it's just so hilarious and creepy and awkward and happy all at the same time

Virginity Stories

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Warnings: Aftermath of mission (slight not much description), drinking, language because I’m me, SMUT, Male and female oral receiving, loss of virginity, sexual intercourse, vaginal penetration

Word Count: 6284 (Sorry I know its over 5000, but its worth it I promise. Please don’t hate me I got carried away because its been forever since I wrote my Stevie :( 

A/N: This was written for Kate’s Cards Against Humanity Writing Challenge @emilyevanston. My prompt was “How did I lose my virginity?” Still new at writing smut so I apologize if it sucks. Also first time writing loss of virginity so please be gentle. Been awhile since I wrote Marvel so I’m glad to be back. Sorry this is late I’m a horrible person whose job keeps her hella busy and hella tired. No beta and feedback always wanted and appreciated. 

***Explicit GIFs under the cut***

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disappoint me daddy
  • dan and phil play dream daddy!! i messaged people abt this like a week and a half ago and immediately thought oh no what hell have i wished upon us but it is HERE
  • to be fair i am on my second watch so this isn’t. reacting
  • 0:47 and dan is already talking about barebacking i want to delete all of this

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so yeah I stayed up and watched the last episode and it’s half past 4 am

Well damn, this was bittersweet as fuck. My heart. My heart.

This is not exactly where I would have preferred some plotlines to go, and clearly the writing had a few issues. But overall I’m absolutely fine with everything. I’m not the type who needs a story to go exactly where I envision it to go to be satisfied with it, and as far as I’m concerned the positives in this show by far, far outweigh the negatives.

My thoughts in sort of chronological order…

1. let’s get this out of the way - HOLY SHIT THIS EPISODE LOOKS GORGEOUS. I thought episode 23 looked great, but this one just blew everything out of the water. Holy shit, it’s beautiful. And not just the animation: the direction, the art and storyboarding, the pacing (something that was a little off in the previous ep), the music production, everything is great. What a great team this show has had.

2. Kaisar, dammit. ;___; ) I understand and am not hating the show, but… dammit. ;___; )

 However. HOWEVER.

2.a) “Death is so peaceful” and this is where I force myself to ignore the subs (I was watching it with a friend who needs them) because what the fuck??? He’s so very clearly saying 真の安寧を/“shin no annei wo” ie. “bring true peace”! That’s why he’s addressing Charioce, and why Charioce nods as if saying “OK, understood.” 

And this is important goddammit! It comes back in the end! (see: point 12.) 

(Then again this is probably the same translator who didn’t get the “dakareru” pun, so…)

3. Dammit, Favaro is so cool.

4. Aaaand that’s Nina’s choice. Dammit, that was cool. I guess this won’t help with the people who already hate her, but this was kakkoii as fuck, she’s awesome and I just love her so much. (Besides, what on earth could she have done? Kill Charioce or leave him die, and lose Dromos either way? Take on Bahamut by herself? Hope that the angels and demons can handle Bahamut the God-Slayer?) 

5. It sure is lucky that we have all these high-ranking demons and angels in one place just as Bahamut is out and about once more. I’m not entirely sure if I follow the plot intention here? I’ll probably have to rewatch some episodes to make sure but it’s as if we’re having a plot hole/mix-up here. Whatever - don’t think, feel!

6. Dragon vs dragon, FUCK YEEEEAH

7. Amira… Amira? AMIRA!!! 

7.a) This is an unexpected, yet not unwelcome turn of events, heh. Ahem. 

7.b) I… I kind of hoped Amira would come back, now that Favaro has lost Kaisar anyway… At the very least she and Nina could have been great friends. 

8. Holy fuck, Bahamut. :O 

8.a) Green power gone! Gabriel can finally rest assured.

9. OK but seriously, who even wants to live in Anatae after all this? The place gets destroyed on a regular basis - demons, angels, humans, dragons… Clearly it’s cursed or something, I’d get the hell out of there as soon as possible.

