever since Sasuke left, he’s been on edge and treating everybody this way. I don’t mean to discard this situation, because I can see that it really has effected you; but understand that Naruto is under a lot of pressure…” these mature words hit your ears, yet instead of bring you some form of comprehension it flared your built up anger.

You shot up into the air, bawled fists and all. “Yes! That’s all that anybody is ever concerned about! Stupid Naruto and his ridiculous rivalry with Sasuke Uchiha! That’s all anybody is ever focused on. Whereas I sit in the background, taking everyone’s harshness. I take everything and never whine once about it!” the anger was like a flush acidic dose that burnt and blistered the walls of your veins, seeping into your muscles and leaving your skin a bright red.

Kakashi appeared as cool as a cucumber, not letting on that your unusual burst of anger had actually astonished him. You were the rational one, the one who kept their cool, - just like him-: You were the one that held this team together.

A smile peeled from beneath Kakashi’s mask and as you opened your mouth to fire a string of cusses, he raised his hand. “Times are hard right now, (Y/N) and I am sorry that you feel like that. Nobody here is denoting your feelings or self-worth. You’re a very valuable asset to this team. It’s true, Naruto should not have acted in such a fashion to you, he shouldn’t be taking this out on anybody, but the boy feels a sense of responsibility over losing his friend.” Kakashi spoke wisely and calmly with an understanding of a thousand years behind him. “You can’t control what has just happened. It happened and there is no use crying over spilled milk. Naruto is a knuckle-head ninja and he impulsively acts without reasoning or thinking beforehand. He’s the opposite of you and although it may irritate you for years to come… you can’t control that; just like Naruto can’t control how you behave or react.” he states carefully.

Moments of silence pass before Kakshi smiles once more. “Besides, I think Sakura and Naruto need you right now,” he informs you nonchalantly, peering over his shoulder at the pair bickering. “You pull our team together, - more than Sasuke could ever-. You’re very important, you play a valuable part of our team and although those two won’t admit it: We’re all very grateful to have you.” Kakashi’s approach at an emotional statement came out ungainly yet smooth at the same time.

Kakashi held sincerity within his words.

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(1/10) Hey, I've been thinking about something in regards to Yurio's character development and stuff that got cut from the story, and I want to know what you think, so I'm just going to anon spam you for a minute, if you don't mind? I'm sorry if it actually bugs you! I'm also sorry if I was actually over-thinking it. I just wanted someone else's thoughts on this because it wouldn't leave me alone.

(2/10) Okay, so Kubo said Yurio was the first character they created but he couldn’t pull the plot because his story is too tragic, and with the time constraints, they decided to just focus on the love around him that helps him grow. At first I thought, “Okay, that’s just part of the creative process, stuff can absolutely change before the final product comes out.” Then I realized they left too many hints of this backstory in and it causes a problem.(3/10) We know his family is poor due to the state of his grandpa’s truck (I believe someone on Tumblr pointed out it’s so old, you never see those models in Russia anymore) and the fact Yurio has been the sole provider of his family since his rookie days (via official bio). We know his parents aren’t heavily involved in his life because of the flashback in episode 2 or 3, his grandfather being the only family we actually see, and the only relative he thinks about during his Agape struggles.(4/10) Surely if he had a good relationship with his parents (or, if they were loving but are dead/gone and he missed them), then he would think of them more, right? And if he’s the sole provider of his family, then that means if they are around, they’re not working for whatever reason. Now THIS is the part that gets me, him being the sole provider of the family.(5/10) If they had left the “sole provider” bit out, we could assume Yurio either has a poor or stuck-in-the-past grandpa that he’s closer to than his parents because they’re not around much. Not all parents are that close to their children for one reason or another, or really get their children’s interests (Yuuri family is supportive of him, but it’s canon they don’t understand figure skating either). He wouldn’t think of them because they aren’t on the same page.(6/10) But the “sole provider since his rookie days” bit adds a whole ‘nother layer to his character. It tells us straight up he comes from a poor family where his parents either can’t or won’t work, his grandfather definitely doesn’t work because surely he would help out (his child and) grandchild if he could in that situation, and gives a new reason for his bad attitude and why he skates. Remember how Otabek said 10y/o Yurio had the eyes of a soldier? (7/10) Without this context we can just rub it off as a normal determination to win and Otabek’s love of war analogies. But with it, it gives us more insight. He probably had those soldier eyes and threw himself into skating hard without complaint until he made a name for himself because that’s the only way he knew to keep his family afloat. He needs to get to the top not just for himself but for his family’s financial stability. He’s such a brat partially because of the weight on his shoulders. (8/10) Unless you want to tell me he’s been washing dishes in a restaurant in his free time since he was 10 or so, I don’t see any other way he could be providing for his family. Anyway, if this had been fully incorporated into the story, I believe the way Yurio built new relationships and learned to rely on others would have been more impactful. (9/10) He’s basically been alone and worked hard for the sake of something that shouldn’t have been his responsibility in the first place, now he’s learning to open up more, to let agape in. The contrast between himself at the beginning and the end would have been more insightful. I can get why they would decide against this, though. There simply wasn’t enough time for it.(10/10) Leaving it at Yurio being a brat who might not have the best relationship with his parents, and simply wants to win and prove himself is fine. I think they tried to keep on this route by establishing that pre-Yuuri, he never took practice seriously. But by leaving the “sole provider” bit in his bio, it stays a part of his final character design, and it feels like a crucial part of him was left unexplored.

