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headcanons for how the RFA would react (V and saeran included) when during an intense argument they raise their hand to brush their hair back or something but MC (as their s/o) flinches because in the moment she thought they were going to hit her?


  • Zen gets pretty heated easily
  • He knows he should never raise his voice at a lady
  • But he does
  • What was originally just a small little issue was blown way out of proportion
  • But in the middle of yelling at you, he realizes what he’s doing and that fighting with you should never be an option.
  • So to calm himself down he goes to run his hands through his hair while you’re ranting at him
  • But as soon as he raises his hand you stop and flinch back
  • Did… did you think he was going to hurt you?
  • This boy is distraught
  • His heart crumbles
  • Is this the kind of person you though he was?
  • His voice is immediately gentle and all anger has left him
  • “MC…MC, did you think that I…that I was going to hit you..?”
  • His voice breaks
  • He is too scared to touch you, to even approach you
  • He feels so bad!!
  • Would spend hours cuddling you, apologizing with every breath
  • He would spend forever promising that he would never dream of hurting you
  • This boy brings you flowers every day
  • Chocolates everywhere
  • Small gifts for weeks
  • He wants you to know how much you mean to him
  • He is distraught that you would ever think he’d harm you


  • Yoosung is typically not someone who likes to argue
  • Especially with you
  • So when things between you get heated, he tends to hold everything in and cry, and then if you keep going, he’ll let it out
  • And then immediately apologize
  • So when he is trying his hardest not to yell or say anything he’ll regret, he brings his fists up to his forehead in frustration
  • When he sees you flinch and stop talking, all his anger is gone
  • You didn’t think..? no..
  • “MC? MC… oh god, MC, I would never-please-please don’t think that I would ever-”
  • Poor boy starts to sob
  • He can’t even bring himself to form the words
  • He hates himself for even making you think that he would ever do something as despicable as that
  • He starts to wonder if he really is an awful person
  • Why else would you even think he would hurt you?
  • You have to approach him first
  • He wouldn’t want to even touch you, and he’s crying too hard to speak
  • “M-MC, go away. I don’t want to hurt you.”
  •  He would make weak attempts to push you away, but would eventually let you slide in and cuddle
  • He eventually calms down, and vows to never even raise his voice at you
  • He always feels so guilty about it, even when you assure him that its okay, that he didn’t even do anything wrong


  • Jaehee is usually a very level-headed person
  • In really intense arguments with you, she usually just says some biting remark and walks away, and then feels bad about it once she has cooled down
  • She gets really frustrated in arguments
  • And when she raises her hands to rub her eyes in exhaustion and frustration
  • She sees you flinch a little
  • Outright, matter of fact.
  • “MC, you are aware that I would never harm you in any way, aren’t you?”
  • When Jaehee sees you only silently nod, she stands up and walks over to you
  • She takes your hands and just comforts you silently, tracing circles with her thumbs onto your hands
  • You both kind of just let it go, understanding that miscommunications happen but that you love each other and will make things work
  • You do notice that she’s unusually affectionate the next few weeks though ;)


  • You were fighting about something stupid.
  • Jumin gets so emotional over the smallest things
  • And tends to blow things out of proportion
  • He tends to violently pace around when he’s angry
  • So when he is pacing in your direction and his hands suddenly jerk up to loosen his tie, its kinda terrifying
  • It certainly makes you back down, thats for sure
  • At first he’s confused
  • Why are you so frightened? What did he do?
  • He approaches you and kneels next to you
  • “MC, you’re not afraid of me, are you?”
  •  It pains him to see his love look so scared
  • Especially scared of him
  • Don’t you know that you mean everything to him? That he would never dream of hurting you in any way?
  • He lectures about how much he loves you for a long time
  • Buys you a ton of expensive gifts, no matter how much you protest
  • He is so worried that you’re scared of him
  • Things are cleared up and back to normal in a couple weeks, when he is convinced theres not an ounce of fear
  • He always makes it clear to tell him if he ever scares you
  • He just wants you to be happy


  • Seven always tries to make you happy
  • But occasionally he reverts back to being closed off and pushes you away
  • This results in a fight every time.
  • They’re always short and resolved quickly, but quite heated
  • This time was heated more than usual
  • He was pacing the room
  • When you say something about not trying hard enough, he loses it
  • Starts to scream and raises his hands
  • He chokes on his word and tears begin to stream down his face as he sees you stumble and fall back
  • Sprints into the nearest room and locks the door
  • Whywhywhywhywhy
  • His head fills with self hatred and “why”s
  • Why am I like this
  • Why is she staying
  • Why did she ever stay
  • Why do I screw every single good thing up
  • He doesn’t ever stop crying
  • How could he do this?
  • How could he make you so afraid?
  • He waits in the dark, listening for the closing of the door
  • But it never comes
  • He waits for hours
  • Maybe he missed it?
  • Eventually he opens the door
  • Only to find you asleep right outside it, a note in hand
  • He takes it and reads it, discovering a heartfelt apology stained with tears
  • Your written apology sends him into tears again
  • You didn’t do anything wrong.
  • He should be the one apologizing, and you should be the one running
  • He picks you up, and wraps you in a blanket, laying you on his bed
  • He goes to sleep on the couch, but when you grab his wrist and pull him into bed, he stays
  • He cautiously wraps his arms around you, and whispers his apology
  • All is well again in the Choi household.


