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Diakko Week - Day 1: Stars/Astrology 

I’m late for the first day but I really love drawing starry skies and I just needed to do a clichè meteor shower scene for them..  <3 @dianakko-week

under read more for some sketchy crack bc I’m really dumb and so is my sense of humour.. orz

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Male tennis players still feel the need to downplay Serena Williams.

John McEnroe is promoting his new book and couldn’t resist flapping his gums about Serena Williams, the world’s best tennis player and one of the greatest athletes of all time.

Serena Williams has asked John McEnroe to respect her after he stated the 23-time Grand Slam champion would be “like 700” in the world tennis rankings if she played on the men’s tour.

“If she played the men’s circuit she’d be, like, 700 in the world,” said McEnroe, while promoting his latest memoir But Seriously.

“That doesn’t mean I don’t think Serena is an incredible player, and I suppose anything’s possible; maybe at some point a women’s tennis player can be better than anybody.

"I just haven’t seen that in any other sport, and I haven’t seen it in tennis. If she had to just play the men’s circuit, it would be an entirely different story.”

Williams responded on Monday evening, stating: “Dear John, I adore and respect you but please please keep me out of your statements that are not factually based.

"I’ve never played anyone ranked "there” nor do I have time. Respect me and my privacy as I’m trying to have a baby. Good day sir.“

(cont. Telegraph UK

Tennis is one of those sports where men repeatedly feel the need to say to women "ok you’re good, but you can’t beat me” as if letting her be good on its own is too threatening to your manhood.  I know this isn’t that important and John McEnroe has always been an obnoxious little shit but I do randomly want to make a few points about comparing women’s athletics to men’s athletics.

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kevin and thea as that couple who work out together. they spot for each other when they’re lifting and thea makes kevin take selfies in the weight room mirror with her when they take a quick break between reps.

thea as that girl who wears all the bright colored shirts, sports bras and running tights, contrasting kevin in his all black/dark colored ensemble. but every now and then he’ll wear one of those neon colored under armour shirts. AND SOMETIMES HE’LL MATCH HER, BUT INSIST ITS PURELY COINCIDENCE OR THAT ITS ALL THAT HE HAD CLEAN AND NEEDS TO DO LAUNDRY. (but you know thea’s just like “ok, sure kevin. you’re so full of crap”)

imagine them doing warm up laps together and it starts out cute and pushing ahead of the other just ever so slightly until they’re both full out sprinting to be first!! probably bumping each other so that the other will stumble because “seriously, stop it, just admit I can out run you any day!” and they’re way too competitive and definitely not afraid to get rough with one another, they know their limits and boundaries after playing against one another on the court back at evermore.

but also kevin helping rub icy-hot or tiger balm into thea’s aching muscles after a tough practice and vice versa before thea makes kevin read her something, one of his history books. thea laying her head on his lap and closes her eyes to listen to him because he has a nice reading voice.

kevin braiding thea’s hair on her game days. like at first its clumsy and just a way to quietly spend time together while she gets in the zone before she redoes it, but then after a while he gets good at it and starts putting her hair into more intricate braids.


sorry, i just started thinking about Thea and Kevin, Ultimate Sports Couple™ and couldn’t help myself. 


Katsuki: Just don’t ask for weird adult stuff, y'hear?
Yamikumo: You almost sound like you’re concerned for my well-being.
Katsuki: And only one outfit per ask. Have some mercy on Yami.
Yamikumo: Thank you, Katsuki.

*hits pan with a metal spoon* 

LISTEN UP PEOPLE to anyone commenting about BTS downgrading themselves this time to do a cheesy love line concept, ITS NOT THE FIRST TIME THAT THEY HAVE DONE LOVE SONGS. So don’t act like it’s a surprise. For you, I need u, just one day, war of hormone, danger, school luv affair THEY ARE ALL LOVE SONGS but I don’t see you guys commenting on those songs? So why this one?

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#Ok i'm not trying to jump to conclusions here but #Has anyone else noticed that alot of dogs bark at Fenton every time he walks by#There are cats that hiss at him too #I'm really concerned #It's only a matter of time before he gets chased by one of those dogs or stray cats #Not really saying he's Phantom #He could just have a ghost hanging around him for all I know #BUT NOBODY TELL WES THAT #He'll go on about this for days if you let him #I'm not about to sit through another one of his preaches

ok but Isak might not have spoken up just now but he does get flowers all the time !! OK?? Ok!

