it's just such a fresh wound

A Day Off In Hell

Story by reddit user NeonTempo

Hell is a room with two doors.

The first shuts behind you as you step inside. It locks into the frame, never to open again. The second door stands at the opposite wall, a solid implacable barrier, its purpose utterly inscrutible.

As soon as both doors are closed, your torment commences. The room houses a single unique punishment, dealt out at the deft sadistic hands of your custodian. You will scream, you will cry, and as you watch your wounds heal just enough to keep the pain fresh, there will be nothing you’ll want more than escape.

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after missing out on three consecutive HP-related days of celebration (20th anniversary, Harry’s birthday, and 19 years later) due to long work hours and poor health, i must admit I feel like a sort of failure as a fan artist. let me seeth in my self pity and sense of isolation from the rest of you partying folks with a doodle of Albus doing the same thing

dating remus lupin:

Originally posted by nellaey

~ okay so this is remus ,freakin, lupin so he would obviously be so nervous when asking you out.

~ first he would ask you out on a date to hogsmede.

~ but instead of going to madam puddifoot’s like most dates go to, you would go to tomes and scrolls and look at books.

~ then you would go to get butterbears at the hog’s head.

~OBVIOUSLY he wouldn’t tell the other marauders about the date until after it happened because they would tease him so much about it!!

~the teasing would be something like:

~ “moony. MoOnY. MOONY! look who walked into the great hall.”

~ “we just saw Y/N walk into the classroom moony.”

and of course you would think the marauders are being polite when they give up their seat just so you can sit next to remus.

~ soon after the date and all the teasing from the marauders he would finally pluck up courage to ask you out.

~ at first he would be so careful of what he says does when with you.

~ but soon he would become comfortable around you.

~ you and him always in the library.

~ sometimes just sat there in complete silence reading a book

~ but to remus that would be a perfect date.

~ and in the common room he would read his favourite book at the time to you. and for different characters in the book he’d put on different voices.

~ and  you would laugh

~and remus would sit there smiling and thinking he is the luckiest man alive to have you as his girlfriend.

~ also the MaRaUdErS!!

~ they would be SO happy that precious little remmikins has finally got a girl and is happy.

~ obviously Sirius would be jealous because WOLFSTAR…

~ but he would be happy for remus.

~ and whenever you would leave the room remus would smile because he is a cutie!!

~ then james or Sirius would say something like “AWWWWW. look at remus’ little smile”

~ and he would blush a hella of a lot.

~ little things

~ like height difference.

~ man is that boy tall

~ he wouldn’t be into pda

~ but would always sneak a little forehead kiss whenever he could

~ walking down the corridors he would always beholding your hand

~ hugging!

~ he would love just wrapping his arms around your waist

~ he just has to be touching you somewhere to feel safe ;)

~  after full moons he wouldn’t want you to see him with all his fresh wounds.

~ but you wouldn’t care and would sneak into see him

~ you would love him and all his scars

~ the marauders love you because of that


~ before you bag would just be full of books

~ but when its close to the full moon its filled with chocolate

~ “love”

~ remus is just so sweet

~ i want one

 ~ someone buy me a remus john lupin .

Shoutout to /u/doowopasaurus on Reddit for noticing that the Twisted Ones was updated with its cover and summary on Amazon!! 

“It’s been a year since the horrific events at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, and Charlie is just trying to move on. Even with the excitement of a new school and a fresh start, she’s still haunted by nightmares of a masked murderer and four gruesome animatronic puppets. Charlie thinks her ordeal is over, but when a series of bodies are discovered near her school-bearing wounds that are disturbingly familiar-she finds herself drawn back into the world of her father’s frightening creations. Something twisted is hunting Charlie, and this time if it finds her, it’s not letting her go.”

this playlist feels like a mixture of the warm, fluttering feeling you get when you’re looking up at the stars sitting next to the person you love, the burning feeling you get when you just learned that someone you admire has said something behind your back, the hyper electric feeling you get when its 2am and you’re dancing to your favorite song in the club, and the devastating rage feeling you get when your ex texts you back and the wound is still fresh and you lash out, guys if this is what taylor has been listening to just imagine what reputation is gonna be like I’m so excited

agenderraskel replied to your post: What would you think of MtF!Tony who doesn’t want…

But what about her getting into her suit when she’d been wearing a skirt (in the workshop, she can lock everyone out so nobody sees) and Loki transitioning her, thinking that it will traumatize Tony. But she is actually so fucking happy. But hasn’t a clue how to tell the Avengers “You can stop looking for a cure”. They are so angry on her behalf that Loki did this. Sad ending- she never tells, it’s “fixed” and goes back to living as a male. She cries about it at night.

Okay unpopular opinion time: Loki would be the most sympathetic to Tony if he knew about Tony’s dilemma. Loki can change his body at will to fit how he’s feeling that day. He would be horrified that Midgardians don’t have that option, that some Midgardians have to hide this part of themselves for fear of actually being physically attacked.

