it's just so pink and festive

The signs as fun things to do in the summer/bucketlist
  • Aries: work out, go jogging, you have the time so why not am I right? Do exercises or pick up a new sport. It doesn't have to be for that perfect body, do it to feel better j your own skin, body positivity is key peeps
  • Taurus: keep a movie night with friends, build a giant fort of pillows, get comfy blankets and maybe even some cool lights to hang up inside the tent? Some popcorn, icecream, loads of chocolate and just watch some of your favourite movies, enjoy!
  • Gemini: change up your looks, try new lipsticks, some eyeshadows, DYE YOUR HAIR BLUE, PINK, PURPLE, RED, whatever you want, summer is about change and fun
  • Cancer: have a colour fight, I did this with my friends once, (it's like the Holi festival look it up lol) there are those kind of colour powder thingies that you can throw on eachother and it explodes in different colours on your clothes, just go to a park, dress al in white, team up and let the games begin its so much fun
  • Leo: remake some old clothes into cool new stuff.
  • Go trough your closet, there must be Some old shirts or jeans you don't like anymore
  • Search up tutorials, cut cool holes in the back of your shirts, draw your fav band logos on em, cut your jeans make holes in them just have fun, you can't go wrong with change.
  • Virgo: attend a concert or music festival with some friends. Nothing is more fun than singing and screaming until your lungs give up am I right? get ready together with some friends and then Go jamm out with them at a concert, maybe have a sleepover that night? Next day just wake up late and go get something to eat in the city or get some coffee, helps against the hangover you'll have haha
  • Libra: redesign your room, paint the walls another colour, hang up photos (get a Polaroid and make pictures with your friends) hang up cool lights, or posters with your fav band logos on them, get little things to redecorate and maybe make some fun things yourself, YouTube has enough room digs
  • Have fun being creative
  • Scorpio: go to the mall with your friends and spot some hot boys, dare eachother to ask random boys their phone number, because why not? Who doesn't want A summerlover
  • Sagittarius: go have a sleepover with friends at your or their house (get A friend who has A pool), buy 10000 glowsticks, stay up until 1am and then crack alllllllll the glowsticks and throw them in the pool, also get loads of soap and make the whole pool foaming.
  • I did this once actually and I am planning on doing it again this summer because it was so much fun
  • Capricorn: get a piercing or tattoo, if you're old enough and want a tattoo then do it! even its a small one on your wrist or the back of your neck, or get your ears pierced, maybe second holes so you can wear 4,earrings idk, just change something up
  • Aquarius: go camping with friends, bring a tent and put it up somewhere under the stars in fresh air, and then.. Get some cookies, chocolate, and Some marshmallows, and make smores. I actually never made smores (Dk if Thats something weird) but im definitely planning on doing this with my friend or friends this year
  • Pisces: make a new friend! Maybe while being on vacation, or just at home. Look for people with tumblr blogs with the same interests and talk to them, because why not haha be an extrovert. New friends mean new relations and new adventures and new late night convo's. So that can't go wrong

Hello, its been couple days since I posted. Been so busy by time I get home, I just wanna check shops and go to sleep haha. This is actually an outfit I already posted before but I started wearing it again and took a picture with a friend so decided to post it again. Love it with the Flamenco Dancer Wig (F) and my Pink Twinkling Cupid Wings. My friend also has the Flowery Festival Dress (F) which looks gorgeous (one day I’ll get one haha lucky to get wig, not so lucky for dress).

Outfit: Juliet’s Dress
Headpiece: Flamenco Dancer Wig (F)
Shoes; N/A
Gloves: China 7th Anniversary Ring
Accessories: Pink Twinkling Cupid Wings

NaLu Week Bonus Prompt: Carnival

Title: Yousei Gakuen School Festival
Rating: T

Summary: Lucy’s assigned task for the School Festival is to make sure Natsu doesn’t cause any trouble during the event.

A/N: This one is set in OVA 2’s world though I changed some of the character backgrounds for the story.

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