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Wow thats a lot of questions to choose from but can i ask #26 & #4 ??? My bias is Jin! I hope youre having a nice day :)

4. Top 10 Songs?
omfg how okay but these are in no particular order and I’m putting like 16 songs okay

I Like It Pt. 1
I Like It Pt. 2
Just One Day
Where Did You Come From?
Outro: Propose
If I Ruled The World
Could You Turn Off Your Cell Phone
Whalien 52
Converse High
Wishing On A Star
Interlude: WINGS
Save Me
Butterfly Prologue Mix

26. What immediately comes to your mind when you think of Hoseok? 
Pillows and sunshine

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Important story about racism

Someone in class today asked me about the racism in Australia against our Aboriginal population. It was kind of relevant to the conversation, but it still caught me off guard.

As a white Australian, who considers themselves a good person, you can imagine that my initial, knee-jerk reaction is to go on the defensive. To downplay, to deny, to say it’s ‘not that bad’ or 'that was in the past’. And that’s exactly what I started to say. Except… I know that’s not true.

So yeah, I was kind of proud of myself for stopping and instead managed to say “yeah, it’s a problem”. Without any caveat.

I’m not saying this to pat myself of the back, or to get 'not a racist’ points. I’m just saying that this shows how much I’ve learnt over the years. Part of that is honestly thanks to tumblr, despite its tendency to take social justice to u healthy extremes. Because once upon a time I wouldn’t have said that. I would have been too caught up on avoiding guilt or defending myself.

Don’t deny, don’t downplay, don’t try and say 'not all of us’, don’t seperate yourself from the problem and say 'but I don’t do that’. Acknowledge. It’s the first step to fixing the problem.

Though, I did have half a mind to compare it to America just to piss off the American who was sitting next to me saying how much he loved Chris Lilley (who is a racist, dickhead, excuse for a comedian, who is also, sadly, Australian)


That dream is where my heart belongs,
And it’s something more fragile than my life.
Again and again, I abandoned and then rediscovered it.
Now sleep peacefully.
With my wish being ravished by my pounding heartbeats,
as soon as I’m on the verge of forgetting it, I immediately recall it.


That was probably the wrong answer…

me probably for the rest of my life


“When you look into your mother’s eyes, you know that is the purest love you can find on this earth.”

Because everyone should love themselves, and they shouldn’t strive for perfection.
—  Harry Styles, after a brief pause when asked why the boobs on his mermaid tattoo were saggy. He could’ve been glib. He could’ve laughed. He could’ve just said, “I don’t know.” But he paused. And he thought. And he said this. And this is why he is so, so special.

Do you ever just cry because of how far they’ve come?

When they first met, he was hellbent on revenge and now he’s let it go… become a better man, a hero, and gave up his ship, his home, for her. And she’s finally stopped pushing people away and accepting love in her life. I’m fine.


Shahi has always had incredible chemistry with whomever she is working opposite on any show, but never to the degree she had with Acker. Both are incredible actresses on their own, but paired together on screen they delivered some of the most stunning moments of their careers. Their chemistry gave birth to the relationship between their characters and their joint commitment to nurture that relationship made it something truly special that will live on in the lexicon of pop culture until the end of time. You absolutely can’t talk about either character or either actress without mentioning the other because these parts richly intertwined them. For years, and likely decades, to hear the mention of one will elicit a reference to the other. Their hard work and dedication to Shaw and Root has forever bonded them in ways I doubt they could have fully comprehended when this journey began.

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Congratulations to Jackaboy for reaching 10 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!!
hOREH SH ET das a lotta people, his channel is growing so fast, i m cr y
I’m so proud :’D I remember watching your videos when you still had 6 million subs X’D Keep doing what you’re doing Jack, we love ya!! <3 <3