So he may cast a spell to make Tony female hoping it will traumatize her, but when he sees how quietly astonished and happy she is, he realizes: this is how she is meant to be, and she has lived forty plus years in a body that belonged to someone else. He has to take a while to himself and think about this, about how this clever, sassy person who has always been so amusing to him has been living in pain, in the wrong body, for her entire life.

And when he comes back to offer Tony his condolences, for losing so much of her life to something that would have hurt her to change, and he finds Tony crying in her room, sobbing, because she’s back in this body that isn’t right, has never been right, and he’s just so mad. Because Thor–Thor wouldn’t have–Thor has always been so supportive, and–

“No one can ever know,” Tony whispers, looking up at him. “It’s–it’s fine. I’m used to it.”

Loki wants to gather up all the trans Midgardians and take them someplace safe, where they can be themselves, but he knows that is an undertaking no one is ready for. So he looks at Tony, and cups her cheeks in his hands, and tells her, “You deserve better.”

And Tony cries, clutching at his wrists, and just whispers “Thank you, for letting me know what it felt like, even if it–it was just for a few days, but for a few days I felt like I was supposed to.”

Loki gathers Tony up in a hug, clutching at him, because he’s always thought Tony was stupidly brave but apparently he didn’t even know the fucking half of it. She’s suffering and sad but she keeps putting one foot in front of the other anyway. She is precious.

“If you ever decide,” Loki begins.

“I’ll tell you,” Tony tells him, sniffling. “Actually-!” She makes a wounded noise when Loki nods and suddenly she’s female again, and she hugs herself and tries not to burst into fresh tears. “Just for a little while,” she whispers desperately.

You deserve forever, Loki doesn’t tell her, as he watches her rush over to her closet to pull out a beautiful summer dress that she’s never quite been able to fill out right.

Tony doesn’t manage not to cry when she asks Loki to return her body to its original male form, but she appreciates what Loki did for her more than he will ever know.

(Loki watches mascara run down Tony’s male cheeks and mourns for her. He can understand how much Tony appreciated it, but he will never say it aloud.)

Should You Play Darkest Dungeon?


•Absolutely gorgeous art style. Actual animation hovers around 3~4 frames but you likely won’t notice due to the camera work.

•Character design is Great and monster design is A+

•A very enthusiastic narrator with a great voice.

•Amazing musical score that sets the mood perfectly.

•Gameplay is surprisingly deep through a simple inventory management interface and skill screen. It IS a nightmare for people that can’t stand to throw things away and make room for new items, though.

•Beating a boss or even just a tough encounter feels like an actual accomplishment.

•The game auto saves after pretty much every action so there’s no risk of lost progress if you have to quit in the middle of a dungeon delve.

•Has all the graphical demands of MSPaint and can be run on Windows 7 or higher.

•No demands for fast reflexes or split-second decision making, since it’s RPG-style combat.

•You can make up whatever names or headcanons for each character that you feel like.


•Can be punishingly difficult for all the wrong reasons due to the prevalent RNG behavior.

•A run can be made or broken by nothing more than a few bad dice rolls or miss-called coin tosses.

•Minimization of RNG (investing in equipment, removing negative behaviors, etc) requires heavy in-game investments, making it difficult in other ways. Some may revel in this difficulty, but it’s not for everyone.

•The game auto saves after pretty much every action, so once a decision is made there is no chance to go back. You’re stuck with your choices forever.

•Some scenery and monster attacks can be nauseating for some. The game runs very deep with body horror in all its forms, from physical mutilation to monstrous mutation, and attacks featuring projectile vomit are very common. Granted, the puke isn’t detailed, but still. the sounds

•Giant grubs, maggots, spiders, snails, and mosquitos make up a portion of the monster encounters, which can be a deal breaker for some.

•The narrator can get grating at times, especially if one of his lines comes at a time that just salts a fresh wound.

Overly Ambitious [Keith/Reader]

Title: Overly Ambitious
Pairing: Keith/You
Summary: Keith summons a level six during his training, soon realizing his mistake when you enter the training deck and the simulation won’t stop.


A/n: headcanon is that keith is always pushing too much and doesn’t know when to set his boundaries, esp with training. so, there’s often some problems. if you like this, please make sure to let me know!

Keith swiped furiously at his forehead, drenching his sleeve with beads of sweat while mustering the strength to keep hold of his bayard. As his breaths quivered and heartbeat throbbed violently in his ears, he remained fastidious in observing the opening in the ceiling. The adrenaline that coursed his veins was exceedingly potent compared to any drug, or so he believed. 

As the gladiator fell from the chute above and landed with a clang of metal, unraveling its extremities to reveal the electrified blade, Keith only wished the sensation never faded. 

“Let’s go, level six. Show me what you got!” 

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♫Lead Me Out Of The Dark- Crown The Empire// Marauders Era: Regulus x Reader

Request:  could you do a imagine with Regulus and his muggleborn girlfriend after he finds out about horcruxes and decides to bring Voldemort down with song ‘Lead Me Out Of the Dark’ by Crown The Empire?