  • V never argues, especially with his S/O
  • But when he accidentally relates you to Rika in some way,
  • You lose it.
  • He stays calm and apologetic, begging you to forgive him and let it go
  • But after a considerable amount of insults and yelling from you, he can’t take it
  • Turns around quickly to face you, gesturing with his hands as he shouts at you
  • Because he’s blind, he doesn’t notice you back away or flinch
  • He keeps shouting, telling you he did everything he could
  • Once he’s done with his rant, he hears a small whimper
  • “MC? …MC, are you okay?”
  • Frantically but gently searches for you with his hands
  • He finds you curled into a ball on the floor
  • He clumsily wipes your tears away with his thumbs
  • “MC…do I frighten you?”
  • He is so terrified
  • What has he become? How could he allow this?
  • He stays with you, holding you and speaking in soft tones
  • He knows everything will be alright when you wrap your arms around him.


  • Lets face it, he obviously struggles with his emotions
  • He struggles with breaking down and flashes of anger
  • But you know it’s not really his fault
  • Usually you back down and let his anger run its course
  • But tonight you made a snide comment
  • Should. not. have. done. that.
  • You regretted it as soon as you said it
  • You were about to apologize when he raised his voice even louder
  • Along with his hands
  • You don’t know if it was an intentional threat or just a gesture of anger
  • But you run out of the room and lock the door
  • Saeran’s anger turns to tears in realization of what he’s done
  • He collapses next to the door 
  • “MC?…MC, please let me in. Please just talk to me.”
  • After no response, he continues 
  • “MC, I never meant to scare you. I’m so sorry. I have no excuse.”
  • He goes on and on, pouring his heart out with great difficulty.
  • When you hear his voice break and his quiet sobs
  • You open the door and hug him
  • You both sit there until you fall asleep
  • When you wake up, you discuss a plan to help him with his anger
  • He’s newly motivated to be the best man he can be for you.

A/N~I hope you liked this! Sorry it took so long. Thanks for requesting!

Fic title: Honey, by tfw_cas

Rating: Mature


Dean Winchester was in a great mood; he had gotten more than his four hours last night, the hunt he and Sam had been on was quick and simple, Cas was living permanently at the bunker, he had had an awesome bacon cheeseburger for lunch, Cas was happy… So this is why, as he walked through the doors he called out “Hey honey, I’m home.”

Oh, holy crap. He thought. I really hope Cas isn’t home, and if he is, please don’t say he heard that.

Nope, not that lucky. Cas appeared, quizzical look on his face, head tilted in that adorable way of his.

“Hello Dean,” he said. “Why were you talking about honey? Did you mean to say hey I’m home. I’ve got honey? I would quite like some honey.”

“No, er…” Think, godammit. “See, Cas, it’s sometimes used as a… kind of… term of endearment. A pet name.”

“Oh,” said Cas, looking as if he did not understand.

“People say it to the ones they, er… their family.”.

“Oh, I see,” said Cas with a smile. “Thank you honey.”

Oh god, why did Cas calling him that sound so good?

“I must remember to say it to Sam when I see him.”

No. Nope. “No Cas, that’s not… you can’t say that to him.”

“Why not?” Cas looked so confused.

Oh for fuck’s sake.

“Because…” why is this so hard to say?

“It’s a… very affectionate greeting.”

Cas suddenly appeared to be catching on to its meaning. “Oh, you’re talking about pet names for people you find attractive?”

“Well, yes. I guess so.”

“In that case,” said Cas as he stepped closer to the hunter “I would very much like to call you honey. Also, sweetheart, my love…”

Hang on just a minute. “Cas, how is it that you know these other words but you hadn’t heard honey?”

“Erm…” Cas looked very sheepish. “I might have misspoke a little.”

“Now that’s a word I understand. It means lying, yes?”

“That’s a very harsh way to describe my coaxing you to be honest.”

“Oh, is that what you were doing?”

It seemed that they had reached a stalemate in this conversation, so Cas did the only thing he could think of - he kissed the man he had been in love with for so many years, and Dean responded very enthusiastically.

When they pulled apart Cas said “you know, I have heard that some people use honey in the bedroom. I would very much like to find out if it tastes any different when being licked from your skin.”

“Holy shit Cas,” said Dean, his eyes widening. “You kinky bastard. Let’s check if there’s any honey in the cupboard.”

They would definitely have fun investigating this theory, anyway.

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whats the title of your blog from?? whos jack and why his name is crossed out

eep so john laurens was often called jack by his family and i guess people he was close with and so when alexander found out about johns wife and child he wrote a letter and crossed out the word ‘jack’, (“and now my dear jack’) 

a lot of us think that he crossed out the word jack bc it was supposed to be used ‘affectionately’ and he wanted to show he was hurt and not really feeling affectionate in a way only john would understand. he then went on to describe what he wanted in a girl and then basically said that he was only kidding and just wanted to keep talking to him longer.

anyways its my blog title because i love the fucking sass i think alexander felt while crossing out ‘jack’ lmao “you know what. the asshole lied to me what makes him think he deserves nice petnames such as jack” *crosses it out making a mocking face*

Butterflies And Hurricanes

ExcerptHonestly, Phil can’t count off his fingers anymore on how many times had this kind of scene unravel before him for it happened too many times already.
“How about- I want you to get rid of you?” He asks with a tilt of his head, cocking his gun to his side.

