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the train of lost souls

fantasy au

pairing: jungkook | reader, hoseok | reader
genre: angst and tiny bits of fluff
word count: 13.610
warnings: mentions of past death 
author’s note: I promise it’s not tragic, though it might seem like it at first. pls believe in me! :)) on another note, let’s just pretend they are all the same age here, since I planned the story that way~

The moment you step inside the train, you are given two options.

You can choose to live, to be given a second and a last chance in life, in exchange for your memories and your previous existence. You can choose to be alive again, but it can only be an entirely new life. Everyone you’ve ever crossed paths with would forget your name. All the pain and the love you knew, all the ups and downs that made you hurt and made you smile — all of it, completely gone.

Or you can choose to move on, to give your life away while keeping your memories until the end of time. To step out of the world of the living and to embrace a new kind of loneliness, but with the warmth of your past always safe between your cold hands.

You are dead, but it’s up to you to do something about it.

The choice is solely yours.

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the last post from the apple music promo - it made me so wistful cuz they just go from laughing and catching one another eyes to just being wistful and it's something people do like you just get totally caught in one another and then you get a bit shy and in this case I dunno maybe louis was having a bit of a rough day and he smiled big for a moment... nice gif still!

My heart aches to witness the moments when Louis appears to catch himself in the middle of something — enjoyment? feeling carefree? — and his face falls after a look off-camera…

(Aug 2013)

Dec 2014

Dec 2014

Sept 2015

I have never related to nor loved a character as much as I love Annabeth Chase. She is multifaceted and precocious and determined to prove herself worthy, she is allowed to be rough and completely unkempt and rude and project an aura of intelligence and confidence so strong it is, at times, completely insufferable while also revealing her fears and weaknesses in moments of emotional vulnerability. She’s so terrified of not being good enough, of the people she loves leaving her (despite this she falls for a boy who everyone says is going to die) and it manifests as jealousy and arrogance and yet she is so fiercely loyal to those she loves and is willing to sacrifice herself to save them.

She gets her own backstory and character arc, she has her own relationships with side characters that have completely unique dynamics, and she grows up so much over the course of the series.

Sure, her motives can be a little unclear sometimes, and she loses a degree of her independence over the course of HoO (when she considers being with Percy more important than being alive? But just before that she left him behind to embark on an extremely important quest that Only She could do, Alone, so… back to those mixed motivations) but over all she is one of the best written female characters I have ever read, and having her as the deuteragonist in a middle-grade/YA series is so important. 

I love her. So much. I could go on and on and on about all the ways that I think she is a fantastic, layered character and my favourite ever.

Okay, but can we please speak about what happened when Peter first got caught on a „job“ (thieving) and taken into custody.

By that time, he is very likely still a boy, and since he had not been part of the Ravagers’ bigger jobs, he is fairly unknown to whatever kind of police caught him. They just hold him in custody because they can’t find out where he comes from, and he stole something rather expensive, and he also bit an officer. They don’t take him very seriously, but they also can’t just let him go, so they put him into a cell, bring him something to drink, and tell him to stay put.

And Peter is just like, this sassy little brat and comments, “Uh, you really should let me out, I’m gonna be late, and they don’t like it when I’m late.”

“Who? Are you in trouble, kid? Did you get kidnapped?”

“Nah, so, they kind of call it “picking me up”, but eh, not that important. Can you let me out please? They don’t like it when I run late.”

“Boy, if you don’t tell us where you are from and who you are talking about, then we really can’t let you out. You stole something. Do you even realize the amount of trouble you are in?”

And Peter smiles, actually smiles at the officer, and says, “No, but I know the amount of trouble you’re going to be in.”

And then it starts – there are shots being fired in front of the door, rough laughter and yells resounding, and over everything else, the sound of whistling?! And the officer reacts fast, he really does, but in the time he takes to dive for his weapon (because why should he keep his weapon on him when he’s only dealing with a child), the door already flies out of its hinges, and a bunch of Ravagers makes their way into the room, weapons raised and with very, very unhappy expressions.

A blazing red arrow cuts through the air, stopping with its quivering tip only inches from the frozen officer’s throat, and a rough voice bellows “QUILL!”

“I’m here!” Peter yells back.

“We found the kid, Capt’n!” someone calls helpfully in the same moment.

“Tullk, I just said I’m here, dude.”

Yondu stomps into the room, coat singed from blaster shots aimed at him, expression murderous until he spots the little Terran in the cell. “Darn it, Quill, what did I tell ya ‘bout getting caught?!”

“I don’t know – not to do it?!“

"Excactly. And yet I see ya over there, nice and caught.”

I almost got away, Yondu, come on!”

“Almost ain’t good enough, ya brat. Ya go back to ya duties on ship until I say ya can try again!”

“What?! No, that’s unfair! I’m never going to get better if you just…”

“Ya try and argue with me, I leave ya ‘ere.”

“…Okayyyy, back to ship duties.”

The shivering officer just watches, frozen and disbelieving, as the arrow zips away from his throat – he apparently has been forgotten in his corner – and vanishes in its master’s holster again. In the meantime, a scrawny Xandarian with a Mohawk opens the door for Peter, letting the kid out (“Kraglin, come on, tell Yondu I get to try again, yeah?” – “Naw, don’chu drag me into that, Pete”) and a Krylorian picks the boy up and carries him on his shoulders. The leader of the whole group is still bickering with the child (“Ya were late, Quill” – “I was caught, Yondu! You can’t blame me!”) as they make their way out of the busted door and down the hallway.

The last thing the lucky man hears, waving down the hallway, is -

“But Capt’n, a’ least we got our Terran back.”


“We probably shoulda get ‘im a coat, so they ain’t gonna mess with ‘im again, aye, Capt’n?”


“I get a coat?! AWESOME!”

“Quill, shut it.”

“Sorry. But I still get a coat, yeah?”

“Oh by the stars, kid, ya givin’ me a headache again.”

It becomes a very important rule all over the galaxy to be careful when dealing with a certain Terran child, because it is a known fact that there will be a whole Ravager troop not too far away, ready to bail the child out again.

(Thanks to @forgedobsidian for being such a source of inspiration, the ideas keep coming when talking to you. =D)

Dating Yongguk would include:
  • dating Yongguk means you are a mom to the rest 
  • like they will literally call you both parents 
  • even if you are younger than one of them they will still call you mom
  • Yongguk would be sometimes annoyed because he wanted to spend some time with you but guess who’s with you ;-)
  • other girls being jealous, cause he chose you
  • i don’t think Yongguk would be very jealous because he knows you love him and you’re not going to leave him
  • calls you ‘dearest’ ‘my queen’ and ‘my darling’ 
  • he has the money and wants to spoil you all the damn time
  • whenever you get upsed or mad at him he would come to you and ask “CHANNEL? PRADA? GUCCI? what do you want??” 
  • then he smiles and ask “of course me, right?”
  • calling him your suggar daddy
  • he says he don’t like it at all but he lowkey love it
  • he gives you a lot of tight hugs when you need him
  • actually i think Yongguk would love to hug you or kiss you or just to be in touch with you
  • he would support you no matter what and vice versa
  • he likes to slow dance with you
  • imagine its like 2 am in the morning and you two are snuggle with each other and slowly moving to daddy issues by the neighbourhood
  • if he could he woould spend hours kissing you
  • soft kisses on your neck 
  • during intimate moments i think Yongguk would be pretty rough but also gentle with you and only for you
  • lots of lazy mornings when he has free days
  • long walks
  • him always taking care of you
  • running your fingers through his hair
  • he never hide anything from you, he tells you everything up front and expects you to do the same
  • leaving adorable notes all around the house
  • wearing his clothes ofc
  • drinking with him wine or champagne
  • you would be a l w a y s the first person who hears his new music and he would ask you what you think because your opinion matters to him the most
  • writing a lot some songs about you
  • because you are his inspiration
  • holding you really close to him
  • when you guys are out on a date or something and he sees some guy is staring at you Yongguk would kiss you and smirk at this guy
  • “look at this beauty, i bet you’re jealous.”
  • he would touch your ass whenever he can 
  • having dinner with each other’s families
  • his family adores you!!!
  • you would be best friends with his sister
  • he tells you he loves you every night before sleep


// zoey xoxo

The Pleasure Collection | 2. If You Insist

Genre: Smut/Angst

Word Count: 14.5k

Summary: After being targeted by the criminal that has been kidnapping young women across the city, you meet a certain police officer who makes it his sole mission to protect you.

A/N: The goal of this collection was to write pure smut… clearly I got carried away with the story for this one. Thank you so much to @mirai-miri and @jngukie for your support and willingness to talk through ideas with me <3 

Originally posted by pinkpopcorn99

Heart pounding, arms pumping, muscles aching. A sweaty sheen covers your skin. Adrenaline pushes you and you refuse to stop running until you feel safe. You have a feeling it may be a while but you continue to run as your jagged breath makes your throat raw. Frantically, you search for somewhere to go.

It’s your first week in this new city. You just started taking courses for your Masters degree. You had been looking forward to a fresh start for your life and a new beginning to your career. But this is not what you expected.

You should have been more careful.

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Got7 Reaction  — Kissing Them

Mark  —

Soft and slowly, hands cupping your face as he tries to deepen the kiss even more. This isn’t your first time kissing him and you knew how Mark got when things were taken to another level so you had to make sure to take a breather.