That’s a very good and interesting point you bring up anon! I never addressed that part of the official bio (also, correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought it said ‘main’ provider, not ‘sole’ provider, which carries a different weight) in my Yurio narrative breakdown though because…it never came up in the actual show. 

And it’s a shame, because like you said it would give an extra dimension to Yurio’s character and his motivations. It also adds nicely to the Victor parallel. We really don’t know a lot about Yurio’s family situation, but what we do know is very telling. His mother wasn’t/isn’t around. Apart from that reference Yurio never thinks of his parents. his grandfather is the only person he associates with unconditional love (and the only person who we see emotionally supporting Yurio in his skating). The only person Yurio was concerned about finding out he was in Japan was Yakov. Lilia tells him to pack his things, makes absolutely no mention of notifying his parents about coming to live with her. 

So yeah, Yurio’s family situation is not great. But it’s one thing to have that, and it’s another to have Yurio shoulder the responsibility of being the main provider for his family. Note I’m using main provider here, because sole provider really doesn’t fit with the way Yurio acts in the series. That’s a much bigger responsibility and pressure on his shoulders. If his family was depending solely on his skating to survive, Yurio wouldn’t slack off his training the way he does before feeling challenged by Yuuri. You can’t have both, “he had the eyes of a soldier because he was fighting for his family’s survival” and “I don’t have time to focus on training I’m on my phone what family?” at the same time, it doesn’t make for a consistent character. 

You’re right though, that if this had been fully incorporated and acknowledged in the story, Yurio’s agape narrative would be much more impactful and it would just add more depth and complexity to his character overall. It’s a shame they didn’t explore it. It would have been so easy to do that too. Just have Yurio think about it. I mean, Yurio already thinks a lot about his motivations to win in the show, it wouldn’t be hard to add that he was thinking about providing for his family too. As it stands, I can’t even fully acknowledge that detail as canon, part of the official bio or not, because it’s something that goes against the way Yurio is currently written a lot of times. 

He’s still a great character, and his current background works but yeah, wish they could have kept that detail in. 

I felt the sudden need to explain Augenfresser and its storyline, along with why I chose to focus upon horror and depression. And why ereri is so incredibly important.

Beware: I rant for a bit, but it is important to further understand the story. Comments and/or questions are encouraged! 

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Follow up to this fic. Some tres leches finally ahahaha. There is drinking involved just FYI Also may be last one for a little bit while I focus on holiday stuff. Feel free to send more prompt ideas if you want though O: (Also after the holidays Bad Future AU eeey)

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based off of if you leave me now by chicago (or you could listen to into your arms by the maine bc i wrote half of calum’s part with that song on replay idk)

[ more ]

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a little farmers market thing

The op of this post said i could write something based on their headcanon so here it is.

ETA: now jaradel and I are co-writing this verse, over at AO3!


How he can wear flannel in this weather is anyone’s guess.

But Bitty doesn’t mind the way he sweats as he moves carts of ripe tomatoes and bulbous squashes from truck to table. A bead glistens at his forehead, slides down the slope of his nose to linger on the tip of his chin. His arms stretch taut, muscles bunched, around the crates as he hefts them. The mop of dark hair above his eyebrows is damp, misshapen from the press of his baseball cap, discarded at the side of the register. As Bitty watches, a tuft of bangs becomes unmoored from where he’s combed it aside and flops down almost to his eyes. He doesn’t move to dislodge it. Bitty itches to cross the aisle and slide in behind the Zimmermann Farms table, lift one hand and brush it out of the way without a single word.