Summary: A short collection of events that features Mafia-member!phil and his boyfriend Dan.

Genre: fluff and a bit angst(just a dash) woahaha theres no sin!!

Warning: there’s a smol homophobic swear, loTS OF SWEARING, violent themes, u kno what to expect pls stay safe :=0

Words: 3,283 wororoods

A/N: after weeks of not updating! this had been a wip for so long i forgot where it cam from :=9 s/o to my waifu @asianellenpage​ for beta’ing as always <33 


Checkmate,” Phil placed his last piece on the board and looked up to the person he was playing against with, an evil glint on his eye.

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Im pretty sure if Genndy could, he could’ve gone more in depth with the chemistry but with only 13 eps I feel like he just wanted to put it all out there and get his story quickly assembled together with a pair he personally liked.

But it does leave room for writing for me honestly which i very much appreciate like!

This doesnt pertain to JUST Jashi but anyone who’s been wanting to ship our characters so djdjdj

• longer periods for chemistry to build
• Ashi having a hard time understanding these feelings and ends up explaining jack that she feels weird around him
• At first maybe Jack is like ooh uM ALRIGHT And doesn’t know how to respond but does explain it
• Ashi trying to decipher if she REALLY DOES FEEL THIS WAY
• If they do have their first kiss its sloppy and completely inexperienced because theyre both fucking virgins who dont know how to kiss and have never kissed
• Ashi learning to be more affectionate and struggling due to years of abuse

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how about those sweet vaxilgrog hcs?

You have discovered my most low key high key ship. I have shipped this since the underdark.

They fight a lot, but it’s usually not about relationship issues. Their fights are honestly very similar to the ones they have already. Just because he’s his boyfriend doesn’t mean that Grog isn’t going to try to pick Vax up and throw him places. Vax loves him but now he has so many more opportunities to fuck with his beard. Generally any arguments are over within a few hours.

Very physically affectionate. Vax can’t talk about his feelings for shit and Grog doesn’t really understand his feelings to begin with but that’s not stopping them from cuddling. Like all the time. Vax asks Grog to carry him places for no real reason and Grog just does. (”Grog carry me to dinner” “But its like 10 feet away” “Yeah well do it anyway”)

Pike loves and supports them but she is low key ready to take Vax down if he ever hurts Grog

Grog has absolutely no filter and openly talks about their private life with people. Vax does not approve (”What? But I said last night was great!” “Yeah but i don’t want you telling Scanlan that”)

“Grog, I’m cold.” “Dammit Vax I can’t control the weather”

@thebigdeepcheatsy yeah, to an extent. I realize in a lot of cases it’s people joking lighthearted and affectionately but I think it gets so oversaturated sometimes as a way of thinking about and referring to animals that I’ve seen it affect people’s judgement about understanding and interacting with wild animals in harmful ways. at the end of the day, an animal’s value should not be predicated on having to make its public image friendly and adorable. i think sharks are cute and im fully opposed to the media smear campaign against them but writing these /predatory wild animals/ off as sea puppies who love being petted does them no favors either. you just end up falling into the trap of liking an animal because of its perceived similarity to another animal you like (an animal which most of us grossly anthropomorphize to begin with) instead of valuing it on its own inherent merit. some of these animals ARE dangerous and/or aggressive and want absolutely nothing to do with human beings and those aspects should be acknowledged and respected just as much as, and not in spite of, their cuteness.

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5, 6, 17, 28, 92, 96 =w=)n

okie dokie!!

5. What is your favorite color?

Its a solid tie between gold and blood red :)

6. What’s your lucky number? 

64. The number has not proven lucky but I stick with it for some reason.

17. Who would be your ideal partner?

Someone I love and who loves me unconditionally. Affectionate, attracted to me emotionally and physically, and passionate about something (anything, IDC if its shoe laces, I just want passion in their personal life). Understands that being attracted to other people doesn’t mean unfaithfulness (please tell me about your celebrity crushes, the cute person at the coffee shop, how you flirted with the dude at Walmart, idc! I know they love me and people are attracted to people and, honestly, its so fun to compare how our tastes are in people I.E. “duuude he had blazing blue eyes and I wanted to fall to my knees” “I donno man, I’m a dark eyes person”). Is open to new experiences and either wants to do them with me or wants to discuss how and why they want to do it without me (adventurous, sexual, romantic, just tell me about it because I bet its exciting!). Never look through each others phones and doesn’t feel guilty for asking for money/ doesn’t hold it over me when I need money and knows that saying “no” isn’t a bad sign. Over all: affectionate, open, strong communication, and loyalty and faith in one another. All of this applies to them and me. Natural, fluent, loving and yet we both have time to be us and have our own lives, even if we live together. We won’t be similar in every way, we will hate some things the other likes or feel neutral or just be disinterested in those things, but we will support even those things and we will be able to have those strong similarities we can geek over for hours but also those things we go off and do alone and find our own groups of friends to do those things with and find finality with just coming home and sharing those experiences. I might not understand why you love shoe laces or why you found that girl at the gas station super hot, but I want to hear about it while we do the dishes and then watch cartoons later together because at the end of the day we feel most comfortable together and thats what really matters


28. What type of music do you like?

Many many things my dear. Most, however, I love death metal, thrash metal, vapor wave, and synth pop.

