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Okay but Alec curled up on Magnus' lap, clinging to him with his ice cold hands underneath Magnus' shirt for warmth. Maybe there's a fire lit, or maybe just candles. It's quiet, peaceful. Just the two of them enjoying each other's company. I need this like air.

when one of the doors to the balcony opened, and then shut once again, firelight was flickering over magnus’s book, his dark nails pressed against the page holding his spot as he glanced up to watch alec step back into the loft. with alec came a chill, the night air even around spring still sharp enough to bite into skin, maybe not for magnus but definitely for someone like alec who hated the cold. he was shivering, magnus didn’t even have to see him up close to know that. alec was shivering as he walked around the couch and dropped his phone on one of the tables, rubbing his hands together as he gravitated closer to magnus, closer to the fire.

“is everything alright?” magnus asked, and with it he moved, closing his book and setting it aside on the coffee table, leaning in to glance at alec’s face. his brows were furrowed, his expression twisted and magnus couldn’t help but be worried. but as alec scooted closer and shook his head it became obvious.

“it’s just cold.” alec replied, soft laughter huffed out of his red lips rubbing his fingers together and reaching out towards the fire in the nearby fireplace. it wasn’t roaring as it had been earlier, but it was still warm enough that it was brushing magnus’s skin.

magnus hummed at that, a bit of a smile pulling at the corner of his lips. then he reached over, grabbing at alec’s arm gently and tugging him closer, patting the top of his thighs. “come on.” he whispered, leaning in to press his mouth to alec’s jaw.

alec didn’t need all that much coaxing, he readily pushed into magnus’s lap, in fact he nearly scrambled to, pressing his face right up against magnus’s neck and trying to get as close as he could. he was freezing, his skin an ice block but it didn’t bother magnus. how could it bother him when his boyfriend was trying to fold himself as tightly in his lap as he possibly could.

magnus closed his eyes and the light from the fire danced over his eyelids and the nape of alec’s neck. it danced over his rings as he pressed his palms against alec’s spine, sliding his hands up and down alec’s back. at some point, alec’s frozen fingertips found their way underneath magnus’s shirt and it was a tiny shock but he could only laugh, turning his head and pressing a soft line of kisses over alec’s neck as he thawed his fingers against the tight muscles of magnus’s stomach.

spock’s freckles appear when he’s seven years old and out in the vulcan sun too much and his mother catches him trying to scrub off the faint green dots one night, because he hates them he hates them can’t she see how human they make him look; when he’s twelve he learns, to his horror, that they now shimmer when his face flushes, the boys who spit it at him holding him pressed up against a wall but he just turns away because he’s already learned to not fight back; no one dares to say anything to him about them at the academy, but he can feel their eyes glancing over the light spots on his skin like a brand, just one more thing to alienate him from both of the cultures he tries to claim as his own; but it’s later, much later, when he’s first officer, when he’s laying in jim kirk’s arms and being told “you have a galaxy spread over your cheeks, so beautiful, you’re so beautiful” and soft lips are on his bare shoulder, that he finally thinks that maybe, just maybe, its okay to be different for once

Bad Day

Okay so this is for my lovely @takeiteasyonmyheart who has been having a bad day. I’m so sorry it’s so crappy you deserve so much more my love and I really hope your day/evening will get better. This is also for all my folk who have been having a bad day. I love you guys, again please forgive the crappiness.

Nothing had worked out the way you had wanted it to today. Everything that could have gone wrong had and you were cursing your crappy karma. Killing a spider shouldn’t unleash this kind of hell should it?
Grumbling you opened the door to your apartment, you needed a good night off. Maybe you still had some margarita mix left and you were positive you still had a tub of ice cream in the freezer. Sighing you toed off your shoes before making a beeline for the fridge. Let the comfort drinking begin.
You were pouring yourself your third margarita when the door to your apartment opened and Shawn walked through. The radiant smile on his face as he spotted you, slowly turning into a frown as he saw the pitcher (yes pitcher) of margarita you were holding and the open tub of chocolate deliciousness slowly melting away on the coffee table.
“Bad day huh?” he smiled at you
“No shit, Sherlock. ” you said with a sigh as he took off his coat in the hallway before making his way towards you. He pressed a gentle kiss to your pouty lips before whispering.
“Gimme a few minutes. I’ll be right back.” A smile, his plotting smile as you referred to it, on his lips as he disappeared into the bathroom.
You continue to grumble, pout and sip your tasty drink, enjoying the light buzz of just-enough-to-tingle tipsiness. Shawn reappears a few minutes later dressed only in his boxers.
“That’s a long time to just take off your clothes noodle boy.” you say snarkily as he beams at you. Why is he not sharing your misery? Doesn’t he understand how miserable you are right now? How dare he blind you with his goddamn perfect teeth like that? He doesn’t answer, simply picks you up and carries you through the living room ignoring your whined “my drinkkkkk…”. You hear the water running in the bathroom. Had he? As Shawn enters the bathroom, you in his arms, you see that he had set up a whole romantic bath aesthetic… A fragrant bubble bath, soft music playing in the background and so many candles he had left the lights off. The warm glow of at least twenty candles casts beautiful shadows on Shawn’s skin. He takes off his boxers before getting into the tub, he looks at you, hazel eyes expectant.
“Won’t you join me?” he smiles gently. You nod as you start taking off your clothes, your footing just a tad unsure (thank you alcohol). You put your hand in his outstretched one letting him help you into the water. You settle into the warm water, the massive bathtub just big enough for the both of you.
“Love, you know I adore you… but could you move just a tad to the side. You’re sitting on my balls.”
“Ooops.” you giggle as you rearrange yourself.
“Thank god.” he whispers. He pinches your arm when you can’t seem to stop giggling.
“I happen to be very attached to my balls, thank you very much.” he defends himself halfheartedly. He loves seeing you giggle.
“Technically your balls are attached to you…” You whisper teasingly. You giggle again when he nips your neck with his teeth.
“Smart ass.”
You sigh as he runs his hand up and down your arm; coaxing you back to soberness with soft kisses to the sensitive spot behind your ear and gentle hands on your ribs. He nuzzles his face into your neck. Kissing the juncture of your jaw lightly. You lean into his touch, a moaned whisper of his name on your lips. Your back arches as his long fingers dig into your muscles, massaging them gently. His hands slowly work their way down, kneading your skin as warmth pools in your stomach. Feeling safe and at ease in his arms you let yourself sink back against his chest. Your head rests in the crook of his shoulder, turning your face into his neck as his fingers tease the sensitive skin on the inside of your thigh. You moan a quiet please, wiggling your hips to get him closer to your pussy. His fingers slowly move in circles towards your clit, taking his time, torturing you with light taps to the bundle of nerves and slowly sliding his fingers back to rest above your pubic bone. Your back arches, pushing your hips into his hand as he cups your pussy, the tip of his index slipping inside.
“Shh. I’ve got you love. I’ve got you.” He whispers against your hair as his left arm wraps around your middle; effectively holding you down and making any movement impossible for you. He finally takes pity on you and sinks his index into you, slowly pumping in and out of you. A low moan tumbles from your lips as the slightly calloused finger grazes against your g-spot. A low hum vibrates through his chest as your walls tighten around his digit at the sensation.
“There it is.” He murmurs against your ear before adding a second finger and rubbing them against your g-spot. Trying to raise your hips you whine as his arms stops you and tightens its grip on you further. His hand slowly comes to rest on your breast, gently taking the nipple between his fingers and pulling lightly.
“Shh, love. No moving, just feel okay?” he asks you letting his lips run along the shell of your ear. You barely have time to nod before moaning as his thumb finds your clit and draws insistent circles over it. Your walls tighten around his fingers as you slowly feel pressure starting to build in your stomach. His fingers move in a come hither motion, slowly dragging against your walls. He adds a third finger, the fullness overwhelming yet just right as he pumps his fingers. As he whispers sweet words of praise into your ear you feel the telltale pressure of an orgasm building higher and higher, wrapping itself around the base of your spine. Your hips try to rise  against Shawn’s arm as his thumb draws tight circles over your clit. Your head tilts back, your lips turning into a pout as you silently beg him for a kiss. He lowers his lips to yours, taking your mouth in a devastatingly gentle kiss. His fingers pinch your nipple lightly, the sharp pain making you gasp and your hand wraps around his wrist in shock. His eyes open, a lazy grin on his lips.
“I do love the little sounds you make darling.” he drawls, as his thumb flicks your clit.
Ohs and please escape your lips as he keeps you not the edge of an orgasm for a few minutes. A particularly whiny and drawn out Shawn however does the trick as he lets his oh so heavenly fingers do their magic. The pressure in your lower abdomen becomes unbearable as he whispers “Let go love.” Against your jaw. A low moan tumbles from your lips as you shatter in his arms. Your hips bucking as your walls flutter wildly around his fingers. It’s not a screaming orgasm, it’s gentle, coaxed out of you, it leaves you drained and sleepy. As you slowly step out of the blissed out post orgasm fog, you register Shawn’s hands drawing soft circles into your skin. 
“Best possible outcome when making a pitcher of margarita” you mumble as you cuddle against his side. His choked laugh wraps around your heart like a warm blanket.
“What about you though?” you ask.
“What about me?” he frowns down at you, his fingers continuing to trace lazy circles on your stomach.
“Well that thing that’s closely linked to your precious balls?” you say. The fog in your brain clearing enough for you to tease Shawn, your favourite past time.
“Do not anger the guy who just had you begging for an orgasm love. It brings bad luck.” He threatens, laughter glinting in his eyes. You grumble a smile on your lips as you let yourself sink into his arms fully enjoying the feel of him wrapped around you.

