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A preview of the 2017 High Speed! Seiyuu Event is out! [x]

dream daddy is the cutest sh*t and i’m still emotional about all of hugo’s dates

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Kirishima, Todoroki, Shinsou and Midoriya accidentally saw his shy crush put their love letter in his desk/bag bc they're too shy to confess directly & not brave enough to give it to him directly either. Headcanons of how they react? P.S. I love your gif & profile pic. Then again, I'm a fan of Midoriya so I approve ;)

(Okay! And, ah, thank you. I was wondering if it was too Midoriya-centered, but I’m very glad someone out there likes them!)


- Really confused when he sees his crush place a letter inside his desk/bag

- Quickly reaches for the note

- Gasps a bit as he reads the love note, then can’t believe his eyes

- Happy that they have mutual feelings, but wishes they directly came to him

- Feels bad that they had to go to the extent of writing a note and sneaking it inside his desk/bag

- As soon as possible, he reaches out to them and asks to speak to them privately

       - “Hey, crush/name. I have to admit, I saw you putting a love letter inside my desk/bag…But, please don’t be embarrassed. I think you’re super cute, too! Let’s go out sometime, okay?”


- Suspicious of the letter and his crush when he sees them

- After some time has passed, he cautiously opens/reads the letter

- Mulls over what crush has written and feels shocked yet euphoric

- Quietly and privately approaches his crush

      - “Crush/name…I saw you put this in my bag/desk. If what you wrote is true, I’m happy that the feelings are mutual. You know, you don’t have to be so shy around me.”

     - Intensely staring at crush as he talks, feeling very much in love


- Wonders what his crush is up to as they place a note in his desk/bag 

- When no one is looking, he quickly reads the note

- Initially, he’s confused and upset

     - Thinks it’s a prank or a joke 

     - Crumples letter up, not able to believe any of it

- Wants to avoid his crush, but the entire situation is really nagging him, so he quietly confronts them

     - “Crush/name, there was no reason for you to play a joke on me. This letter… I never expected you, of all people, to be a bully. Are you pranking me because you think I have a villainous Quirk? Really mature of you.”

- When he realizes that it was genuine, he feels bad and apologizes sincerely

     - Still can hardly believe that his crush likes him back

-Shyly admits his feelings


- Pretty confused and analyzes crush’s intentions when he sees them putting the note in his desk/bag

- Hesitantly opens up the letter

- Can’t control his blushing as he reads it

- He has some doubts, but he really wants to believe that the letter is true

- Admires his crush for writing a letter and keeps it

- Musters all of his courage to talk to his crush about the letter

     - “Hi… Crush/name, I’m sorry, but I saw…I saw you, um, putting a love letter in my desk/bag. I guess it was supposed to be a surprise…either way, it was quite a shock! I’m glad you like me…because, I like you, too!”


good news: yixing gets to “high-five” kyungsoo again

bad news: he must face the consequences of his actions

Day 10 - Both OC’s

For todays topic I drew @askbloomtale ‘s Athela and my dear Felys <3

Athela is a princess in danger and Felys will no doubt go and rescue her (and burn certain Flower in the process coff coff) >:D

You can see @askbloomtale​ ‘s fantastic drawing for today’s topic here!

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Hi~ Do you think there's a way to make them 2p!s start blushing and a stutterimg mess? I. Need. To. Know. *^* Thanks~ Bye~

((calling @bubbly-chubby-roll stop hiding from me))

2P! Italy:
- catch him doing something out of character
- i.e. playing with kittens or cross stitching
- he’ll be too embarrassed to fite u
- make sure not to tease him too much tho [unless youre a fearless brave soul then go for it]

2P! Germany:
- step 1: wait for him to ramble on something he really likes
- step 2: say “awh you seem to love (thing) so much, its cute”
- step 3: “ahahaha not really i just think its pretty cool and great and uhh yknow what youre the cute one here shut up”
- he gets all nervous n shit
- well this works unless he’s rambling about you so

2P! Japan:
- read the stuff he makes
- he’s really protective about his works and might kick you while being a huge tsun tsun
- catch him being a total weab
- tease him about the person he likes [bonus points if you get zao on this as well]
- i could go on yknow its pretty easy to make him blush but its hard to catch him doing so
- he could fucking suppress it like g o d

2P! Romano:
- he’s the hardest one tbh
- he’s too overly confident to be embarrassed about anything
- except his natural hair color
- will cry if you mention it

2P! Prussia:
- easy
- help him do stuff
- complement him
- show him affection
- give him cute nicknames
- need i say more
- [doing all of these and more consecutively might cause him to burst and malfunction; please keep it to a moderation]

2P! Austria:
- also v hard to make him go blush blush blush
- almost impossible
- write or sing him a song m8
- he’ll get a bit flustered but that’s as far as you’ll get

2P! America:
- i already did him sometime?
- i think so

2P! England:
- v self conscious about his freckles so if you compliment them he won’t be able to speak straight
- bake him smth
- get spicy around him

