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The problems of the Final Problem

If this episode was a stand alone and not part of the series or an action movie, it would be… okay. It certainly has its moments. It gives some thrills. But here are the problems:

  1. This doesn’t feel like a Sherlock Holmes adventure.
  2. This doesn’t feel even like BBC Sherlock. 
  3. It isn’t nearly as clever as it thinks it is.
  4. It is completely unemotional. Series 4 achieved something phenomenal and that is that you grow unattached from those characters you loved all these years with a passion. You almost don’t care what will happen to them.
  5. There is zero chemistry between the actors, however weird this might seem to you.
  6. The villain, Eurus, could be a good villain if she wasn’t a member of the Holmes family, which is something that makes the story feel extremely far-fetched and ludicrous.
  7. Some of her evil achievements simply defy logic. 
  8. For the possibility of being the last episode of the show, secondary characters have unacceptably little screentime and importance. Ridiculously so. 
  9. Molly is used as a part of a game that leaves her tortured and feeling like a fool. 
  10. Mrs Hudson dances.
  11. Lestrade appears for milliseconds, although there is a good moment we all expected eventually. 
  12. Mycroft’s intelligence is debunked.
  13. There is heteronormativity. LOADS OF IT. Irene Adler is used unnecessarily for that purpose. 
  14. Mary Morstan is used in the worst way I can imagine. Total ridiculing of her character and her purpose in the narrative. Her appearance is totally unnecessary. 
  15. And now… Jim Moriarty. I am one of the biggest Jim Moriarty fans here, but I ‘d prefer if he never appeared again, now that I saw this episode. Jim Moriarty’s character is abused here because Moftiss wanted to keep TFP “in style”. That’s the only purpose he has in the episode: Andrew Scott offers some of his charisma and style. And this is it. His character is completely one-dimensional, completely lacks the depth of previous series and also lacks that certain awkward emotionality and undefinable fragility that made him such a distinct villain and character. He adds nothing but good looks. His peculiar relationship with Sherlock is unbelievably downplayed. His “association” with Eurus is laughable.
  16. Basically the episode’s sole attempt is to convince that Eurus is the biggest villain that ever walked the earth - and epically fails.
  17. Don’t expect a review about the relationship, friendship, intimacy, love between Sherlock and John - there isn’t any. And I am not talking about romance - there isn’t anything between them. Whatsoever.
  18. The end is unbelievably abrupt. After the case is solved, Sherlock and John barely exchange an “Are you okay?”, “Yeah”.
  19. They’ve been building the redbeard moment for ages; it’s interesting, but all the other flaws of the episode prevail and make it impossible to feel in any way shocked or emotionally engaged in what happened in Sherlock’s childhood. You simply don’t care.
  20. After all the drama, nothing really dramatic happens in TFP. In fact, NOTHING changes after the conclusion of the story and Sherlock never shows any kind of different behaviour after coming to terms with the Redbeard drama.
  21. It is an episode that makes you doubt it was written by the same people who wrote A Study in Pink, The Great Game, The Reichenbach Fall and, personally, even His Last Vow. 
  22. You won’t even understand how the resolution of this episode was resolved!!!
  23. There is no plot. It’s just an angry psychotic sister who plays a game so she doesn’t feel alone. Oh,and she’s “too clever” like Mycroft says 617848475 times. Okay. 
  24. They tried sadly a lot to make this episode very overwhelming but believe me, it’s surprisingly underwhelming. The Blind Banker has not the thrills and agony you ‘ll see in this and, yet, I prefer to watch TBB anytime over this. Anytime.

This is in no way an episode story which should be the last one. It should be a middle episode and then not a Sherlock one! An utter failure. If there isn’t a DRASTIC change in the BBC broadcast that will re-establish pretty much all the characters and their relationships, then I predict we will all end up denying this series exists and stop at series 3. From there, take BBC Sherlock inside your head and create with your imagination, write, draw, make your own story. I hope I will. Because you’re not going to like this.


Coach Steven Rewrite

I had a bunch of ideas for how to make this episode better, along with a redesign of Sugilite, so I’ll start out my rewrites with this one, because I feel the episodes before it are fine. I’ll be rewriting a bunch of other Steven Universe episodes, too. 

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allow me the influence

romanceisreal prompted: Mike takes their kid(s?) to a game that Ginny’s pitching and narrates the whole thing for them! 

which, okay. I’m not necessarily huge on kid!fic, but this got to me.

read it on ao3!

“Auntie Ev!” 