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Hi there! Im starting a campaign with some folk for the first time without knowing much, any tips?

copy and pasted from another ask because I’ve been meaning to make a faq for this: It really depends what your players are like and what they expect.
Don’t make them play your story, just let them explore and do what they want to do within reason. Heres a short lil list.

Kill a random townie? Guards come and arrest them, or some other consequence.
They say they don’t want to explore X town, just say okay and move the town to where they’re going if they decide to go in a random unplanned direction.
If they need to go to X spot to trigger a quest, just make it happen. They don’t know they needed to go west to trigger it!
If your encounter is too weak or strong, fudge your rolls. its okay. You can also add in new waves, or somehow get a number of monsters killed off. [rock slide, freak accident, etc]
Do not let players ruin the game for other players!
Most importantly, its okay to say no and bend existing rules.

ice-cream ♡ grayson

requested: yes

anon: helloo do an imagine where the girl is a famous ytber as well and goes on an ice cream date with grayson and some fans spot them and it’s a mess, like this request lol

anon: can you do an imagine where its an icecream date with grayson or something cute like that it doesn’t matter just something cute pls thank you

(a/n – okay so i didn’t really know how to incorporate y/n being a famous youtuber so I just did the request minus that part. i hope that’s okay!) 

“Are you sure about this, gray?” You ask your boyfriend, a little bit nervous and feeling unsure about his spontaneous idea.

“Y/N, it’s just ice cream. Nothing major.” He tries to convince you but by the look on your face he knew it wasn’t working.

“Look, baby,” He uses one of your favorite nicknames, “I want to go out and get ice cream with my girl, is that seriously such a bad thing to ask for? Just one date. One date with you on this super hot day.” He sighs and you give into his sweet words.

“One date.” You wink and laugh jokingly, knowing that you had gone on plenty dates with Grayson before. But that didn’t really stop you from thinking about what could go wrong.

You and Gray used to go on lot’s of dates, but everything just sort of turned sideways when the fans found out you weren’t just Grayson’s friend.

Some fans were very supportive of your relationship, which made you very happy. But others, didn’t like it at all. In fact, they harassed you pretty bad on social media and whenever you and Grayson went out together, they would yell mean things which would draw attention, and that would create more fans that want to take pictures or talk to Gray and it all turned into a big mess.

You didn’t hate the fans for that, of course, but sometimes it did annoy you that they had to interrupt the scarce time you would spend with him. You couldn’t go out very often, not because of paparazzi but because Grayson was a busy boy, and had lots of things to do.

You loved going out with Grayson. More than a lot of other things, but you weren’t sure if you could handle anymore mean words today. It was just, one of those days where you were feeling sensitive.

“Ready to go?” Grayson asks with a grin on his face, happy you agreed to go with him after an hour of convincing .

“Yeah! Let’s go.” You attempt to say enthusiastically, but Grayson knew you all to well.

“Hey,” He coos, “You don’t need to worry. It’s all good. Everything’s going to be awesome. I mean, we’re going for ice cream. What could be better?” He asks with a smile which automatically makes you smile back.

“I know.” You reply and get in the car without hesitation. You decided that you wouldn’t worry anymore, and that you were just overthinking things. You were with Grayson, and as long as you’re with him it’s all okay. His smile was all you needed to get through anything.

As Grayson drove toward the ice cream place, you notice his hand resting on his lap. You smile to yourself and take his hand in yours confidently, looking up at him to see his reaction.

He glances towards you for a moment, the same sweet smile on his face. He raises your hand up to his lips and places a light kiss on the back of your hand, his eyes still trained on the road.

When you got to the ice cream place he looks at you with an encouraging smile, “Do you know what flavor you want?” He asks to ease your nerves and you think for a moment.

“I think i’m going to go with cookie dough this time.” You tell him and he grins,

“With sprinkles?” He asks,

“And whip cream.” You finish with a giggle and he looks at you admiringly.