He bites his lip and looks down at his own table. Really, he should be rearranging the scones or sorting the loaves or something, but every single week, as this “Mr. Zimmermann” (Bitty has no idea of his first name) unloads his wares, Bitty’s reduced to a staring, flushing mess. Nobody ought to look like that. Nobody especially ought to look like that when they’re toting vegetables. It almost makes Bitty want to eat a healthy diet. Or grow green beans. Or something, some excuse to have a conversation with this square-jawed, droopy-eyed farmer who, when he smiles at a customer, makes Bitty’s toes curl up in his sandals. Maybe he should pick up some rhubarb for a pie.

Yes, rhubarb… and it’s a little early in the season for pumpkins, but when fall rolls around maybe he’ll have pumpkins and … and oh dear Bitty is staring isn’t he.

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Hi Libby:) I was just wondering. I know he's gay but I'm seriously sitting here with a well of feelings and it's so annyoing :s I don't get why I can't be more stable, it's just an interview. Plus he mentions Emily Blunt, and guilty pleasure Casey Moss Graves? :s Honestly, I know he's gay but it's like I just become this nervous wreck and really need someone to talk to, haha. Let me know if you want me to go off anon but I don't mind this being posted:) Just why does he HAVE to mention girls....

Hello nonnie! Ah yes, those annoying feelings of discomfort when the heteronormative narrative starts trying to worm back into your brain, telling you you’re wrong. I’m sure we’ve all experienced that at some point, so you’re not alone. We’re trained from birth to accept what the media says as truth, and now your mind is trying to reconcile that with all the things you know about Harry that are in direct opposition to what the media says about him. It’s enough to give the best of us some nauseating cognitive dissonance from time to time.

Sometimes you gotta take the thing that’s bugging you and break it down into its component parts to understand it better. In this case, it’s the Telehits interview, yeah? Now, Harry may or may not identify as gay–I’m pretty sure he’s not straight, but there are plenty of places on the LGBTQ+ continuum he might be, many of which would accommodate attraction to women. However, whether he’s hypothetically attracted to women in general or not, I’m pretty sure that’s not what he’s expressing here. 

So let’s look at some things:

For his “guilty pleasure,” Harry said Kacey Musgraves, who is a country singer/songwriter. How do we interpret this? Some things to consider:

  1. When Harry named Kacey Musgraves, he was talking about her music, not anything about her personally. It’s “guilty” because liking country music is not generally considered cool, especially for a guy Harry’s age. Remember a couple of years ago when he kept bringing up his obsession with that Shania Twain song, and the other boys were like, seriously dude??
  2. Harry has been doing low-key promo for Kacey on twitter and in interviews for months now. It’s unclear whether he’s just in a phase with her music, or if he’s doing it as a favor/compensated promo deal. Or both.
  3. Kacey Musgraves made a lot of waves recently with her hit song “Follow Your Arrow,” which talked about same-sex relationships. This is a big taboo in country music, and it was a big deal when the song won Song of the Year at the CMAs last month. So I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Harry got into her music through that and wanted to promote it, both for its own sake and as one more tiny thing in his series of increasingly unsubtle messages about his own sexuality.
  4. I’ve heard that Kacey Musgraves is an Azoff client, though to be honest, I can’t find any documentation of that beyond Jeff Azoff following her on twitter. But there may be a connection there.

Conclusion: Harry had a lot of time to think about it while the other boys were talking, and he saw an opportunity to get in another plug for Ms. Musgraves. Whatever his reasons, it has nothing whatsoever to do with her being a girl or him being attracted to her. If anything, her rep as an LGBTQ+ rights supporter in a very homophobic industry just points all the harder to Harry being not straight himself when he keeps bringing her up.

Okay, so the second thing you mentioned bothering you is Harry mentioning Emily Blunt when they were being asked about celebrity crushes. Things we can consider about this one:

  1. Harry initially had no intention of answering the question on his own behalf. He jumped in immediately to talk about actresses that Liam liked. It’s a good tactic—he’s talking, but deflecting it from himself, in the hopes that the interviewer won’t notice that he didn’t actually answer the question.
  2. Unfortunately, the interviewer noticed. She directly pressed him with “and how about you, Harry?” He then frowned and took a long time to consider his answer, which was:
  3. Emily Blunt. A married actress in her 30s, known mostly for indie movies and a few small mainstream parts. While she’s a lovely woman, her career has never been about sex appeal even when she was younger. She’s a nice, safe choice: a fine actress, and very unlikely to cause gossip or tabloid articles if Harry mentions her.
  4. Harry’s not necessarily 100% gay, but even if he is, gay men can admire female performers! In fact, it’s so common that many female performers are known as outright gay icons. (see: Judy Garland and the Friends of Dorothy). It doesn’t make anyone any less gay. Harry can like women without liking women, just like straight people can be fans of people their own gender. He doesn’t have to say “no hetero!” for us to know that.
  5. Also notice that Louis also did not intend to answer the question. It was Niall that brought up Louis’ old standard answer of Natalie Portman, because it was apparently Niall’s turn to be the het police in this interview.

