it's just sorta stupid



I`m not sure april honestly believes she has total control over them, she`ll probably ring the bell and say something stupid, not believing it really has total control over them. something stupid like “I refuse to believe I really have complete control over you, what if I rang the bell (rings bell) and told you all to make out with each other?” Maybe april then gets embarrassed by the sexy time she just created… or maybe she rings the bell again and asks for more tongue x3

While I’m sure everyone knows by now I love ideas like this, I don’t see April as the type to think up something like that so haphazardly, at least without some pressing.

But something a little more tame and incidental? Probably.

I think if we’ve learned anything today, it’s that either the bell or the turtles can’t comprehend idioms when it comes to commands.

And that there will likely be a little less in-fighting for a while.

i hate them

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Happy 42nd Birthday Misha!