Evelyn Sanders had been trying to convince Gabe to put his phone away for two minutes. Marcus, at least, was busy staring at Daniella Arguella in something akin to awe. Not that Dani, as a newly minted college freshman, noticed. 

At the sound of that familiar voice, though, she turned away from her progeny.

Just in time for a a rogue toddler to barrel into her shins. 

“Miss Ruby,” Evelyn greeted with a grin, swooping down to scoop up the four-year-old escape artist. The little girl in her arms giggled, dimples on display. “Where did you come from?”

“My house!” she declared proudly, throwing her arms wide. Even Evelyn’s surly teenage boys had to crack a smile at her exuberance. 

Daniella drifted over, making silly faces to keep Ruby giggling. “Your house? But how did you get here, then?”

“Daddy!” It was both an answer and a greeting.

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pet peeve #1

[[ okay this is something that’s been bothering me for a while and I decided it’s about time to rant about it? it’s not an attack aimed at any of mutuals so you can sleep peacefully at night


are you ever just ???? when people make their country muses like 10,000+ years old because first human activity traces to that time period and you’re like “wyd…………” because not only were those people nomads meaning they had no permanent place to live at and just followed the wild animals and technically went wherever the food was + there was no such thing as feeling of nationality at all?? they were just hunters and foragers, constantly on the move

it does not mark the beginning of a country like come on those people didn’t even speak yet and if they did it was like *roars* (pass me this bone so I can chew on it) and the like

???????????? idk this just makes me go all 👀 at those muses ]]

Okay, so of course I had to do something for Valentine’s day. I wanted to do something bigger than this, but I was sick today and just couldn’t get myself to draw anything more haha. Also, I thought up this pun ages ago and I finally wanted to use it. Happy Valentine’s day everyone!
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sparrabeth + an au
               a marriage interrupted or fate intervenes?


here’s some spoopy woozi

  • likes wearing biker jackets because he thinks it makes him look cool and manly
  • actually just makes everyone think if he stole his fathers/brothers jacket
  • you don’t tell him because you don’t want to crush his lil heart
  • woozi love to share scarves tgt beacuse you know body heat ? makes feel how its like to kinda be human
  • likes to drape his jacket over you because he wants you to be warm and fuzzy also so that won’t you catch a cold because you sneeze in his face
  •  the time he actually got enough courage to tell you about his dietary requirement you actually reacted quite well
  • ‘u-um Y/N , there’s something I need to tell you , I’mavampireandIsurviveonblood,plsdontleaveme’
  • ‘okay :) sure woozi’
  • woozi just stood there shocked
  • you had to explain to him that you would nvr leave no matter what he is and you’re ok with that because you love him and that there is no one that could make you feel more loved
  • woozi got a bit teary eyed but didn’t want to admit it
  • but you saw it :)))))
  • DAtes DaTES datES
  • loves to bring you to nice cafes [always reads the food review b4 taking you]
  • doesn’t want to treat you to nasty food #niceguywoozi
  • actually eats normal food but thats hardly enough to keep healthy alive
  • doesn’t drink his blood infront of you because he’s afraid it might disgust you or something
  • you keep telling him its fine
  • takes him 2 months to actually ‘‘eat’‘ together on the same table instead of going to his room
  • you tease him by tilting your head and asks him to bite you
  • actually got mad or flustered you couldn’t tell
  • you told him it wouldn’t bother you if he bites you in fact, you would be really happy
  • keeps hesitating if he should actually bite you :0
  • he doesn’t want to hurt you
  • He does it after a little pep talk on how you know he would never harm you and how you trusted him
  • the bite didn’t hurt as bad as you expected , it just felt like a pinch with a tingle but you got a little light headed after that

tell me what you think or send in AUs and prompt if you want

admin lyn <3

ugh i know. i would’ve been chill with it if she had just told me she was going for brunch. like? and it’s frustrating because she’s one of my best friends and i understand that she has a boyfriend now, but come one. a person is only allowed to start putting their significant other before their friends once they’ve been together for a year (and even then, your friends should at least be of the same importance??), she’s been with this guy for three months. and i am only here for a week. and ugh. sorry for ranting. i’m not even that mad at her. i’m mad at all my friends, but whatever. i tried.

Stucky and Wolfstar AU

Okay please picture with me, Steve and Bucky going to Hogwarts at the same time as the marauders and they became really good friends with Sirius and Remus because Steve and Bucky are secretly dating and so are Sirius and Remus so they keep each other’s secret because one of them walked in on one of the couples (you can pick who) and said they’d keep they’re secret and told them about how they’re dating a guy too so they help each other stay safe and all become really close and stay friends after school

im sad bc today when dennis and i were talking he said something about a girlfriend and i was like aw and on his story he had a picture of her and like this big thing about what shes done for him and i just made a bigger aw sound but! its okay! because i dont need anyone to make me happy! and i can function as a person without being someone elses! and im not going to freak out this time! i can do this!!!