First it starts with Isak asking “Babe, can you grab flowers for your mom on your way home?” -  “Sure!”

And next thing you know Even hands him a bunch of flowers with a cheek kiss and a cheesy one liner (what those are varies, but its always cheesy, bc yes). 

And he wouldn’t have imagined it for himself but soon he knows all the flower names and which he prefers (strelitzia, he likes the more ‘strange looking’ ones, as Even puts it). So when one day Magnus is a bit overwhelmed with the idea of getting Vilde some flowers for their anniversairy, he shrugs and is just like: 

“Well, you can’t go wrong with gerbera, they are uncomplicated and happy. But with Vilde I guess you could do something more like azaleas or gladiolus. Something that looks nice and maybe smells good.”

does anyone else have this problem where they wanna be ambitious but they also see that humanity doesn’t have that much time left and we’re all going to die soon so who cares, anyway, who cares if you’re famous, rich, or loved, we all die starving to death and covered in our own fluids and filth on this crumpling brown rock

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could i request seungwoo roommate!au????

thanks for requesting!! 

edit: its 4 am and i finally finished,,,haven’t betad so ill fix tmr morning !!

- even though he can clearly take care of himself, you always end up looking after him bc you’re scared that he will somehow end himself when you’re gone

- you met him while you were hanging up posters for a roommate bc you couldn’t handle the fees all at once lol and it would be nice for an extra hand around

- daniel ended up moving in with jisung and even though he promised seongwoo that they would live together smh

- so seongwoo needed to find a place fast bc he preferred to not crash in a cramped apartment the whole year lol

- and found your ad for needing a roomie!! so he contacted you and it was history from there

- it was awkward at first but he always ended up cracking jokes to lighten the mood (which always works hehe)

- you two end up getting to know each other well and it seemed like you two are basically bffs lol

- becomes very affectionate to you so get used to skinship

- likes to ruffle your hair or give you big hugs or anything really

- or sometimes cuddles but not a lot!! because seongwoo would freeze up bc why is his heart beating so fast??

- seongwoo is in the dance club for the college so he always ends up coming home late and sometimes doesn’t make it to his room and just crashes in the living room sofa

- and you’re always home before him bc work ended earlier so you’re always there to take care of him

- u just kinda,,leave him there bc he was kinda heavy lol so you just cover him with a blanket and leave dinner in the microwave and a glass of water on the table for him when he wakes up

- even when its his turn to buy groceries or clean the apartment, he always seems tired or worn out half the time so you just kinda do it because you know he’s too tired to do it lol

- and sometimes u just feel like he takes you for granted?? like idk its like you end up doing all the work and you can’t help feeling this way because even if he has dance club,,,he should at least help

- but he does don’t worry

- in fact, he takes notice of all the things that you do for him and even though its his turn to buy things or do chores, you still end up doing it for him when you notice he’s exhausted

- he returns the favor actually!! whenever he notices that you’ve had a rough week or you have a huge project coming up and you can’t clean around the apartment

- he does the work and even buys you extra stuff bc all the things you do for him and he’s grateful fnbjik

- but sometimes you’ll have a rough day and you’ll be pissed and tired and it’s like seongwoo notices because the moment you walk through the door, he just encloses you in a big hug and stays there until you’re feeling better again

- and instantly, your bad mood is gone bc hugging seongwoo is like hugging a teddy bear hehe

- u always tries to shove food down his throat bc sometimes he’s so busy that he forgets to eat and smh like boy!!!! you need to eat!!

- ok moving on!!

- always greets you once you get home because he lowkey misses you and he’s glad that you’re back hehe

- always asks about your day and makes small talk and if you ask about his, will low-key be overdramatic about it because he loves making you laugh hehe

-okokkok  you’re studying music theory and you’re always trying to identify chords or if a song modulates or is planing 

- and seongwoo notices this ofc!! he notices how passionate you are while talking about music theory and he always sends you a random song because he knows that you like to practice a lot

- and you just go !!! because lowkey you didn’t think he would remember and the fact that he always asks about the songs and what you found interesting about it once he came home

- in return, you always ask about the dance club and ask him to show you his new moves hehe

- you always hype him up when you he shows you and move and he’s just !!! flustered but secretly glad

- and sometimes asks him to sing to you and its just !! an experience !! 