A/N: I know this is one of my more recent requests, and even though I try going in order, sometimes I just get inspired and this was one of those times, so I hope it’s good! I don’t know if it’s exactly what you had in mind, but I hope you like it either way and it was worth the wait!

You never really know anyone’s story, Y/N writes on a torn piece of parchment, ink already staining her fingertips, trapped tears glistening in her y/e/c eyes and filling her soul, not even when you’ve heard it from their very lips time and time again. Not even when you see the honesty in the glimmer of their eyes and know that they are telling you the entire truth, stripped of coats of sugar and hidden details. You never really know anyone’s story, because they don’t know it themselves until it comes to an end.

She takes a deep breath, letting a teardrop fall onto the parchment and leave a grief filled stain at the bottom of the page. Her heart feels heavy as it brims with a storm of words, words she cannot sew together, and emotions she cannot describe that reflect off its velour chambers with unheard sounds. Each breath she takes stings at her lungs as she sits on the worn armchair that he once sat in, his arm wrapped around her waist while he whispered I love yous in her ear, filling her with joy she thought only existed in romance novels.

With a pained sigh, she picks up her quill and dips it into the small bottle of ink that sits by the parchment, the top of which is graced by her looped cursive writing, which almost seems to dance in front of her tear filled eyes. Her lips quiver as she presses the quill to paper.

Regulus Arcturus Black was the love of my life. Pain overflows at the truth filled words that have now left her mind, but she continues. He was a brave, loving, kind man, but no one knew, no one could guess the battles he was leading with himself for the things he was roped into doing, or the Gryffindor-like courage that filled him on that day. No one knew the whole story. No one but me.

The Black family is a cruel one: they could find flaws even in deity and make Merlin himself feel insufficient for the “privilege” of their presence. Regulus was nothing like that, a sob escapes her lips and she finds ink spilling onto the light surface of the table through the parchment that was now holed by the force with which she pressed down the quill. She doesn’t care at all.

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Real vs. Not Real

A/N - Some language and mentions of torture in here, be aware. Not entirely sure where this came from, but I ran with it when it popped into my head. 

“Better start talking, sweetheart.” The menacing voice brushed your ear.

A shiver of anticipation went up your spine, causing your wrists to chafe uncomfortably against the rough rope that bound them behind your back.

“Fuck off, Winchester.”

The man circled back in front of you, his eyes filling with black at your words. “Want to try that again?” He pressed a knife up to your throat.

“I. Said. Fuck. Off.” You spat each word as if it were poison, the anger running through your veins thick enough to outweigh the fear that logically should have taken over long before.

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Owning a bird is looking at the fresh, bloody wound they just inflicted and feeling a little proud because hot damn, that’s a big ass piece of flesh you just ripped off me, you tiny, angry goblin

Business Meeting [Kris Gang!AU Angst-ish]

Originally posted by yourtypicalasianfangirl

“So you’re refusing our deal?” Kris demanded, dumbfounded at the lack of respect the man across from him was showing. Under the table, his hand gripped yours tighter out of stress, and all you could do was run your thumb across his knuckles reassuringly. 

This deal between Kris’ gang and whoever’s gang that ran the south half of the country had been in the works for months, potentially years, and it was quite literally in the final moments before signing that the other gang was backing out. It was the last link Kris really needed before he could assume full control of South Korea and begin to monopolize the underground.

And here, this scum that was so low you couldn’t even be bothered to remember his name, was running away with his tail between his legs. You could see the fear in his eyes whenever he made eye contact with Kris, or his guards Chanyeol and Xiumin that hovered behind the two of you, even though he had six men standing behind him.

“Sorry to say it, Mr. Wu, but we are. Simply can’t have a merger like that. Wouldn’t be good for business, you understand?” Despite the breeziness of his tone, the older man’s eyes had something malicious swirling inside them that made it quite clear he had another motive. 

Kris’ jaw tensed, and you could tell he was fighting to restrain his temper. “This agreement has been planned for months and you’re just now going back on your word?” he gritted out. “You know I don’t take too kindly to those who don’t maintain their honor.”

Behind you, you heard Chanyeol and Xiumin shift slightly, likely revealing weapons that were supposed to have been left outside of the meeting room, a favorite scare tactic of Kris’. 

And for the first time you could remember, it didn’t work. The man across from you and Kris raised a brow, as if he were asking if that was all. 

Beside you, Kris tensed, but maintained contact with you as his free hand slipped to the waistband of his pants and slid out a handgun, which he cocked and raised at the man opposite him, who finally lifted his hands, as if in surrender. But as you had no weapon to withdraw, you were left to watch as the six men the asshole gang leader in front of you brought in pull out two guns each. 

Meaning about six of the twelve total guns were aimed at you as the weakest point of this conference. The rest of the weapons found aim on your husband and his guards. 

And that’s why you didn’t like to attend “business meetings” with Kris. 