Okay so think about it...

I was looking up some Leap Year stuff and saw something about women purposing to men on leap day?? 
So what if Shiro’s mom purposed to his dad on leap day? and four years later a little Shiro was gifted to the world? 
I know it’s probably not going to happen but its such a cute idea I had to share.


So our next series will be the vampire AU, vampires were one of my first mythical loves I had a huge phase where I read basically any vampire book I could get my hands on so this is very near and dear to me so to start us off as he always does is our lovely shoulder hyung with the adorable love of food (I mean same tbh) Kim Seokjin aka Jin aka I honestly just adore Jin so much like just everything about him, his voice his hands the way he takes care of the boys in lowkey ways that lil noise he makes whenever he tastes something and its like really good i love it all

  • Okay but I need this I didn’t know I needed this but I do
  • Jin would be such a gentle lil vampire
  • Like there are of course mean vampires who are only out to murder but like Jin’s so not one of them at all
  • So I have this head canon that Jin is just really gentle whenever he touches anything like idk I just see him as being really soft when it comes to touches
  • So to him the thought of hurting someone let alone murdering them is just a no no
  • Can we just take a moment to appreciate how good Jin would look as a vamp though
  • I mean let’s just be real Jin would look good as anything
  • But like especially a vampire
  • He would be one of those really charming vamps that literally doesn’t even need to try to woo people bc it just happens naturally
  • Vampires are normally depicted as loners, it’s more rare to see them in large groups than it is to see them by themselves or with a close friend/family member
  • But Jin doesn’t really seem like much of a loner
  • He seems to genuinely enjoy being around people
  • He loves his family and friends so so much so I do think he would have a small group of them that he would stay with no matter what
  • Okay but hear me out on this
  • Jin would be from the roaring 20s
  • I am honestly so for this like I can see it so well
  • Like just the flapper girls, the music, the outfits
  • Jin looks amazing in suits and idk I just feel like he’d fit in
  • Like he’s just such a classic beauty and a classic gentleman
  • Like I can just see him in that lil suit with a drink in his hand, leaned up against the bar counter as he laughs with his friends
  • He was turned at 20
  • You had been a family friend, someone he trusted with his life since you’d grown up together
  • You were often together bc best friends but also bc he has a lil not lil at all crush on you
  • He didn’t know you were from a family of vampires but to be fair, no one did
  • He had fallen ill one day and he’d never been the same after that
  • He was weaker, he had to stay in the hospital and he had a horrible cough and it just wasn’t fun
  • He really wasn’t getting any better, even after the doctors tried their best
  • You try to be strong bc vampires don’t typically change people without telling them first
  • Normally, they tell the person every single detail they can
  • They answer all of the questions, they give them the pros and cons and let them decide for themselves
  • But you can’t just let Jin, your best friend who’s just so young and has such a promising future, just fail to recover from a sickness gone wrong
  • So you turn him that night bc you can hear his heartbeat slowing down and you can see his eyes closing and it’s just you don’t even have time to think your instincts just kick in
  • When he wakes up the next day, everyone’s so shocked but of course ecstatic bc bby Jin is still alive
  • But he’d looked so fragile the day before everyone is like confused as to why he looks so healthy all of the sudden??
  • Less than 12 hours ago, he’d been sweating and could barely talk without coughing but now he’s like ready to go
  • They’re all so relieved but even he’s kinda wait what
  • He asks you about it once his family goes home to eat and get his room ready with some extra blankets and pillows
  • You answer all of his questions, even the ones with the not so pretty answers
  • He’s not really mad at you at all?? Like he’s just grateful to still be alive
  • You help him a lot throughout his first few years, you comfort him whenever he messes up and you two just get super close
  • Like you were already really close friends before but now you two have a new understanding of each other
  • He’d never understood why you were always so nervous around blood, why you could hear things others couldn’t but now he knew everything
  • It takes him like a good ten or twenty years to realize he’s in love with you
  • It takes him another five to actually do something about it
  • It got to the point where you knew he loved you and he knew you loved him and it was just kinda like why are we just “friends” like lol no
  • He takes you out to your favorite restaurant for the first date and you two end up falling even more in love
  • And you two are together by the end of the night and are so so happy
  • You end up spending forever literally together and he’s so glad you turned him and that you’re there to help him through everything and he’s just v v grateful and in love and so are you

That comparison post of Shepard carrying Kaidan is just giving me so many feelings. 

