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messin w colors and brushes w my boy raz

(water hands from the eyes draws is based on a kickass design for possessed raz by my pal wondla) 

I made this special darkstache edit for @markired since it’s her birthday! I know how much she loves this ship. (Her headcanons sucked me in this hell.) Happy Birthday, Kylo!

Aaaaa how do I even begin this?? Kylo, you’re so Cool tbh??? I didn’t plan out what to say here. This is the third or fourth time I’ve written it so I’ve given up on coherent sentences at this point.

Uh, okay. I don’t wanna get super sappy here, but… You’re such a huge inspiration to me. So, before I followed you, I’d gotten out of the fandom for a while. About a year, I think? But I came back and followed you. I saw your edits and aesthetics and I thought: “That’s what I wanna do. I can make that.”

Aaaaaaah I’m sorry if this got too sappy. Keep doing what you’re doing, Kylo, because honestly? You’re super good at it. I hope you have a fantastic rest of the day!

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Arashi ni Shiyagare [2017.06.24]
└ Jun ★ Tsunagu

malec + “We’re running low on time here.”

Alec looked around warily. This was not the ideal place to be performing magic rituals no matter how long they took. “We’re running low on time here, Magnus,” he said impatiently, bow string still taught under his fingers as he circled around the warlock, looking into the darkness for any sign of danger.

“Yes, thank you, Alexander. I’d nearly thought I was vacationing in Kamalame Cay for a moment there. Consider my reality checked,” Magnus deadpanned in response, blue magic still swirling around his fingers as he examined the dead downworlder sprawled on the ground in front of him.

Alec sighed and looked over at the other man for a brief moment. “Sorry,” he replied, knowing he wasn’t being helpful. It was an unfortunate part of his personality - he could never turn off. “I just don’t want to get caught unaware by whatever this thing is that killed him.”

Alec hadn’t said ‘seelie’, hadn’t called him ‘downworlder’, but had referred to the fallen warrior as a person rather than a thing. In the short time he’d grown to know Alec, Magnus had seen his innate prejudices morphing into something more human than shadowhunter. It was a fascinating transition to watch from the outside and it also made Magnus unduly proud. Alec was the perfect man to lead the New York Institute into the future.

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First Date

               “Jane – ready to go? I thought we could maybe stop at that French restaurant over on Worth.”

                “Oh, um…” Jane’s gazed dropped as she stared at the floor, feeling the blush spreading across her face. “You mean, like a date?”

                Kurt laughed, placing his hands on her waist and pulling her closer to him. “Yes, Jane, a date. Dinner, maybe afterwards we could take a walk that doesn’t involve chasing down suspects, no paperwork to fill out. That sort of thing.”

                Jane couldn’t help but laugh, rolling her eyes at Kurt. With a small smile, she said, “It’s just that… I’m not very good at … dating.” Not that she had much experience, anyway. But then again, the last time she’d tried to date she’d run off just ten minutes in. Not to mention the kidnapping. It wasn’t that she thought that would happen with Kurt, but she couldn’t stop the knot from forming in the stomach at the thought. Dating seemed… a little daunting.

                “It’s not like it’s our first date,” Kurt said simply, pressing a quick kiss to her forehead.

                Jane looked up, confused. “What?”

                “Let’s see, we’ve known each other for a year, we’ve slept together…” he grabbed her hand, lacing their fingers together. “And we love each other. That’s at least 10th date territory, more like… I don’t know, 50th date or something.”

                “Well… when you put it like that… maybe dinner would be nice,” she smiled widely. She stepped closer to Kurt until there was no space between them, pressing a kiss to their still intertwined hands. “Tonight, you said?”


Trying to write little ficlets instead of full stories. Hoping maybe that will spark a groove instead of the mostly nothingness and frustration that’s been happening.

Also, @gypsyscarfwoman doesn’t know it, but she is probably the only reason this story exists, so thanks for that.