“Do you see how crazy I am about you? I could just kiss you forever.”

“Babe, stop the boys are watching.”

JB  —

He liked to get right into it when he was in the mood and needed some release, but there would be days like this one where he would take his time. Slowly building the tension between you two before finally pressing his lips against yours, trying to be sly and slip his tongue in only to have you scold him.

“Can I just kiss my boyfriend without kissing my boyfriend?”

“I can’t help it, this thing has a mind of its own.”

Jackson  —

It would go from 0-100 quickly, he’d be soft and sweet one second then be rough and pushing you back into the couch to try and get more of you. He’d already found a way to slip his tongue in while running his hands up your sides. He couldn’t get enough of you, even when you were giving him your all.

“Jackson, the guys could walk in any moment.”

“Let them.”

Jinyoung  —

Jinyoung liked to keep things PG-13, especially in front of the other members. You liked to be a little wild and try to turn things up a bit but Jinyoung would always stop you, as if reading your thoughts. He didn’t like PDA getting too heated in front of others and preferred to keep that for the bedroom.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

“What? A little spice doesn’t hurt?”

Youngjae  —

You liked to always tease Youngjae and smother him with kisses, you always enjoyed seeing him all red and flustered as you whispered dirty things in his ear while kissing him sweetly. He would go very red when kissing around the others and would always pull away or out of the kiss.

“Youngjae?! What the heck?”

“I thought I heard someone come in.”

BamBam  —

Bam Bam was a very open person all the time, and when it came to your relationship he was no different. Always having hot and heavy make out sessions on front of the other members and making you all flustered in front of the others. Kissing him was just a regular thing you two did quite often.

“They’re looking at us.”

“They’re jealous.”

Yugyeom  —

Yugyeom wasn’t big on the other members seeing him express himself that way towards you, afraid he’ll get teased for it later by them. It was hard to find the right time to actually kiss you since he’d be around them almost 24/7. But he’d manage to pull you away for a few minutes to just kiss you.

“We better get back, they’re probably going to come looking for us if we don’t.”

“But I like kissing you.”

- Admin Nim 🍑

When You Can’t Sleep

  It was getting later and later, and still stubbornly sleep evaded you, refusing to allow you to retire from what had been an admittedly difficult day. You had tried everything you could think of, short of actually knocking yourself out, but none of it was working. Counting sheep, patterned breathing, you had even done that thing where you think about every muscle individually and relax them one at a time, but even that hadn’t helped. The once comforting and familiar darkness of your room was staring to creep you out in all honesty. That was how you knew it was time to take action. You turned over in bed to face  your soundly sleeping boyfriend. You crinkled your nose in indecision. He had said that he was here to help you with anything… But you were unsure whether or not that included waking him at 2:00 in the morning because you couldn’t sleep. But at this point, you didn’t care anymore, you were desperate. Taking a deep breath you reached out to touch his back and wake him.

  Tamaki instantly responded to your touch, rolling over and pulling you lazily but firmly into his arms. “Mon amour… what is it you need so early?” You looked into his half lidded eyes, apologetic. You almost regretted waking him up… “I can’t sleep.” you explained, hardly over a whisper. In response he simply grinned down at you. “Well why didn’t you say so? Would you like me to tell you a story?” You simply nodded in response. He thought for a moment, trying to find just the right story to tell. After a while, he began in a low, melodious voice, rough with sleep. “Once upon a time, there was a prince and a princess…” You smiled, snuggling deeper into his comforting warmth. How did you get so lucky, you wondered, as to have a boyfriend like this. You finally fell asleep, more to his voice telling the story more than the words he was saying, counting your blessings, him following shortly thereafter.

  Kyoya didn’t move. His sleeping mind ignored your touch and went on with its much loved sleep. You were hesitant to try again, since everyone knows that its practically asking for death to wake Kyoya from his sleep, but the shadows in the room had become more menacing than comforting, and all you wanted to sleep. Once you got him awake, you knew he would know what to do. He always did. So, once more you reached out a tentative hand and shook him slightly harder than last time. “Kyoya?” Your soft voice roused him that last push and he rolled over to face you, glaring slightly. “Whatever could you possibly need at this hour (y/n)?” You pouted slightly. “I’m sorry I woke you Kyoya. I just… I couldn’t sleep and you said that if I ever needed something that I could ask you.” He sighed, but his gaze did soften exponentially. “I suppose I did say that. What would you request of me, now that I’m up?” You thought about it for a moment. “Talk to me? Put me to sleep Kyoya.” His eyebrow raised lazily. “Are you calling me boring (y/n)?” You flushed slightly at the misunderstanding. “No! I just… I don’t know, it seemed  like a good idea.” He pursed his lips slightly, thinking. “How about we go on a drive? I’m already up, and I’ve read that the motions of the car can help to lull people to sleep.” You thought it over. There’s no reason it wouldn’t work really… and worst case scenario, the city is really pretty at night. “Alright, let’s go then.”

  Hikaru, to your surprise was already awake. “Couldn’t sleep either?” he asked you. You nodded your head, confirming his statement. “What do we do now?” He wrapped his arms around you, running a hand absentmindedly through your (h/c) hair. “I dunno.” He responded absently, thinking on what to do now that you were both, regrettably, awake. “Screw it.” he stated, causing you to raise your eyebrows in question. “Wanna go play video games until we pass out?” You laughed slightly. Of course his big idea was to play video games. “Why not.” You agreed. The two of you got up, heading downstairs in just your pajamas. You sat on the couch as he set up the console. “What do you want to play?” He asked, eliciting a shrug and noncommittal noise from you. He popped something random into the machine and joined you on the couch. The game he put in was some sort of deep sea diving game that he claimed would help the two of you relax. It did just that, as not even ten minutes into the game, the two of you were passed out on the couch in a heap, snoring loudly.

  Kaoru was up as soon as you touched his back. Groaning, he rolled over, not even opening his eyes as he pulled you to his chest. “Yes (y/n)?” Frowning a bit, you hugged him in apology. “I’m sorry for waking you. I couldn’t sleep…” He sighed a bit, still not fully awake, and clearly wanting to be back asleep. Rolling onto his back and pulling you on top of him, he put his lip to your ears. “Go to sleep (y/n),” he whispered gently. He continued absentmindedly whispering into your ear, his voice lulling you to sleep faster than anything else you could have tried. He whispered anything and everything he thought of to you, his voice being more important than the actual words. He whispered about what you two were going to do tomorrow to start with, but right before you fell asleep, you were pretty sure you heard him whispering the grocery list to you. You felt his lips on your forehead, just before you heard “Goodnight (y/n), sleep well.”

  Mori took some effort to wake, seeing as he was basically a human brick wall, but once he was up, you had all of his attention. It actually surprised and impressed you how fast he went from asleep to completely alert and aware. His eyes questioned you as he looked down at you. “I couldn’t sleep…” you whispered, somewhat reluctant to break the peaceful atmosphere. He nodded, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you in close. “Sleep now (y/n).” He said in his deep, comforting voice. He then proceeded to run his hands through your (h/c) hair, massaging your scalp lightly as he did so. His massaging trailed down your back, eliciting an almost purr-like sound from your throat, causing him to chuckle in response. He trailed his way down your back slowly, causing every muscle in you to relax. You ended up falling asleep to a particularly comforting massage on your lower back. He gazed fondly down at your finally sleeping form, a  slight smile on his lips, before eventually dozing off, joining you in the dream land in your minds.

  Honey, to your surprise and great relief was already up. He turned over to face you the second he felt your hand touch his back. “What are you doing up (y/n)-chan?” You tilted your head slightly in confusion. “I couldn’t sleep. Why are you up?” You questioned, genuinely curious as to why he wasn’t sleeping. “Well, you see I was trying to decide whether or not to have my special cake night tonight, because if I did then I would have to leave you up here all by yourself! I didn’t want to do that, but I really wanted some cake!” You grinned at his eagerness and pleading eyes. He was dropping some not-so-subtle hints.You pretended to think it over for a moment. “Well, I suppose since I’m up…” his eyes lit up as you dragged out the sentence, “maybe we could go downstairs and eat the cake together.” He jumped out of the bed in record speed, dragging you behind him. “I was thinking the same thing!” Laughing, you followed him down to the kitchen. There was no chance of sleep tonight, you realized, but you got some Honey time and that was always a win in your opinion. Besides, maybe tomorrow you could take a nap together~

 Not requested by anyone in particular, I just felt like writing this one! If you have any requests, send them on my way~ Any and all constructive criticism is appreciated, and please send and=y tips, I’m always looking for ways to be a better writer! Thank you for reading! Sincerely, 

Ashes~ <3

NCT As Boyfriends | Jaehyun
  • would love to sing to you they all would
  • likes to have dates at home and likes to cook for you/make them really cute
  • hates to be seen as “soft” but does it for you
  • teases you
  • A LOT
  • about anything and everything
  • likes to learn new things with you like a language or new instrument
  • will never stop talking about you
  • “so this is the girl we’ve been hearing so much about”
  • would leave you little notes around the house
  • always reminds you to take care of yourself
  • if he notices that you’re stressed out he’ll do everything in his power to relieve you of that
  • likes to take baths together
  • “did you see that cute puppy video i sent you earlier?”
  • would be the type to have a million emojis next to your name
  • always wants you to send him your selfies so he can obsess over you
  • likes to have something with him that reminds him of you in his backpack when he’s not with you
  • likes to do the most basic stuff with you like grocery shop 
  • enjoys outdoor dates like picnics or going to the beach
  • if he’s upset with you he just won’t talk to you
  • but then he’ll feel bad and get you your favorite food or dessert
  • and then in bED
  • let me tell you about this boy in bed
  • like yuta he is very vocal
  • but i think he’d be more romantic than rough but he gets his moods
  • he’d love to be a sub he would think its the sexiest thing in the world to be controlled by you
  • but every sub has their dom moments so
  • “you make daddy feel so good”
  • definitely a daddy kink
  • jaehyun is literally the most daddy person i’ve ever seen
  • he’s obsessed with grabbing your hair during sex
  • he loves it when you scratch his back because then he knows that he’s making you feel good
  • he really really really loves it when you moan is name instead of inaudible sounds
  • he’d also have a bucket list of places to do it
  • plot twist you guys have already done it in the practice room 
Naughty Boy*

Steve Rogers x Reader Fic

Paring: Steve Rogers x Reader  |  Word Count: 2068
Warnings: Fluff, Embarrassed Steve, Smut NSFW (18+)

Song: Nasty Naughty Boy by Christina Aguilera (this is what happens when I spend the day trolling Spotify instead of being productive.)

