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okay but can i jump on this pidge nationality thing (statetionality?) and say that my redneck mind thinks it odd that theres not enough "yall" in voltron and say pidge should be from texas (austin bc its the only good part) just so i can say yall and still act like it was in the show

Did you guys coordinate? I got these 2 minutes apart ^.^

Anyway yes!! Pidge would be so excited over the space center, and Pidge saying yall is perfect

whispers// I was thinking about putting some genetically engineered children into one of my Kylux stories, because it’s Sci-Fi and we can do that, which is pretty rad. Plus I think Snoke would want to play god and fuck around with genetics and try to make a “better” Ren or Hux. So, they basically exist because Snoke wanted them (or one) made rather then Ren or Hux specifically wanting them.

I admittedly haven’t read too many Kylux fics (I’m trying but there are sooo many and there’s limited time when I’m busy or writing) and I’m positive this idea has been used before. I wonder if it’s still okay to use it?? 

It would also be interesting to approach it at an alien biology kind of angle as well. That has a lot of potential. But I really don’t know how I could work that into this story (and I’m already up to my neck with research). I’ve read a couple fics that pulled it off so beautifully it got me thinking. 

Idk, I just really like the idea of these two having a family and trying to do better than their parents did. 

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To be fair, I have not seen the most recent episode. However, I 100% agree with you that Steven does not have to forgive Jasper. She was mean and cruel, and until we see changes, Steven shouldnt have to put up with her. Its not hypocrisy on his part.

steven just has to get to know jasper, let it take time, let jasper grow as a character

the other day my psych asked me what i enjoy doing and i was like idk nothing

and she was like, okay, what would you like to do in the future? what can we aim towards? 

and i was too embarrassed to tell her i’m just really looking forward to moving out because there’s going to be room to a start a veggie patch and i might grow some pretty flowers out the front and i get upstairs all to myself which means complete silence (my bedroom is next to the living room atm it’s Hell) so i can build up my book collection and my bedroom is big enough to have a desk so i can bring work home with me and not have to feel weird about annoying kirstie by being in the house with her (she doesn’t give a shit but i FEEL like she gives a shit)

like, i’m really excited for all of that!!!! but it doesn’t Count unless you’re interacting with people ;-;

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Why does frisk wear a gemstone? Im guessing its just part of the design, but if it has any use please tell me.

Legonds say that one item can ward off all monsters, and that item has been passed down through generations… Would you bring it?-minty (please dont take me seriously all the time)


don’t forget where you belong HD 6/6


can you guess which “movie” lucas was more himself in? go ahead guess.

(ps “jumpin’ jehosophat” is an expression that originates from the Bible. and pps in riley’s movie he’s wearing almost exactly the same thing he was wearing when he rode the bull. back to “the fantasy hero” status i guess.)

All of this hating on and making fun of Team Instinct is directly mirroring when everyone hated on and made fun of Hufflepuff, and as a member of both it makes me self conscious and feel sick to my stomach bad seeing people laughing at Instinct like its just a joke team.

This extends to the way a large part of the pkmn fandom are portraying Spark. By all means, make him a memelord, make him silly, make him more concerned about having fun than the stupid team war, but for fucks sake dont liken him to a buthurt meninist, dont make him outright stupid, dont turn him into the ass of the joke, dont turn him into the odd one out. Dont treat him and team instinct like the Harry Potter fandom treated (even still sometimes) Hufflepuff.


i love how this fandom continues to want to erase Carol from the Daryl narrative at all costs

Rick flashbacks of Michonne: ohmygod they are so in love. their love is so pure (it is!)

Glenn flashbacks of Maggie: ohmygod they are so in love. their love is so pure (it is!)

people in relationships flashbacks of significant others: aww. so much love!

Daryl flashbacks of Carol: well you see it’s not really about carol as a person. carol’s face is there but it’s not about her. it’s about the cherokee rose, the symbol of hope. daryl carrying carol like her own personal knight in shining armor that basically means daryl is very protective of everyone in the group. daryl’s flashbacks are just all very symbolic because obviously carol means as much to daryl as everyone else - rick, glenn, abe, eugene, goat tabitha and one of them cows - but he only saw her face because carol is a symbol of everyone else.

haha. carol and daryl might never be canon. but fandom’s hypocrisy is.

the truth is daryl loves carol (whatever type of love!) and he thought of special moments he shared with her. moments when the need to comfort and protect her were more important. her. carol. she’s not an object or symbol. she’s a person in daryl’s world.

“i’m sweating my goddamn balls off, jack. it’s hot as FUCK out here!”

it’s a balmy summer afternoon in bumfuck nowhere (aka indiana) and gabriel reyes can’t take the heat. his drenched shirt clings to his chest uncomfortably, sweat dripping down his brow.

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You don't know how much I laughed with these tags // #deedee magno hall #is a treasure honestly #and spends an amusing yet appropriate percentage of her panel bringing up rose quartz // But seriously though, I loved that. Pearl would be so proud.

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I love how she dodges a spoilery question about Lion by just launching into a very in-character “How? How is it possible? Rose tells me everything!”

No, she is hilarious and loves the show so much, it’s really a joy.

(Also I just remembered that one twitter convo between her and Susan Egan after she won the BTVA for best female lead for voicing Pearl. Island episode when? Pearl/Rose duet when???)