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To me John Watson and Sherlock Holmes has always been about friendship; a friendship that has grown into a strong and not often seen friendship.
I get that many people think of them as more (as Johnlock), and that is totally their right to ship them that way! It really is! I can totally see why people would ship them. But for me I choose to just “ship” them as an amazing friendship. One that has gone through so much, so very much, but has endured through it all.
I don’t know I guess I had to write my feelings out because I’ve been reading other people’s posts, how they’re super disappointed with the episodes and will only take certain parts of it. But that saddens me because there’s so much to retain from these episodes. I guess I’m not of the same mind as most fans; maybe I’m not as invested as others. I guess I will enjoy the show and choose to see it how I do (because we all have individual imaginations, we all view it differently).
I mean in the end they are still simply fantastic stories that captivate us, and bring us along on a legendary adventure. And I’m pretty sure we can all agree on that :)

i love whoever is in charge of isak’s wardrobe because honestly his colour combos are so good?!? so on point all the time?! (and it obviously isn’t tarjei doing this ;) )


Okay I’m sorry but, what’s with this trend of accounts stealing other people’s gifs and compiling them into a post? That’s not okay, it’s theft. Understand that it takes a frustrating amount of time and work to make gifs and people are just reposting them for notes?

I’m gonna admit, I’m in the jikook tag a lot and every other post I see is a stolen gif set. I’m sure it happens in plenty of other tags but since I’m there a lot it’s frustrating to see the amount of support on posts of stolen work?

If you like a gif so much, reblog from the original poster! It’s so simple and a click of a button. OR, hell, make your own gifs! A lot harder, but rewarding.

friendly little headcanons

  • remember in tcw when chewie met ahsoka?
  • think about chewie telling han stories about her
  • this brave, wonderful padawan who offered him kindness
  • this lovely torguta who saved him
  • one day
  • leia is there when han asks chewie
  • “tell me about that padawan from the island again”
  • and leia listens
  • and leia connects the dots
  • leia’s beyond excited when she realizes chewie knew ahsoka
  • because someone, besides her, remembers
  • (everyone leia knew who knew ahsoka died on alderaan)
  • and chewie is thrilled to hear more stories about this padawan
  • he gets so excited and he roars
  • the whole resistance base gets scared
  • they think leia’s angered him
  • but he’s just 
  • so excited 
  • they sit for hours on end
  • (with han quiet and listening for once)
  • while leia recalls every time she say ahsoka
  • (leia grew up with ahsoka on holocomms and sercret meetings)
  • (leia grew up calling ahsoka auntie snips)
  • and chewie recalls his one adventure with nearly perfect accuracy
  • and leia revels in hearing a story of young ahsoka



“I guess she can’t come to me for support… Well I supposed I wouldn’t rely on someone like me either.” - Baek In Ho not knowing how trustworthy and wonderful of a person he actually is.

i won’t even be mad if they suddenly decided to do a remake of the percy jackson movies to fit the books more

  • Character: *has trust issues*
  • Me: oh no
  • Character: *has trust issues because of a thing in their past*
  • Me: o h n o
  • Character: *gets confused when people are genuinely nice to them and keeps looking for ulterior motives*
  • Me: O H N O
  • Character: *realises people are just being nice and doesn't know how to handle it*
  • Me: *quiet keening sounds*

breaking news: local egg gets comfy in a blanket!!! so cosy!!!


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