“Then let’s go get your cookie dough ice cream with sprinkles and whip cream, shall we?” He says all in one breath, making you laugh.

You didn’t realize it at the time, but you had already felt more relaxed than before, and you really couldn’t wait to eat some cold, tasty cookie dough ice cream.

You get out of the car and catch up to Grayson, taking his large hand in yours and leaning against him slightly.

As soon as you reached the counter Grayson ordered your ice cream, the old man behind the counter flashed a genuine smile at him, fixing his bright red bowtie as he begins to scoop up your ice cream. When he comes back with your cookie dough ice cream with sprinkles and wipe cream, your face noticeably brightening at the sight of it.

The old man laughs, “Enjoy.”

“Thank you!” You say happily and take your ice cream, making a look of success appear on Grayson’s face but slowly turn into one of confusion when t was his turn to order.

You watched him as he thought, thinking he looked unbelievably handsome at that very moment until a group of loud whispers erupted from behind you.

You could hear Grayson ordering but you weren’t paying attention as you were staring at the group of girls behind you who were staring at you enviously. You decided to completely ignore them so you could enjoy this ice cream date with your boyfriend, so you tune back into his conversation instead of theirs.

You took a bite of your ice cream and couldn’t help but moan in delight, making Grayson and the old man laugh lightly.

“What?” You say with a mouthful of ice cream, making Grayson roll his eyes at you playfully.

“Nothing, my love.” He says sarcastically, the old man handing him his ice cream with a big grin on his face, “Thank you.” He tells the old man politely and the old man’s grin doesn’t disappear, instead it grows wider.

“You two enjoy.” He says happily and we smile at him.

“I love old people,” You whisper in Grayson’s ear making him chuckle and pulls you in for a quick peck on the lips. You smile into the tiny kiss, loving the small gesture.

“How’s your ice cream?” He says with his eyes still closed savoring the kiss, his face inches away from yours.

“Great,” You say honestly and take another big bite, “Brain freeze!” You wince in pain and Grayson opens his eyes, laughing at your pain.

“Gray!” You giggle and push him playfully, making him laugh even harder.

The moment was soon ruined by a young girl tapping Grayson on the shoulder, interrupting his laughter.

“Can I get a picture?” She asks excitedly and Grayson hesitates for a moment, glancing at you.

You felt very pressured in this situation as both Grayson and the girl waited for you to speak, “Go ahead. I’ll be here.” You encourage Grayson to go take pictures.

You sat at the stone table eating your ice cream, waiting for Grayson to come back when all of the sudden you look up and the table is occupied by 4 other girls.

“Oh, hello…” You say, startled.

“Hi,” One of them spats,

“We’re going to make this quick.” The other one explains to you with a rude attitude, “We heard the rumors that you’ve been sneaking around with Ethan going around on twitter, so you can give up the sweet loyal girlfriend act.” She hisses and you gasp,

“I would never do th-” You try to defend yourself but one of them stops you.

“Yeah. We’ve heard that before. You better leave our twins alone and save yourself the trouble because we can make your life a living hell!” She yells.

“You don’t deserve Grayson, a slut like you.” Another one mutters and your eyes begin to water.

“Take our advice, Y/N.” The one who started advises, and all four of them leave the table quickly, leaving you by yourself to gather your thoughts.

You could feel a tear streaming down your face as you thought. Cheat on Grayson with Ethan? who would even make up a rumor so cruel and ugly?

“Y/N!” Grayson walks over to you smiling but his smile quickly disappears and a look of worry replaces it.

“What happened?” He asks, “Was it because left you? I’m so sorry…I shouldn’t have left that was so stupid…” He starts to blame yourself but you shake your head vigorously, taking a deep breath, “Then what happened?” He asks you again, his eyebrows scrunching together creating wrinkles on his forehead.

You reach out and brush your fingers across them in attempt to smooth them out. You take another deep breath and look him in the eyes,

“When you left,” You start, your voice shaky and unsteady from crying, “There were four girls and they accused me of this terrible thing.” You whisper as if it was a secret, “And they want me to stay away from you.” You finish and wait for his reaction.

He sighs and runs a hand through his fluffy hair stressfully.

“C'mon.” He says and takes your arm gently, sliding his hand down to yours to lead you to the car. You could hear him mumble something frustratedly, it sounded like, “I can’t believe this.”

When you reached the car he turns toward you so that your back was against the car and he was holding both your hands, “What did they accuse you of?” He asks.

“Cheating on you,” You tell him and you see anger bubbling in his eyes, “with Ethan.” You finish and he lets go of your hands, walking away slightly with his head in his hands.

“Why would they even- that’s my twin brother….you would never do that,” He almost yells and you place your hand on his shoulder hesitantly.

“Are you okay?” You ask him and he just stares into your eyes for a moment.

“Are you?” He asks and you shrug,

“I am if you are.” You give him a small smile and he smiles back, wrapping his strong arms around you.

“I love you,” He says, kissing the top of your head and pulling away slightly.

“I love you too.” You reply with a sigh, wrapped up in Grayson’s arms feeling extremely content.

a/n – shittay ending lol… i guess this was ok. i hope you guys like it (: i spent like 2 hours writing this lmao I literally edited this so much and i guess this is sort of better so YEAH I HOPE THIS WAS CUTE AND WOO

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um can you please babble on any thoughts regarding the inner circle + gifts both recieving and giving?? it's something my mind keeps bouncing back and forth cause i remembered rhys gives amren sparkly jewellry from time to time - just think abt who Suffers ('please just fuckin tell me I Need Help' vs who's flawless or who has too many things they could buy) or if any of them get emotional (my poor deprived bbys when it's their first gift ever) PLS give me your thoughts if u wil

okay okay let me see, let me see. Some of this is from past fics I’ve written that I’m shamelessly stealing (can you steal from yourself??) and some of it is just on the spot babble but okay. 

Feyre: Does not like giving gifts.  Does not like giving gifts because no matter what she does or how hard she thinks about it and spends hunting….Somehow it’s never quite right. And she tries, she tries so damn hard but, well, the Circle gets good at pretending they like whatever she’s bought. (She is not fooled. But she is touched that they try. And forever pissed that she can’t just give them money because ffs Rhys did you have to pay them so much all these years!?) 

Does not like receiving gifts either. It’s just….It always generates this Fuss and she does not like Fuss. She insists every year that they don’t have to do anything or get her anything she’s fine, really, she doesn’t want them all going out of their way to get things for her. Unfortunately for her she’s mated to Rhys and there is no way on this planet isn’t taking the opportunity to celebrate every single tiny thing he can about his mate. (”For the last time, Rhys, we are not making celebrating the first time you made me come with just my wings as an annual anniversary.” (Half-horrified, half-delighted Cassian in the background, “That’s what this is about!?”)) 