Summary: Steve’s birthday takes a surprising turn.

“What in the world are we doing here?” Steve asked, cheeks already reddening.

“You only turn a hundred once, Cap,” Natasha snickered, leading Steve toward a table just slightly off center of the stage.

“Yeah, but…” he sighed when Bucky clamped the metal hand on his shoulder and shoved him in a chair.

“You’re such a wuss. It’s not a strip club, so what’s your beef?” Bucky snickered.

“Yeah, Cap. It’s burlesque. You don’t even get to see… the fun bits,” Sam snickered. “Plus, this is a nice place. Classy.”

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Favorite part

Originally posted by professorlupins

✖ Characters/relationships: Original!Percival Graves x Reader

✖ Genres: Power play, smut

✖ Summary: Reader is a new Auror at MACUSA but she doesn’t slip past an experienced eye of Percival Graves. @Anonymous

✖ Disclaimer: All characters are at least 21 y/o unless stated otherwise.

✖ Word count: 5940

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William “B.J.” Blazkowicz is a very large, very physically imposing, tough-as-nails, PTSD-stricken, fatalist warrior poet berserker from Texas that nearly every Nazi he doesn’t kill on sight (which is exceptionally rare) compliments on his “strong, Aryan features.”

He is also Jewish. Fans of Wolfenstein have debated and speculated over it for years but what I’m showing you up there is “Word of God” confirmation.

Why do I care about this so much?

Well, part of it is because I’m displeased and bothered by some people’s reaction to the Wolfenstein II trailer, poo-pooing it as just a game about a “white man” defeating fascism with a machinegun. And I think that’s a judgemental way of looking at it and at B.J. as a protagonist. At worst, it’s erasure of much-needed Jewish representation in videogames. 

But there’s a snag. See, some of you Wolfenstein fans may know that John Romero and Tom Hall, despite instrumental in bringing the series (and the entire first-person shooter genre with it) to life, haven’t been involved with it in years. The franchise is currently steered by Machinegames, a Swedish-based subsidiary of ZeniMax media which famously also owns Bethesda Softworks, which currently publishes the Wolfenstein games. In 2013, Kotaku editor-in-chief Stephen Totilo wrote an article where he talked about how he posed the question of B.J.’s potential Jewish heritage to the developers of Wolfenstein: The New Order at the time. The spokesperson for Bethesda that he spoke to responded, “ It’s never explicitly stated in the game… They leave it up to the player to interpret.”

The game was released. It was awesome. In one level, the player as B.J discovers plans for a Nazi lunar base and included within are documents written in Hebrew. He translates them with ease to his fellow resistance fighters. And the interpretation that B.J. MUST be Jewish hasn’t stopped since. But the game’s developers, as far as I know, have kept to their line about it being up for interpretation. And despite that very distinct moment, they seem to do everything in their power to downplay the possibility, playing up the fact that B.J. is just a rough and tumble good ol’ boy from Texas who plays the guitar and loves country music and has Polish ancestry. 

I think I’ve made my conclusion quite clear and I know I’m not the only one. But I think that room for doubt that the developers have left open holds the franchise back from reaching its full narrative potential. See, I was born in 1990. I’ve been playing Wolfenstein and games like it since I had motor skills. I was splitting virtual Nazi melons before I even knew what a Nazi was. Medal of Honor, Call of Duty, Brothers in Arms, Secret Weapons Over Normandy, Army Men: World War, I’ve played them all. All of them filled with narratives about brave men facing the odds, outgunned and outmanned but prevailing against the forces of evil, saving the world from Hitler’s tyranny. They put all of that romanticism about the Greatest Generation in your hands.

But you know what’s missing? Jewish people. And the realities of what they faced in the world at that time. That’s what made Wolfenstein: The New Order stand out to me, on top of being just a phenomenal game in so many other ways - they actually kinda sorta started to address stuff like that. I say kinda sorta because like, there’s a part where you literally get yourself captured and sent to a concentration camp to rescue a Jewish inventor named Set Roth who is the key to toppling the entire regime, but neither him nor B.J. really talk about it outside of the immediate “okay, we gotta get out of here so we can go to the secret lab where hidden superweapons are.” 

You know, I get not wanting to gamify one of the worst genocides in history. I get not wanting to make suffering porn in order to tug at players’ heartstrings or illicit a visceral reaction. But if your goal is to be in your face about how much the world would be a creepy and depressing shitheap if the Nazis won World War II so as to make blowing it all up cathartic and pleasurable, I think the people in charge of Wolfenstein owe it to the people that real-life Nazism harmed irreparably to let them see themselves behind the trigger. To me, B.J. Blazkovich is not just an angry white man with a gun. He is a continuous, defiant Jewish survivor getting to do something that many Jews actually did but scarcely get the credit for. And to see critics of Wolfenstein’s admittedly heavy-handed approach dismiss that is something that troubles me. But I also understand why they do that because Machinegames and Bethesda, in their attempt to make B.J. a sort of everyman have stripped him of an identity that could give representation to people who are extremely hard-pressed to see themselves in entertainment mediums like this. So I thought I’d say something about it. But hey, who knows what the future holds? Maybe The New Colossus will develop B.J.’s character in ways we haven’t yet seen. Either way, I’m there. Get psyched. 

“Imagine being lost in the forest with Logan, and him trying to warm you up because you’re cold" 

Words: 2,534

Rating: All Ages

Warnings: None

                “I… I’m sorry. Let me t-try the phone again.”

                “Would you jus’ shut up, kid? It ain’t your fault.” The words slipped from his mouth without so much as a single stutter, the familiar gravel of his tone cutting through the bitter northern wind as sharp as a steel blade. Your nerves were set alight with such a harsh inflection, and you bit down on your bluing lower lip, trying to stop your teeth from chattering long enough to respond.

                “Please, Logan, just one more try. We might get a signal n-now.” A growl tore from his throat before you could even attempt to grab for the mangled plastic phone he had stashed in his pocket. It was clear that the man’s patience with you was already wearing thin, and he was absolutely oblivious to your desperation.

                “It’s a sat’ phone, I already told you that. If we ain’t gettin’ a signal, it’s broken. I’m surprised it’s even still in one piece,” he said, his voice dropping a bit out of what seemed to be sheer irritation with the circumstances. His arm went to cover the pocket that held the crushed remains of the satellite phone, as thought it would deter you from another attempt to make a call.

                Finding no need to respond, you dropped your head, staring blankly down at your boots. One footstep after another they sunk into the snow, a line of indentations trailing behind you and the rugged mutant that you had been walking alongside. Clouds of white steam drifted from your nose and up towards the hollow emptiness where a canopy had once stood. The ghosts of shaking breaths dissipated between the bony branches of the expansive forest, as though they were trying to escape from the dire situation had befallen you. Similar specters of white seeped from the toothy grimace that marred Logan’s face, entwining with your own exhalations as they clawed their way to the deep indigo sky.

                Dread settled in your stomach as you stared at the final shreds of sunset, streaks of blood red  on the horizon that seemed to taunt you with the promise of nothing but a frigid night ahead. The snow that brushed against your legs had already turned your feet numb, and each step felt like leaden weights had been tied to your ankles. The boots and jacket you donned were far from adequate protection from the elements and terrain, but after being stranded in the middle of an unknown forest, they were all that you could turn to for comfort. The cold was so intense that your fingers felt like they were nothing but a memory, and your teeth had begun an incessant stream of involuntary chattering. Despite all efforts to clench your jaw, the rattling still reverberated in your skull, the muscles in your cheeks aching from the motion.

                “L-listen, Loga-“

                “Wha’ did I tell ya? Shut up,” he snarled, the typical cold indifference replaced by undisputable hostility. Such a biting comment was enough to make you flinch back, screwing your eyes shut for just a brief moment as you let the scalding words wound your heart before they rolled off your back. You knew that the situation was far from ideal, but it was never your intention to allow the weapons to get so close to the off-road vehicle, and it was definitely never your intention to be so incompetent in fighting that the vehicle would overturn. It had taken all of your willpower not to sob upon completion of the conflict, knowing that although the enemies had been subdued, you had just cost the both of you the only map you had to get out of the forest, and a cold night awaited after what had been a mild day.

