it's just so sassy


“Crap I look like a ghost.” 

“ Yeah, ya do… ‘specially with that lighting .”

Here’s something I thought I would never do, but ‘Coffee Cans and Energy Drinks’ has been a lovely fic, with such a great dynamic that how could I not?

 like i’m really unhappy about the fact merlin was a servant for the entirety of the show right, but my favourite thing is that he must have been the top bitch at this castle. like there must have been a chief of the servants, obviously, and it’s not even the fact he’s a very likeable person, but it’s also due to the fact everyone knew what happened with other arthur’s servants.

the fact that he made it, and then never left, and you could get shit done with merlin, he must have been kind of the top figure in the backstage of the castle. obviously not everybody liked him (like the cook), but he must have had people idk, saving him spots, or freeing others because they know how busy he is.

they would always know they can come to him and he actually has ins everywhere, including arthur, and he must have had a lot of contacts, and a lot of people owing him favours which they probably didn’t mind very much. some would probably find him napping off in different places and just find him a special merlin blanket. or give him food when he was running around and he probably forgot to get some for himself. 

idk but it’s a nice thing to think about, and just the fact that merlin’s clothes (which were only seen worn by HIM) george decided to copy bc clearly arthur must have liked those is telling you enough. merlin was just the top bitch at the castle.

Alec Lightwood Character Development
  • CoB: What I'm not gay, if you say that again I'll kill you!
  • CoHF: *makes out with Magnus on a roof where anyone can see*
  • CoHF: Wait a minute my feelings are valid too, SCREW YOU JACE IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT YOU I'M UPSET TOO
  • CoB: *has never killed a single demon*
  • CoHF: *literally kills everything, hide your kids hide your Meliorns*
  • CoB: "He looked uncomfortable in his own skin"
  • CoHF: Hi I'm Alec Lightwood, I'm gay, afraid of umbrellas, dating Magnus Bane, am a badass with a bow, and love myself
  • CoB: No one can know I'm gay my whole family will reject me
  • CoHF: *literally tells his dad to shove it*
  • CoB: *quietly follows Jace and Isabelle around doing whatever they want*
  • CoHF: I am not your bitch.


Okay but imagine

The Miraculous Ladybug theme song was written and scored by musicians in Paris who wanted to show their appreciation for their heroes on their one year anniversary of fighting crime, and ask the local school to aide in its production so their heroes can see love coming from their cities youth. Adrien gets basically signed up to be Cat Noir without his exact permission because they need a good face and his singing isn’t bad, and as they audition girls he has to sing his part like a thousand times and gets progressingly more annoyed and less in to it. The directors are getting frustrated cause there just isn’t a Ladybug that makes their Cat Noir shine. It’s looking like Chloe is going to get the part because her dad is essentially rigging the auditions, but behind the scenes Alya is doing her best to convince Marinette to audition because “YOU WOULD BE GREAT, can you seriously imagine being the Ladybug to Adrien’s Cat Noir??” She doesn’t think much of the comparison since she doesn’t understands Paris’ obsession with a superhero romance, but getting to play opposite Adrien would make her absolutely DIE from happiness. But how can she seriously sing and perform not only in front of HIM but ALL OF PARIS, but then again she CANT let it be Chloe, she refuses to let Chloe represent Ladybug and steal her time with Adrien. So she gets a mask, a plain red one, to try and trick her brain in to being more confident, and just GOES for it before she has a heart attack and dies. Adrien is looking at the ground, bored and annoyed when he hears the instrumental pick up for the billionth time. He just groans and gets his mic ready, but then he hears, “I live a life, its full of fun, it keeps me sharp and on the run,” and its just so… so- sassy? He can’t even think of the words. Its so fierce and confident and playful and maybe just a tiinge flirty and its so incredibly LADYBUG and he looks up to see- wait is that Marinette?? Shy little Marinette just BURSTS onto stage like she was born to play his Lady. And when the song picks up he gets more and more excited, because shes doing it perfectly, shes jumping and walking and doing all these gymnastic stunts across the stage and theater seats and rigging in time with the words and he just gets PUMPED and then its his turn, and he nails it. Hard. He falls completely into Cat Noir mode, confident, flirtatious, playful and fun. And he gets kind of flustered, sort of stunned when he runs up on to stage and Marinette, shy Marinette, meets his eyes and doesnt flinch even a little. there is no trace of his shy class mate and the way she holds herself is perfect for the part, so perfect that he feels himself get that racing pulse he only gets for his real lady. When his part dies back into support vocals he starts to slowly tail her as she runs around, peering after her and trying to keep up, and SHES PLAYING ALONG. Shes running out in front, letting him get close and then slipping away again. Then the song kicks up into full gear and hes after her, top speed, trying to get to her till hes running across the stage, sliding on his knees and putting his whole heart into the vocals as she finally struts up to him, harmonizing “the lucky charm” perfectly with him and shes red faced from being near him and hes red faced from being near her and then they strike the poses, just like the statue and end the performance with all of their energy.

And the directors and the entire school and the mayor and god and everyone is completely and totally STUNNED.

“I think we found our heroes”

(You have no idea director man)

I fell in love with Cassian the second he said his “we won’t bite, unless you ask us to”, because I have also used the same line when meeting someone new.

  • them: what's your dream Star Trek crew?
  • me: Captain - Janeway, first officer - Kira nerys, engineering - b'elanna Torres, medical - Beverly crusher, security - Tasha yar, science - jadzia Dax
  • them: that's all the women
  • me: ..... Your point?

Aww, Brian knows that Loki is actually fragile under all his sassyness and bullshits! So sweet that they are already bickering like a couple after their first mission together!


Sassie Devereaux in The Queen Gambit Job


My favourite dancers from Club Dance Studio

ok so i was thinking about this earlier so

•we all know how andrew always uses percentages when talking to neil
•it’s like their thing
•but what if one day they’re both at home and talking about exy or the cats or something
•andrew is making hot chocolate (and putting so many marshmallows in like chill boy)
•and he says something that neil doesn’t necessarily like, or something that is borderline sweet and it shocks him and neil just turns around
•and in this flat tone just says
•'143%, minyard.’
•andrew just stops stirring his chocolate and
•'what the fuck, that’s my line, josten.’
•and this dork is stood there grinning at him and just shrugs
•'mine now.’
•and andrew is just stood there staring at neil and he’s quiet for a few seconds and neil starts laughing and looks back up
•'go on, i know you want to say it.’
•'fuck off.’
•'go on.’

•'479% and rising, now fuck off.’
•and andrew can hear neil laughing even when he goes into the other room

I’m laughing so hard right now like– OKAY GUYS JUST LISTEN

It states that Lest has a first class weapon, right? And it’s shown in the anime (not sure about the manga yet) that he also has a cane…

I bet his first class weapon /is/ his cane– A CANE SWORD OR SOMETHING–

I’m just imagining something like:

Lest: Excuse me, what did you just say? /OFFENDED
/holds up cane
/stalks closer

Enemies/Offender: Pfft, what are you going to do? Smack me with that cane, grandpa?

Lest: ……………..