So she keeps getting plied with really good gifts which makes her hate giving them even more because she just feels guilty she can never find anything that good. She forcibly puts her foot down one year and puts a blanket ban on all gift giving. Rhys ignores it but everyone else obeys (just about….she’s sure that’s a new dress in her wardrobe..and she didn’t have that bow last week….and her paints have definitely been topped up….she hates them all.) 

Rhys: Loves giving gifts. Delights in it. Will use genuinely any excuse to buy gifts for everyone. Also loves shopping for gifts. (Feyre loves Velaris she really and truly does but there’s only so much she can tolerate wandering aimlessly around ‘RHYS. JUST KNOW WHAT YOU’RE GOING OUT FOR. GO INTO THE STORE THAT SELLS IT. BUY IT. COME HOME. IT’S NOT THAT DIFFICULT.’) Mor typically ends up going with him and Feyre is just, yes, take him, ridiculous male. Anyway, Rhys is one of those annoying pricks who just knows instinctively what people want and then he goes and gets them. 

A bit like Feyre on the gift receiving thing (his Circle have been ignoring him on this for years) He protests. They ignore him. Gifts are exchanged and it’s lovely. They don’t really do the whole party thing but they do make sure they all get him something and take him out for a nice meal or what have you so they can give it to him. 

Mor: would happily spend the rest of her existence buying gifts for other people and giving them to them just because. She and Rhys kind of have a friendly competition going to like out-shop each other. So every year they’re always trying to out-do one another on birthday/solstice gifts and see who can make the other happier with their gift. (They’re utter nerds, seriously) Mor gets the things people don’t know they need until they’re opening it and then oh yes, we need this. Rhys’ gifts can sometimes be more practical but Mor’s are always just ‘yes you definitely need a dress made of nothing but diamonds and starlight, have at it’ and they typically go down well. 

Shamelessly loves getting gifts. But it’s not so much for the stuff she just…Likes having everyone gathered together and opening things and seeing what it is and she’s like a child at Christmas every single year for her birthday. Really does subscribe to the whole ‘it’s the thought that counts’ type thing. She has a lot of stuff but her family going out of their way to find things she doesn’t have and might like touches her. Especially when they give her food. Which they inevitably do. 

Cassian: A bit more like Feyre but he has the benefit of centuries worth of experience. Hates shopping for things. Literally despises it. Very predictable in his gift giving, they can all tell what he’s going to have bought for them (it’s a game - guess the gift before they even open it and they have like a 95% success rate with Cass.) He doesn’t mind, his gifts are practical and pragmatic, he wants to give them something they’ll actually use and enjoy. Big fan of making things - weapons, food (Mor gets cake every year. Mor enthusiastically rips into the box every year and before she’s even tasted it announces they’re all having cake for breakfast. Mor loves these cakes more than some people) the occasional roughly carved decoration. 

Likes getting gifts. Opens them all in approximately 0.2 seconds but then spends a long time afterwards examining them and testing them and properly thanking everyone. Has definitely cried over well chosen gifts in the past. People are torn between wanting to get him something great because it makes him so happy and…Not because they’d rather keep their ribs intact and his happy bear hugs are infamous. 

Azriel: It is widely assumed that Azriel uses his network of spies and his shadows to deduce what his friends deepest, darkest gift desires are. He doesn’t. He’s just that good. Bit like a fusion of Mor and Rhys in that his gifts are always absolutely perfect but not at all what the person thought they wanted/needed. Quite subtle, understated little things but it’s always the gift that people pause over, that they linger when examining while he sits there just a little bit smug, basking in their shocked delight. 

Hates receiving gifts. Hates it. Always manages to somehow wiggle out of attending parties for him. Really doesn’t like people making a fuss over him at all. Like Feyre but jacked up to a million. Most of them just leave his presents somewhere he’ll find them later (because they might finally concede in not giving him a party/making a fuss over him but they are not just going to ignore his birthday and not get him anyway) Mor however takes it as her personal challenge in life to be able to properly give Azriel his present. Has definitely sat on him in the past and she always insists on taking him out somewhere for a meal so he can have a night to himself (usually does this within a months window of his birthday so he doesn’t realise she’s doing it (he does but he lets her pretend)) Feyre surprises him in being almost as persistent as Mor and the two of them team up to get him a small meal out with everyone on bigger birthdays. 

Amren: Too old for this shit. Very rarely bothers giving people gifts for special occasions. She’ll come to parties and things but doesn’t have time for all that nonsense. She will give people gifts if she sees something that she knows she needs to get that they’ll like but there’s never an occasion for it. The Circle all treasures the few gifts they’ve been given by Amren over the centuries. Mor still wears the diadem Amren gave her before her first visit to the Court of Nightmares as its queen whenever she goes. It gives her strength. Cassian has never dared use the jewelled hunting knife in battle for fear of losing it but it’s always strapped somewhere on his person at all times. Az wears the ear cuff she gave him whenever he wants to destroy Mor. Feyre keeps the amulet she gave her before going to The Prison for the rest of her days. She still wears it whenever she needs a bit of extra courage. 

The only person people actually don’t bother buying gifts for when she tells them to. They kind of subscribe to her idea on gift giving - if they see something she has to have immediately they buy it for her and just give it regardless of occasion but otherwise they don’t bother. 

Here u go friend, these are my thoughts. I hope they were okay??? 

Just Enjoy it | 3 (M)

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words: 2,294

Things had been going pretty well between you and Mark there was no awkward tension like you had anticipated - his kisses were more frequent now though you didn’t mind. There was the issue that you hadn’t told any of his friends that he worked with, the firm they all worked for was quite large each holding a job equally as important and they’d all been friends since you could remember. That was how you’d met Mark, you worked at the company for a short time before you completed your degree and worked for a small company with better benefits, on your days off all of you would get together to have a small cook out on the beach. It was nice. There weren’t many times when you felt at ease with your life before you began this unlabeled relationship.

“Did we buy enough sausage? Last time Jackson ate ten of them, so I don’t know if we should have got more,” Mark murmured as he looked at the cooler full of food, you’d prepped most of the little things the night before. The chicken and steak had been marinating for twenty four hours, the sausage was defrosted and all the sides were finished and cooled. You’d even pre cut all the toppings and veggies that had to be sauted on the grill or browned for flavor. Once everything was in the cooler organized you put the ice packs in it to keep everything cool for the hour long drive.

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Soft & Swirling

A/N - This is just something that I started writing at Kaitlin’s house, it’s a one-shot ft. Jungkook because he is a precious child and I love him.