92. Have you already thought of baby names, and if so what are they?

I don’t want to ever have kids that come from my DNA but my favorite baby names are Mia and Shawn. Very average but they both sound very nice to me.

96.How did you get your name?

I haven’t told anyone on tumblr my name but today is your lucky day, my birth name is Jessica (wow totally original) and my mom told me she wanted a baby names Jessica since she was little. My dad wanted me to be named Rebecca (the reasons still a mystery to this day) but my mom was EXTREMELY worried I would be called “Becca” and I guess that was a fate worse than death so Jessica I was. 

What They're Like With Your Child (Kissed By The Baddest Bidder Headcanon)
  • Eusike: Tolerant. He's incredibly tired, but you can't help but feel like he still looks so perfect. You're child, who is still an infant, is cradled in his arm. Slim pale fingers holding the bottle for him to drink from. "Mommy is tired, so I'll have to do for now."
  • Baba: Affectionate. He keeps pressing kisses to your two year old daughters face. Though it's clear she's quite annoyed that someone is coming in between her and her favorite cartoon. He doesn't seem to understand, until she pushes him away. "I'm sorry, I just can't help it when you look so cute."
  • Soryu: Careful. He treats her how he treats you, with the utmost care. His hand is soft, and feels like a feather as it brushes against her forehead. He presses a soft kiss to he forehead. "It looks like you have a fever, let me get your mother."
  • Mamoru: Sweet. Though family members and friends held doubts about his ability to nurture effectively, you always knew he would be brilliant. And you were right, it's the dead of night and your son is cradled in his arms as he puts him to sleep. "Don't wake Mommy up."
  • Ota: Childish. Sometimes you swear, it's like you have two children, not one. You've made dinner, and it's ordinary to see your son make a mess, his hands covered in carrot sauce. Your husband laughs, hardly even recognizing his own face has rice on it. "Will you clean it off for me, my beloved wife?"
  • -SKY

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I'm not sure if you've mentioned this, but it's so adorable how Totty specifically looks out for and is understanding of Jūichimatsu, and doesn't get frustrated with his antics (Ichimatsu is the same but he kinda just lets him do his thing, Totty will nicely explain things to him). Tell me if I'm crazy but that's what I took away from their relationship

I agree!! I think Totty is most affectionate of Jyushi, because he’s the least embarrassing and least troublesome niisan.

I think this sums up Totty’s relationship with his brothers nicely.

i never even reblogged the meme nobody asked me for this but

Who accidentally pushes a door instead of pulling/vice versa

IT’S FRANZISKA. she is bright red. it happens every time she comes back from germany and tries to go in the prosecutor’s office bc it’s the other way around in germany and she tries to act like it never happened but the lady at the front desk saw everything

Who doodles little hearts all over the desk with their initials inside them

Maya all the way honestly she probably draws them on her arms as well

Who starts the tickle fights

Maya,, franziska is so weak and cannot fight off the tickle monster

Who starts the pillow fights

franziska has to resort to somethign anything to get between her and maya and like maya turns it into a pillow fight

Who falls asleep last, watching the other with a small affectionate smile

m a y a

Who mistakes salt for sugar

ok like maya 100% switched them around to prank franziska when she makes tea. franziska just drinks it like nothing happened whilst making eye contact

Who lets the microwave play the loud beeping sound at 1am in the morning

maya but only bc she doesnt have a microwave at kurain so she never expects it

Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines

mAYA USES THEM ALL THE TIME BTU FRANZISKA DOESNT,, UNDERSTAND “are you from tennessee” no im from germany maya

Who rearranges the bookshelf in alphabetical order

me. but also its franziska

Who licks the spoon when they’re baking brownies

maya like literally eats the batter but franziska sometimes    has a little lick. but only a little one

Who buys candles for dinners even though there’s no special occasion


Who draws little tattoos on the other with a pen


Who comes home with a new souvenir magnet every time they go on vacation

franziska she has so many her fridge is just covered in useless magnets and things like ‘i’m on a seafood diet i see food and i eat it’
she reads them and just chuckles to herself

Who convinces the other to fill out those couple surveys in the back of magazines

probably maya actually franziska’s like 'theyre useless maya please’ but they have to. u gotta

The Maze Runner: High School AU - Newt: You’re Not The Only Professional Party-Crasher In Town  - Part 4

Request 01: Can you write a lart 4 to you’re not the only professional party crasher in town? Have a nice day :) - outofexits

Request 02: Keep writing that!♥ - anonymous

Request 03: can you write a part 4 of the party-crasher imagine?? 😍😘 - newtmas-xoxo

Request 04: LOVE your blog! And I think I’m in love with your “party-crasher”-series! Can you PRETTY Please update soon???️ - anonymous

Request 05: Hey, I just caught up with your story ‘You’re Not The Only Professional Party-Crasher In Town’ as so many people requested it and I really liked it too so I was hoping of maybe you continuing this story. I really like all the characters and it’s an interesting setup, something different! :) Please continue! :) - misssincera

Request 06: I love your imagines they’re lovely you should keep on with the party crasher AUs they’re honestly my favourite - grieverkillers

Request 07: Hi!! Thank you so much for writing it! It was better than I imagined it to be! You’re such a good writer! Maybe it’s a bit annoying for you but are you going to write a part 4? Cause I need it in my life ;) you’re awesome - leagreenly


“So I heard you punched Thomas’s friend in the face?” Your mother says as she sets up the dinner table while dressed in a freshly ironed dress. It’s the day after you had that little thrilling event and it seems as though it’s the talk of the town, you wonder how long it will be until it reaches Eastbay…

You sigh and help place out the knives and forks, “Yes, I did. How did you find out?”