                The tears threatened to spill again, but you swallowed them back, knowing that they would only freeze upon your face as it got colder and colder. Despite your best efforts, Logan must have heard your meager attempt to shield your emotions, and after a few more moments of silence, he spoke up again.

                “I’m not going to say it again; that wasn’t your fault. We didn’t know they’d be so hostile. I’m just trying to get a message to Charles to let him know we’re in trouble. The bird should be here as soon as he knows we’re stranded out here. I just dunno when he’ll start to suspect that something went wrong and start tuning in,” Logan muttered, gesturing to his skull. Shame coursed through your veins once more; of course Logan was working on his own solution to your predicament, and his efforts to silence you had been for your mutual benefit.

You admired his strength and willpower, but your own was waning by the second. Waves of exhaustion crashed over you like an endless sea, and each step seemed to sap your energy more and more. The cold was calling for you to succumb, and although you had soldiered on for miles up until now, the weight of the cold and of the daunting night ahead made blackness crowd out your vision.

                “L-Logan,” you stutter again, trying to ignore the sharp pain and effort it took to even get a single word out. “Please, please can we stop for just a minute? I-I’m cold, I need to take a break.” Before he could even agree to your plea, your shaking knees forced you to stand still in an attempt to recover some strength. Darkness still clouding the edges of your periphery, you watched as Logan took a few more steps before stopping and turning back to look at you, your knees bending as you threatened to crash to the ground.

                “Oh, no ya don’t,” he growled, striding through the snow to arrive back at your side. “You can’t stop moving now. If you stop, you’re going to be hurtin’ real bad. If you take a break in weather like this, that’s when the cold gets dangerous. You won’t be able to feel your limbs, and you’ll want to take a nice, long nap. There’s no guarantee you’d wake up from that lil’ nap, and even if you did, you might lose a few odd fingers along the way.”

                “How do you know that?” You questioned weakly, staring up at him through squinted eyes, realizing just how quickly night was falling as his figure appeared before you as nothing more than an angered shadow. A grimace worked its way across his face, etching wrinkles into his forehead from the expression he had exhausted many times before.

                “I’ve been stuck out in enough Canadian winters to know hypothermia when I see it. I’ve also seen enough men plenty bigger and tougher ‘an you die from it.” The critical glare he still bore sent a shiver up your spine, and despite the cold, it felt as though his judgement were searing your soul with its intensity. In an attempt to lighten the mood, and for him to allow you to stand still just a few moments longer, you forced more words through your off-color lips.

                “Is th-that why this weather d-doesn’t bother you?” You watched as he quirked his head to the side, eyebrow raising slightly. Crossing his arms, he answered your question a bit more gently than he had previous ones.

                “What, me being a Canadian? I ‘spose so. But I think you’re forgetting I pretty much can’t die. I’ve had worse.” He fell silent, and seemed to look you over with a harsh, cold, judgmental gaze. You closed your eyes, somewhat ashamed that you were feeling so weak in the presence of someone who was so clearly so strong and resilient. He grunted, and with the gruff sound you found enough strength to open your eyes again, trying to ignore how numb your legs were beginning to feel now that you stopped moving. After a short sigh, more words fell from his lips, these too gentle in nature.

                “Damn, I’m sorry,” he muttered. The apology was enough to keep your attention focused forward, your pain taking the back burner as you strained to hear some of the first caring words from a man that was known as nothing more than a brutal killing machine. “I didn’t even think that you’d be this cold. You don’t look too good, kid.”

                “Th-thanks,” you tried to joke, but the comment fell flat as embarrassment burned in your cheeks. A heavy arm dropped across your shoulder, and Logan suddenly engulfed you from the side with his massive form.

                “Listen, I was wrong. We’re going to take a break. I don’t want you losin’ any toes out here. That jacket just ain’t enough for the kind of cold we’re getting tonight. I’ll see what I can do to warm you up,” he spoke into your ear, his feet beginning to move in slow deliberate steps, a speed that you still struggled to keep up with. But the thought of taking a true break was enough to motivate you to take just a few more steps, knowing that you would be settling down in a matter of moments.

                The weathered X-Man led you to the base of a sturdy pine tree, its branches weighted and drooping with the hefty white snow. The deep green brushed at your hair as you stumbled beneath it, and Logan lowered you gently to the ground, letting your body fall to a small patch of dirt and pine needles. Reluctantly pulling your hands from your pockets, you used your purple fingers to help yourself sit up with your back to the rough bark, panting from the cold and from the exhaustion.

                In the next moment, Logan lowered himself next to you, his back sharing the tree as bodily support. While you found yourself closing your eyes in the bliss of momentary respite, you could feel Logan’s sharp gaze running over you one more time. The next sound that came to your ears was one of shuffling cloth, and before you knew it, the heavy biker’s jacket that Logan had been wearing was draped over your body like a thick blanket.

                The weight of the garment provided immediate comfort, and the warmth followed soon afterward. The residual heat from Logan’s burly body was enough to strike you through your frosted layers, and in that moment, you swore that there was nothing closer to heaven on earth. Being enveloped in something so luxurious was enough to give you the strength to open your eyes and look over at the man who had been partnered with you, his bare arms now exposed to the frigid cold.

                “Are… are you cold? T-take your jacket back, Logan. I don’t need it.”

                “You do, kid, so shove it. ‘Sides, I’ve been colder.” The sharp reply was enough to silence you, but you couldn’t help but stare at Logan’s arms, the skin open to the harsh elements that had been causing your flesh to sting and burn for the last hour or more. The evidence of snow and freezing air would support the notion that Logan was just as cold as you were, but his skin was still full of color, and he was incredibly still, as opposed to the quivering leaf that your entire frame had become. Had you not felt so frigid or exhausted, you would have continued to insist that he take his jacket back, but for the time being, you were merely grateful to have an additional layer of protection against the coming night.

                A sneeze suddenly tore free from your mouth, a shallow coughing sound that was lost in the empty woods, a mere byproduct of your current miserable state. Embarrassed from yet another display of weakness, you weren’t even able to stutter an apology before a heavy arm fell over your shoulder, and Logan’s sizeable arms yanked your body tight against his barrel chest.

                “Christ, runt, don’t die on me.”


                “I told you to shut up, didn’t I? Looks like we’ll be in this one for the long haul. It’s only gettin’ darker, and Charles hasn’t said a word, so this might be where we’re spending the night.” It was clear by the tone of his voice that he was less than thrilled at the prospect of an overnight stay in the middle of nowhere, but his inflection was one of the last thoughts on your mind. Rather, you were focused on how incredibly warm the muscular body was, the sculpted figure that you were now pressed against with considerable strength.

                “Sure you’re okay?” You asked this out of concern, but the compassionate effect was lost.  In comparison to his, your voice was weak, but it seemed that Logan had no problem hearing you. After a moment’s pause, his arm squeezing around you as though to assure you that he was still there, he responded.

                “Jus’ worried about you, that’s all. You’re cold as a block of ice, and let me tell you, Charles’ll have my head if you get real hurt from all this bullshit.” You could tell that the words were supposed to have some sort of bite to them, but as the night crept up on the both of you, they fell incredibly flat. It was suddenly clear that both of you now understood what had not been spoken aloud; in this moment, Logan cared for you. His gruff exterior, his scarred skin, the façade that he kept up easily with a grimace and a growl, it was forced to melt away. As the darkness closed in, he had been forced to show his concern, even compassion, for your sake.

                You swallowed, clenching your chattering teeth to accomplish the feat, and realized that there was no better time to take advantage of the closeness you had gained. Despite the cold, you did your best to relax and push your body as deep into Logan as you could, gaining as much contact as possible. You felt as though if you could meld your form with his, you would without a moment of hesitation. Compared to the bitter cold of the night air, he was as warm as the top of a radiator, a small beacon of light in the desolate forest in which you were lost.

A few moments later, you felt his chin come to rest on top of your head, effectively burying your face in the crook of his neck. The gruff bristles of his facial hair tickled your scalp for just a few moments, and the weight of his gesture brought on a new wave of comfort. For a few seconds longer, there was silence. His deep voice seemed to run through your entire body when he spoke, warming you from the inside out.

                “You relax, ‘aight? I’ve got you. We’ll get through this. I’ll keep you warm. We’re gonna make it, I promise.”

                And even though you were so cold it was painful, and you felt so helpless it made your chest seize, you knew that you had to believe him. So you allowed yourself a moment of bliss, listening to his thunderous heartbeat echoing in your ears, and trusted that he would hold you close until help arrived. 

anonymous asked:

Can u do an imagine where u broke your arm so you had to get laughing gas. And you wake up all loopy and Grayson is a helper and then you talk about how you guys are gonna get married and have kids. You see the video and go back to apologize but then he ends up asking you on a date. (There's a video that was inspired by this on YouTube called ' girl proposes to nurse on anesthesia!!' Just in case you need more details)

OMG I LOVE THAT VIDEO AND I LOVE THIS IDEA YOU ARE HEAVENLY FOR REQUESTING THIS, I put my own twist in as I was in love with the idea that I wrote at the end instead. I hope you enjoy!