This has been edited by my two best friends, and the admins to this page, Kaitlin and Amelia

Summary: After school, you and your best friend head over to his house for a well needed hang out session. One thing leads to another and suddenly you and your best friend… READ TO FIND OUT ♥

Genre: Smut/Fluff (duh)
Word Count: 3345 
Members: Jungkook x Reader


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the funny thing abt being homeless is that you can have an income, score temp jobs, make money and still be stuck as fuck in homelessness. its hard to rent an apartment or get consistent income (or a job with health benefits) when you have spotty, erratic work history and big gaping holes in your renter history. they can figure out churches you use for addresses, like. its not that hard to tell on an application that something’s up.

basically, ive found, the whole “work real hard!!!” mindset is too emphasized by people who arent homeless and have no idea how things work. BEING HOMELESS IS YOUR JOB. being homeless is work, yall, i swear to you. finding resources is work and after a couple years you could sell sweatbands to a shoe salesman. its a trauma of powerlessness, you have to read people, you have to lie and you have to know who to be genuine to at the right time when you want to spit back at the world thats shitting and pissing all over you.

it doesnt matter how hard you work- it matters how kind your friends are, the luck you stumble into, and honestly? if you have kids. plenty of homeless people trying to get off the streets and away from the drugs and violence will let themselves get pregnant/start a family with someone even if they dont want to just because there are WAY more options for homeless people with kids, free housing, decent shelter rooms, food, etc. single ppl esp young people in their 20s & 30s are shit out of luck and shelters for us are dangerous, more dangerous than spots you can scout out on your own. 

if you don’t even have a car like. it’s terrifying. it’s literally like fight or die trying? and a lot of fucking people die trying. a lot of people die yall you dont understand. they cant handle it, its really fucking difficult to stay even valuing your own soul when this is your life, theyll sink into some addiction to feel okay. or they get hurt, or they push the wrong buttons, or the cops get to them, or whatever. 

like feeds at churches and shelters and that shit is just like. push the line through, go home and sleep soundly at night because you Fed Some Hungry Folks. but like listen none of that helps. it helps but like in a superficial way, the same way punching someone and then handing them an ice pack and some pills is helping. youre still playing into a system that keeps people there. 

all im saying is like. if youre not worried about your bills and life is good, give that bum a fucking dollar okay. who cares if he’s gonna drink it away, maybe he’s trying to get a bus to another spot, or maybe he’s craving a cheeseburger that will make him feel normal for five seconds and remind him of better times. WHO FUCKING CARES ITS A DOLLAR. if you see someone hitching with their thumb out and they dont look threatening to you (you can tell a stable homeless person by how well-put-together their backpack is, hitchhikers especially since theyre trying to get a ride), pick their ass up, even if they have a dog- that dog is their only protection and true comfort in a cruel world and its probably well behaved and been in a lot of cars very quietly. 

like but please just keep homeless people a topic. keep talking about it. because yes like its a huge privilege i have a laptop and internet and a roof over my head another week, but i have met hundreds and hundreds of homeless people who have nothing or maybe a cheap phone w minute cards. like i cant express, even to my friends, all the people ive met who are totally cut off from society and just trying to die happy? even in pain from chronic illnesses, even suffering, they take care of each other, and no one fucking knows. 

like when i see people talk about homelessness and it wasnt prompted by me i want to cry because its this invisible world of so much suffering and society does everything in its power to keep it off your mind. 

The Last

A/N: I actually don’t have time for this. Or energy. *still writes down fic* Such a simple prompt and look what kind of angst and tickle fluff I’m pooping out! ♥ [also yay my first Karasuno third year fic / and first time writing Daichi like this I hope it’s ok]

Summary: The third years are preparing… Preparing for their final practice with the guys. It hurts Daichi a lot and he isn’t in the best mood. Suga knows how to change this, and Asahi is glad to help!

Word Count: 1745

It was quiet, empty. More than usual. More than ever. 

“Daichi?” Daichi blinked his eyes quickly when Suga’s voice shook him awake, and he looked at his fellow third-years. They were sitting in a tiny circle on the floor, in the middle of the gym. Just them.

“Ah, yes. Sorry, spacing out there.” He added an awkward giggle to that, but he could notice the look of concern on his friends’ faces. Still, they continued.

“So, what I was saying. Each of us a different activity then? Sounds good to me,” Suga said. Asahi nodded and Daichi followed - absentmindedly.

It was just the three of them in the gym this time. No running footsteps from their hyper first year duo. No shouting second years. Not even Kiyoko was there, she had something to attend but she left them a list of ideas to brainstorm to make their final practice a special one. Their final practice…

Daichi tried to swallow away the lump in his throat At last it had come to this. Time had turned itself against him. How could it be the end already?

“A food relay hm? Volleyball and food? Sounds good Asahi!” Daichi tried to focus on the conversation again and quickly nodded in approval. He had vaguely registered that the idea was that each of them would personally organize a special activity to make their final practice together memorable. 

“Yes, I think they’ll love that,” Asahi said. Such a sweetheart. Daichi smiled and he wished he had listened to Asahi’s full idea - it sounded hilarious, but before he could ask more, Suga turned to him. 

“Daichi, what will you do?” he asked. Daichi gaped at them and laughed awkwardly.

“I’m not sure,” he said. Just thinking about something that marked their goodbye made him anxious already. Suga smirked knowingly. Yeah, he probably saw right through him. All of them knew Daichi hated to leave. How he dreaded this day. They all did, but as the captain, it felt like leaving behind his family. Wasn’t that weird?

“At least I know my activity,” Suga continued when Daichi didn’t come up with any input. 

“Yeah? What?” Daichi could hear Asahi ask as his own thoughts drifted away again, and he was vaguely aware of Suga getting up and walking around them as to demonstrate something.

“Well..” Suga’s voice suddenly sounded from behind him, and it was the touch of both Suga’s hands landing on his shoulders that pulled him back to earth entirely.

“I will let them -” A poke in one side, and Daichi gasped out, moving to the other side where Suga’s other hand was waiting for him to make that exact move, resulting in another poke.

“Su–” Daichi gasped, but then all ten of Suga’s fingers wiggled up his sides and he choked on a giggle.

“- let them hear our captain’s beautiful laughter!” More pressure was added, and Daichi was now being tickled without mercy. He barked out a couple of hysterical laughs and fell to the side, against Asahi who still sat there, smirking at them in surprise.

“HAha Sugahaha don’t!” Daichi twisted and squirmed, bending forward and throwing himself backwards hysterically while his hands clenched Asahi’s shoulder and pulled.

“HE-hehehelp Ahahasahi!” Suga was now kneeling next to him and attacking him fiercely with poking and prodding fingers, sometimes a tweak of his side, sometimes a hand spidering its fingers across his tummy. Daichi wheezed and bent his head against Asahi’s shoulder who was laughing at them sweetly. 

True, only Suga ever heard him laugh like this, and only in the exact same kind of situations. It wasn’t that Daichi didn’t like to laugh. He wasn’t even a gloomy person. He just didn’t quite often, not if it wasn’t for this guy seeking out his worst tickle spots that could make him laugh louder than ever.