“Thomas’s mother, of course.”

You roll your eyes and set down the last piece of cutlery, you try to sneak away from the living room before things get nasty but you’re too late. “I’m not finished yet.”

“Alright Mum, go ahead and drab on about how I made the wrong decision.” You say sarcastically, almost knowing her lectures off by heart. But this time she only looks at you, a firm look in her eye. You can’t quite read the emotion she’s expressing and it only irritates you further. She just stares.


“Are you in a gang?”

You hold back the burst of laughter and instead reply, very amused, “Yes Mum, I am in a gang. We meet every Sunday night to smoke weed and sell all sorts of wonderful drugs, right in our living room.”

“Don’t get sarcastic with me, I’m just trying to be a parent.”

“Yes, one of your many strengths.” Again your voice is laced with sarcasm and you can’t help but give her another roll of your eye. She only gives you a menacing sort of stare, one you’ve seen many times. You’re not allowed to be a smart-ass around her, just smart. You walk around the table, giving it one final look and decide you’d rather eat out tonight than stay at home.

“You you’re not finished with the cutlery!” Your Mom calls from the living room.

You screw your eyebrows together, “I’m pretty sure I know how many people are in this family.”

You walk over into the lounge room and grab your coat from off the couch and head for the front door but you’re stopped short by a ring on the doorbell. “That would be the guests, Y/N, let them in please.”


You open the front door and you come eye to eye with Thomas and his small family behind him plus a few extras who you don’t even bother to give a look over because you’re still thoroughly pissed at Thomas for trying to cover up Newt’s breakdown from last night, and for bringing his friend over for a lovely chat. Thomas eyes you off too but instead of trying to act like everything’s okay, like usual, he just pushes past you.

“Going out?” Thomas’s Mom asks but you can hint a sort of judgment about you behind her eyes and before you can answer smartly your Mom cuts in.

“No, she’s having dinner with us aren’t you?” You turn to stare at her and she raises her eyebrows as if to say that you really have no say in the matter whether you like it or not.

In a defeated sigh you hang your coat back up and sit at the far end of the table, away from Thomas. You start to ponder why your Mom called Thomas’s family guests as they pretty much live here half the time anyway but then you see another family enter, they must have been the stragglers you didn’t bother to check out and now that you’ve seen them, you definitely should have bothered to look earlier.

Minho and his family enter the room, and of course you immediately spot the bruise on his cheek where you smacked him one. You look away in embarrassment and stare down at your dinner plate; wishing you’d left earlier.

“It’s so good to meet you, Glenn has been telling us a lot about your and your family.” Your Mom says as she shows them to the dinner table. They converse politely as you stare down at your hands in your lap wishing to be anywhere but here.

Your fingers itch for your phone as you feel the need to text Newt but you’re worried that if you bring up Minho and Thomas again, he might fade away like before. You can’t have that happen again. Especially if he is all by himself.

The meal begins and whenever a question is thrown your way you answer quietly and politely, you occasionally catch a glare from Thomas but you avoid him as much as possible. The night drags on slowly and you start to wonder if you’ll ever be able to escape. Then your idiotic Father opens his mouth and asks the question that is the start of the end of this polite, fancy dinner.

“Nice bruise on your cheek, how does the other guy look?”

You bite your lip and hope upon hope that Minho doesn’t say anything about you, and as his mouth opens to reply with no revengeful or spiteful look in his eye you start to think about how maybe he’d rather not point fingers at you. But why would he do something like that? Isn’t he mad? Or is it because he doesn’t want to be seen beaten up by a girl?

But as the words start to tumble from Minho’s mouth, Thomas immediately cuts in and says, “Take a look for yourself.” With a thrown finger over at you. You watch as every head turns to look at you, except Minho. He stares back at Thomas.

“Y/N…?” Your Father asks, confused.

But you don’t reply, instead you just glare at Thomas. What happened to this sweet friend of yours? Were you to harsh when you called him out for being an ass? No, you can’t take that back. Thomas stepped out of line and he knew it, so is this some sort of revenge?

“Thomas?” Thomas’s Father questions, “Is this… are you joking?”

“I can’t believe you, Thomas.” You almost growl. The attention is turned back to you. You turn your own attention to your Mom, “I’m going out.”

As you step out from your seat, Thomas stands up. “Where are you going? To Newt’s house I suppose?”

“You have a problem with that?”

“Newton…?” Minho’s Mother starts quietly, glancing over to Minho. But Minho has diverted his attention to nothing, he simply stares into space.

You leave them.

“This is my fault… if you didn’t know me then no one would be against you.” Newt almost whispers as he sits down onto the couch, head in his hands.

“It is not your fault! If Thomas wasn’t such an ass…”

“He wouldn’t be an ass if it wasn’t for me.”

“Newt, stop defending him.” You bite your tongue as you resist the urge to remind Newt exactly what Thomas had done all those years ago and you refrain yourself from telling him what happened last night when you punched Minho.

“I’m not I just –I don’t want to be the reason you can’t have dinner with your family.”

“You’re not, Thomas is. Besides, I don’t want to have dinner with them anyway, they always do things like this. Last time their topic of conversation was how much of a failure I am.”