The room is spinning, the border of the wallpaper is melting to the floor and you’re not even quite sure you remember who you are. Those damn stairs to your third floor apartment were the stairs from hell, claiming your arm as a victory. Ten grocery bags and three flights of stairs didn’t mix well with you, the reason why you’d stared in horror at your hanging arm with vomit in your throat.

The recovery room is blindingly bright and the occupant behind the curtain next to you is moaning in pain. It all sounds like a scratched up CD, cutting in and out and twisting all together into one horrible background noise. You would wonder where your friends or your parents were, but you were far too high to care.

The doctor had unfortunately done surgery, having to place a metal rod through your arm, the caution yellow cast nearly putting your eyes out. Your mouth was dry, your tongue sticking to the roof of your mouth like shoving an entire spoon of peanut butter in without anything water to drink. You groaned out in agitation from the lack of liquid, and partly from the lack of company, your eyes double visioned as you tried to make out the green scrubs by the foot of the bed. “I’m here to give you a little more medicine, Miss Y/L/N.”

You squinted to focus, not truly seeing the nurse until he sat in the chair next to you, a vial of antibiotics in his hand. You shook your head to rid the swirling of your eyes, zoning in on the most handsome creature you’d ever seen. “Omg, you’re hot as fuck.”

His bellowing laugh made your droopy smile feel like it was willing to slip right off your face. “I’d say that’s a first from a patient.”

You don’t even acknowledge his hands placing the syringe of antibiotics by your IV, all you could care about was how you’d lucked up with the hottest nurse in history. “You’ve got to be fibbin.” You’d try to correct your slur but your tongue felt ten sizes too large for your mouth.

His hand reaches over to the bedside table, grasping a styrofoam cup full of glorious ice. “Here, you can’t have water yet, but this should help a little.”

The spoon scraping against the ice sounds like nails against a chalkboard, he reaches out to feed you some, a few falling carelessly to the bed sheets to melt. You focus on his rounded button nose, the slight stubble on his chin, the flecks of green that dot his irises in such an interesting way. You’re in slow motion, it feels like years that your undamaged arm reaches out to him, your pointer finger booping his nose as you bust into a fit of girly giggles. “You are just SO cute! Are you married?”

He grasps your hand which is still floating in mid air on its own, placing it to the sheets. The warmth feels like euphoria, the medication running through your veins making you a block of ice. You grasp onto it, refusing to let go even as he tries to gently pull away. He relents after a moment with a sincere smile, letting you play with the rough pads of his fingertips. “No, I’m not married.”

You giggle out again, it was actually embarrassing as you weren’t a giggler, but the high was too intense to stop you from doing it. “Okay,” you pull his hand to rub along the side of your cheek, “you can marry me then.”

Instead of handling the overbearing situation awkwardly or rudely, he continues to smile like the obvious gentleman he is. “You’re very forward aren’t you?”

You grasp his entire arm to cuddle into as he checks to make sure your injured arm is safe as you roll over. “No, I just love you. Do you love me?”

His head throws back as his laugh bounces off the melting walls and echoes in your head, you really like the sound of it. “Only if you let me check your blood pressure.”

He rolls to the side to grasp the blood pressure cuff, having to extend his body as your death grip is not letting go of his arm. “Alright, sexy, cuff me!” His laugh blows out through his nose as he shakes his head and struggles to wrap the cuff around your arm. You stare up at him, the lights and the medication casting a halo around him. “Gosh, you’re just so pretty. Please marry me.” He hums as he watches the meter working to find your vitals. “We can buy a two story house, have a few babies. I can make you pasta, you can mow the lawn-”

You’re interrupted by your parents sliding the curtain open to see you, your mother rushing over to take a look at your caution cast. You continue to nuzzle the perfect man’s arm as he explains the details of your condition to your parents. Your mother reaches over to try and pry you away from his arm, but you don’t budge. “Honey, he needs to get back to his other patients.” She stops to give him an apologetic look, “he can’t stay here with you, let him go.”

You muster up the meanest face you can make which probably looks ridiculous. “No! He’s my husband! We’re going to have three children and he’s going to mow the lawn!”

Your father shakes his head with near tears of laughter in his eyes. Your mother finally pries you away from your dream man, the tears slipping from your eyes as you whine for him to come back to you. “I promise I’ll be back in ten minutes, okay? I won’t forget you.”

You snub, throwing a sad excuse of a glare at your mother the traitor. Everything rushed into a blur after that without the beautiful nurse there to catch your attention. Hours turned into the morning as you woke with a groggy head and a throbbing arm. The room was empty and vacant, far away from the ER. You can’t remember much, aside from the hazy memory of a gorgeous man that you assumed you’d dreamed up in your head.

The door creaks open, your eyes looking up to expect your mother with some lecture about being more careful, but instead it’s a random stranger with a case of gorgeous white peonies. “An order for Miss Y/L/N?”

You nod your head, your brain feeling as if it was floating unattended inside your skull. “Yes, that’s me.”

The man sits the cold vase in your hands and leaves without a word, what a charmer. Your sense of smell is a little wacky, but the fresh flowers still smell pristine and perfumey. The tip of a card pokes your nostril as you lean back to pluck it from the blooms. Hope your arm isn’t killing you too much. Here’s my number in case you’d like to discuss our future more with a clear head. – Grayson


“ She relaxed and closed her eyes, letting his tongue just work its way down her body.  She could feel the rough stubble on her soft skin, the gentle feel of his lips savoring her, tasting her.  She wanted him to touch all of her, wishing at that moment that he had twenty hands so he could be everywhere all at once. His big strong hands could be rough, controlling, soft, that and his mouth put her in a place that no one else could.  She could hear the hum of his voice, the soft groan of arousal as he made his way onto her breasts, his tongue exploring her nipples, his lips caressing the soft delicate flesh. She arched her back with pleasure and let him have his way. “

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could i request seungwoo roommate!au????

thanks for requesting!! 

edit: its 4 am and i finally finished,,,haven’t betad so ill fix tmr morning !!

- even though he can clearly take care of himself, you always end up looking after him bc you’re scared that he will somehow end himself when you’re gone

- you met him while you were hanging up posters for a roommate bc you couldn’t handle the fees all at once lol and it would be nice for an extra hand around

- daniel ended up moving in with jisung and even though he promised seongwoo that they would live together smh

- so seongwoo needed to find a place fast bc he preferred to not crash in a cramped apartment the whole year lol

- and found your ad for needing a roomie!! so he contacted you and it was history from there

- it was awkward at first but he always ended up cracking jokes to lighten the mood (which always works hehe)

- you two end up getting to know each other well and it seemed like you two are basically bffs lol

- becomes very affectionate to you so get used to skinship

- likes to ruffle your hair or give you big hugs or anything really

- or sometimes cuddles but not a lot!! because seongwoo would freeze up bc why is his heart beating so fast??

- seongwoo is in the dance club for the college so he always ends up coming home late and sometimes doesn’t make it to his room and just crashes in the living room sofa

- and you’re always home before him bc work ended earlier so you’re always there to take care of him

- u just kinda,,leave him there bc he was kinda heavy lol so you just cover him with a blanket and leave dinner in the microwave and a glass of water on the table for him when he wakes up

- even when its his turn to buy groceries or clean the apartment, he always seems tired or worn out half the time so you just kinda do it because you know he’s too tired to do it lol

- and sometimes u just feel like he takes you for granted?? like idk its like you end up doing all the work and you can’t help feeling this way because even if he has dance club,,,he should at least help

- but he does don’t worry

- in fact, he takes notice of all the things that you do for him and even though its his turn to buy things or do chores, you still end up doing it for him when you notice he’s exhausted

- he returns the favor actually!! whenever he notices that you’ve had a rough week or you have a huge project coming up and you can’t clean around the apartment

- he does the work and even buys you extra stuff bc all the things you do for him and he’s grateful fnbjik

- but sometimes you’ll have a rough day and you’ll be pissed and tired and it’s like seongwoo notices because the moment you walk through the door, he just encloses you in a big hug and stays there until you’re feeling better again

- and instantly, your bad mood is gone bc hugging seongwoo is like hugging a teddy bear hehe

- u always tries to shove food down his throat bc sometimes he’s so busy that he forgets to eat and smh like boy!!!! you need to eat!!

- ok moving on!!

- always greets you once you get home because he lowkey misses you and he’s glad that you’re back hehe

- always asks about your day and makes small talk and if you ask about his, will low-key be overdramatic about it because he loves making you laugh hehe

-okokkok  you’re studying music theory and you’re always trying to identify chords or if a song modulates or is planing 

- and seongwoo notices this ofc!! he notices how passionate you are while talking about music theory and he always sends you a random song because he knows that you like to practice a lot

- and you just go !!! because lowkey you didn’t think he would remember and the fact that he always asks about the songs and what you found interesting about it once he came home

- in return, you always ask about the dance club and ask him to show you his new moves hehe

- you always hype him up when you he shows you and move and he’s just !!! flustered but secretly glad

- and sometimes asks him to sing to you and its just !! an experience !! 

- his voice was so good though?? how does a human sound this good 

- like vocal king?? 

- jaehwan, somewhere far away: did someone sAy vocAl kIng?? 

- and its a cute and happy bonding experience!!