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[ a/n: alright, this is my last entry for @klangst-week. thanks everybody for all the likes and reblogs! it keeps me writing, and it’s just nice to see people enjoying what i’m putting out! also, the works everyone’s created have just been amazing, so keep it up, y’all! ]

title: impulse control
words: 3,547
prompt: secrets/betrayal
rating/genre: T for language, modern au, college au, angst & hurt/comfort with a tinge of humor
trigger warning(s): mental illness (implied depression and anxiety), depersonalization, mentions of injury (bruises and blood)

extra notes: keith and shiro are adoptive brothers (it’s mentioned very briefly), klance is established

Yes, he works in the most hipster coffee shop within a twenty mile radius of campus. And yes, he loves it. Sure, The Underground sounds more like a sketchy bar you’d find in an alleyway that may or may not host fight clubs every other night, and yeah, it kinda smells like pencil shavings even after he mops the floors three times at opening, but at least it has character. Most people would roll their eyes at the always pretentious shop-goer in their thrift store clothing and knit hats, but Lance can’t help but find them interesting. Not that it surprises anyone.

Lance became famous around campus after only one year of being a— totally amazing, if he may say so himself— residence hall assistant. Almost anyone who lived in Levine Hall found a friend in Lance McClain. Eager to please and even more eager to befriend, it’s no secret that he falls in love with almost every social interaction he can muster up.

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ML Fan Fic Rec/Appreciation List

Hi! Hello! I thought this might be the best way to show love for my fellow fan fiction writers in the ML community on this the day of appreciation for such folks. I’ve posted about the majority of these authors before in a blog rec list, but I want to put out a formal review of each author and their fics because reviews are important. There are so many fic rec lists out already, but writer types NEVER tire of attention (trust me, I know) so here we go (in alphabetical order to keep things classy and neat): 

A Brand New Dawn by @whitebear-ofthe-watertribe 

A lovely university AU. I love the way she writes Adrien and Marinette’s rekindled friendship, it’s just so warm and comforting. There is drama and fluff and romance and it’s just such lovely story. Also, her description of high fashion clothing is just #writing goals 100%.

A Werecat in London by  @i-am-thornqueen

An exciting expanded magical world AU.  This world that Thorn has created is just so rich and detailed and could easily stand on its own entirely. Adrien, Marinette and the whole crew drop so easily right into the middle of it and meld perfectly. Her OCs are beautifully developed characters and stand wonderfully on their own two feet, I could honestly read a whole book just following them. It’s full of action, angst, hilarity and Sin™.

Bare Necessities by @reyxa

An adorable art school AU where Adrien ends up as a nude model in Mari’s figure drawing class. Need I say more? Hilarity and adorable drawing sessions and art lessons ensue. This fic is pure and unaltered cotton candy and Reyxa does a wonderful job spinning it while throwing some Sin™ on top for good measure.

Black Cats And Curtain Calls by @bullysquadess

An extremely accurate theatre AU.  The first,  but not the only, Bully fic on the list. (Honestly I had to stop myself from putting them all down.) This short and sweet fic is hilarious and if you were/are a Theatre kid you will appreciate ever inch of it. Bully will capture you every time with her tongue –in-cheek humor and spot on characterization and this little fic is no exception.

Chasing the C/h/atwalk by @runningoutofink

A perfectly done Project Runway AU. Bee just does an absolutely phenomenal job translating the classic reality competition TV show format into the written word which is no small task. One of the things that impressed me most about this writing is that I could visualize every single scene perfectly. It is clearly and beautifully written and honestly made me fall deeper in love with the cast of ML.

Heartstrings by @seiyakanie

The beginning of the end for me and ML fics. This fic took my ML fic virginity and I have never looked back. If there is one thing Taylor knows how to write its Sin™ and luckily for us she knows how to write more than that. I love, love Taylor’s descriptions of actions and the thoughts and feelings of characters while they’re in the middle of those actions. (I also have this fic to thank for plunging me into the depths of Taylor’s OC heaven. Seriously, the girl has an armory full of AMAZING OCs, go check them out.)

Inking Indigo by @matchaball

An exquisite tattoo/soul mate/flower shop AU. I just…I will never be able to stop talking about Matchaball’s writing. Her prose reads like poetry and in some spots like a song. It has rhythm and grace and leads you slowly and easily through the world she’s creating. It can be a hard feat to find an author who not only writes beautifully but also has the world building, plotting and characterizing skills. Matchaball has all of these and more. Reading her writing is just so lovely and relaxing. I just cannot get enough.

Lady and the Tom Cat by @skaylanphear

I think technically this would be a mating cycle AU? It doesn’t matter because it’s FANTASTIC and I am just so pumped to see where it goes. Written by the fantastic Kay, how could you go wrong?  I will expand more on how much I love Kay’s writing in a bit, but I’ll just say I’m so pumped to see her write some sexier things because I know it will be done RIGHT. Jump on this train, it’s going places.

Pick Up and Chase by @skaylanphear

If you’d like to see Adrien embarrassed and stuttering for once, this is the fic for you. I cannot even begin with the level of cheese that Kay has going on in this fic, but it is just an amazing amount. If you’re lactose intolerant steer clear. This is a purely fun, purely hilarious fic and its just so much fun. If you need to smile, this is the place you need to be.

Porte-Boner by @abadmeanman

This fic is so hilarious it altered my state of mind and caused me to write the most ridiculous and off topic comments on each and every chapter. It got so bad that the author was forced to message me to ask me to stop. Then he followed me on Tumblr just to make sure I would leave him alone. He messages me occasionally to make sure I’m not going to comment on his fic again. Jokes on him. We live in a free country and I CAN DO WHAT—

Okay, here’s what I have to say for real. Anyone can pop open a word doc and start writing a shit post meme fic and throw it up on AO3 and call it a day. But it takes a true writer to do it WELL. Humor does not come easily and written humor is often times one of the hardest forms to nail. Phil nails it (HEH HEH) perfectly. His comedic timing is spot on and the sheer amount of pop culture references are just staggering and I’m sure I’ve missed about half of them. On top of that he stays true to character while exploring edges we’ve not seen (and definitely WILL NOT see) in the show. Okay, now I’m done.  

Satisfaction Brought It Back by @siderealsandman

An extremely delicious, definitely NSFW BDSM/friends with benefits/fake dating AU. This fic is just so much more than it’s AU. It goes so far beyond its BDSM theme and I was just not prepared for it when I dived in. What you might think you’re getting: crazy kinky sex everywhere all the time – What you’re actually getting: deep and meaningful character development, ANGST, FLUFF,  lessons on safe and healthy sexual relationships, lessons on safe and healthy relationships in general, lessons on how NOT to pretend like you’re not in love with your partner. And all of it extremely well written. If you are not an Innocent Child you must go read this. It will save your soul and send it to hell in one fell swoop.