“A failure? You’re only a senior. You haven’t had a chance to do anything to become a complete failure at.” Newt argues with a sour expression but also with a hidden expression behind his eyes, something like an understanding. You have the feeling that this isn’t the first time he’s used this as an argument.

“Try telling that to my parents.” You give him a soft sigh and plop down next to him on the couch, “Why do so many things just suck?”

“I don’t know,” Newt says softly as he scoots closer to you, wrapping an arm around your shoulders. You’re suddenly aware of Newt’s affectionate side, but then maybe he’s just a very affectionate sort of person. You’ve only ever been affectionate with Thomas, being best friends since Freshman Year has its perks but then again: is that friendship lost?

“I can’t sit here with my own thoughts.” You start, suddenly feeling a little bit nausea over the subject of friendship. All those times you had with Thomas, and only now is he showing his true side. Is it? Is that really who Thomas is?

“Okay, well I suppose you’re still hungry having left midway through your meal.” Newt says and stands up from the couch, reaching for his keys to his car.

“Actually, I’m starving. I didn’t touch my food.” You reply while gathering your coat into your arms. As you slip it on, you notice a heavy weight in your pocket and you reach inside. You’d forgotten about placing your phone in there. You take it out and light up the screen and you’re thoroughly disappointed.

No texts. No missed calls. Nothing.

Its one thing to be pissed off about your family but it’s another to just know, deep down in your heart, in your mind, to know that they do not care about you. At all. You didn’t expect Thomas to text, but what about your parents?

Newt walks over and glances down at your phone, “Let me guess, 45 missed calls and seven texts.”

You chuckle, a dry, half-hearted laugh that happens when nothing is really funny at all, just depressing. “Close enough.”

Newt looks suspiciously over at you for maybe a few seconds before heading to the front door, “Pizza or-

“Let’s eat here instead, I don’t feel like going out.” You walk over to his small but modern, open kitchen and slide open the pantry door. You inspect his cupboard, you don’t see anything worth making until your eyes slither over a box of pasta. “Ever had pasta bake?”

Newt looks over at you, slightly worried and says, “You can cook?”

“Dunno.” You take out the box of pasta and start grabbing other ingredients from around the kitchen. “But it doesn’t hurt to try, am I right?”

Newt brings his hand to the back of his head and itches it nervously, “Well, you know, it’s really not that much of a hassle to just go and get a pizza…”

“Which is why so many of us are fat.” You hold up tomatoes, capsicums and other necessary vegetables that you remember for the bake. “This has real food.”

“It won’t be real food once you take it out of the oven…” Newt argues, putting his car keys away. Then he strolls over to the couch and flops himself onto it once again, “Just try not to burn the house down.”

You slice into a tomato, “Ahem,” you slightly cough, “I’m not your slave.”

Newt raises his eyebrows, “Excuse me?”

“Come help me.”

He considers his options for a moment, whether to help or run, but being the kind person he is, he chooses to join you and you flash him a smile as he starts helping with the vegetables. And sooner than five minutes you two become a pair, a working team. You practically dance around each other as you open shelves and drawers, put things away or wash them. It’s the most fun you’ve had since crashing Thomas’s party.

Although a few times you bump into him but you start to consider that he’s doing it on purpose, especially because of that evil smirk he wears every time he does it. 

“If you don’t stop bumping into me, some serious shit will go down, shank.”

Newt closes the gap between you two to the point of it being only mere centimetres between you, “Oh yeah? What are you going to do, throw flour on me?”

You grin evilly and take handful off the stuff, “Maybe I will.”

His eyes widen in horror as you lift your hand, “Oh come on, I washed my hair today!”

You prowl closer to Newt, like a lion closing in on their prey, “Argh!” You pounce right into him, his body knocks into the bench behind him. He slips his hands on the bench to support himself. You bring your hand up to his head, your other hand pressed against the bench, supporting your weight, but then you quickly drop the flour into the sink beside him and say smugly, “Gotcha.”

“That was… thrilling.” He says jokingly.

You immediately notice the close proximity, or in other words, the lack of space. You blush and turn away from he so he doesn’t notice while you tend to the sauce. 

You sprinkle on the final layer of cheese and grin proudly down at Newt and yours creation, the detailed smells and colours flash back at you. “Now all we need to do is not set it on fire.” You take it gently into your hands and slide it into the oven. After fixing the settings you close the oven door and set a timer.

“Now hopefully it should- You’re immediately cut off by a splash of tomato paste, colouring your face incredibly red. You smell the tomato and almost cringe at it’s overpowering scent. “I hate you, Newton.” As you speak, some of the paste slips into your mouth and you almost choke.

“Personally, I think it is an improvement.” He says smugly.

You manage to cough up the paste and wipe the remains off your face with a wet cloth, “Well, now I know what your fetish is.”

He laughs it off and brings his hand over to your face as he steady’s it upright before swiping his thumb across one of your cheeks, he looks down at your confused face and says, “You missed a bit.”

You catch yourself staring dumbly into his brown eyes and quickly shift your stare away awkwardly, “Thanks.” He takes his hand away and you mentally slap yourself for being so embarrassingly awkward. “What kind of movies do you have?”

“Oh,” He says excitedly, “Lots.”