- his voice was so good though?? how does a human sound this good 

- like vocal king?? 

- jaehwan, somewhere far away: did someone sAy vocAl kIng?? 

- and its a cute and happy bonding experience!!

- ok but im not saying that if seongwoo were to ever cook for you, all he would make is cheap ramen or that chef boyarde stuff but thats exactly what im saying

- thus, you end up being the chef in the house because you’re the only one who can make sure that the both of you can get the proper nutrients needed hehe

- ok but living with seongwoo would include stealing his sweaters and he’s always like ?? where are my sweaters

- you: *wearing his sweater* hA hA i have no idea?? maybe you lost it hmMMM?

- he would notice and just,,,sigh LMFAO 

- ‘’ok but i need them because they complete my outfit hello’’ 

- ‘’choose a different one this one is comfy’’ 

- ‘’excUSE ME?? these are mY sweaters we shouldn’t have to argue give them back!!” 

- ‘’eXcUsE mE? nO” 

- ‘’just go wear yours wTF!!” 

- ‘’nO!! its different!!” 

- aka seongwoo just wearing another sweater as he ended up making you win because he got lazy LMFAO (even tho we both know he let u keep them bc he thought u looked cute !! hehe like those sweater paws?? he almost fainted wow legend) 

- ok story time!!

- once the two of you didn’t see each other for like three days because of midterms

-which was a wild ride like you breaking down in the library

- seongwoo passing out on the floor during a break from practice

- you almost turning in your paper late and having daehwi distract the teacher by coming up with some sob story of his s/o taking all of his money in his bank account so you can sneak in your paper

- seongwoo end up running from one side of the campus to the other because he went to the wrong classroom and only had like 3 minutes left to turn in his project

- you having a sugar crash and basically passing out for a day straight and waking up,,,,only to realize that u had class in a few minutes LMFAO

- and after that, you ended up collapsing on your bed in relief and probably sleep for like 3894375 years

- then seongwoo joins you and basically cuddles up to you bc a) he missed you and b) he missed talking to u

- and then the two of u end up sleeping and once u wake up, you two spill all the tea that has happened the past three days hehe

- all in all, a very cute relationship!! someone that you trust a lot and is vvvv glad you took the chance to accept him as a roommate!!

I’ve seen some hc’s of Gavin joining the crew after he’s caught badly pickpocketing Geoff, but what if he wasn’t? What if Gavin was the thief who not only robbed the king of Los Santos and got away scott free, but was cocky enough to do it again and again. The first few times Geoff doesn’t even notice, thinks its bad luck, faulty memory, blames himself for the loss and moves on. So Gavin gets cheeky, takes bigger risks and pinches more and more expensive items, escalating until Geoff notices, then further still until the man is worked up into a rage about it.

When Geoff finally catches him (A moment Geoff swears up and down wasn’t orchestrated by Gavin, but even he has doubts) Gavin is decked out in Geoff’s missing rolex, his pricey cufflinks and obscenely expensive sunglasses, his tailored jacket and his goddamn favourite belt-buckle. He has Geoff’s phone, the keys to one hide-out and half-a-dozen stolen cars, a wallet full of cards and one very valuable custom-made beretta. But Geoff has him now, and he’s going to kill him. Except, well. Geoff wasn’t expecting a kid, and he sure as hell wasn’t expecting said kid to treat his aggressive interrogation like a freaking job interview.

Say what you will about his methods, Gavin’s a bright guy and it didn’t take him long to work out where the real power lay in Los Santos. He had no intention of messing around with low level gangs in the hopes of gaining the right attention, of working his way up to the big leagues. No, he knows his talents, is confident in his ability to talk his way into a job once he gets an audience, and boy does he like to make an entrance.

it’s @gdipalomo today/tomorrow !!! (still like 2.5 hours left before ur bday in my timezone but this way i can get it out while youre asleep  H  AH) so here take some fuckin CHURCHNUT YA DINGUS  [excessive commentary under cut]

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Ok so imagine Kara wearing one of those "say hey if ur gay" tshirts and one day hears a knock on the door and xrays to see that it's Lena. She opens the door while eating a potsticker. Lena's eyes go wide as she reads the shirt. Then, in the flirtiest way possible she says "hey". Kara's oblivious ass is just like "hey! want some potstickers??"

