it's just not at the shows so it's not as bright :(

I don’t care what anyone says, some people take TV way too seriously.

It’s a TV show. It’s fiction. It has zero impact on reality (unless you let it). And I still maintain that the problem with “messages” on TV isn’t the actual message, it’s that people give it so much importance. Why the hell does it matter so much? If you’re so worried about the message your kid is getting from this or that show, why are you letting them watch the show? TV comes with an “off” button.

Like, I didn’t get my moral values, or expectations from life, or anything else from TV. I hardly watched any. My parents talked to me. They gave me books, which they’d carefully selected and checked to make sure I would read stories about female heroes as well as male ones, for example. And on the off chance that I was exposed to something questionable, someone was there to talk to me about it and put it in context for me or just tell me “yeah, some people think that boys are better than girls, but those people are idiots and we laugh at them”.

I keep seeing people act like TV is some kind of inevitable force in their life or something. It’s not. You can turn it off. You don’t have to beg and hope and pray that the things you watch carry the right messages or have enough diversity or whatever, or campaign for people to change a show you don’t like into a show you do like. You can literally pick and choose what you watch. And if there’s nothing you want to watch, guess what, you don’t have to watch anything. Read a book instead. Go outside. Campaign for things that actually matter in the real world.

And maybe deal with your anger issues and frustration and whatever else is going on instead of displacing it onto fictional characters and the people who created them and the people who like them.


Better Call Saul (“Pimento”)  //  Breaking Bad (“Buyout”)

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