In the end, the bake didn’t turn out so well. Apparently you have to boil the pasta before putting it in the oven, who knew? Not you obviously. So instead you succumb to Newt’s ways and order a pizza. After watching the third movie, you definitely know that you’ve become sleepy. So has Newt. He kindly does the dishes without asking you to help while you lounge over his couch, the TV on some random channel. “Do you want me to take you home?”

Instead of replying, a loud knock sounds over Newt’s front door and you both look over at it curiously. You then glance at Newt, he glances at you with shrugged shoulders. “Who is it?” He calls cautiously as he edges closer to his front door. The banging stops, a few whispers break out and then a firm voice answers from behind the door.

“It’s me, Thomas.”

A/N: Hey! Sorry for the late update, I’ve had terrible writer’s block the past few days and spending my spare time on the xbox probably didn’t help… But I hope you still enjoyed this part, it’s more of a filler as I didn’t want this series to go too fast with a rushed story line. 

Also, I was so surprised and glad to have so many requests for a fourth part! Thank you for all your awesome messages!

Keep requesting! 

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Lena has a bottle of alien alcohol in her house for when Kara stays over. She's spent several nights that were meant to be game nights just watching drunk-Kara's antics because damn it it's the cutest thing ever. Sometimes Kara just affectionately braids Lena's hair for reasons Lena didn't understand because they were mumbled in Kryptonese. Also, just a kiss on the cheek from Lena makes drunk-Kara topple over like a bowling pin. It really is just unfair how cute she is.


you were a sweating moaning mess and you couldnt do anything about it. while your one daddy ashton had you pushed up against the bed finger fucking you like there was no tomorrow or evening your other daddy calum was getting the toys he wanted to use on you from the downstairs wooden dresser. you squirmed around tears of bliss daring to fall as you whimpered and moaned, daddy ashton’s fingers knuckle deep inside you. “hehheh babygirl who can make you feel this way?” ashton swallowed eyeing you down “you!” you whimpered out feeling yourself getting close. “who was that i didnt hear the proper name” he slowed down his fingers which came to a unsatisfying halt spanking you with his free hand, you groaned out “you daddy ashton!” as he laughed and began fingering you again moving up and down this time he whispered in your ear “i can feel how close you are sweetheart but you WILL NOT come until daddy tells you too” you felt him smile and you whined just in time for your savior to come through the door. your daddy calum with all sorts of treats in his hands that at the moment you cant see from the stars being placed in your vision. he smiled sitting down on the empty spot bedside you where your hands rested pathetically. “im back princess is daddy ashton treating you nicely” you didnt wanna say anything bad since his fingers were already deep inside you controlling you like a puppet ashton shot him a glare. if there is one thing about your daddies is that they are both so different from each other like yin and yang yet they both come together like a puzzle piece thats why their bromance works each are so unpredictable to one another but you know your daddies. ashton is the charming outgoing and adventurous one yet when alone with you he is rough and dirty as hell and sometimes he doesnt know when to stop good or bad take it or leave it situation, calum on the other hand is creative spontaneous and caring he will always make sure you are okay with what he is doing or if he forgets to ask before, he does afterwards, he’s extremely affectionate but that doesnt candy coat the fact that without trying he can make you cum 4 times at any given opportunity..and he just goes so deep. you looked at calum with a look only he would understand and calum sighed turning to ashton “what did you do to her mate i was gone for less than a minute”. ashton sucked his teeth in annoyance he wasnt up for calums speechs about not being to rough or “what not”. “im not letting her come until i fucking say so is that a problem” calum groaned, “yes its a problem she needs it bad enough” calum looked back at you and you gave him a soft smile he always understood. “not until i say so” ashton speed up his fingers making you cry out the blissful tears spilling calums jaw clenched at the sight. “d-daddy calum are y-you okay?” you reached out to grab his hand which he took and looked down at smiling. ashton added another finger making it 3 now causing your mouth to open no words coming out “that daddy isnt making you feel as good as what i am now” ashton scissored his fingers making you scream out and cum not even letting you finish ashton pulled his fingers out “now you dont get rewarded i told you not to come until my say” ashton straightened up. “what the fuck ash dont be a dick she couldnt control herself you took to long!” ashton just threw up his middle finger and began walking out you sat up “daddy what about me” you pouted still kind of spazzing as he turned to look at you, “you can finish your self, consider it your punishment” and with that he walked out slamming the door shut you wanted to cry you felt so bad. not doing what your daddies ask and get punished might seem ridiculous too some to get upset over but it ment something to you. calum lifted your chin to look at him, “hey hey now beautiful dont get upset you arent being punished” calum tried to assure “but daddy i didnt -” “i know you didnt ashton was being unfair you did such a good job on self control darlin” calum kissed your cheek “lasted so long” making you smile “i learned from you…edging me off so much” calum smirked at your comment “you dont have to finish yourself off sweetie, are you still horny?” you put your arms around his neck as he laid you back flat on the bed “for you..always daddy” calum chuckled and grabbed one of the toys he brought up turning it on and since now you could see you observed it was a beaded pastel vibrator “well then time to play”

I am patience, the steady rhythm of rain tapping on glass until the window is opened and water rushes in. I am the early bird who never gets the worm, but continues to be up before dawn- just in case. I am the love letters that sit quietly at the bottom of your desk drawer and eternally hope to be sent someday and caressed by new, adoring hands. I am the heart at its best: always understanding, consistently affectionate, and forever faithful. But I am also your downfall. I am as sturdy as a brick wall that keeps you from your dreams that rest on the other side. I am a whale that swallows your responses of dissent and the crane that swoops in with the submissive words of consent to wait. And so you will wait- you will wait for the love and attention that you crave instead of seeking it for yourself, and you will stand forever alone in the chill of an eternal night. Fear me, for I am everywhere, everything, and in everyone, and I will not be conquered.