Serendipitous Fate by @skaylanphear

*DEEP BREATH* I am still not and never will be over this fic or Kay’s writing. It just cannot be done. Kay’s understanding of these characters and their world is so insanely in depth its mind boggling. She handles each and every one of them with such love that it takes my breath away. Nothing is done without out a cause and effect and everything is woven into an intricate web. I sometimes get so profoundly sad that this is not cannon because it’s just so authentic and accurate. I know I can’t really say that because we don’t know what will be “cannon” or authentic or accurate, but it just is. If you’re not reading SF or planning on reading it, you’re doing yourself a terrible disservice.

Squares, Triangles, and Other Shapes by @sadrien

DOUBLE. FAKE. DATING. AU. Holy hell, how Sadrien even got through the fic summary without getting vertigo I have no clue. This fic delivers something that I think the fandom required. A fake dating square to walk hand in hand with our love square. It’s still early on, but I can already tell it will be filled with a bunch of hilarious situations and shenanigans. I’m just so excited and you should be too!

Sugar, Sugar by @bullysquadess

Who else but Bully would/could deliver unto us a beautifully written…Sugar Daddy AU? Just the mere fact that she fully has me believing this could really happen between Adrien and Marinette is the achievement of the year. This fic is in the early stages, but has such a promising beginning and will surely be a hilarious ride.

The Ladybug and The Bees by @bullysquadess

Oh man. The infamous TLATB. So, this is the third Bully Fic™ on my list and I could talk about how it’s the flagship sin fic and all that, but I’m not. I want to talk about how much I love Bully’s writing and how great of a writer she is, really, truly. As I said in my little blurb about Porte-Boner, humor is a truly hard thing to write and get across the right way. Bully does this flawlessly, every. single. time. But there’s more than that, when TLATB started to take an unplanned off-road detour to angst-ville, Bully managed to keep her readers right with her. Folks, that is an extremely hard thing to do, to keep your readers with you, no matter what crazy shit you do. To keep them believing and to not jolt them out of the narrative. That’s the main job of the writer, to kidnap their readers and keep the believing all the way through to the last page. Bully, you’re a great writer, I know you’re having a rough and unpleasant time right now, but keep your chin up. You’re great.

The Luckiest Man In Paris by Ms. Sophie

The premise of this fic is just so undeniably adorable and everything that follows is undeniably adorable as well. I just love how Sophie writes the dynamic between Chat and Mari. It’s so true to their characters and so adorable. HAVE I SAID ADORABLE ENOUGH. I’ve actually probably said it too many times for the amount of sin happening (and will be happening) in this fic. Sophie captures my attention with lovely turns of phrase she uses and wonderful character interactions. It’s such a great read and you should GO READ IT NOW. Also because Sophie is a sweet little dumpling.

You Don’t Know Me by @ferisae

Okay. So, um…it’s like really hard to get me to actually cry, like blubbering tears and unattractive hiccups crying, during movies/shows/books. I can count on one hand the amount of times a book or movie or show has made me cry. You Don’t Know Me has DESTROYED me.  TWICE. While reading it. If you’re ready for a soul-crushing amount of angst Ferisae is your dealer. She delves deep, deep into Adrien’s character and pulls out everything that is sad and lonely and uses it to crush you in the best way. Even if you’re someone who actively avoids angsty fics (like me) you absolutely must give yourself the chance to read this. Just make sure you have a nice warm cup of something hot and a blanky and maybe some baby animal photos open in the next tab over.  

Okay this got super long, whoops. Sorry not sorry because all these author’s deserve all the love.

Thank you to each and every one of these lovely people and every fic author out there. Y’all are truly amazing for the amount of time, work and love you put into your writing. It shows a true passion and even if writing isn’t what you want to do with your life full time, the passion you have can easily be transferred to any aspect of your life. Passion is fuel to live and live happily. Thank you for sharing your passion with us.

anonymous asked:

tbh I haven't really thought too much about Alyanette. I'd love to see more of that portfolio/slideshow. I'm always open to hear about more ships! <3

you can check out this post for a little collection of shippy moments

how can you not ship it when alya’s entire life revolves around ladybug and she has no idea that ladybug is already the person she’s closest to? 

or when alya being in danger is the one thing that convinced marinette to become ladybug? all of paris was in danger from golems and she was too frightened to act but the second alya’s at stake its “SPOTS ON” (note that she wasnt close friends with alya when this happened. they had just met. there is no heterosexual explanation for this)

plus in alyanette there’s just a lot of relatable stuff for when i was young and discovering i like girls! being the girl who obsessively hoards photos/videos of your favorite female celebrity and looks thru them every single day while sighing softly because she is so talented and cool and awesome and youre just a really big fan okay. and being the girl who isnt interested in any guys because you’ve already honed in on this one celebrity dude who you decided is The One even though you barely know him - such a shame hes completely unattainable but youre weirdly unthreatened by that for reasons.

spudsylovespotatoes  asked:

I'm about to DM for the first time, do you have any advice that will help me give my players an enjoyable campaign?

It really depends what your players are like and what they expect.
Don’t make them play your story, just let them explore and do what they want to do within reason. Heres a short lil list.

Kill a random townie? Guards come and arrest them, or some other consequence.
They say they don’t want to explore X town, just say okay and move the town to where they’re going if they decide to go in a random unplanned direction.
If they need to go to X spot to trigger a quest, just make it happen. They don’t know they needed to go west to trigger it!
If your encounter is too weak or strong, fudge your rolls. its okay. You can also add in new waves, or somehow get a number of monsters killed off. [rock slide, freak accident, etc]
Do not let players ruin the game for other players!
Most importantly, its okay to say no and bend existing rules.

rozalynfrozen  asked:

Can someone comfort me? An asshole from my class Just found embarassing movie where me and my friends are joking that we are summoning ghosts and sent link to everyone. They are laughing at me even if this stupid movie is from September 2014 and we were Kids Then.

People really have a lot of time to waste.

I’m sorry it happened to you but I think the best way you can go about this is to pretend it doesn’t affect you.

Play it off as a joke, when they try to mock you for it you can laugh in their faces and say something like “oh yeah you saw that? Man that’s embarrassing ! We were so young and we wanted to try it as a joke, didn’t work though ! Oh but you all probably did it, or were you one of those kid who were too scared to even try?”.

I see, by putting them on the spot like that you will force them to confess that they did the same thing and so they won’t be able to ridicul you anymore. And if they try to call it too stupid you can always continue by joking about it and saying that it’s because it was stupid that it was funny then.

Late-Night Apologies

Summary: Your boyfriend Jughead got into a fight with his dad and needed someone to talk him out of his rage.

Length: 1,684

Note: Slightly nsfw?

“All was well,” you read before closing the final Harry Potter book. You sighed and put it on your nightstand before sinking back into bed.