Alejandro Jodorowsky
Sé cada día un poco menos cobarde que el día anterior. (Los #IlustroTuit de Alejandro Jodorowsky & Ankor Inclán)

Thank you, but…

It’s really grateful to see an artist I used to admire is using gif format in his publications, but I think is not fair the way he is doing it. Some people notify me that Alejandro Jodorosky’s official Facebook page was using a gif I have created but with no credit at all and the same with a lot of works from many gif artists I see usually in tumblr. 

Facebook is not using me so I tried to contact him directly but I couldn’t find his personal email. I wrote to the other guy, Ankor Inclán.

They are doing a thing called “ilustrotweet”, wich consists on Jodorowsky writes a quote and Ankor Inclán (the man I wrote to) “illustrates” it. So he is picking gifs from any artist and using them to put next to Jodorowsky’s texts. It’s quite strange that an artists who has an incredible amount of work needs to use other people’s work (with no credit and changing the titles). And… if Jodorowsky writes the text and a gif from another artist illustrate it, what is the reason of the other guy, Ankor Inclán? I call this Beggars of the Likes.

They didn’t write the author until I send an email, no problem. I understand that internet is the natural environment of this format, and sometimes can be hard to find the original artist. Here a tool.

The problem comes when I asked them to change the text, because my original gif has its own title and writing a new one, changes the meaning of the piece. In fact, I am very against all this “unjustified positivism” they are spreading with those texts and I don’t want to be part of it. (they wrote: Be each day less coward than the day before) I prefer no title than this words.

Finally he told me that is ok to credit the author, but they won’t change the text for the one I want. (is not “the one I want”, is the original title of the piece).

Just to make you know what is behind the “idols” and their virtual identity.

So I show my vision of this and remember a great loop from the Holy Mountain.

No more words.

there are a lot of brutal stuff to gif in his films… really…

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Hi! I remember you saying that you have a lot of ask in you inbox before when you couldn't answer and the like and I was wondering if you are done with those and if its ok for me to ask you some headcanon about Edward staying in the military after the promised day?

oh friend i’m SO BAD at answering asks and i have Many but always feel free to send me things :) just like, don’t expect me to do anything in a timely manner ever

so ed in the military after promise day:

i think the thing is, for ed, is that he knows he’s famous but he’s never stayed in one place long enough to realize he’s influential

he’s a symbol as much as a person, an ideal of honesty and loyalty and strength that people aspire towards. not that ed knows this of course. he’s busy.

but i can see ed staying in the military because he’s asked, because riza goes to him and says, ‘we need a little help.’ people don’t know how to feel, about grunman and roy and all these sudden changes and confusing stories.

they need someone they can trust. someone who’s of the government but who’s known to not be ruled by it. someone who fights for them, not against them.

the fullmetal alchemist.

so ed’s role would be doing all these awful pr things that he hates, but is oddly good at. ed’s good at reading people and very kind and likes kids. he’s a good public face for the military, and he’s the one they push. then as he starts dealing more with people he realizes how much he matters to them, how much power he really has inside the military with his reputation and people he knows and the things he can do.

and ed becomes what he thought he never would be - a career military man. he doesn’t care about rank, not really, because even as he rises in ranks, they all call him the same thing, even though he’ll never perform a transmutation again - an alchemist

Home // Carl Grimes Imagine

Requested by Anon, hope you like it! <3

PROMPT: The reader got separated from the group years ago when she was a child. When she returns unexpectedly, She’s not a weak little girl anymore. Reader and Carl were best friends, & when she arrives back, she realises her best friend never forgot about her.


This is v long lol, but I’m proud of it! remember my asks and messages are always open if anyone wants to chat!


C A R L // P R I S O N // 2 2 7 0 //


I came to rest in an old house, and after checking it thoroughly for walkers, I went upstairs to bed. It had been a long day, hell, it had been a long day every day for the last 3 years. It wasn’t easy on your own, scavenging and fighting for your life all the damn time. Whenever I did come across people, it was usually big hairy men who thought finding a lonesome teenage girl was the best thing to ever happen to them. I usually get away, but I had been… used… a few times.

I plopped down on the small bed. It was filthy and smelled like sweat and mould, and was itchy as hell. To me though, it felt like heaven -which is probably why I feel asleep instantly, without locking the doors.

I was so exhausted, I slept through most of the day, only to be awoken by groaning coming from downstairs, I immediately jumped up, cursing myself for being so careless. There were at least 3 walkers downstairs, but I managed to fight them off… just.