On Virmire, it’s kind of ridiculous looking like no Shepard put your large marine boyfriend down relax child. Sure he’s had a bad day, but I think he’s okay. Maybe she’s just straight up trying to assert her dominance a la “don’t believe me just watch”.

But Mars is such a different story. He needs to be carried, and from the very moment Shepard realizes that she let something horrible happen to him, its her job, and no one else’s to make sure he gets out of it alive. She has to do it herself. She will carry all of that dead weight without help because she spent the entire mission, and her time back alive full of bitterness in their relationship, and she needs him to live long enough for her to set things right. Regardless of what sigil is branded on her armor, Shepard’s going to take care of him and make sure that he gets through it, even if it means carrying the weight of it herself.

anonymous asked:

hii :/ im sorry for sendin you that ask last night it seems like i got worked up about it? i dunno but thanks for explaining that its more of somethin that you do for other people that makes me feel better 🐌

it’s totally okay, I 100% understand where you’re coming from. like I said, it’s not really a kink that I have it’s just something I let other people call me because they like it and it wasn’t something I really had a problem being called. (and I try to keep caregiver type stuff separate from sexual type stuff because sexualizing little space is not good)

Give Me Hope- A Lay Wolf!AU (part 6)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part4,Part 5 , Part 7

Yixing exited Aiden’s room with utmost care, walking on his tip toes so he wouldn’t make any noise that could potentially wake up your sleeping son. He smiled at you shyly as he closed the door slightly, so the light of the hallway would still seep into your son’s room through a very thin crack.

“I’m sorry you had to do that.” You told him, an apologetic smile making its way across your face. Yixing smiled back at you, with his precious little dimple making an appearance on his cheek. You loved that dimple, something about you really just wanted to touch it with your own fingertips, it was both adorable, and sexy. You had always believed dimples gave an air of innocence, and youth, but were also incredibly hot, and looked sort of cheeky.

“It’s okay, I actually enjoyed that. It must be so beautiful to be a parent and get to do that every day. You really raised him well.” Yixing brushed your concerns away with a simple hand gesture, as he spoke honestly.

What he wasn’t telling you was that he wanted to do that every day, with you by his side, and Aiden there, and possibly, in the near future, a whole bunch of little wolf children too.

“Thank you… He really is such a good boy, never gave me trouble really. He is a bit too alert for his age though.” You spoke, trying not to brag about your son too much, although it was difficult, because you were immensely proud of how smart and kind hearted your child was.

“Yeah, he surprised me earlier, during dinner.” Yixing replied to you with a laugh. You melted at the sound, for his laugh was so beautiful and precious you could swear you heard bells chiming, and the angels singing, and everything was beautiful in your world.

You shook your head, so you would come out of the trance his precious laughter had left you in, and blushed profusely.

“Yeah… I’m sorry about that too. “ you told him, pulling a peculiar expression. You were embarrassed, Yixing probably thought you were weird, or stupid, I mean this was your first date, and he was already having such great pressures placed on his shoulders. To her surprise, Yixing smiled once again.

“Don’t be. It was adorable… And well… I… Ah… I don’t know how to word this.” He said, a rosy tint rising to his cheeks, as he awkwardly touched his neck.

“Say what Yixing?” you asked him curiously, but cautiously at the same time. What could he possibly have in store?

Yixing looked at you nervously, his eyes flickering back and forth from your face to his feet. He was scared, he was eager, he could feel his blood pulsating in his ears. He wanted to tell you everything, he wanted to tell you about bonding, and shape shifters, and his pack, and the others. Damn, he hadn’t thought about the others. You lived too far away for him to be able to protect you easily if they ever found out about you, or decided to take a trip into town for a snack.

“Ah… Y/N… I like you. I really do like you. I know I probably sound weird and stupid, and this is only our first date, and people don’t usually do this on the first date, but I really would like to be in a relationship with you… and help you with Aiden? Ah… I sound so awkward and needy… I’m sorry…” he finished speaking, turning away from you in embarrassment. He felt like he had just made a fool of himself right in front of you, admitting his feelings like that, when you barely knew each other. But it worked with Suho and Kris, so why couldn’t it possibly work with him? Probably because you were different.

You wanted to reply to his confession with words of your own, your heart beat against your ribcage so hard you thought it would rip right through it, screaming at you to confess yourself. You wanted to tell him how much you had been thinking about him, how you could just picture him perfectly in your life, in Aiden’s life, and how if it was up to you, you’d give him a million other children too.