Friday night and you were home alone. Even your parents went out for a date night. But your boyfriend was going to have dinner with his father, who’s not really that active in his life. You definitely understood why he wanted to meet with him so you encouraged him to go. You just wished that you had made other plans instead of staying home alone, stewing in your loneliness. Normally you’re out at Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe, at the library, or just wandering around town. But because Jason’s killer was still on the loose, your parents strongly objected to your late-night walks.

You got out of bed and checked your phone for a message from Jughead. Nothing. Bored, you scrolled through your old messages with him and laughed when you came across a photo of him sleeping with a Snapchat filter on his face. This time he was wearing the flower crown but you had plenty others of him with different, more feminine filters. He teased you about it when he woke up and saw the evidence but you told him if he stopped falling asleep while you were watching movies, he wouldn’t end up with his face on a meerkat.

A smile spread across your lips but your stomach sank a little. You’ve only been without him for a few hours but you already missed him. Is this normal for a high school senior to feel this way about a boy? Isn’t that kind of feeling supposed to be for adults, who are ready to spend the rest of their lives with one person?

Just as you turned on your David Bowie playlist with plans of curling back up in bed, you heard a tapping on your window. You looked over and saw Jughead, looking angry and disheveled.

“Jughead?” You asked, surprised to see him. Quickly you opened the window and made way for him to climb in your bedroom. One of the great perks about having a first floor bedroom is having first floor windows so your boyfriend could sneak in easily. No ladders involved.

“What are you doing here?” You asked.

He wouldn’t look at you. His hands were in his pockets, his head was bowed down. “I’m so sick of him,” he replied.

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Pairing: ReaderXReid

Prompt: You hate planes and when the BAU jet hits an especially intense pocket of turbulence you freeze up only to have Reid help you through it.

A/N: this is a short one but I still think it’s pretty cute (also I know the gif isn’s exactly what is described but I couldn’t find a better one)

Not much ever scared you in the world. Maybe it was your ‘tough love’ upbringing in a small, rural, town or just the fact that your father had raised you for most of your life, but nothing really scared you. Spiders, ghosts, being robbed, drowning, guns, heights, none of it even sent a shiver down your spine when you thought about them. However, there was one thing that you absolutely hated, and that was planes. 

You clenched your jaw as the BAU jet hit yet another rough patch of turbulence, forcing everyone to reach out to secure their drinks before they went flying onto the plane’s carpeted floor. 

“Why did we decide flying back during a storm was a good idea?” JJ asked from her spot on the couch across from you. You sat in one of the chairs, your seatbelt pulled tightly across your lap while you white knuckled the two arm rests.

“Rossi had a dinner party remember?” Derek chuckled, seemingly completely unfazed by the jet being knocked around in the air. You glanced at Rossi who had a small smile on his face, his breath too short to laugh from the nerves of the turbulence. 

You closed your eyes and tried to relax your own breathing, only to have it hitched when you felt the plane dip quickly and then return to its stability moments later. 

“(Y/N)?” you heard the familiar voice of Spence say softly from his spot in the chair next to you. 

You opened your eyes and glanced over at him, flashing him a weak and fake smile. 

“You okay?” he asked, noticing your tenseness.

“Yeah, just not the biggest fan of flying.” you tried to joke, only to have your joke cut short with yet another dip. You pressed your eyes shut once again, this time keeping them shut until you felt a hand touch yours. 

You peaked with one eye to see Spence’s hand on top of yours, his fingers slowly working to pry your hand from the arm rest. Once your tense hand was lose he placed it in his own hand, tightening his grip around it.

Originally posted by moan-s


Camping with them and their favorite thing to do with you.


I imagine his favorite thing to do with you is setting up the tents. Watching you peer at the instructions, bringing it away and then closer to your face as you mumble abt how “this is bullshit I already used the long bendy rods.”

This is second only to ditching his brothers to go swimming with you at dusk and watch the sunset just above the water with you close.


HIKING. EXPLORING. He looves to do this with you. Alone is preferable, but he won’t shoot down an offer to see you get hyped over your surroundings and annoy the hell outta his brothers with your over-enthusiastic; “LOOK at this FUCKING ROCK it looks like Leo. Leo doesn’t this look like you? Raph, baby tell ‘im it looks like him"

“Oh it’s him alright. Only, a lot more handsome.”


Cooking for the fam. He doesn’t want anyone’s help, except for yours. Of course, he will get yelled at for constantly neglecting the eggs in favor of coming up behind you to kiss on you.

Many a morning have been deemed poptart mornings because of it. And lets not mention when he accidentally hits you with some food. You thought Mikey was a fierce food-fight champion? Honey you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.


Like Raph, he likes to explore. But, one of his favorites is just finding a spot away from the others, setting up your tent and spending long hours in there, just talking. Of course, it goes without question he enjoys catching fireflies with you. He enjoys seeing the look of wonderment on your face and how the light of the bugs glow just lights up your face.


Fishing. April will sometimes rock the boat on purpose just so you’ll hold onto her. She has the boy chase fish into your area so you can catch them. She always loves seeing how happy you get. It its so cute when you put fish back.

“Okay you have to go back, your too tiny, too pure to be eaten yet. Go, go be free. Say hi to the family for me, and sneak in a good word for me, I’m having your uncle harry for dinner.”

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  • Teenage garage band Pip falls for Honors Student-Ballerina Theodosia
  • Theo is friends with Ange Hamilton and they pass by, that’s where sees Pip practicing in his garage, writing songs with his crew
  • She’s like “wow” and he’s like “Wow” its love at first sight
  • He plays for her, Ange just rolls her eyes and leaves them be
  • Suddenly Pip is writing her songs and stopping by her ballet studio before her dad pick her up
  • They sneak out of their homes and hang out, he sings to her and plays acoustic guitar
  • They’re “spot” is a little bench in Bryant Park by the skate rink
  • Burr does not approve; Theo is constantly hiding the fact she’s into Philip
  • Philip is shameless, he gushes about Theo. Alex realistically suggests he stops going after her
  • they meet up any time his band as a ‘gig’ at an open mic
  • subway ride home kisses
  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: this arc is literally killing me with how it demonstrates the strength of the HHB's companionship. Kija, Jaeha, and Yun throwing themselves in front of a weapon to protect their companions... Shinah being prepared to use a power which terrifies him to protect the others... the way everyone will not allow Zeno to use his powers if they can help it... Yona revealing her identity to Kouren in order to ensure the others' safety... Hak giving zero shits about revenge against Soo-won because he's far more concerned about his friends... Yona and Hak walking straight into a place they have a huge chance of simply being killed on the spot, just on the small chance that they could prevent war and rescue their family... It's all simultaneously heartbreaking and heartwarming and I just want them all to be okay and together again. I'm going to need a big HHB grouphug after all this.