2P! Canada:
- wear his flannels
- try to act like him [and fail]
- he’ll think it’s the cutest
- play with his hair
- fucking braid it man
- you’ll have 0 regrets

2P! France:
- he gets e x t r e m e l y blushy and stuttery on dates
- when he gets u a present for your birthday or smth like that
- when he tries to flirt with you
- honestly he gets like this when he tries to be romantic in general

2P! Russia:
- watch him nerd out on machines
- once he realizes he’s doing that he’ll fall silent and will run you over
- and will probably never show his face to you ever again
- poor bab

2P! China:
- play with his hair
- wear his cap
- m a k e h i m f e e l l o v e d
- he’ll cry
- and probably end up not letting go of you

2P! South Korea:
- catch him when he tries to mess with you or prank you
- “uuuhh i was just trying to… get some stuff and uh sTOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT IM INNOCENT”
- won’t be able to face you w/o getting embarrassed
- get him to fail when making a joke/pun
- it’ll shatter him


@jccaylen @KianLawley how bout u get ur lazy ass outta bed & come to the gym w me. Subway after. then after that get ur ass beat at Mario kart again

Destiel College!AU Text Messages

By Cami 

Exhibit One:

Castiel: this art project is angering me 

Dean: you’ll do great, babe ;}

Exhibit Two: 

Dean: you look beautiful today 

Castiel: you haven’t even seen me today 

Dean: I don’t have to <3

Exhibit Three: 

Dean: why does philosophy have to be so hard 

Castiel: is it as hard as my dick? 

Dean: c'mon im in class! *insert laughing emojis* only for me babe

Castiel: ur the one texting me, idiot 

Dean: touche, smartass <3

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i can’t believe this ryan goes to square up and lindsay just


Orphan Black meme: [4/9] outfits

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Hello ! :D I really love your art especially little cute fox Sanji he's so perfect !!! :) But I wonder why do you represents him as a fox ? I know Oda said the animal representing him was a duck and after a horned sheep but did I miss something or it's just for the cuteness ? >////< Thank you you're really a blessing for the fandom :3 Have a nice day !!!!

Because I love him to to be a fox WAAAAH

oops sorry, but sit down here I’ll tell you how much Sanji is perfect  in his half fox half human form! And why would it be.

first I will talk about the canon, or non-canon but relatable detail around ‘Fox Sanji’

Sanji first appeared with fox in this cover chapter. It’s chapter 266, a chapter of Skypiea arc (year 2003)

after that when One Piece got color version, here it is.

This is the first gunshot ever, to start everything of him being in fox form in fandom (or fandom ZSZ) without needing a word directly from Oda. Of course fandom still have always loved Sanji being a Duck or a Goat too (there’s many artworks or doujinshi about him related to Duck and Goat). What I want to say here, everything already started over 10 years ago (wow, how old is One Piece?)

Next to that, the sponsor a.k.a toei animation supports the idea too and with bandai/game sponsor for One Piece series, they gave out some game feature of Sanji being in fox form.

(source IMG)

I made gif for this game advertised too. (link)

Okay so that how much I have known about the original, canon this and that. However Fanmade, this is fanmade world, AU, and when we talk about fanmade, sometimes it’s just because of us, fan love them character to be in that way! Why we love it, okay, because Sanji does suit it very well!! Below I can explain some according to my knowledge and opinion, please just read as preview.

About personality, he’s quite clever and sneaking around to win the battle in many arc, that’s one of good trait suit with fox. In the battle with Jabra at Enies Lobby, Sanji defined himself as ‘hunter’, fox is one of the best hunter type animal too!

Sanji fighting style mostly base on agility and fire. Being quick also one of fox trait, and talking about fire, fox is highly recommend to be the icon of it. I’m not talking about mozilla firefox lol, but in Japanese myth, the ninetail fox demon is a type of monster using fire to attack. 

About outward look, I know fox got many color of fur, black fox, white fox, red fox, orange, yellow creamy, but when I think about them I used to think them in light orange or yellow color which easily suit with Sanji hair too! 

like… omg look they have ‘blackleg’ too!

Being a hunter type, but unlike cats, fox is something in the mix of cat and dog. They’re cheerful, welcoming, warm like dogs but also much of curiosity and cunning like cats.

I can’t say how much I love Sanji being in fox form xD this is too much. But I want to give out information that, I’m not the only one or the first one in fandom portray him in this way. 

There’re already many other artists around the world do it, we all love him in this way.

pixiv: 10558379

pixiv 13262819

pixiv id : 33839968


My fox Sanji is just one of them ^^ and I love to put him in the story of an animal trying to learn cooking (love the curiosity trait! may be I watch the ratatouille movie so many times xD)

also… because I got a kinky fetish (hide face in pillow) I love plot of human x animal (half animal form, like… they got ears and tail).

*hide face run away*