- ok but im not saying that if seongwoo were to ever cook for you, all he would make is cheap ramen or that chef boyarde stuff but thats exactly what im saying

- thus, you end up being the chef in the house because you’re the only one who can make sure that the both of you can get the proper nutrients needed hehe

- ok but living with seongwoo would include stealing his sweaters and he’s always like ?? where are my sweaters

- you: *wearing his sweater* hA hA i have no idea?? maybe you lost it hmMMM?

- he would notice and just,,,sigh LMFAO 

- ‘’ok but i need them because they complete my outfit hello’’ 

- ‘’choose a different one this one is comfy’’ 

- ‘’excUSE ME?? these are mY sweaters we shouldn’t have to argue give them back!!” 

- ‘’eXcUsE mE? nO” 

- ‘’just go wear yours wTF!!” 

- ‘’nO!! its different!!” 

- aka seongwoo just wearing another sweater as he ended up making you win because he got lazy LMFAO (even tho we both know he let u keep them bc he thought u looked cute !! hehe like those sweater paws?? he almost fainted wow legend) 

- ok story time!!

- once the two of you didn’t see each other for like three days because of midterms

-which was a wild ride like you breaking down in the library

- seongwoo passing out on the floor during a break from practice

- you almost turning in your paper late and having daehwi distract the teacher by coming up with some sob story of his s/o taking all of his money in his bank account so you can sneak in your paper

- seongwoo end up running from one side of the campus to the other because he went to the wrong classroom and only had like 3 minutes left to turn in his project

- you having a sugar crash and basically passing out for a day straight and waking up,,,,only to realize that u had class in a few minutes LMFAO

- and after that, you ended up collapsing on your bed in relief and probably sleep for like 3894375 years

- then seongwoo joins you and basically cuddles up to you bc a) he missed you and b) he missed talking to u

- and then the two of u end up sleeping and once u wake up, you two spill all the tea that has happened the past three days hehe

- all in all, a very cute relationship!! someone that you trust a lot and is vvvv glad you took the chance to accept him as a roommate!!


Summary: congrats on the 1k!!! could i please get a bucky x reader thing where the reader has been feeling anxious all day and bucky helps them feel a little better? (can it please be where bucky and the reader aren’t together yet?) thank you :)

A/N: Here’s a short and sweet one for the 1K asks!! I’m still accepting prompts but I’ll do the one’s I feel I can execute well first

Word Count: 1218

Warnings: anxiety, mainly just fluffy and cute Bucky being all adorable xx

Originally posted by bovaria

Your heart was pounding. Your palms were sweating and you couldn’t think straight. Your mind felt like a jumble of a thousand emotions and feelings that were all warring with each other and your stomach churned in response to the turmoil in your brain.

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25| Pas De Deux

Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Ballet au, Romance, Angst
Warnings: None
Wordcount: 3846

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He held you against his chest for a second, as you both got your breathing in check. The dancers spun around you, black figures in the dimmed lights. The piano played, but you heard none of it.

Jimin. Jimin!

Gently, he lowered you back to the stage floor, until you could sit. You stared up. How? How was this possible? But he was gazing back down at you, his eyes still an intense green, his hair messy.

“You’re here.” You whispered.

He lips turned up slightly. “I’m here.”

His voice. You let out the croak of a sob and a laugh. Your ankle moved. You gasped, gulping back the sick feeling.

“What are you doing?” He demanded, the floating world of yours destroyed. The piano was loud in your ears now. It was time. As soon as the piano reached its crescendo you had to be ready.

“I’m dancing.” You told him.

“(Name)” He said incredulously. “You’re injured.”

You shook your head. “It’s not so bad.” Now more than ever, with Jimin here. You had to do this…

With your teeth biting hard into your lip, you pushed yourself up, getting your good leg under you.

But suddenly Jimin’s hand was on your shoulder, pushing you back down. His eyes burned, “(Name), you can’t do this.”

You stared for a second. “I know.” You said, voice wavering “But I still have to.”

“Why? You’re in pain, (Name). I could tell from the wings.”

You smiled grimly. “‘There are no excuses’.”

His eyes flashed, recognizing his own words. He looked at your swollen ankle, then back to your face, studying it. “I can’t stop you, can I?”

You shook your head. “You can’t.”

He raised his chin, looking past the dancer’s into the blackness of the unseeing audience. “You must dance then, but not alone.”

In a single movement, he had lifted you up to standing, making sure you were leaning on your left foot.

“Jimin.” You whispered, your mind struggling to catch up. “You don’t have to do this. I know you don’t.”

He hooked a finger under your chin, tilting it till you met his eyes. They burned with fire. “(Surname) (Name).” He said softly, though his words were as strong. “Ignore everything, everything that I have said previous to this moment.” He leaned closer to you, eyes turning almost desperate. “I know I don’t deserve it, but will you trust me? Will you give me your trust, (Name)?”

For all the worlds, you could have pondered his words for hours. You could have questioned and fought, but at the end of the day, you realized, there would only ever be one answer. “I trust you.” You whispered. No, you couldn’t let yourself interpret his words the way you wanted to. You couldn’t let the delusion win.

“And I trust you.” He said back, shutting his eyes for a split second. “More than I have allowed myself to understand.”

You were so confused, what did he mean?

Then he gently turned you so that you were facing the front, where your class would soon break apart. “Just keep your weight on your left foot.” He said softly in your ear. He was so close. Shivers ran up your spine. “If you can, keep your other leg straight. I won’t drop you.”

You nodded nervously. “We have four bars.” The eight people dancing around you sped up, spinning and twirling as you had, lifting the music to the most terrific peak. “One.” You said shakily. “Two.” You were going to dance with Jimin “Three.” No, no those same feelings were going to come back. “Four.” You had to stay neutral. “Five.” Simultaneously, you took in a deep breath. Jimin pulled you a little closer to him.

It was just a dance…


But was it?

“Jimin!” You spoke up.

“(Name), I – ”

But the dancers hiding you suddenly split, fading away into the wings. No!

Jimin hesitated only a moment, then lifted you high. Your arms rose up. The glaring bright lights were on the two of you. You were bared to the black sea of the audience. The world opened.

You heard the gasp of surprise. The piano suddenly faltered, holding on to its last note. Everything paused. Just for a single second. And then the piano started again.

It was the same tune, but slower, more delicate. It was the beginning again! Those first few curious bars.

Jimin lowered you, until your left pointe touched the ground. The notes began to roll down, and you did as you had done before, leaning into a penche, lifting your leg up until it was straight with your standing one. But it was different now, because Jimin was in front of you, down on his knee, holding your hands. His eyes held your, gazing at you. You knew you looked confused and flustered. He hadn’t answered. You didn’t know. What had he been about to say?

The music came back up, and so did you. Then you walked forward, trying to keep your weight on your ankle for only the briefest of moments. Jimin held your hand. You went up on your pointe. He seemed to know what you were going to do, and so you pirouetted. His hands rung around you, giving extra spin.

It felt so easy, but you just didn’t know. You didn’t understand.

The music finished it’s tinkling. You should have ended your turn and put your leg back on the ground as you usually did, but your body, without any instruction, leant backwards, letting your bad leg stretch out in front of you, laying your head against his shoulder.

Why? Why were you doing this? It was silly, he hadn’t answered.

But it felt so perfect, leaning back against him. You felt safe your eyes shut. His hand came further onto your stomach.

What were you doing?

The music continued. You stepped away from him, his hands slipping from your bodice. But you knew you wanted them back.

You walked forward again. Jimin, a few metres away from you now, did the same.

This was the part where you were meant to be reaching for something, but you had already discovered the World of Ballet. This time, you had to search for something else, but the one thing that you wanted. It was stupid, it had been proven wrong on so many occasions, but you still wanted it. You wanted it so badly now.

So you gave up.

You let yourself be taken.

You let the delusion have you.

As the music came into its final soft chord, you gave Jimin one last, almost apologetic look. You knew he was just trying to get you through the rest of your solo. You knew you shouldn’t make it more than it was, but then you let your bad leg come behind your other, and you lowered, letting your back knee touch the ground. Your tutu was rough on your thigh. You brought your hand to your heart, bowing your head.

Surrendering yourself to him, to Jimin.

At that moment there was no past, no future. There was just raw instinct, all there ever is in ballet, once you are here, on stage.

And so you held your position, only looking up a little, peeking at the man across the stage from you.

But he was no longer standing. He was sinking down onto one knee, bringing himself lower than you. His hand clasped to his chest.

Your breathing halted. 

He wasn’t…he couldn’t be…?

Then his face lifted again. Your eyes locked. And it was like that first dance. The same thought in your minds, except that now he knew the question you were asking. And he was giving you the answer.

When you had danced, he had felt it.

The connection. It was real!

The piano broke into the melody, definitive and sure. And you were up, rushing towards him, feeling as light as air. Your ankle hurt, but it was covered by something even more potent than adrenalin. Jimin! He understood! He knew!

As you reached the middle, you spun into a pirouette. Jimin was right there at your waist, and you leant back, your head and arms now over his shoulder. He picked you up just slightly and spun you around. You couldn’t help but laugh as you were twirled, the air rushing past you. You knew only he would hear over the light, carefree music. And you knew…somehow…that he understood.

As he put you down again, you stepped back, and he leapt across the stage, his muscles flexing as he flew through the air. You could see the smile on his face. He was truly amazing.

As he landed his second leap, he stood and held out a hand to you, his eyes lit with excitement.

You raised your chin, and in a few quick steps, your waist was in his hands again.