Immediately, Chanyeol was pulling you out of your seat and away from harm, while Kris stood in front of you, raising his gun in both of his hands and beginning to let his temper reign supreme, Xiumin taking up a similar stance beside him.  

But even with two highly trained and highly infuriated men taking the first shots, you knew this would be a battle lost. The six men on the opposing side of the room spread out with a practiced ease, returning fire at double the rate. Xiumin and Kris moved back to back, managing to dodge most of the projectiles that were now whizzing about the room, embedding in the walls and cheap art. 

Chanyeol shielded your body with his own and began to propel you away from the conflict, where more of Kris’ men were waiting and could get you away from the bloodshed. Already, you could hear his backups storming closer to the location, no doubt alerted by the sounds of gunfire.

In front of you, the massive double doors parted, revealing the stoic faces of Kris’ most trusted men, who immediately took positions and began firing, and not a moment too soon, as behind you, a cry that sounded eerily like Kris rose above the chaos and reached your ears. 

Instinctively, you wrenched yourself away from Chanyeol’s firm grip and turned back towards the worst of the fighting, determined to make sure your husband was alright. 

Chanyeol shouted for you, but your eyes and movements were locked on Kris, who appeared to be out of bullets and was now engaged in physical combat. Upon hearing Chanyeol’s shout, however, his gaze was torn from his opponent to you. His attention returned to his rival only briefly, and that was just to knock him out before he was dashing through the turmoil of the gang war to you.

A relieved smile spread over your face for a half second, in which you caught a glimpse of the leader of the gang aim a gun at you as he was being pulled to a back exit by a guard. 

And in the next half second, there was a blinding burst of pain on your left side below your rib cage that rippled through your entire body. Shocked by this sensation, you looked down, seeing blood begin to gush out of your lower abdomen, right where the burning pain was, coating your clothes in the sticky substance. As if in slow motion, you realized you needed to put pressure on your wound, so your hands rose to press against the ragged flesh, sending enough pain through you that your vision dropped away for a moment.

But the respite of pain your loss of consciousness provided was ephemeral; it probably hadn’t even been two whole seconds when the world came flooding back to you in too-sharp detail, along with an even worse wave of pain. Yet you couldn’t move, your head was foggy and your limbs were leaden, leaving you trapped inside yourself while you drowned in agony.

Then Kris’ face appeared in your vision that was swimming in and out of focus. His eyes were widened in fear and shock while his mouth was urgently shaping words that sounded like they came from across a football field. 

Suddenly, all of your senses returned to you. “Kris,” you gasped, eyes bugging in pain as he shrugged off his coat and pressed it against your injury. Your hand clamped onto his, digging into his skin as you tried to make sense of what was happening. 

But then his lips were moving again and the sights and sounds were fading all around you, and your mind still wasn’t keeping up with you, aside from your personal hell. Dimly, you felt your hand release Kris’ and your breathing slow. 

Even in your weakening state, out of the corner of your eye you saw Suho, another of Kris’ men, dragging the rival gang leader by his arm, holding a gun to his head. Kris looked up from you, still applying pressure to your gash with one hand while the other lifted his gun and squeezed the trigger more times than your hazy mind could keep track of. Suho released the man, watching apathetically as he fell to the ground bleeding. 

You let out a ragged wheeze as you saw him drop, not sure if the sound you made was out of shock or pain or what, but both Kris and Suho refocused their gazes on you. Kris must have delivered a set of instructions to Suho, as he sprinted from your sight in a blur, returning what felt in less than a second with Lay, who had a box with a bright red cross on it.

A warm hand tilted your jaw away from where Lay was opening his kit and removing what looked like torture supplies, bringing your attention back to Kris. His lips shaped your name, but your lids were drooping far too fast for you to see what the rest of his words were. 

Annoyingly, you were shaken out of your rest, driving you back to the fire in your abdomen and bringing the world back to you. “Y/N, you need to stay awake,” Kris instructed, concern making his voice break and his eyes widen as they bore into yours. 

You were just so tired and hurt, why couldn’t he understand that? Your lips tried to make a response, to tell him just that, but the words died in your throat, as a sharp tugging on your wound and a fresh reminder of what pain really was threw unconsciousness over you like a blanket.

The last things you remembered were Kris’ eyes locking with yours as his lips formed your name and an ‘I love you’. 

And yet you could still make a mental note never to go with Kris on business meetings again.

I can’t write endings but I sure can use questionable searches to find out what a gunshot feels like  (งツ)ว

-Admin A

anonymous asked:

Klaine cross paths with Malec in a NYC nightclub when an unexpected demon attack spills out onto the dance floor.

How About a Drink? 

Malec/Klaine crossover. 

“C’mon, Blaine! It’s okay, everybody hangs out around here.” Kurt spoke up, taking Blaine’s hand into his own and dragging him inside the dance club. It was by far the noisiest and craziest club he’s seen since he moved to New York and he already felt high on adrenaline. 

