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every day things each 5sos member reminds me of

calum: ocean breeze, ice cubs melting in your mouth, the smell of aftershave, broken mirrors, scribbled notes, painfully strong hugs, starless skies, fridge magnets from all around the world, dark poetry, blue berry stained fingers, the warm feeling of alcohol in your tummy, fast cars, drive-in theaters. 

michael: freshly cut grass, ripped notebook pages, flower gardens, dim lights in your bedroom, cold air on hot skin, bed hair, bruises on thighs, rough fingertips, sand in your shoes, hair dye on t-shirts, guitar picks, cold showers, long paragraphs, fluffy carpets, oven heat blowing in your face, musicals, fruit baskets.

ashton: wine stained lips, expensive suits, cartoon designed band-aids on knuckles, colorful butterflies, late night facetime calls, broken phone screens, cold feet, knee high socks, heavy thunder storms, horoscopes, braids, knee scratches, skateboards, bandanas, picnics under the moonlight, freshly baked cookies. 

luke: uncomfortable freshly washed sheets, hair spray, moon eclipses, ripped clothes, leather jackets, mint drops, tangled headphones, full body goose pumps, love letters, fancy dinners, piles, the after taste of cigarettes, sticky notes, doing laundry, cold tiles, the sun peaking from behind heavy curtains, empty apologies.



Still working on what the exact context for this is since I was being self-indulgent when it happened, but context is very much under way. 

Part-time hug victim named Dingus belongs to @namelessokami

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this was originally supposed to be for that art thing jack was doing but then i was away for a week and forgot abt this until now

this was an actual pain in my ass why did i decide using pixels was a good idea


One of my prints for Toronto Fan Expo~ will probably make a new tumblr soon with less sidlink shenanigans/ shit posts and more actual art/sketches.(less LoZ stuff, more my own illustration, character stuff) Stay tuned friends! 


im real tired & i tried to give u those brown goddess vibes but

I want you guys to know… all the creepy stuff, all the horror writing, all the stuff that’s been giving you shivers…. 

It’s @afangirlsplaylist‘s fault.

She got me into this. She got me curious. Without her, I would’ve never tried to write fluff. And because of her I got curious about how horror might be received, and started down that path. 

Thank her for these fics. Because if she hadn’t been encouraging me to start, I don’t know that I ever would have.

this website is honestly….. like the worst. my Witcher drawings from a while ago for some reason got hijacked by porn blogs and now they keep getting reblogged by these blogs adding their links to whatever dark nasty fuckhole they’re promoting and it’s like what the fuck why