10. 多分ってwwww

11. Nina… lost her voice, hasn’t she. I guess it could have been worse.

12. And Charioce lost his sight. This scene here, where he feels out the chair with his hand - one of those small character animations that Charioce has a lot of, and they add so much to the character and just the “feel” of the show in general.

12.a) At first I was a bit surprised that he’s still king, although he’s alive and got a huge PR boost, so I guess… that’s just how things roll, dynastically speaking. Moral of the story: people are fickle. 

12.b) And in any case, if he lives this is what I wanted from him. I really like that he doesn’t get to fuck off and live far away from everything. (Not that it would be in character for him, anyway.) He has a heavy responsibility to bear - fixing what he so thoroughly broke. Now that he’s gained some insight and his heart is hopefully in the right place, he must set things right and fulfill his promise to Kaisar. 

I really wish the translation hadn’t fucked up Kaisar’s last line… :/

12.c) Kaisar… ;_____; )

13. This is fairly tragic. He can’t see the one he loves; she can’t speak to him. This is also the price he paid, I guess. 

13.a) And so this is why they had dancing as their “thing”! Damn. DAMN. *fetches tissues*

13.b) *sniffle*

14. Aww, nothing brings races together like hating a common enemy and then having a near-death experience with an even worse enemy and then deciding that hey, Helheim is cold as hell, Anatae’s climate is better. 

14.a) Overall I really wish there had been at least one more episode to deal with the whole demons-gods-humans thing, because that was an important aspect of the story that was kind of dropped a while ago. A number of times it felt like they were going somewhere - with Gabriel’s psychosis and creepiness, the angels being hypocrites, Lucifer being Lucifer, etc. but in the end they never went there. It’s a pity. If we sit down and think it over we can see how this plot probably goes, but without the canon actually touching on it, it still feels incomplete. Oh well, I’ll always have my idea of how the plot probably goes..

14.b) I guess in the end we have at least the demons and humans starting to learn to live alongside each other. 

14.c) I really wanted to see Gabriel and Lucifer negotiating with Charioce.

15. MUGARO ;____; ) The gravestone has “El Mugaro D’Arc”. ;_____; )

16. OH MY GOD, JEANNE AND AZAZEL. YOU TWO ARE AWESOME. You should just live together as platonic life mates. (And have one really awkward night that you don’t speak about ever again.)

17. Poor Azazel and his broken heart. ;____; ) But I like him being tragic, it suits him after being a ridiculous, hilarious pile of failure for two seasons. Still… he couldn’t save the one that he wanted to save the most. BAAAWWWWWW. ;_____; ) And poor Jeanne. She’s coping, but why does the universe hate her so much.

18. Yay for Bacchus/Sofiel! I low-key shipped them so I’m happy that they didn’t ignore them. 

19. Favaro is just so damn cool and I love his relationship with Nina so much.

20. Amira’s theme! ;_____; )

21. ニーナか ;______; )


23. (still wiping tears away, cleaning glasses)


I’m not sure if this is what Kaisar would have wanted given the choice, but then I guess this is the same thing he did to Rita so she’s just returning the favor. I do wish he had looked better though, but I guess as a zombie it could be worse. 

I find it really, really hard to not grin like a fucking idiot.

That’s it! The rest is for tomorrow. 

In short: I love this show. Perfect? No. (What is?) Right after my own heart? Incredibly so! Loving the entire cast and wishing to see all of them again? YES! YES!  

It’s going to be very lonely without Bahamut.

Sirius About Human Sacrifice

So yeah. I. I got into Gravity Falls. And then I got into the Transcendence AU. And I’ve been slowly working my way through the archive and stumbled upon this headcanon. And had to write it instead of, naturally, doing my homework.
So. I guess. Enjoy?

Sirius Black, odd name aside, was probably one of the best recruits Jon Sabinger had seen in the last few years. He was charismatic, didn’t seem too turned off by the sight of blood, and had a good head on his shoulders for words. It really was too bad they had to sacrifice him.

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