You let your legs come out, and it was as if you were leaping, except your feet merely brushed the floor as Jimin lifted you each time, keeping your ankle from damage. The music carried on at it’s fast pace, and you went with it. You leapt again and again, but it was growing in volume, something more had to happen.

At your highest point in the leap, Jimin suddenly twisted you and let go for a single second. You were spinning in the air! He quickly caught you again, bringing youright down until you were bent back over his arm, staring up at his face. You thought you heard clapping, but the music was coming to its end, powering through. It took only a second for him to pull you back up on your feet.

Jimin and you separated again, going to your opposite sides.

You pirouetted, feeling so glorious, so happy! As you passed in a blur, you saw Jimin doing the same, spinning with equal speed. You had never seen someone so strong.

Three bars, two bars.

And you ran once again, launching yourself high into the air. Jimin caught you as the final bar played, and you were up high in an arabesque.

An arabesque! Just as you had begun the piece, but so much had changed. You were no longer on the ground, but suspended above the whole world. Elated like no one else save one.

The last note faded.

The lights went out to black.

Jimin gently lowered you back to the ground, setting you on your pointe again. Your bad ankle tucked behind it. Your hands rested on Jimin’s chest, his arm was wrapped around your waist.

All you could hear was his breathing and your own. In the dim lights from the wings, Jimin’s face looked shadowed, beautiful and strong. The exhilaration was still on his face.

You stared at him, a smile spreading over your face. The relief, the pain, the dance.

“You answered.” You whispered, laughing in elation.

He laughed with you, pulling you up in his arms. Your hands went around his neck, he was really here. “I did, (Name).”

“All that you said before?”

He shook his head. “That dance meant everything, (Name).”

And then his lips were on yours.

You gasped. 


But then you were kissing him back urgently, your instinct taking over. You felt his smile as your mouths met. Your bodice pressed into his chest. He was so warm.

His strong arms wrapped further around you. Your fingers wove into his hair.

Perfection…perfection in chaos…

“Uh…(Name)?” Came someone’s voice.

You snapped down from your pointe, fumbling a little as you regained your footing. Jimin quickly steadied you. Your heart was going frantically fast.

You glanced around, patting down your tutu. You could faintly see your class in lines across the stage. Yuna was behind you, a grin on her face.

“Curtain call.” Jimin murmured.

“I-” But speech was a little too much for you.

Jimin grabbed your hand and helped you limp off stage.

The lights turen on again as you reached the curtain. Jimin kept a hand around your waist. “Don’t go further back. I think Hyejin’s waiting…”

You nodded nervously. You’d kissed Jimin. Jimin had kissed you. You’d kissed. Jimin he was here. The delusion wasn’t a delusion.

You bit your lip and focussed on your class.

They were in two lines, alternately girls and boys, standing poised and perfect. They walked forward as one, then the ladies stepped to the right and curtsied, as you did in class. You looked at Hyeun almost bursting with excitement. Minjee was between Kihyn and Jongsoo in the front row, looking demure, her usual half-smirk on her face. The boys then stepped up and bowed, just a simple forward motion. Kwangsik was beaming like he hadn’t done for days. Again, you hoped Jiwoo was watching.

The audience, who you couldn’t see, clapped and clapped. Your class, your class who had been through so much because of you, were smiling and looking at each other proudly. Part of you hummed with happiness. You hadn’t failed them, or at least, they didn’t think you had.

They walked back again, leaving space at the front of the stage, and their heads turned to where Jimin and you stood in the wings.

“Ready?” Jimin whispered.

You nodded.

“Can you walk?” He asked.

“I’ll have to.” You murmured.

You remembered Odette, four years ago, when you’d first experienced ballet. What had she done?

Jimin took your left hand in his, and his other hand rested lightly on your back. You walked out. The clapping became louder. Someone shouted something. You swallowed and focussed. You walked high on the balls of your feet, letting your free arm drift out, leading your body. Your ankle ached more and more with every light step. Just keep smiling. You forced brightness into your eyes, and made your lips come up. After all, you had more to be happy about than not be happy about, didn’t you? As soon as you processed everything.

Jimin held your hand lightly in his own. It was only when you reached the middle of the stage that you finally looked up.

You found yourself facing a massive auditorium packed with people. There were four blocks of seats in the stalls, sprawling around the stage. Then there was a dress circle, a golden balcony with even more seats on it. Above that was another balcony, 'the VIP’s’, which was almost empty, aside from a few people at the front.

The American Ballet, in their blue, red and white tracksuits were easy to spot in the middle of the stalls, cheering and clapping. Cheering, you swallowed, staring out at the masses of people who had watched your life change.

“Walk forward, (Name.)” Jimin whispered amusedly. You did as he said, taking three delicate steps to the front. He let go of your hand, and stepped back.

You stepped to the right, your ankle wobbling as you stood on it. Taking a deep breath, you looked to the left side of the theatre, letting your left arm up rise up, recognizing the audience there. And then you looked to the right, your right arm rising up in honour of those there. Hands met above your head and you knelt, trying to put as much weight on your knee as possible. Your  arms came down on either side of you, drawing a circle in the air as you brought them to your chest, crossing your wrists and lowering your head down to the front knee. The clapping became even louder. You felt your heart thudding through the bodice. These were your last few seconds before the dance was well and truly over. Before I had to face the massive repercussions which were to come.

But you had done what you’d set out to do.

With another deep breath, you rose up again, biting back the grimace, having to stand on your right leg. Jimin was taking your hand again. You looked at him. He was smiling at you. You stepped back, letting go of his hand this time.

He stepped forward majestically, looking confidently up to the dress circle. He made a wide sweeping motion with his left hand, acknowledging the audience as you had, and then the same with his right. Girls began squealing. He brought his hands back down to his sides as he bowed his head forward. He held it only a few moments before stepping back and taking your hand.

The two of you glanced back at your class, and then together, everyone walked forward, taking your last curtsies and bows. You went low again, more for your leg than anything else. It was then that you looked up, catching sight of the grand chandelier hanging in the middle of the auditorium. It was made up of three tiers of crystals, all shining magnificently in the lights. But they weren’t what caught your attention. It was the words written in silver on the high ceiling around it.

Do not look up, my friends, but forward, for it is upon my stage that you shall gain a glimpse of the heavens.

A shiver ran up your spine. Kwon Songmin must have written that.

Crap! You were meant to be standing! Too quickly, you lifted out of your curtsy and up onto your right leg. However your ankle gave out, and you stumbled forwards, gasping in pain.

Jimin was there in a second, grabbing your waist. You choked back a sob, and stood up straight, forcing a smile back onto your face.

They clapped even harder, then, calling out words which were lost in all the other noise. You swallowed, the sickness finally coming to you.

The lights went down.

“Oh fuck.” You moaned.

Without a word, Jimin picked you up in his arms and carried you offstage.

“Well ladies and gentlemen.” Namjoon’s voice quickly came on. “What a show of perseverance that one was! A spectacular performance there by (Surname) (Name), and Madame Choi’s First Year Class, with a rather unexpected appearance of Park Jimin! Alright, next up we have Master Kang’s class…”

As soon as you were out of the front wing and backstage, you and Jimin were surrounded by your class.

“Oh my God, (Name)!” Yuna whispered as Jimin set you back down, keeping a firm hold on you. “Are you okay?”

You took a deep breath and nodded. “I just slipped a bit. I’m fine.”

Jimin’s arm tightened around your waist. He knew you wasn’t.

“I can’t believe you fell twice.” Seohyun sneered.

“I’m sure it wasn’t her fault.” Kwangsik defended.

“OMG!” Hyeun popped up in front of you, looking excitedly from Jimin to you. “Did you guys plan this?” She gasped. “Is this why you wanted to dance tonight? Oh! That is so romantic!”

Jimin conceded a tiny smile. “No, Miss Yah, we didn’t plan this.”

“But you kissed!” She exclaimed. You felt blood rush to your cheeks. Jimin cleared his throat, looking down.

Though you had far more things to worry about, you couldn’t help the doubts from coming to you. Did he regret it? It was just a spur of the moment thing.

Yuna gave Hyeun an elbow in the ribs. “Shut up Hyeun!”

“Oh I knew it!” She kept going. “This is so amazingly cute!”

The first powerful cello strokes of Viva la Vida began playing. On the stage, girls in white and red dresses began tour jeteing across the floor.

“We caned them.” Minjee muttered, leaning back against an amp. She avoided Jimin’s gaze.

“We totally did!” Areum agreed. “And we did have a Pas de Deux in the end!”

“(Name)! Jimin!” Dawon was suddenly weaving through your class to get to you. She threw her arms around you two. You bit your cheek against the pain. “I can’t believe what you two just did!” She looked around at your class, “What all of you guys did! That was amazing!” Your class gave nervous, but still proud smiles in return. Dawon turned back to you. “I’ve never seen you dance a Pas de Deux like that, Jimin! It was just…”

But then there was the ominous click of high heels on the stage floor.

“Get out of the way! Get into your dressing rooms!” Madame Hyejin snapped. She came up to you as your class hesitantly left. She was dressed in an elegant evening dress, which was a deep red and reached up one shoulder. “You too, Miss Jung.” She said. Dawon frowned, but Madame Hyejin gave her a stony look. Sighing, Dawon gave you a quick smile and left.