But you couldn’t find the right words, his own confession had made you lose your voice temporarily. You knew he was hurt, especially now that you weren’t replying, so instead of speaking, you grabbed his arm, and turned him around so he was facing you. You looked up into his precious soft brown eyes, and smiled, before cupping his face with your hands, and smashing your lips onto his.

He wrapped his arms around you immediately, bringing you closer to him, as your lips continued to move against his heatedly. Yixing melted into the kiss, your lips tasted exactly how he had imagined, and they felt softer than he thought they would. His heart began racing, and he could feel the hormones coursing through his body, but he couldn’t allow himself to disrespect you like that because his wolf instincts couldn’t handle themselves. He tried to control his own body, although part of him wanted to pick you up, wrap your legs around his waist, and push you against a wall.

“Yixing…” You breathed out his name softly, as your hands travelled to his hair, intertwining your fingers with it. He felt his whole body seize up, he loved the way his name sounded as it rolled off his tongue. He wanted to hear it again, and again, and again, and his hormones were becoming impossible to take care of.

He deepened the kiss, grabbing the back of your head, and pressing you against him, his tongue grazing your bottom lip. You parted your lips and let him in, savoring the way he tasted, as his soft, plump lips ravaged yours. It felt like your lips were going to become worn out from the intensity of the kiss, but you couldn’t bring yourself to care in the slightest. Being with Yixing felt so right, and it had been so long since you had felt the touch of a man, you could barely control your body, but it was the first date, and you had to.

Yixing pulled away from you, feeling you tense up in his arms, gasping for air. He looked into your now dark, glimmering eyes with such love and longing, you thought you were either dreaming, or in a romantic movie. He caressed your cheek softly, as he pecked your lips once again.

“I think I love you Y/N…” He whispered, pressing his forehead lightly against yours. You felt your heart flutter at the words, the corners of your lips tugging upwards into a smile.

“Well, I think I love you too Yixing.” You replied, your cheeks flushing red.

The moment was perfect, blissful, and Yixing wanted nothing more than to stay in it forever, but he knew, at some point, he was going to have to tell you about his true nature, and he feared for your reaction.

Okay but Jace just casually saying that isabelle is very comfortable with her body instead of making the typical joke about his how “slutty” she is is still so amazing to me like I had completely accepted that there would be some lame slutshame line like I wasn’t even mad bc that’s just what I’ve come to expect and you know its just kinda the usual portrayal of women like isabelle but it never came and it was so nice and the fact that something so simple is so new to us is really gross like this isn’t a “feminist show” but they treat the women the same as the men which is so rare especially with supernatural shows and especially with woc and I’m just so not used to seeing that that to me it seems like such revolution and that’s sad tbh

It may not be obvious, but the human body has very clear mechanical upgrade slots.

I didn’t start thinking about this until I got my second recreational body implant — an NFC chip — roughly a year ago. I already had a magnet in one finger, and the chip fit well in the webbing between my thumb and forefinger. Once I did it, though, I realized I’d just exhausted the two most accessible places I was unquestionably okay stuffing with random technology. And that I had just put something in my body that was absolutely, inexorably going to become obsolete.
I don’t worry about losing my humanity or selling myself to a sinister cabal. (I also don’t get to turn invisible or secrete small fragmentation grenades.) But most of us are fundamentally dependent on technology, whether it’s glasses, electrical grids, or life-saving medication. Beyond that, most of us like the ways that it can make us better.
The tradeoffs and limitations of technology, like its constantly encroaching obsolescence, are embedded right under our skin.


Critical Role makes me so happy

I don’t know why but i’ve caught myself smiling at random times because i’ve remembered something silly or funny or cute that someone in Vox Machina or Matt Mercer did/said and I’m so grateful???

like, it’s just a bunch of people playing d&d (that I don’t even play but really want to now) with a game they’ve had running for much longer than they’ve been streaming but it’s one of the most compelling things I’ve ever watched.

The characters (even the npcs all voiced by Matt) are just so beautifully composed and funny and witty and interact in a way that’s just beautiful. The humour is incredible and spontanious even when it’s been planned

I’ve cried (out of sorrow and laughing too hard), i’ve laughed (actual breathless, snorting, covering-my-face-because-my-mum-is-in-the-next-room, upset-my-dog belly laughs), I’ve been enraptured, I’ve been caught off guard, thrown through a loop and amazed at the storylines themselves (the Briarwood arc was a master-fucking-piece)

Critical Role is the most bizarre thing that I’ve ever fallen head over heels for and I almost didn’t give it a chance but I could not be happier that I did.