Pandemonium, that was the name. The club everyone seems to be talking about and a place where you could find anyone who meant something at NYADA. A place where you went when you wanted to mean something, too. 

“I still don’t think it’s a good idea.” Blaine shouted, his voice sounding soft and quiet in the loud raging music. Never in his life has he heard anything that would even come close to this strange song. It was dancy and shrill, but in the same time held a sense of melancholia and some sorrowful undertones that made shivers crawl up his spine. 

He came to New York to finally see Kurt after tormentuos months they spent apart, only to find this completely new person standing before him. It was still Kurt - tender and bold and expressive, both in his fashion and opinions. But there was so much more to him now. He seemed more care-less and easygoing, free in his choices. As if the heavy weight and burdens he carried on his shoulders in Lima let go of him at last, let him breathe. 

As much as he had to get used to this different aspects of Kurt, he felt closer to him than ever before. The confidence in his steps, the passion in his lips. It was like falling in love with him all over again. 

“It’s fine, I promise!” Kurt was already losing himself in the strange music, pulling Blaine through the crowd. Pale skin and dark leather. That’s all Blaine could see. Colorful hair shining in the dark, bodies moving and swaying as one. 

There was an odd-looking smoke in the air as Kurt looped his arms around Blaine’s neck a closed his eyes, dancing. Except, it didn’t really look anything like the smoke you normally see at concerts and such, Blaine realized. It was silvery and almost liquid, leaving drops anywhere it touched bare skin.  

Kurt’s hair were covered in beads of this silvery fluid and Blaine could also smell it on Kurt’s skin when they pressed together on the dance floor. It was very sweet, but tart, leaving a sickening taste in his mouth. 

“Are you sure it’s safe?” Blaine said close to Kurt’s ear, steadying himself with his hands on Kurt’s hips. He started feeling dazed and light-headed from the moment they walked in, his mind becoming foggy and unfocused despite the cautious parts of his brain. 

He caught glimpses from the corners of his eyes. Shadows moving in the lights and figures running through his vision. There was a man sitting on one of the few sofas, surrounded with people. Even from the place where Blaine stood, he noticed the silky fabric hugging his body and shimmers on his face. For just a moment Blaine though he saw golden eyes glimmer in front of him, his heart beating fast. It seemed as if everyone waited to get a piece of that man, touch him with the tips of their fingers or lock their gazes for a second at least. 

But the man never looked at them. He stopped scanning the crowds and a smirk grew wide on his glittering lips. He stood up and made his way away from the couch, his movements graceful and cat-like. 

Turning his head, Blaine found another man walking through the entrance. This time, though, there was tension behind Blaine’s eyes as he tried to make out his features. He looked blurry and hazy, only the dark inky tattoos stood out on his fair skin. 

“Blaine? Is there something wrong?” Kurt’s voice made him turn away. With worry in his eyes and pursed lips he resembled the old Kurt so much, it hurt Blaine a little. 

“No..” Blaine replied, shaking his head and looking at Kurt. It was their night. One evening they could spent wrapped around in each other’s arms without the worry of what will come. And Blaine wanted to make the most of it. Even if he didn’t really like this particular club. “Everything’s fine.”

He let himself go after that. Tried his hardest to forget about the strangeness of that place and get lost in the way Kurt’s lips grazed his own, his fingers tipping his chin upwards. People came and went, drinks appeared in their hands and songs changed, even though they always got somewhat creepier than the previous ones. 

It felt as if he had spent years simply moving to that rhythm. He almost didn’t want to wake up when he heard a horrifying shriek.  

There was a girl. A girl lying on the ground, frightened eyes looking for help that wouldn’t come, her dress drenched in her own blood. Her skin already turned an ugly shade of gray as if someone literally sucked the life out of her, as if she wasn’t alive just a minute ago. There were wounds on her neck, flesh torn to pieces and even burnt on some places. Claw marks, bite marks and blood everywhere. 

Blaine wasn’t able to look away. He heard Kurt’s shocked gasps next to him, felt his hand tighten on his waist. How was it possible? She must’ve died only a couple of feet away from them. Why didn’t they notice? Why didn’t they do something? 

A dark figure approached the body on the ground. Slumped and limping, it crouched down and made a low gurgling sound, its slimy arms leaving fresh cuts. 

“What is it?!” Kurt’s pitched voice came to Blaine’s ears. But he didn’t know. His mind was telling him that it was a man, deformed and monstrous, but it had to be human to do something like that.

“Step back!” They were pushed away by a tattooed hand. It was the guy from before, his tall slender frame standing in front of them. In an instant, he drew out a blade, casting a gentle light around him. He took a step towards that thing and the girl’s body, and in one swift motion buried his blade in its flesh.  

Everything stopped. There was a moment of silence and then air was filled with sharp acrid fragrance that made Blaine stomach turn. Both the thing and the girl disappeared, and the rest of the crowd went on in their fun, not caring.

“Magnus? What are mundanes doing here?” The tattooed man spoke up again, barely sparing them a glance. Blaine’s body was stiff, going through some kind of shock. 