Madame Hyejin stepped in closer. “What the Hell did you two think you were doing?” She hissed. “You!” She looked your up and down. “This is the second time you broke the rules! Right in front of me! And you!” She jabbed a finger at Jimin. “What did you think you were doing? Running on stage like that!”

“I checked the lighting, Hyejin.” Jimin said calmly. “The audience couldn’t see me.”

She rolled her eyes. “You’re meant to be in Los Angeles!”

When he didn’t say anything, she sighed. “I need to go and get the next class ready. Doctor Hill is in his office. You need to go and see him – you may have fooled the audience, but you certainly didn’t fool us. And I don’t doubt Master Jinho will wish to talk to you both after the Review is finished.”

You nodded. You gulped, feeling worse by the second.

Madame Hyejin began to walk off, but then stopped, turning back around.

“Jimin.” She said, her voice softer. She gazed at him. “You could have saved many people a lot of grief tonight if you had done what I told you to do earlier.”

Jimin paused. “I know,” he said quietly. What was Madame Hyejin talking about?

She nodded and went into the crossover.

Master Kang’s dancers hurried about, getting to their entrances on time. You glanced through the wings. True to the rumours, there were five pairs of dancers in the middle of the stage, the boys helping the girls to pirouette and performing straight lifts.

Watching their right legs snapping up and down from pointe made you feel even sicker.

Leaning heavily on Jimin, you silently headed for the stage door.

The dressing room corridors were mercifully empty.

You slumped down onto a bench and began picking at the knot of your pointe shoe. It untied quickly. You pulled off the shoe, relieved at the release of pressure. But then you looked at you ankle.

Even through the tights, you could see it had swelled horribly, and the whole area of your foot had turned an ugly blue and black.

“Jesus, (Name).” Jimin breathed, kneeling down beside you.

You swallowed.“It’s not that bad.”

“I shouldn’t have let you dance.”

You shook your head. “You said it yourself; you couldn’t have stopped me.”

He glanced up at you. “Why did you want to do it so much?”

“It’s dancing.” You replied without a thought.

He gazed at you, a slight smile coming to his lips. “So it is.” He said softly. He understood, he understood the one thing which no one else could grasp.

But footsteps were echoing down the hallway.

“Would you care to explain.” Came a sneering voice. “Why you’re wearing my tutu?”

bugheadjonesiii  asked:

I will set the scene with my words. Betty is sleeping and she gets awoken suddenly by a certain pupper licking her face and there is a gift attached to his collar that she doesn't see immediately and behind the dog is jughead and child presenting her with breakfast in bed on Mother's Day. If this is too specific ignore me

While I love the finale, and Serpent!Juggie and Dark!Betty, and Bughead smut, I think I needed to take the time to just write something a little shorter and fluffier - hope you enjoy!
(I couldn’t resist the tiniest bit of angst so there’s a very brief mention of pre-natal depression, just as a warning.)

Betty’s mind clung to the quiet depths of peaceful slumber. Sleep was a luxury these days, and while the wakeful hours brought her nothing but joy she was definitely grateful for the moments her head finally hit the soft feather pillows of her bed. She welcomed the snug cocoon her duvet provided her, wriggling further into its embrace and pushing her cheek into the pillow in an attempt to stay asleep just that little bit longer.

The rough, sandpaper tongue moving incessantly against her cheek had other ideas, though. She sighed through parted lips as she let her eyelids begin to flutter, knowing this was the beginning of the end for her Sunday lie-in. Why does he never lick Jughead’s face first? Betty thought with drowsy affection, picturing the shaggy fur of their beloved sheepdog awaiting her. She lifted the arm that was hanging off the side of the mattress, her hand feeling like a slight dead weight from where it had lost circulation in the night, to pat his soft head.

“Morning, Hot Dog,” she rasped, throat thick with sleep as she scratched behind his ears, the sound of his rhythmic panting finally making its way through her sleep-addled brain.

“Morning, Mommy,” a voice replied. Betty jumped in surprise, rolling onto her back and lifting her eyes to glance down to the foot of the bed. The sight that greeted her filled her chest with warmth, all traces of sleepiness vanishing in an instant. A bright grin spread across her face as she stretched, one fist coming down to rub at her eyes.

“Hi, baby,” she cooed at the little girl who was bouncing in Jughead’s sturdy hands. Juliet let out a happy gurgle at the sight of her mom, reaching out to Betty with chubby fists. Betty scooped her up, pulling her close to nuzzle her nose into the soft fuzz of her hair. There was nothing quite like the scent of babies, it was genetically intoxicating.

Both parents laughed as Juliet began to blow bubbles from between her rose petal lips, her spit joining Hot Dog’s on Betty’s cheek. Betty couldn’t help but melt as her daughter flashed a toothless smile, her attempts at giggles filling the room. Jughead stared at them fondly, still unable to believe his luck.

Betty looked up at him, beautiful even with a million fly-aways from her bun surrounding her bare face. She was radiant all on her own, no matter how she looked, no matter the time of day. Her every flaw made her perfect.

“Good morning,” she murmured bashfully, still unable not to blush under his gaze, even after all these years - he wouldn’t trade that for the world. It gave him a certain pride to know that he could invoke such reactions without even a touch of his fingers, his lips, to her skin. Jughead crawled up the bed, bouncing next to his wife on the mattress in a mess of long, graceless limbs. He wrapped his arms around her shoulders, pressing a delicate kiss to her temple as she leant into his side.

“Happy First Mother’s Day,” he said into her hair, unquenchable smile on his lips. Betty stilled in his arms for a moment before letting the tension leave her frame. She turned to look at him with wide, unassuming eyes.

“My first one,” she whispered, awe colouring her voice. Jughead tucked a lock of hair behind her ear, fingers trailing down to trace the marks left by the pillow on her reddened cheek.

“The first of many,” he confirmed with a gentle smile. Betty turned from him to look again at Juliet - she’d already learnt to sit on her own and was grasping at the sheets with curious hands.

Jughead slipped one of his fingers between all of hers, shaking it playfully when she clasped on. Betty bit her lip as she watched the scene before her, unable to believe some days that they’d made it to this place. It was an uncertain road, from that day she invited him to write for the Blue and Gold to them sitting here on their bed. It had been unimaginably hard at times - Betty would never forget the almost crushing weight she’d felt throughout her pregnancy, the doctor’s assuring her that pre-natal depression was a common occurrence. But Betty knew that after all the loss that she’d already faced in her life that it was more than that. It was on her, it was all on her, to make sure this baby made it safely into the world. After such uncertainty plaguing their lives Betty wasn’t sure she could do it.

And then there was Jughead. Oh, how much she needed Jughead. The intensity of her feelings for the boy who climbed through her window to slay all of her demons alongside her still took her breath away. They were so in tune; he always knew when to stay away, when to drift closer. He’d coaxed her out of the darkest times during those nine months, drawing her into the light in the way he always told her she had done for him in their youth.

The light had never shone brighter than when she was born - Juliet. Betty’s fondness for the name had made him laugh, his heart fluttering in his chest at the memories it held for both of them.

“We made her, Jug. We made her together,” Betty kept repeating incredulously as they stared down at the bundle in her arms. Jughead had placed a kiss against her still damp forehead, tears beginning their trail down his cheeks.

“Always together.”

Betty was brought out of her reverie by the squeals filling the air, Jughead having lunged forward to blow raspberries against Juliet’s little, round belly. Betty let out a joyous laugh, shaking her head at the childlike quality she hoped her husband would never grow out of. Jughead glanced over his shoulder at her, features slightly obstructed by the dark curl falling into his eyes.

“Hot Dog was supposed to bring you your gift,” he began, sitting up to come closer to her ear as he dropped his voice. “But I guess you just taste too good,” he murmured, delighting in Betty’s involuntary shiver. She swatted his shoulder playfully as he smirked.

“A gift?” she asked cheekily, not-so-subtly bringing the conversation back to the topic of her present. Jughead rolled his eyes affectionately, lifting Juliet into his lap.

“Check his collar.” Betty’s brows furrowed as she leant over to where Hot Dog was standing with two paws on the mattress, watching his family interact with glistening eyes. Betty peered around his head, fingers reaching to unclip the box she hadn’t noticed from the leather strap.

Upon opening it she gasped, hand coming to her chest.

“Look inside,” Jughead encouraged, pleased with her reaction. Betty’s fingers trembled as she lifted the delicate silver pendant out of its velvet bed, twisting it back and forth so the early morning light could illuminate the intricate engravings on the metal. She fiddled with the clasp, popping it open to see what Jughead had filled it with.

There were two pictures. The first was of Betty and Jughead, curled around each other as teenagers in a booth at Pop’s - their safe place. Betty could still feel the vinyl beneath her fingertips if she focused hard enough, the smell of fries and the taste of whipped cream clouding her senses. On the other side was a picture of Jughead, handsomely dishevelling in his first few days as a father, gazing down at a soft pink bundle in his arms.

“Now, no matter what happens, you’ll always have us with you,” Jughead told her, smiling hopefully. Tears brimmed along Betty’s waterline, threatening to fall as she held the jewellery close to her heart. She brushed her lips tenderly against Jughead’s, closing her eyes tightly against the overwhelming sweetness. When she pulled back she ran a soothing hand over Juliet’s head, taking in her family before her.

“Always together,” she repeated their phrase. As if it was written in the very foundations of Riverdale, they would always be together.