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The thing that genuinely confuses me is that literally all you have to do is wartch even one of those "interactions in OTRA" vids to know 100% that larry without a doubt interact quite a lot, and very sweetly/gently too, at that. And if you can see that with your own two eyes, you have to then ask yourself: why don't they talk to each other in interviews, in public, blatantly on stage as the other boys do/etc. Why don't they interact like in 2012 anymore? Why are they not allowed to do certain +

+ things while in the GP eye? There has to be a reason why all of the other boys can interact like reg bandmates, yet h and l in the public eye cannot/couldn’t even say each others names. Its literally that simple. I just don’t understand how people wouldn’t catch on to that and say, if they really are affectionate towards each other in these little moments, why must they act like they hate each other, when none of the other boys do? Why cant people then cone to the conclusion that what we’ve+

+ been saying all along is actually / true / ? This message was long so I’m sorry lol, but it just really genuinely confuses me how some people can be so idek daft? And the “they only interact in private so people don’t think they’re gay;!!!!!11” thing is bogus in so many ways, and I’m sorry but that’s not even a plausible explanation anymore lmao and I just rlly can’t believe some people are still clinging to that and are so in denial. Anyways thx for reading this rant omg


“I just don’t understand how people wouldn’t catch on to that and say, if they really are affectionate towards each other in these little moments, why must they act like they hate each other, when none of the other boys do?”

“And the “they only interact in private so people don’t think they’re gay;!!!!!11” thing is bogus in so many ways, and I’m sorry but that’s not even a plausible explanation anymore lmao and I just rlly can’t believe some people are still clinging to that and are so in denial.”

The signs based on people I personally know
  • aries: friendly and loving. you probably talk to them about anything because you feel like they're warm and understanding. when riled up and excited, they will not hesitate to voice their opinions.
  • taurus: creative. they will probably stay up late doing a project just because it needs to suit their aesthetic. it's never a dull moment with them. they will also probably bring out your inner kid.
  • gemini: smart and analytical. they're aware of social justice issues going on. although they seem so smart to the point that you might feel stupid just talking to them, they're actually really affectionate. loves hugs and they're intimate lovers.
  • cancer: a people pleaser. they're probably willing to lend you money freely. they're kind of awkward and a bit confused but they're well meaning enough people. they probably also have little niches they're obsessed about.
  • leo: has interesting stories to tell. they like to mess around with their friends in a joking manner. they probably will do that stunt that people were just kidding about doing. also likes headwear.
  • virgo: they often believe the world is crashing down before them but in reality everything will be okay. friendly when unprovoked, a piranha when provoked. jokes are often pop culture references or inside jokes between them and you. very determined. takes care of people.
  • libra: are academically strong and plays the nice person when dealing with authority figures. however they have a wild side in them and goes out to all-nighters and after parties. when they're old and are grandpas/grandmas, they'll probably tell them of their wild adventures.
  • scorpio: selective in friends. often finds a group and sticks with them, they are very defensive of their friends. they have a soft exterior however hit the wrong note and they will turn away quick. they're also smart, being in a class that's suppose to be for students a year ahead of them.
  • sagittarius: quiet around people they don't know, making weird noises with people they do know. will go along with your joke making you feel closer to them. keeps up with pop culture and spends more time on netflix than probably recommended.
  • capricorn: can't really tell if they're being ill-willed or joking around. kind of hard to read but moments where they clearly show they love you will leave you feeling warm inside. makes jokes not everyone gets or takes a bit of time to get. also takes weird selfies?
  • aquarius: incredibly affirmative. will not agree with you unless it aligns with their ideas. knows what they want for the most part. will deal with your shit but if too much shit if placed upon them they will just reject everyone until their tensions have passed. also refuses to be the designated driver.
  • pisces: talkative. they probably will talk more than needed leading other people to just stop listening because they et the point or just interrupt. quick to label things and probably likes whatever the majority likes. they're pretty nice you question whether it's because they wants something or if it's genuine.

did i ever tell you how much i love the idea of an asexual cecil?? 


and cecils so loving and affectionate and they just cuddle and enjoy each others company. and cecil brushes carlos’ hair and gives him neck kisses when hes done. and carlos massages the kinks out of cecils neck after a long day of radio work and fighting off all the night vale nasties. and carlos knows that cecil isnt into sex and he’s understanding and loving and they’re so close to one another and love each other so much. 

just. i love. the idea. of asexual. cecil. 

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I completely agree with you about the Wives and romance, I actually think it's a bit off-putting and disrespectful to put any of the wives in a romance so soon. As for Capable and Nux, in all the many times I've seen Mad Max I never saw any romance - just very affectionate platonic friendship, almost like a mother and a child. It's a bit sad to see that the relationship Nux and Capable has is being interpreted so romantically, like their platonic bond is just as important if not more meaningful.


Capable is immediately compassionate because that’s who she is; it wasn’t love at first sight or something like that. They have an understanding, they’re friends, but I don’t think either of them would be able to start or maintain an actual romantic relationship. *shrug*