“Don’t know.” Another voice came up behind them, shifting as the man walked up towards them. 

“You just killed someone.” Kurt whispered, his eyes wide open. It seemed he was doing a bit better than Blaine, despite the trembling in his muscles.  

“It was a demon.” Magnus said, coming closer. Lazily, he snapped his fingers and suddenly Blaine felt oxygen surging through his lungs again, his legs not giving up under him anymore. 

“What just happened?” he murmured, dazed and confused. Kurt was holding onto his arm, both of them supporting the weight of the other.

“It was a demon that attacked the poor girl.” Magnus told him, sadness filling his eyes.

“The thing he just killed?” Kurt asked, pointing at the other man. 

“Unfortunately, Alec didn’t kill it. The demon escaped back to its dimension and took the girl with him.” 

Blaine’s heart was beating steadily, but his brain was screaming. He knew he should feel something - fear, shock, anxiety, but he couldn’t for some kind of a reason. 

“You two shouldn’t be here.” The man, Alec, retorted. He was frowning, pulling at the sleeves of his shirt.

Blaine and Kurt looked at each other, uncertainty mirrored in their eyes.  

“It’s okay, Alexander.” Magnus interrupted Alec’s firm gaze and placed a hand on the small of his back. “I can handle this.” 

He moved his arms, sparks and blue waves coming out of them. In front of Kurt and Blaine, two glasses with long stems started to appear. Gradually, they were filled with midnight-blue liquid, with shining spots just like stars on the sky outside. 

“How about a drink?” Magnus suggested, a warm smile spreading on his lips.

The next morning, it all seemed like a bad dream filled with a bit too much alcohol. There’s no such a thing as demons anyway, right?

Here it is! I haven’t really written any actual Klaine fics before, so hopefully it isn’t out of character too much. Also, I quess Klaine didn’t really break up in this universe? 

Let me know what you think! ^^

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Prompt Me/Ask Me.

warlock headcanons

Warlocks give up pieces of themselves when they impart their souls for power. Their physical appearances change, and each patron imparts a distinct set of differences. Warlocks almost always have their hair go white before their time, and their blood is tainted black for the evil they allow into themselves.

Glowing eyes, often of bright and neon colors correlating to the Fey’s Court. The Prince of Frost might impart bright blue, while the Queen of Air and Darkness might impose a vibrant violet. Sometimes other beautiful glowing marks form on their skin, such as nature motifs the Fey is associated with.

Black scleras, red eyes, and glowing red cracks in the skin, sometimes fanged teeth. Fiends take much, much more in exchange for their power. Demonic patrons impose much more than their lawful counterparts in Devils, but they all make their subjects known and distinct.

Great Old One
The Old Gods are eldritch abominations, and their subjects become as such. Whited out eyes, and hands that turn black as the night sky, writhing darkness crawling up their arms. The insides of their mouths turn just as black, and the white of their teeth stands out like stars in the night sky.

Deep, dark red scars are cut across the body, like fresh combat wounds imparted by their sentient patrons. Their skin grows tough and thick, and its texture is rough like stone.

Raven Queen
The Raven Queen’s subjects look the most like death, with their eyes, ears, and mouths going completely black like hollows, darkness spreading from their orifices like veins. Their skin goes cold and clammy and loses the luster of life.

Seekers do not take much from their subjects, but their eyes fill with galaxies, and their skin takes on a cold and grey pallor, with pale freckles like stars.

Undying Light
The Light’s subjects have golden light that spills out of their eyes like spotlights, and their mouths glow equally bright. Their voices sound like hundreds of others speak when they do.

Am I the only one mad at the Riverdale finale love scenes?

Before y'all go there, I’m not trying to steal Varchie or Bughead thunder. Even though they are not my ships, I know how to have sportsmanship with other ships and their shippers.

My problem is with the writers.
I legitimately feel betrayed and heartbroken at the “parallel” love scenes. Love making is a powerful notion to me, so I personally cannot brush character feelings off once sex happens. To me, Beronica can’t happen now for a LONG while (if it ever does) because both individuals of the ship have now been given strong feelings for other people. In terms of storytelling, once that line is crossed because “I love you"s are exchanged, or a phrase to be interpreted as such (ex: soulmates), it’s meant to have this relationship always be on the radar, even if they break up. It’s not something writers want you to easily forget.

The fool in me wants to hope that the writers will actually bother to make Beronica happen in S2 (due to it’s “surprising” popularity), but the realist in me is saying it won’t ever happen.

It’ll be teased again to grab us all for the first few episodes, those critical to get the renewed green light, and then it’ll go back to their straight ships.

Like… I don’t get it. I don’t get why queerbaiting is a thing. If you know it’s going to bring ratings, why not keep an LGBT romance for the whole season so you constantly have those raitings?!

It’s obviously crucial to hook people in at the start… so why not keep them hooked?!

