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tiny children

where did mac get the money to buy that rpg tho?? did he use his scratch card money to buy dennis a valentine because??? im gonna cry tbh?


How long ago was it that the two of us agreed that Flint threatened to be the end of us all? That he would find ways of driving us over and over again into that storm till there was none of us left?

How is this not just the next storm in a very long line of them?

Honestly Shadowhunters has slaughtered the good humor of the books like where is the “Jace was still staring at her as if she’d told him she’d found one of the Silent Brothers doing nude cartwheels in the hallway” That is the humor I signed up for not a Jace obsessed with flat irons

In Faces of Evil Arin brought up the fact that before on tumblr fans had been saying that he was in the closet and repressed transgender. This must really bother him because that was at least, like, 3 years ago now? Unless it was happening again but I don’t remember a second time. That first time just really stuck with him. 

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Omg I just love your character Tyco. He and Angel are so cute together. I want to do some fanart with him. Hand I just realize he's so tall! Is there a bio about him?

Heyyy!! First off, thank you for loving that super old character of mine~ <33

Second, I don’t have a bio/ref for him at the current moment 8c 

He’s in dire need of one, however; I plan on making an official updated character reference sheet for him once school is over and I get my obligations intact. I can’t really afford to do many super nice pieces, as they inhibit time I could spend on commissions, BUT-

He’ll get one, very very soon c:

EVERYONE  ALWAYS  HAD  a  debate  abt  the  s/ombra  short  &  how  reap  sparing  that  man  means  ‘  gabriel  is  still  inside  ’  but  lbr  he  probably  wanted  to  save  ammo  & , ,, , ,  , time  is  precious  to  him.  he  literally  throws  his  guns  away  instead  of  reloading.


holy crap this dude is incredible

hey @therealjacksepticeye i feel like this is like ALL THE WAY up your alley

his cover of spider dance is also super heckin amazeballs

I really do want Takenaka to be friends with Mob. Hearing some ridiculous song stuck in his head and humming it to help get it out of his system. Both finding ways to cope and live without their powers.

Mob trying to figure out a better way to block out peoples inner voices for Takenaka. Attempting to tell jokes in his head when both are bored (Mob probably isnt good at them to begin with but I like to think with the absolute blank look on his face while he thinks loudly about them would cause Takenaka to lOSE it.)

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can u put Kaden up for download, please?? it's completely your choice if you do or don't, but i'd love to have him in my game <3

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i spent a long time trying to figure out how to answer this like i’m SHOCKED in a “omg you love him so much that’s so cute!!” way and “hell NO HE’S MINE” way. but since I’m actually playing with him and he has a story i’m not gonna upload him just yet (unlike my models, they’re free for the taking since i don’t have any sort of attachment to them apart from oooo pretty) gen 1 characters (i.e. skye, kaden, amme, zayna) will be uploaded when i move onto the gen 2 and so on and so on. I’m just not done with my beef cake yet <3