I ran into some bushes to hide from the small heard that was approaching. I squatted there for a bit, and when I figured it was safe, I jumped up and made a dash for it. Only just making it away with my life.. and a huge gash on my leg.

Life was getting tougher. I wasn’t going to last much longer out here on my own.

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Back to the Beginning {TVD 1x01 Review}

OK! So we’re starting from the beginning, every Friday between 9pm and 10. Considering that I haven’t like sat down to watch a full episode of the past seasons of TVD in a few years and my memory might not be the greatest I think I will start with my usual disclaimer: I will write my thoughts in real time so if I make a mistake at the beginning of this post, it will be corrected by the end. There will be anti-Damon and anti-Delena sentiments (I’m only mentioning these two because it’s the beginning of the series), I will probably bring up other shows and call attention to misogynoir, racism, anti-blackness etc. Gotta admit, I’m a little excited to start from the beginning, it’s been a really long time. Ready? Let’s go. 1. OK Stefan’s voiceover over the foggy woods is still HELLA campy though. I remember I saw this and was like, Fadi (my friend), are you really making me watch this? YES. She was so fucking insistent. 2. Yeah the foggy night and dark road, it’s very horror movie, very cinematic. 3. Them hitting Damon is reminiscent of “I Know What You Did Last Summer.” They even gave Damon a growling noise when he feeds. 4. Listening to the score for season 1, really emphasizes how much they misused the cues in season 8. The scary cue works here because people are running, getting snatched up on a dark foggy night, it isn’t just walking through the Salvatore house. 5. Jenna is legit a mess, like, right away, Elena is like drinking coffee and really chill, like do you not have a presentation today? Go. 6. Damon sending the crow to hit Bonnie’s car is like … Literally from the minute he’s introduced, he’s terrorizing her. 7. Also Kat is a stronger actress than Nina, even the way Bonnie says, “And I was like put this woman in a HOME already”, she has more presence than Nina. 8. “She looks a hot … can I say tranny mess?” “No that’s over.” And totally inappropriate. I completely missed that before. 9. LOL Elena’s “No comment, I’m not going to say anything” when Caroline walks away is delivered really well, yo you two secretly hate each other and that should’ve been explored more. 10. Stefan’s jeans actually look a little ridiculous in the pilot, though. Like they don’t look like they fit well. When Bonnie and Elena sees him in the office. 11. Jeremy is legit like a drug dealer though. That’s kind of a big deal. 12. “You need to chill yourself” …. … … Did KW and JP like consult any teens when they wrote this script? 13. And her fight with Jeremy is actually pretty muted. I’m an only child but my closest friends are older siblings and they’ve told me of times when their younger siblings were fucking up and they would like literally BE there all the time, they would walk them to class, sit with them at lunch, be like, so where are we going today? Elena threatens to do that but never really follows through and it always bothered me that no one held an intervention for Jeremy or set up a meeting with a counsellor. 14. It is still the cutest thing ever when Stefan catches Elena staring at him in class. 15. I do like that in season 1 they dress like they’re teenagers though. 16. “Shoo, that’s what I thought.” Yeah, Elena, stand up to that bird. 17. No, seriously, from a purely objective point of view I can see why the cemetery scene would be the scene that made KW and Bob Levi and JP go ecstatic because when the scene begins Nina seems a little nervous, which I get, it’s the pilot, but when the scene goes on and the dialogue keeps going, she and Paul just have that energy, the way she smiles, the way they stare at each other, there’s legit chemistry there. 18. Yeah, those jeans need to go. And Paul I love you, but your pilot haircut is nooooooooot working. 19. Like you look like a hedgehog, honey. The diary entries actually make this REALLY angsty. 20. LOL Vicki is actually pretty mean to Jeremy though. “I don’t want to announce to the world that I deflowered Elena’s kid brother” and Jeremy has these puppy dog eyes when he says, “And deflowered and deflowered” and it’s like awwwwwwww, you’re way too young for this. 21. “I’m meeting Bonnie at The Grill”, it’s not even Bonnie and Caroline though. 22. These Stelena stares are KILLING me. It’s different seeing it within the episode than clips. 23. The way Matt says, “I feel weird calling her … She broke up with me” all of them are so YOUNG and have these really innocent faces and it just makes everything seem so MEAN. 24. “Any siblings” “None that I talk to” so when Elena tells Damon in the next episode, “Stefan never mentioned he had a brother” I mean he didn’t say that he didn’t either, he admits to having siblings. I feel like I’m going to keep a tally of all the times the show forgets its own script to propel DE. 25. Yoooooooooooo I didn’t remember we get a shot of Stefan topless in the pilot when he’s putting on his shirt. *sigh* so gratuitous. I love it. 26. Those jeans are terrible though. 27. OK but really, WHO IS ZACH AGAIN? He says “Uncle Stefan” so like how does that work? 28. Stefan being blamed for Damon’s shit from DAY ONE. 29. Paul’s intense gaze is damn. 30. I also like how in history class they never discuss enslavement. Mmkay. 31. “You’re upset about something.” “No it’s just Bonnie, she’s … You know what, never mind. You’re here.” And from Day One Bonnie’s issues are ignored. 32. Paul and Nina look really good walking next to each other. 33. Tyler legitimately treats Vicki like shit. 34. “Jeremy. Is that you?” Yes, Vicki, Jeremy can create fog now. 35. Also Damon is so fucking extra with that fog. It’s unnecessary. 36. “I just want to let you know that I still believe in us and I’m not giving up on you” oh Matty, it was never you. Don’t worry though, you get a bench. 37. So Vicki is on the ground with blood on her neck and Jeremy is like “It’s Vicki” and Elena is like “oh my God” and NO ONE is taking out their phones to call 9-11.They just stand there until she opens her eyes. I mean, I guess. 38. Ian’s hair is RIDICULOUS. 39. I don’t understand how Damon got such a following, I find him thoroughly uncharming. Like he just talks SO MUCH. 40. “Damon, after all this time, after all these years can’t we just give it a rest??” “I promised you an eternity of misery.” How fucking petty ARE you Damon? 41. Ian isn’t menacing. 42. “How come the guys I want never go for me?” “I’m not touching that.” Bonnie is hilarious though. Like oh hell no, do not drag me into your messy shit. 43. Vicki and her black nail polish. So high school. 44. Matt’s eyes are actually really blue in the pilot. 45. I am so fucking glad the diary voiceovers disappear eventually. It’s just, it’s too much. 46. And Stefan and Elena overlap. Omg. No. 47. Damon looks creepy as fuck staring at Caroline. 48. I won’t lie though, Stefan constantly coming to Elena’s house, if it were me I’d be like sooooo are you just going to keep showing up? Like she isn’t a little bit weirded out that this guy keeps just showing up at her house? 49. And she can just invite boys into her house at how late at night? OK so my review is over! I’m definitely excited to be doing these every Friday. It’s funny though because pilots are meant to establish what the show is going to be about and what’s centered in the pilot is Stefan and Elena and their desire to get through their respective dark times. The supernatural element is secondary. It’s first and foremost an SE story. Until next week!