If the reason being why you queerbait is to “keep the gays happy with ‘groundbreaking’ subtext” and so that “'the straight’ viewers don’t get mad and leave”, I have something to tell you. Those aren’t ‘straight viewers’, those are bigots. Because there are plenty of straight people out there who do just fine with LGBT representation, and understand why it’s important. If someone loses their shit at seeing gay characters in a main, and not supportive role, they’re a bigot. If someone loses their shit because now they have to share entertainment with gays, they’re bigots.

And if you care more about keeping them happy, it means you care more about bigot money than you do about equality.

I get that typical straight relationships “sell”, but those research figures should be changing. The youthful generation that teen shows are made for include an incredibly diverse population, so why are we being given what a previous generation looked forward to?

Well, thanks CW and Riverdale writers, you just fueled my fire to show you how it’s done.

Back to furiously typing my original LGBT novels lol


anonymous asked:

In the last oneshot/drabble you posted (which was very interesting and fun to read) you mentioned "Nevra fighting his dark instinct", do you have any headcanons on how he fights it during a long mission where he doesn't really have a variety of choices and his everyday life

As a matter of fact, I’ve got plenty of headcanons on Nevra living life as a vampire. ;) He’s not just a gorgeous man with pointy teeth and Spock-worthy ears. So thanks for bringing this to my inbox, Anon.

Though technically, that last request is a scenario: a really unrefined draft of a one-shot without proper dialogue, action sequence, or description. But your thoughts are well and truly appreciated. ^_^

(For anyone interested in reading that particular request, check it out here. Warning: it’s shamelessly NSFW. Don’t take a cue from the characters and try reading it in public.)  

Anyway. To answer your question, Anon, I like to imagine that Eldarya vampires still retain a few traits of traditional vampires from folklore… and that there’s a valid reason for why they were feared by humans (and possibly more) back in the day. While Nevra has naturalized himself (very successfully) to El’s non-vampire community, I won’t be surprised if it’s still an ongoing battle for him to override millions of years of evolution. And if so, he probably hopes in one corner of his psyche that his fans at HQ remain oblivious to some of his most basic urges. Otherwise, where will he get his love?

…Because some of his most basic urges outside the bedroom aren’t very sexy by non-vampire standards. Thank you.  

Warning: What you’re about to read is at least 99% pure headcanon. Sadly, we still know zilch about the pure vampire lifestyle in El. :(

The Lure of Blood

To the average vampire, fresh blood sparks a powerful visceral reaction across several levels: it stokes their appetite as a food source, fires their libido as a medium for sexual communion, and magnifies their senses as a biological meter for their own health and those around them– either friend, foe, or prey. If willingly provided by a clan-member or a longtime donor, the taste of blood also fosters deep comfort and a sense of ‘home’. But if spilled from an enemy, a quarry, or themselves when they’re wounded, then the smell of blood alone can trigger a berserker-worthy adrenaline rush. All this is the result of millions of years of highly-specialized evolution, where blood advanced beyond simple ‘food source’ to also become a medium for social affirmation, and a complex physical, sensory, and chemical language shared between predator, prey, and kin.

Not surprisingly, vampires encounter friction from other species who a.) don’t share the same evolutionary toolkit with blood, b.) keep culturally narrow views on blood, and c.) have even less tolerance for blood-feeding (which some of them, understandably, still associate with being preyed on). This cultural clash is why vampires outside their clans typically avoid the medical, culinary, and military/mercenary professions, where blood contact happens frequently and nervous non-vampires panic at seeing their eyes dilate at the first flash of red.  

None of this has discouraged Nevra though from joining the Shadow Guard of El, where spilled blood is an unfortunate but necessary feature of field work. The main reason: he has a steely confidence in his own self-control, an arguably-stronger loyalty to El… and no small amount of pragmatism in adjusting or smoothing over his ancestral instincts whenever they flare to life. After all, he cares about winning his colleagues’ trust, even if– a few eons back– he would have called them his ‘dinner’ in a very literal sense. So he follows a set of strict personal protocols, starting with…

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FakeHaus Benson

This is the first time I’ve written anything FakeHaus but I got inspired by @scrob-lord and I’s convo

FakeHaus has a bunch of rival crews, as a group of people in their profession would. One day, as FakeHaus is destroying one of these said crews, James stumbles upon a dog. FakeHaus has raided this crew many times and James has seen this attack dog more than once. But, every time he had seen it before, it looked alive. Now, as James stood in front of it, it looked as through it was about to greet death himself with its ribs sticking out and a combination of fresh and old wounds scattered across its body. Still, as James entered the side room with the dog inside it, the dog stood upon its weak legs and growled the best it could.

It was then that James decided that it was his.

He holstered his gun and swept the dog into his arms, ignoring the barks and scratch marks the dogs over grown nails were giving him. James just up and leaves in the middle of the gun fire, knowing his boys were good without him.

When he gets back to the penthouse, Peake nearly knocks over his chair rushing to the two of them. James wouldn’t let Peake touch a single wound on his body until he helped the dogs open wounds get covered and disinfected.