Harry is going to talk about women sometimes. First, because he’s asked about women constantly, and he can’t dodge every question. Second, because women make up 50% of the world’s population (and we’re freaking awesome), so it’s inevitable that Harry will have friends, acquaintances, and be a fan of people who happen to be female. He’s a feminist, with strong attachments to the women in his family, and plenty of female friends. None of that is any reason to think he’s totall heterosexual when he has made such an effort to tell the world that he’s really not. 

So that was a lot of babbling, but I hope it eased your discomfort at least a little bit. I’m happy to talk more, so feel free to message me whenever, either on anon or off. :-)

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Your ship can hide behind Kirkman all day every day. The WSJ said Daryl was in love with Beth not Carol and I mean who are you to know better them? Caryl never got press like that. Nobody ever said Carol and daryl are in love in an article and the amc bio doesn't say Carol and Daryl but they say it about Beth. You can't make us go away just cause you afraid. You are a disgrace to this fandom.

Hi there “friendly”,

It’s really unfortunate how stuck you are on this one aspect of the future YOU think Beth could have had if she had survived the MSF, which is not just preventing you from expressing your appreciation about the other things she could be valued and given credit for but it’s also perpetuating further negativity towards her character and the actress who plays her in this fandom.
You continue berating and now even dismissing the creator of the show you obviously love enough to blog about, just because you feel misled and feel that story needs to be written the way you misinterpreted its point, AND to boot you are now pushing that line of thinking by putting more stock into media interpretations of the events despite having first-hand evidence of how easy it was for your group to get things sooooo WRONG.
Since you are obviously starting to have enough doubts to be passive aggressive to people like me and feel the need to “correct” the facts to make yourself feel better, I figured I should help.

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hei Tara :3 how do you think Garrus coped with his scarring?how did it affect him ? I imagine it would affect a person beyond just skin deep. the healing process would have been a trying hurdle in itself. I really want to hear what you think. as always you are lovely :) just something I've been curious about for a while and I'm sorry if I bothered. and thank you for writing. can't wait for your novels.

(Thank you so much!! <3 What a lovely compliment!)

So, your mileage may vary with this, but I’ve got a lot of personal headcanon wrapped up in Garrus’ scars. Let me show you some! (If yours is different, no worries. It’s a big sandbox. Plenty of Garruses to go around.)

Garrus was seriously wounded. The games always make it seem as though things happen magically fast. Take a rocket to the face? Bounce back twelve hours later! Wheee! I tend to think this is not the case. I think they dragged Garrus back as little more than a barely-breathing corpse, and I think Dr. Chakwas outdid herself putting him back together (in my canon Mordin’s not on the ship yet), the whole time terrified of what it would do to Shepard if Garrus was lost. I think, looking at the damage done to his armor, he was sporting a lot more than just some cosmetic face damage. Dr. Chakwas pulls out a miracle, but Garrus is far, far from healed. I think the conversation with Shepard happens days after the fact, and that Jacob is trying to brace Shepard for what looks to be Garrus’ loss, or permanent incapacitation. And Jacob’s pretty sure she’s not going to take it well. At all.

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Solas x Lavellan ~1200 words. Angst?

He didn’t mean to wander this close to her dreams. He’d been so careful about staying away, avoiding the temptation to visit her, to watch her…

But he couldn’t stay away. Neither could the spirits of the fade. They pressed against the edges of her dream, desperate for a taste of her intense emotions.

What could she be dreaming about? He can feel the happiness emanating from her consciousness, the joy and love warming his heart, and he pushes just a little closer, hungry for this feeling that’s completely and totally her-

And the beautiful tenderness collapses into suffering. The pain of it nearly brings him to his knees. What’s hurting her? He has to help her, has to stop it- He forces his way into her dream, ready to destroy anything that would hurt her like this-

and sees her standing alone by a moonlit pool, his own figure walking away. He watches as she collapses like a broken thing, barely holding herself up over the ground, shaking with tears, arms wrapped around her chest like they’re the only thing holding her together.

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