*NOTE* To avoid confusion: I’m not saying what Stefan did is comparable to Damon, Damon was terrorizing Elena for kicks, I’m just saying that Stefan comes across as intense in the pilot and I would be like dude you are at my house a lot but it makes sense because Stefan isn’t acting completely human because he isn’t one, throughout the episode he’s trying to train himself to be more human.

u ever follow someone for a few months and they’re not a blog that seems 2 post a lot of personal posts or anything but then one day out of the blue they just post “you know….ive been wanting to post this for awhile but. homophobia is bad. unfollow me if you’re homophobic.”

and its like. yeah flowersarepink24. homophobia is bad. im so glad we have the same mindset. and then u go back to reblogging flower aesthetic posts from them

so obviously you got Eri sorta imprinting Izuku and Ochako as her big brother and sister/dad and mom right?

And so one day those two, being the fucking dorks they are, are just like bein embarrassed and blushing at each other.

And then Eri’s just like “Why are you two doing that? Aren’t you married?” and they just like stutter and fluster out of control

that’s how Eri killed her new parents through embarrassment, good work Eri XD

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My first dating experience was when I was like 9 on Wizard101 and there was this guy called James (no last name) and he just saw me one time and added me like 'hey wanna date' whatever the fuck and I said no ('you don't know what I look like??') but he followed me around ages I just gave up and said yes, and we played together for a few days and I always turned my computer so my parents didn't see me talking to my online boyfriend. Later I came to my senses and blocked him. I'm a lesbian.

those last 2 sentences are all i could’ve asked for from any message ever