Benson, as the dog got names as, slowly warmed up to the crew as they showed him unconditional love and support. Benson slowly showed his love back one person at a time.

James wakes up in the middle of the night to take a piss and steps over the side of his bed where Benson usually sleeps, to find him missing. When he glances around the room, he finds Benson curled up at Elyse’s feet.

One day, while Lawrence is de-stressing from a mission by playing video games, Benson sits down at his feet and gives his leg a soft nudge every time Lawrence swears.

Near Christmas the same year, Joel is dressing everyone up in outfits for their traditional Christmas photo. This year Bruce is Santa and the rest of them were elves. When Joel tries to put costume reindeer antlers on him, Benson sat still and even seemed to hold his head up high in the photo.

When Adam is having one of his worst of the worst days and is curled up in his bed, Benson jumps onto the bed with him and licks his face until he gets Adam to laugh from how it tickles before curling up with him.

Omar and James used to go get supplies together, and when James is busy doing a mission and their supply run can’t wait, Omar assumes he had to go himself. He is happily surprised when he finds Benson waiting at the door for him.

(This one is from the brilliant mind of @scrob-lord) The crew is out to finish a job and Peake is set up at the penthouse to take care of any injuries when they get back. Unknowingly to any of them, a rival crew sent someone to the penthouse to take out Peake since they knew he would be all alone. Before Peake even has a chance to pull his gun, Benson is on the guy and within seconds the guy is dead. Benson then walks to Peake and barks once before sitting at Peakes feet for the rest of the night.

Bruce has always been supportive since the day they came back and there was a dog in the penthouse. He’s the one buying all the expensive dog food and giving him all the treatments any of the vets suggest before James can object. These are his boys and whatever makes them happy makes him happy too.

Benson has been through hell and back just like the rest of them but together they are happy and one hell of a crew.

Paris brings Helen a golden arrow
still tarnished with blood at its head.
He must have pulled it out
when the wound was still fresh,
with the warrior closing his hands
around the shaft as he writhed.

It is just the beginning of violence,
a war brought upon the land
by a passion that is as glorious
as it is a torment in disguise.
The gods themselves couldn’t have spun
a better love story than this.

The prince will put Troy on its knees.
For Helen, he will build pyres,
he will have them all burn.
The bodies laid out as a final sacrifice,
worship in death, in riches and fire.
All that he will lose for her smile.

Paris can’t yet see that jewels like Helen
are coated in poison, are lethal,
are enjoying the carnage more
than they could ever enjoy marriage.
Unlike the Greek, she never had any trouble
breaking vows.
—  These violent delights have violent ends (LM)

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Imagine the team finding out you are dating Sweets

This was requested by anon. I hope everybody enjoys it!!! :)

You leaned across the table and folded the palm of your hand into your boyfriend’s as a smile spread keenly across your face. It had been nearly three months since you and Lance Sweets had started dating and you couldn’t be happier.

Breaking the moment, a sudden burst of wind wound its way into the restaurant as the door was pulled open followed by a bout of raucous conversation from a group of people who had just entered. Something seemed vaguely familiar in the tones of the friendly voices, but you ignored the feeling burrowing in the pit of your stomach and returned to your moment with Sweets, a fresh smile swallowing your cheeks. But Sweets was frozen, his warm hands retracted away from you.

“What is it, Lance?” You asked him

He shook himself, not answering your question as he turned to somebody that stood behind you, “Hey, Booth!” He said to the man behind you, and you suddenly realized why the group of voices was familiar. The people that had entered the restaurant? They were your coworker’s, people that cared deeply about both you and Lance but you had not managed to reveal your relationship to yet.

“Hey, you two!” Booth said as the rest of the group approached your table from behind the burly agent, “What are you guys up to?”

“Nothing,” You said a little too quickly

“Just a friendly dinner,” Lance said, attempting to smile convincingly but coming up short.

You were both terrible liars.

Angela spoke next, “Relax, guys. We’ve known the two of you have been dating for months now. It’s no secret,”

“You guys knew?” You asked, a blush devouring the pale color of your cheeks

“Oh yeah,” Cam chuckled, “As hard as you guys tried, you guys slipped up so many times. It was pretty obvious,”

You looked to Lance to find him with a blush tinting his cheeks as dark as a tomato and you suspected that you looked very similar.

“Well, we will leave the two of you to your date,” Booth smiled, and you could have sworn that he winked at Lance, but you couldn’t be quite sure.

Official Knights of the Round Light Novel TRANSLATION, Gino's Chapter

Hey guys! So beyond the first season, the cg light novels have never been translated/localized. As good Japanese practice then, I began working on translating them! (Also because it’s fun)

The Knights of the Round novel has 4 sections, and this is the first, which focuses on Gino and his ideology. The timing is right when Suzaku joins the Rounds, and eventually meets Gino+Anya.

Translation by ME (Ellen!).

Proofreading of both the translation and English writing quality by Phresine.

Scans by Eggy!

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